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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2018 9:00am-9:16am CET

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massacre's. that you were a third on d w. this is deja news live from then after months of deadlock is a new german government now inside chancellor angela merkel says she hopes to forward ruling coalition by east have potential partners the social democrats face a battle with leader martin schultz tries to win over skeptical members also on the program africa demands an apology from donald trump from fifty four african nations
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expressing their outrage at the u.s. president's alleged use of to rocketry comments to describe that country. and in german soccer shelters start the second half of the bundesliga season in second place fellow to hold on to that spot tonight against like six. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring eight good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel says she hopes to form a new government by easter after her conservatives reached agreement with the social democrats yesterday on launching formal coalition talks late last year you'll remember a previous attempt to form a coalition with smaller parties failed so friday's breakthrough has eased months of political uncertainty in germany but there are still several hurdles to overcome . social democrats leader martin short's still has
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a lot of selling to do he's asking the party's executive to back formal coalition talks with merkel's conservatives at a special conference later this month he'll then have to convince the party's rank and file to give their approval to the final agreement the party's youth group plans to lobby hard against another grand coalition. so chancellor merkel's bid deforming new government already the longest coalition building process in post-war germany is likely to drag on for weeks if not months nevertheless many of christian democrats are upbeat. view the results are good for our country the chancellor negotiated very well but the social democrats also achieved a good deal if we come together it will be good for the country and this is a good source would assume that. germany's european partners including neighbors
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friends and austria have also been expressing relief that a coalition appears to be in the works. but in germany itself reaction is mixed the largest opposition party the far right after he has criticised the coalition plans . to simply deny fear will get a bad government the last four years have shown that things have been going downhill in a number of areas. and since this coalition of losers wants to stay in power i fear more of the same instance of why i think. many voters simply want the politicians in berlin to get on with the business of governing. i think it would be good to have a grand coalition the one we had in the last few years wasn't bad and it's better than your next no that's too expensive germany still needs to be stable or it's near if they manage to solve their interior conflicts and find out ways to work together be a good thing for everyone especially in current situation year. but whether or not
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germany is led by another grand coalition won't be certain until social democrat members of the final deal a thumbs up. that indeed is the key question to discuss it with me now our political correspondent sumon young in the studio the s.p.d. is rank and file likely to be the biggest hurdle in this process towards a new government is there a possibility that the two sides the conservatives and americans conservatives. social democrats actually agree on a coalition agreement and then the species vote has. members rather voted down well yes there is and you know it's all on a knife edge or at least there's still a lot of uncertainty around this process you know there is frustration and disappointment among the rank and file s.p.d. party members and as has been mentioned there are ten days to go now until a special party convention that's going to have delegates from the around the
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country sort of green lighting according to most of this deal has been done sort of fall but a lot of people are not convinced the left wing of the party has already mobilized its opposition they say it's not enough in this deal there's no basis for a you know a real set of social democrat policies that's what one of their leaders has been saying another prominent opponents a very new addition of the grand coalition government of conservatives and social democrats the youth section. says he's going to travel around the country stirring up opposition against what's been agreed so far even as martin schulze the party leader tries to drum up support on his side so there's a there's an awful lot of opposition and it is far from clear whether this deal will ultimately be realized let's hear now from one of those social democrat members my colleague phil gale has been talking to s.p.d.
