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tv   Quadriga - Trumps First Year Beyond All Reason  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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across addressing the press. are they reading a sigh of relief rupert. well yes and no. the sigh of relief in the end is that they have reached some sort of agreement and what was quite obviously at least for for us here is that schultz was trying to sell this as a success especially to his party saying that it wasn't not only his success but also that the whole party board had voted unanimously me for for this agreement that they are going to propose the party convention which in the end has to decide whether to take up formal talks with the cons of his yes or no that they are going to propose to the party convention to take up these talks and to say that this is a good agreement all right well let's first talk about what they agreed on broadly can you outline some of those issues for us. all but what has become quite obvious
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here is that mainly the conservatives on the amount whole house had made some points push some point through they wanted to have that the social democrats although they claim to have made some ground on especially social issues. weren't able to push through their main points they are how awful for instance taxation the social democrats had asked for higher taxes for the wealthy and the rich this is not in the paper instead we can find. some phrases saying that they want to abolish this abolish the so-called solidarity tax which is an extra tax which has been. in the taxation system for the last twenty years introduced off to germany reunification and especially the conservatives wanted to get rid of a lot on that they got through. another point is a refugee policy that was highly debated by the refugees with only
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a subsidiary protection. be allowed to bring their families into germany and the social democrats wanted to introduce the right that they didn't get bought or only in a very limited form only twelve thousand refugees so people will be allowed to come in here which is much less than the social democrats had hoped for so this very crucial now for martin schulz to sell vase as a success which will be very very difficult for him and that's going to be my follow up question for you were part will he be able to convince members. to sign up to these demands. while the social democrats and especially the social democrat party conference sunday in a week is this in some sort of something like a black box here because we don't really know yet we know that the social democrats especially the rank and file have been very reluctant. against this extension of
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a grand coalition the rank coalition hasn't proven very successful for the social democrats in the past they have brought in the worst election result. at the last elections after governing together with. so. it's needed to present something to bring home some sort of a trophy that he could sell to his fellow party members and this trophy our country lisi in the agreement or to put it into a picture went out to hunt to dia and brought back a big guinea pig and how he's going to sell that i'm not really sure how it all bad allegory i would just say that they only managed to agree on the lowest denominator . i wouldn't say it's the lowest denominator but it seems as if the. conservatives managed to bring through their things on
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while giving the social democrats only smaller things which in the end all add up to something but that the what's missing is the big trophy and even the christian democrats even the conservatives wail that i talked to one party official of the conservative state premier here and he said yes it could prove difficult. and we are very aware that the the that things are not to decide that they have and have them i'm sorry that there isn't a decision there yet and it could prove difficult especially with that within the social democrats we are very aware of that and we have to see what the party conference brings right we'll have to see what the party conference brings were printed about reporting thank you so much for your continued coverage. and now here with me in the set on the set is the political correspondent and along with professor holger langfield he is a lecturer of selling the university of leipzig
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a very good day to you both thanks so much for spending time with us is this the breakthrough that we've been waiting for. the one that we know actually it isn't because it's the one that we need so we can actually eventually get to breakthrough and also the question whether germany will continue how the government it currently has with german chancellor merkel in charge and together with the social democrats it was just mentioning that trophy there i think it's also a question of when do you present the trophy because the social democrats are the ones who are taking this to a party conference and then they have to go to a grassroots vote what they did manage to secure and what that that kind of hurt on the conservative side is a parity again again with employers and employees each paying into health care contributions the bread and butter issues that's where this is what democrats need to deliver that's the mosques and schools need to deliver everybody knows you can do europe but there will always question marks over whether he would understand what the people who are sitting in those regions here in germany for who for whom
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brussels is a place that's very very far away who go to kindergartens who are interested in health care what they can get out of this so he can produce something what they didn't get is something that we have the social democrats label that marks a complete system to change that and i think we probably have been lost on those particular issues so again. chancellor merkel is stealing their thunder again because that was one of their issues being part of that coalition previously some say it was but i wouldn't go that far i think i think there was a clear point made here that she was willing to give. the limelight and he was very happy to take it and we did keep hearing him saying the word new or new renewal to pop and that's also a referee that sometimes and i machall picked up and that is at least some some watching that was she's helping him out perfessor i want to get to you now do you think the people of germany are relief that finally they can move on to the actual a coalition talks potentially i think a majority with things not all people in germany. most people in germany
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expected to have a new great kurdish and because they want to have stability political stability in our political landscape theys and from my side a few political tries us at all at the moment it's a quite unusual situation for germany the germans are not experienced that stuff and it's depending on the size of the political landscape now new parties in the past the left wing party no the alternative for germany arise and so there has been. an issue because of. the loss of legitimacy from the leaders of the social democrats and. according to the conservatives to their members so they must secure that the members were followed they lease the political leaders and this is quite difficult to reach right and i think that's really interesting what you point out there so you would say that this political uncertainty of these past couple of
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months was a malays in germany that life just basically you know went on as usual for germans in general you know in short term we agree on this maining but i mean germany is built up on the relatively strong political institutions and the institutions will work on and we have got a very very good economic development since. last eight years which is always important for political stability so i can see even is if they would be afraid of this negotiations the preclinical striations that we will have a severe economic or political crisis in germany in the next month you know right now mckayla the tough part is just starting right now convincing the supporters to join them with these on this a blueprint i suggest we listen to the s.p.d. leader martin schultz during the press conference because he remarked on the difficulty of these talks now you know exploratory talks were long and they were
