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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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elite. this is g.w. news live from after months of deadlock is a new german government now inside. that angle a mouthful says she hopes to form a ruling coalition by easter eggs have potential partners the social democrats face a battle as leader martin short surprised when over skeptical members. also on the program the african union demands an apology from donald trump expressing its outrage at the u.s. president's pledge use of the role that she comments to describe the company. and a step forward for women's rights in saudi arabia for the first time ever they've
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been allowed to enter a stadium and watch a soccer game live. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a thanks for joining us german chancellor angela merkel says she hopes to form a new government by east that is off to her conservatives reach agreement with the social democrats yesterday on launching a formal coalition chalk's a previous attempt to form a coalition with smaller parties feingold late last year so friday's breakthrough has eased months of political and says it's an uncertainty in germany that there are still several hurdles to overcome. social democrats leader martin short's still has a lot of selling to do he's asking the party's executive to back formal coalition talks with merkel's conservatives at a special conference later this month he'll then have to convince the party's rank
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and file to give their approval to the final agreement the party's youth group plans to lobby hard against another grand coalition. so chancellor merkel's bid deforming new government already the longest coalition building process in post-war germany is likely to drag on for weeks if not months. nevertheless many of christian democrats are upbeat. the results are good for our country the chancellor negotiated very well but the social democrats also achieved a good deal if we come together it will be good for the country too and this is i'm done with those leaders who. germany's european partners including neighbors friends and austria have also been expressing relief that a coalition appears to be in the works. but in germany itself reaction is mixed the largest opposition party the far right f.d.a.
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has criticized the coalition plans. to simply deny fear will get a bad government the last four years have shown that things have been going downhill in a number of areas. and since this coalition of losers wants to stay in power i fear more of the same instance of white picket many voters simply want the politicians in berlin to get on with the business of governing. i think that it would be good to have a grand coalition the one we had in the last few years wasn't bad and it's better than your next not expensive germany still needs to be stable. conflicts. be a good thing for everyone especially situation. but whether or not germany is led by another grand coalition won't be certain until social democratic members of the final deal a thumbs up. turning now to the united states for president trump has decided to
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stick to the international nuclear deal with iran at least for now but trump is saying he won't approve it again unless it's changed he believes the deal has what he calls terrible floors twenty fifteen agreement suspends international sanctions on iran in exchange for curbs on it clear program every few months the u.s. president is required to sign a series of waivers to keep those sanctions suspended but the european union and russia have warned that abandoning the deal would be a grave mistake and while the african union is demanding an apology from donald trump over his alleged use of an explosive to describe countries on the continent has decided not to repeat that explained to the president is alleged to have used it during a meeting on immigration of the white house referring to haiti and african nations as quote as whole countries trump has been fiercely criticized for that with some
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people calling the common racist the president himself has denied using the term sometimes the president's shed killing is on what's in a troublesome on friday he made an appearance with the nephew of martin luther king jr in honor of the famous american civil rights campaigner just as accusations of racism were being hurled at him from around the world. at a meeting of republican and democrat senators on thursday the president is alleged to have said. why are we having all these people from. whole countries come here. this was trump's alleged angry reaction to a compromise proposed by senators on immigration reform we're willing to restrict the so-called green card lottery but want to retain limited protected status for people from el salvador haiti and certain countries in africa. comment unleashed ridge in. no other word. racist. you cannot dismiss entire countries and continents. whose entire populations who are not white
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. on twitter trump said he never said anything derogatory about here that the democrats had made it up and that he ought to record meetings in future but by then the remarks had already made headlines around the world. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world in chile three catholic churches in the capital of santiago have been fireball and just days before pope francis is due to visit the country the attackers left behind i'm flits containing direct threats to the pope in while abortion rights activists also demonstrated against the pope's visit in front of sunshine of his main cathedral. the death toll from a mudslide in want to see to california has risen to eighteen and firefighters are still searching for another seven people have been missing since tuesday emergency services have ordered the remaining residents to evacuate they want to bring in
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additional heavy equipment and intensify the search. firefighters in australia have been working to contain bushfires is the country experiences some of its highest temperatures in decades aircraft were deployed near the east coast city of new causal is the flames threaten the airport there have been no reports or far of any human casualties or damage to property. now in china zero authorities arrested another one hundred fifty people yesterday bringing the total number of those detained this week to almost eight hundred since monday protests have flared up across the country with demonstrators demanding and into new austerity measures and tax increases the violence has prompted fears of a fresh political crisis in the run up to sunday's anniversary of the twenty eleven arab spring uprising. we reject the new financial law it's what these protesters are telling the
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government but so far lawmakers aren't backing away from the measures. there were hopes that twenty eleven revolution would improve people's circumstances but many say change has materialized for them frustrated with fresh price increases for many goods and new taxes they've taken to the streets since monday. this mall is starving us it's depriving us of our money. and it's marginalizing us. who are protesting peacefully here we're not trying to overthrow the government we want this unjust mark to be scrapped. that's a nice in government has already evolved not to back down on the austerity measures and tax increases it also accused the opposition of sticking violent protests. hundreds of protesters have so far been arrested. so.
