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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2018 2:02am-2:15am CET

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these two biggest parties intend to continue their alliance he talks pointing to a new government on the horizon while investors saw the brighter side there's no pleasing big business leaders they want more of less less tax less regulation also coming out of facebook is said to overhaul its news feed to prioritize posts by friends and family over companies forcing firms to reconsider their social media strategies and from the c.e.o.'s in las vegas a table tennis robot may seem trivial but it brings together the cutting edge of multiple technology. and daniel winter and this is your business update if you're on a domestic focus business in germany there's some good news from the political talks on friday attacks to help eastern german states dating back to the ninety's will be cut that should help drive consumer demand infrastructure investment the very fact that a new government could be on the horizon is a relief but exporters and multinationals are taking
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a pretty dim view of the talks outcome most business representatives and economists seem to think it's all been much ado about nothing responses to the outcome of the c.d.u. c.s.u. s.p.d. exploratory talks on a new coalition which is suddenly low key german chamber of commerce president eric's writer was disappointed he said this willingness to enter into workable compromise is still fails to adequately address important future issues in many areas there's still no into the competitive tax reform. there is frustration that although taxes here won't be raised they also won't be cut for business while countries like the u.s. france and britain have all pledged corporate tax cuts. exporters association president told the big man said the result is not forward looking and is anything but a fresh start. others had also hoped for more ideas and bounce when it comes to digitalisation
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they say the results are all very middle of the road. but it's not the big breakthrough but it's going to it's going to support the the current strength of the german economy it has all the right ingredients we're going to get a bit of tax relief we're going to get more investment in digitalization in education so it will not make germany the year that the big reform or structural reform wall champ your european champion but it will help to continue the current strength of the economy put briefly it may not be a groundbreaking agreement but it is full of honorable intentions which certainly won't harm anyone in the current economic climate. it's now over one hundred days since the election so the relief is clear as day on financial markets the euro shooting up to a three year high the single currency skipping up to more than one dollar twenty one to the euro slow recovery against the dollar is now going to around sixty percent since the beginning of last year on the back of europe's growing economic
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strength. facebook shares have tumbled by more than six percent after announced an overhaul of its news feed from now on it'll prioritize posts by friends and family over unpaid content by companies and media organizations facebook says companies that use pages to promote content will likely see a decrease in views c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says the changes should make people spend less but more valuable time on facebook the company is responding to a growing tide of criticism about its role in society. jose luis i was on wall street for us jose what does this mean for businesses who have built their strategy around facebook. are courting two experts daniel does a better news for traditional business is done for digital native ones facebook have already won a big share of digital advertising industry and now will stop providing many of the page views. at the same time too eager to display out so any company with any kind
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of meaningful cause a structure whose revenue strategy relies solely or primarily on digital advertising is going to be affected so facebook stock fell but if it's encouraging more companies to pay up for the use surely that would mean more profit for facebook so what's going on. right its laws as it seem to be more of an overreaction than anything else and said the social network has a claim today to be prioritizing friends and family post over businesses for more than a year and at least here in wall street agree that the impact of these a changes on facebook revenue are still unclear but at the same time is important to keep in mind that these changes are done from opposition of a strength since their facebook shares have searched nearly forty percent hard to say what is true is that over the past year face was reputation has a taken a major hit out following revelations of russia's manipulation of social media platforms to during the u.s.