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hard and last night things got very exciting interesting in every sense of the word turbulent. cargan because i suspect but we carried out in a spirit of respect and i want to thank everyone we struggled we really did even on the go on and we struggled very intensely with one another because you know the i mean obviously. you want to clarify as much as you possibly can before entering into a proper coalition of negotiation. these talks were anything but easy it was a law slog we're going to see so much more. it's interesting that when he was asked whether they ever really was a risk of failure he didn't really seem to think that and you had german chancellor angela merkel theme more specific and more open about whether there could have been failure well really what the followers of mass insults want to see is that there is a risk of failure you have his youth organization within the party calling for not
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no continuation of the google core of this so-called grand coalition so there is a significant part of his posse that is fighting a fight for survival of the social democrats here but they also know that if there are fresh elections they might be fighting to even get twenty percent they're fighting against the twenty percent mark so a very difficult situation he's in him now and what they do kind of agree on is that they want to have a positive answer towards him on a core of fronts but what that this is exactly look like they have some very specific differences particularly between the conservative and i'm going to michael c.d.c. as you coalition who want to see more subsidiarity i mean they invited the british economics minister to their party gathering just over a week ago so they're doing their own thing and the social democrats are saying by twenty twenty five everybody in europe should decide whether in or out we want to move ahead anyway so there is a broad spectrum that they can still talk about will be reporter and we'll be talking a little bit more about the wider implications europe wide implications of this
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decision today but it like to talk to you about the chancellor jones the anglo america how damaged is she by these prolonging talks and prolonged stalemate how do germans feel about the chancellor. i'm not sure if you shoes are really damaged. according to the members and some members of the conservative party would. we would. not agree on the policy and the last years or so especially on this slide jones was and there's a center left in the politicos party there could be voices trying to argue that she couldn't be cancelled chancellor in the next period a spell but i think from the majority of the german population and electors i'm good america is. still a huge support for him at the moment so this whole speculation that germany is
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ready for a change you think that's just too early too early to say there's nobody waiting to take over this is a difficult question to be answered by scientists because reconning know what the future will bring to us i don't think so at the moment but he's still popular here and you know with the with the germans let's talk a little bit about europe of course or germany plays a huge role in the e.u. to be quite honest with you during the debates you know. in the lead up to the elections when you heard the s.p.d. leader and the chancellor speaking about issues to do with europe i mean it was basically the same thing so them being pro european is already a given so where you know where are the differences yes i'm to take that was this one direct face off where one came out of that thinking ok they would be great distance and vice and so what's the problem you know particularly on the european issue of what might insult those called for is really
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a very new european policy he wants europe to grow together he wants the united states of europe now what german tonsil machall has said today is that there would be a depart on european policy here in germany and then i'm really interested in what the small print in the end will be on that because she has to also contain the c.s.u. which really wants to ensure that there is a lot of direct dealings between the region that they can still do their own policy on. on this is particularly of the euro zone and the call by a man on the call for calling for a budget for for actually a european minister in that that the social democrats are willing to pretty much go along the whole way even if that might mean germany's standing in for debts of other european countries and that is a clear red line particularly in the conservative camp of the see do that simply will not happen with them so yes we're looking at it move broadly we don't have
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any longer a movement that is against the euro or anybody like nigel fars a person who once you know german exit or something germans are europeans there's no question about that but at the same time there's a lot of different levels of what european policy can be made also from berlin but we do have the if t. and i want to talk to you about that professor how has the way of the changed the political landscape here in germany. first before part of the german electorate it seems to distrust the political governmental political elites as well as economic elites. and the political institutions and especially the management of the refugee crisis in two thousand and fifteen the beginning of two thousand and sixteen. in new power to two the fifty i think the off to be established in the political landscape in germany for relatively long time and the question is if the
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german. social democrats and conservatives will gain trust back from these voters who supported the f.t. in the last general elections for the moment but to no doubt know seem to be a part of the german nonskid and just to finish off with you and me can i if i may what does it mean now with the s.p.d. most likely you know joining a government with the c.d.u. with the f.t.p. . becoming one of the major opposition parties well they would be the largest opposition party in german parliament and along with that would come certain privileges like the first right of reply in debates but also heading very important committees including for financial commits the budget committee now there's already talk of whether these traditions will be maintained given this new reality personally i don't think you should change the rules quoting to the players but this will of course increase the pressure that the c.d.u.
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critically is feeling from the alternative for germany the c.s. you are says they have understood that's why they're so outgoing about. social justice issues despite there being a near full employment in particular in bavaria but they've understood that this is an issue that really concerns last reports of people here and many so they will keep making policy from the opposition benches that's for sure but if there was fresh elections and that's the big concern amongst the big parties they could gain even more and that's what everybody's afraid of sitting around this to do you think it weighed heavily on the leader of the s.p.d. knowing that if he joins the government you have the always in the opposition you know making their case. look that's that's the political democratic game is used to that kind of bloc in the european parliament he's a man who has faced some very difficult choices right now his main concern is to keep his policies together and to get his posse behind him and then we'll see what
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the next step there is but one thing is so we're still weeks months away from seeing a new government and i want to give you the last word professor do you think the germans are satisfied now by this outcome i mean it's too early to tell them we've just reported this but do you think this is what they would want depends on the unit outcome so what they're agreed to prone and if all of the sports agree on but at least these the fear of having it and put it to get inside a situation in the future this seems to be overcome at the moment right thank you so much correspondent jim acosta and professor holger thank you so much for spending this time with us and breaking it all down for us i'm sure we're going to be talking a lot more about this in the hours to come thank you for now all right. we're going to tell you about some other news that we're covering for you we're right now we're going to head to pakistan where there is anger over the rape and murder of an eight year old girl it's.


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