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member karen taylor is what she had to say to that preliminary deal struck between party and merkel conservatives yesterday. looking at the paper that came out today i'm very disappointed. if we see the results if we see what it's pretty focused on before these talks and what at every right now i think the s.p.d. had to step back on the very core issue with definitely definitely a parting question to have a government that i must say ok. as a pretty member. talking to us just say talking to fill. a studio so that was an example of that skepticism among the s.p.d. rank and file. can we take a look at this twenty eight page document which sets out the cornerstones of a potential coalition agreement that's the document that the social democrats and
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the conservatives agreed on yesterday is there were nuff in that preliminary agreement. you know to take it to the s.p.d. rank and file and convince them that yes it is worth joining a government with. well of course the party leader martin still says there is he says that eighty percent of what's in the bases what the s.p.d. wants and has set out in its election program so you know it sounds good if you put it like that there are clearly social democrat policies in there more money for people with families more money for the long term unemployed a slight rebalancing of germany's health care system i won't bore you with the details of that but at least they say it's going to be a bit fairer in future something to stabilize pensions various things that the s.p.d. certainly wants but of course the opponents on their side is saying it doesn't go far enough the tax system they say will still be unfair they say that health care
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will still be unfair in germany the rich won't pay as much as people who really in many cases are absolutely relying on the public system and they also say the. about limiting immigration which is in this preliminary agreement you know really is just about playing pandering to the far right so they're very worried about it and as i said you know there will be a lot of argument before they say agreement is done if it's done at all and medical is not yet in the position of breathing a sigh of relief ok a small step forward everything still on a knife edge some young many thanks for that. turning to other news now the african union is demanding an apology from u.s. president donald trump over his alleged use of an expletive to describe countries on the continent. now trump has been fiercely criticized over these alleged comments with many
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branding them racist j w's decided not to repeat the exploitive the president is alleged to have used it in this sentence during a meeting on immigration why are we having all these people from asshole countries come here. but for one has summoned the u.s. ambassador for this remark its government asking washington to clarify whether trump regards it as an asshole country the united nations also weighing in on this on this affair these shocking and shameful comments from the president of the united states i'm sorry but there's no other word one can use but racist. ok now to some of the other stories making news around the world staying in the u.s. the white house says president trump will really approve the nuclear deal with iran which sanctions relief to tehran in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program but
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trump's administration has warned it is the last time he will be approving the deal unless it's changed significantly trump has repeatedly denounced the agreement with iran as bad for the united states. and saudi arabia has been a first for female sports fans or for his allowing women to watch a football match for the very first time the move is part of a series of reforms easing restrictions on women starting in june women will also be allowed to drive. now in june of zero all thought his arrest of another one hundred fifteen people yesterday bringing the total number of those detained this week to almost eight hundred since monday protests have flared up across the country with demonstrations demanding an end to new austerity measures and to tax increases the violence has prompted fears of a fresh political crisis in the country in the run up to sunday's anniversary of the twenty arab spring uprising.
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we reject the new financial law it's what these protest is telling the government but so far the make his own spiking away from the meshes so that one hopes the twenty eleven revolution would improve people's circumstances that many say change has materialized for the street it with fresh price increases for many goods and new taxes they've taken to the streets since monday. this law is starving us it's depriving us of our money. and it's marginalizing us. we. were protesting peacefully here we're not trying to overthrow the government we want this unjust law to be scrapped. the tunisian government has already evolved not to back down on their austerity measures and tax increases it also accuse the opposition of sticking violent
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protests. hundreds of protesters have so far been arrested. this is. the situation here in tunis in the capital city of tunisia has a largely calm down the main rally this afternoon was peaceful as well be the few scuffles between police and protesters but nothing compared to previous days previous nights now whether this is going to change and and the violent protests are going to fare up again up until sunday when tunisia celebrates or marks the seventh anniversary of the arab spring nobody knows how one fact is here to stay but a lot of peaceful protesters are saying and activists are saying they're ready to take to the streets as long as the finance law that's been introduced in january first is not dropped. the white is over the winter break is done and dusted the bonus leader is back and things started last night with another victory
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for reigning champions by on playing away against live acoustic it was a case of business as usual for the variance team is getting by on off to a flyer in the thirty second minute after busy busy made it to nil for the bavarians leverkusen kevin followers then pulled one back. and then it was the spectacular free kick from from his world the biggest making it three one four by and sealing the points for the bavarian side the result keeps them on track for a record sixth consecutive title. now the big game today sees like sage hosting shall both club starting the second half of the season in champions league contention south of the ending the first half in better form after an unbeaten run of eleven games like to have one of the strongest home records in the league. the winter break has done shaka good to have been a long time since the entire squad trained together one of their new year's
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resolutions is to get more dangerous in front of goal coach to many go to disco sees room for improvement in the second place side. in some games we were missing verticality in some games we had a lot of possession we really kept our opponents on their feet but at a certain moment we were lacking the change of tempo necessary to attack the opponents goal to get. a new arrival on loan from eventis marco piazzi should help in that department the croatian winter has great acceleration and strength in the tackle he could make his debut as a starter against leipsic aqua's because our motto is a quality player i think we have a lot of quality players and so we have to see who will play against leipzig marco is definitely one of many options so i'm now at rb leipzig rumors that getting in midfield star not b.k. could move to liverpool six months earlier than agreed have hung over their
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preparations but they're confident they can be chuckin says he says estimate of the most isn't the first time a team having such a good run has paid us a visit hoffenheim or undefeated when they came to town at this point last year. we're going to need to put on a chopping performance to even fasten it. on the two points separate leipzig and shaka in the table in their first clash of the second season half they both want to stay in the mix at the top. and watching to the news in berlin up next samaras music. is known as. you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines meet the germans new and surprising aspect of license culture in
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germany. u.s. american keep music but take a look at germany this.


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