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election and increasing that privacy concerns and the situation has increased as. cucina data from the u.s. and european regulators ok so maybe facebook could becoming more social join on top of the horse i thank you very much for. now show me the world's first table tennis coaching robots and i'll show you the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and robotics if there's anything we've learned at the consumer electronics show it's that there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to seemingly simple technology. for fiestas more than just play a mean game of ping pong this robot doesn't only track a balls movement and position eighty times a second it can also predict its opponents next move. so be it the robot is paying attention to thinking obviously but it's also paying attention to the player so it uses a full recognition and also for the visual intelligence in body language to be able
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to sense how good the player is the table tennis tutor is one wing visitors to the consumer electronics show with its skills but its maker japan's on ron says it's a way of showing up the company's own abilities. makes being hungry is that what we do but we're looking for a way to embody all of our technology because we do a lot of different things and so we're looking for something that showed a i robotics motion control sensor all of those things in one in one package if you will for fears may be an expensive calling card but its maker hopes it shows just what could happen when all these cutting edge technologies can be brought together . last year saudi arabia's king solomon to create an end to the ban on women drivers the still a long road to travel on women's rights in the kingdom but some changes are already visible. saudi women lost no time in flocking to jedis famously mall to
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take the wheel at the kingdom's first auto show specifically aimed at women after my mother's phone always been interested in cars but we didn't have the ability to drive and now i'm very interested in buying a car but i would like the payments and prices to not be very high in. saudi arabia is the only country with a ban on women drivers the lifting of the ban later this year is being held up as signaling a new progressive trend in the deeply conservative muslim kingdom that. it's known that women of the largest section who shop in miles this whole model is run by women anyway that's firstly secondly all the cashiers are women and everyone in the restaurants are women. the idea is to make everything in the car exhibition run by women for. the jet exhibition focused on fuel efficient cars and provided a team of sales women to help this burgeoning customer base choose the right model
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. as bricks and negotiations and choppy waters at least britain's luxury boat business is riding a new wave of demand. luxury yachts for the halves almost everything on view here has been sold already britain's boat business did really well in twenty seventeen posting over three and a half billion euros in sales that's three and a half percent up on the year before and there's no sign of the boom tapering off some of the country's boatyards are booked out for years ahead. and the effects are great and the weakening of power has certainly helped the u.k. manufacturers makes their boats look more affordable to europeans to americans but the whole market is on the rise and it's not just the british market that's a sea change from previous years when the sector languished in the daltons but there's been a fresh swell of business since the british currency slumped fifteen percent. to the twenty sixteen vote to leave the e.u.
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those who can't afford their own cabin cruiser can rent one on britain's many canals sales here have risen as well as the low pound also draws more foreign tourists with the prospect of a cheaper holiday in britain and of course the brits who can no longer afford to holiday abroad because of the weak pound or also rediscovering some green unpleasant backwaters. the beijing marriott don't even try looking for the hotel's website it's been shut down by the chinese government marriott's offense the company has listed taiwan tibet hong kong and macau a separate countries on its website while the latter three are indeed part of china taiwan's international status is more complex with many countries recognizing the island as a sovereign state china's take on the issue is clear. i want to stress that hong kong macau taiwan and tibet part of china this is not objective fact in the consensus of the international community we welcome foreign
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companies to come to china and invest in companies. at the same time the companies that come to china should respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity abide by china's laws and respect the feelings of the chinese people this is the minimum requirement of any company going to another country to carry out business and investment. marriott meanwhile has apologized on its website writing they respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity the hotel operator is only one of several companies facing chinese wrath over sovereignty issues the country's aviation authority has demanded an apology from delta airlines for listing taiwan and tibet as countries. and medical device maker have also been given a deadline to correct their websites. and that's all for this edition. on
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freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history and talents but so poor in it your question opportunity and freedom this makes it special
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difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising. now making names for themselves all over the. song by the good going song might follow some with continued. experience of freedom a sense is like the few minutes of day you'll care visits but your call come back on. my name and just record i work at the top of. the world population is increasing the climate is changing it's getting warmer and there are going to be more more places like kano road critics no props we have to fix that some the whites of do that is to use the modern kinetic modification
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methods to make that a crawl it is a lot safer than anything we've done by traditional internet ignore the face that you take one to need you know exactly what it is you put it into another plan to become a map exactly where it's grown i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by twenty fifty if we can make crops that will grow and send the arid conditions this will achieve a much greater stability in the food supply that we have at the moment. for. our drinks and ready.


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