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this is the situation here in tunis in the capital city of tunisia has a largely calm down the main railway this afternoon was peaceful as well be the few scuffles between police and protesters but nothing compared to previous days previous nights now whether this is going to change and and the violent protests are going to fare up again up on the sunday when tunisia celebrates or mocks this seventh anniversary of arab spring nobody knows how one fact is here to say that a lot of peaceful protesters are saying and activists are saying they're ready to take to the streets as long as the finance law that's been introduced in january first is not dropped. the winter break has come and gone the bundesliga is underway again and things started last night with another victory for reigning champions by munich playing away again flavor it was
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a case of business as usual for the bavarians. genius go by munich after flying in the thirty second pitch after frankly busy made it to nil lead couzens kevin fallen and pulled one back from the group for the spectacular free kick from time as one of the biggest i did pretty well seeing all three points for part of the result keeps them on track for a record sixth consecutive time. the perfect free kick for moral vasant for look ahead at the second half of the bonus legacies mark oregon with me from t w sports mark fine apparently picking up where they left off in the first off of the season are they a shoo in for the sixth title in a row and suddenly for the rest of the bin this league it looks like again yeah they've been fantastic since this and changing their manager and not blip on the carlo ancelotti in the first part of the season seems a long way away your point has just come in he seems to have i think he's gotten
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training more intensively is one thing he's done he also has the likes of as we saw his free kick there a fantastic player i think when he's fired and he's better than anyone in the league he's a cut above on the also of the likes of rebury and they've got the experience there someone has been over the course and i think with that combination he really holds all the cards i think is so yeah it looks like another title he didn't even mention are in rupp and. my favorite players used to play for my my team chelsea let's look at something in the bundesliga that's perhaps a little bit more exciting the race for second place and for the champions league spots who's leading that race at the moment looks like quite a tasty with a bottle between the two top be rivals that of the darby revel should dortmund and i would. see the shell can have the edge knots purely due to one man and spits a shrug of the dortmund coach in the appointment as appointment at dartmouth absolutely staggering he just come off i think you have a three three point the mavs and fourteen games with kalu in the season and he
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lands one of the plum jobs you get sacked the coup in london with a plum job in the ground is leaving incredible so i think to desk with a young coach i think he has the edge with us today so i can i can see him now been that seconds for definitely mentioning cologne of course brings to mind the relegation colona you know so weak this season they're almost certainly going down who else is in danger was tempted to say humbug but they seem to be seem to do the houdini act they very year and escape so it wouldn't be on hamburg i think vetter believe it would be it would be my tip purely because they're not scored enough goals thirteen goals in the whole of the first off the season this is not a great return and i think that's that that's the kind of area that really is going to make the difference and i think we'll just we'll slip of getting together somehow as a vet of braman they've had some fine goalscorers in years gone by and they need to find another one to do ok mark from sports many thanks and. now it's
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a small but possibly significant step forward for women's rights in the gulf region for the first time ever women in saudi arabia have been allowed to enter a soccer stadium and watch live football female fans turning out in force last night for a game in the city of jeddah the excitement in and around the stadium is palpable. young saudi girls excited at going to watch the football a normal sight in most countries. but their mothers and grandmothers didn't have that privilege in a nation the tortillas for its hugely restrictive stance on women's rights. yet on friday in the western city of jeddah women were allowed to attend the football much for the first time. many marked the occasion with a message on a special wall. inside they took one of ten thousand seats allocated as a special family section and ready to cheer on local favorites. i'm happy to be at this event and i congratulate the women and girls and families who enter the
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stadium and we're happy because we're al-ali fans and we're cheering for our team they weren't disappointed the result was a thumping five nil when for the home side afterwards there were selfies to capture the moment one which many saudi women feel is long overdue that our hands out with this decision should have been made a long time ago but thank god that it came at the right time and hopefully what's to come is even better for women with the lifting of the football bond following a similar one on driving it looks like saudi women are on route to a more liberal era. before we go quick reminder for you of all the top story of the moment german chancellor angela merkel who says she hopes a new government will be in place by easter that's all for a major breakthrough in exploratory talks between her conservatives and the social democrats germany has been without a government since elections back in september. and that's your world news update
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for now more from us at the top of the hour helen humphrey taking over from me at his desk up next here on t.v. news we're going to take you to ecuador as highest mountain for a special report on the seventy four year old who call these ice that stay with us for that. mission maggie has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married yet childless women in niger suffer from.


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