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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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pollution sick. time. for people and projects that are changing the government for the better. or for. w. . what counts a year max great to have you on board today we put the spotlight on the following topics. in good for an italian design i'm a candidate looking has been successful since the seventy's. on the borderline stone photographer stephan and most of his camera to the borders. on the bright
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idea to announce that no one touched by water we'll check out the water lighting graffitti. he's made to design history make him a low key is one of the found us off the rebellious memphis group a radical italian design movement from the early eighty's from the of the milan based design an architect went on to create many household objects furniture and buildings that won him a lot of awards we were visiting the iconic design at his office. merely dukie and his iconic lamp. women in these designer and architects created this classic in one nine hundred eighty seven it's been a best seller ever since. the support of the prove you can use it everywhere in offices and in the bedroom to bathroom or even in the kitchen or. to a new bar in your remark which mean that. since the late one nine hundred seventy s.
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deluca has designed many objects including lamps chairs tables and household appliances. but the tolomeo was one iconic piece. the designer or architect cannot determine whether a design becomes an icon or not that depends on other things. like the. co-founded the rebellious milan based design group meant that. some of his memphis designs are still on display in his office. including the first chair from one thousand nine hundred three a coveted object for design lovers. who wanted to create something new with new shapes colors. most importantly we wanted to provoke people with the decor and was ironic shapes.
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we wanted to create a more diverse aesthetic that was the goal of a member. of his team on various international project. in the capital tbilisi became an emblem for the new georgia. for the twenty fifteen. featuring an organic shapes. but not too showy that's also his principal latest temple of culture the unicredit. which he designed in the shape of a seed. really like the idea of placing a wooden seed into the surrounding of steel and concrete. fertility
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is an essential part of nature. for community living a meeting place could be the seed for a better future. he's fascinated by the census. touch. and makes objects. of already become works of art exhibition in a gallery. sketches are also in high demand to specially when they're signed the sixty six year old is a star in milan but he's remained humble.
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basically models because i'm an architect. detached from their function. recently he has enjoyed success as a new interior designer. he designed a fast food restaurant on the. on. the golden olive tree symbolizes a connection to nature. converted gas station was opened in the fall of twenty seventeen. represents the italian automobile culture the first floor houses a gourmet restaurant and. it quickly became one of the hottest meeting spots in the area. the design anything unless the story gives the building of
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a meaningful purpose. to people who use my building. as a nuisance or an annoyance. current best selling design is the espresso maker. it's certainly striking and coffee connoisseurs like it to. really see. the world. and now we'll continue with great design ideas as today's express starts with a really special show. now that's what you could call a train is on tuesday berlin's transport company released a long awaited limited edition footway even before sales began the sneakers were on e bay for eight thousand euros fans had been camping out on the street in front of
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two stores in berlin since the weekend. they were hoping to buy one of the five hundred pairs which was sold for one hundred eighty euros. with a big bonus and annual public transportation system. about a hundred original works by us pop artist andy warhol are on display right now with a crunched house of pain dark under the title and warhol to original silkscreens the gallery present some of the others the famous prints of marilyn monroe from one nine hundred sixty seven. as the host of a major warhol exhibition in a small central german town a bold look joins the likes of new york shanghai and vienna the exhibition runs until july first twenty eighteen. about a month before the start of the berlin international film festival the last bear
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statuettes are being cast director already felt the festival spirit when he visited the forgery in berlin is the most about it's emotional for me first because i've seen them shine up on the big stage and second because here you realise it's not only a great art but also a great crouched to cast these barriers as hundred goose is going to be answered easily the two and a half a kilo trophy. have been cast here in the same design since one thousand nine hundred fifty one they'll be handed to their deserving winners at the end of the ten day festival which will start on february fifteenth. to travel around the boundaries of europe in seven months that will stefan and his mission of course the german photographer took his camera with him on this journey to portray people living along the border of fifteen european countries based in a motorhome he traveled more than thirty one thousand kilometers for the photo project far from brussels the resulting book and exhibition show people who live
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far away from the political center of europe let's have a look. these are the faces of europe captured on camera in stark black and flies a key expression straight into the camera. which is what i see i wanted to say something about europe is why this was a time when people didn't really talk about europe like they do now the burning questions weren't so present yet and when you saw what i wanted to show your hand i quickly realized that i didn't want to make it about all the places that everyone already knows i didn't want to go to the big cities like vera lynn and paris or brussels from i want to look at normal life on the borders of europe hence the title far from brussels to pick from. stephan and is a professor of photography at the university of mines in western germany. and the prince's photos here in the workshop it's
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a costly process so he oversees the pests and. it's also a special moment for him. but it's what a picture comes out lifesize store sometimes bigger it's just a fascinating moment for. him and these are the reasons why you become a photographer why you make photos it's why i'm so excited about photography. and if we're going to the guys and it's going to face appears it'll really be a moment of joy moment there for the missing people also gives the photographer a great joy people like eighty four year old. mason the city of san sebastian in northern spain. for i was waiting on the river bank and he came out like an atlantic swimmer with his camp and. suddenly he spoke to me in german he said rudolph how do you do. and then we got into a conversation and i learned that as a kid his parents had emigrated from germany to spain to the basque country.
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he married a spaniard and had five children. he said he feels german and he said something really lovely about his five kids she said they're neither spanish nor german they're just european or. seven and his exhibition is on a journey of it's the first stop was brussels then months the photographer his hometown and after that they'll carry on across europe alongside his black and white portraits he also displays color photos documenting the current situation in europe. i met this refugee family in sicily incredibly they didn't actually want to come to you they'd read about all the people drowning in the mediterranean but a husband and father was forced to by the libyan police. he was working in libya but the country wanted people from sub-saharan africa to get out using. what looks i did it is sometimes more sinister below the
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surface. this image of ships in the mediterranean is actually a refugee both graveyard italian authorities don't know what to do with them so they pile up there. to. his first. people and knives on the outskirts of. the exhibition combine stephan and is his talent as both a photographer and storyteller and it takes you to the coolness of europe you've never seen before. and this week's series when tree lights we attempt to bring some light into when to start this also applies to the invention of french i just felt a little for the no water. the paris based our professor had a bright idea he invented surfaces with thousands of little limbs that start to shine when they come into contact with water everybody is invited to be part of the
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art so leave a message let it shine. electricity and water not an obvious combination but water is the only thing that can light up just a hilly de wall. water like graffiti was created by a french artist and has mesmerized audiences hold over the world. this project most of the times mostly to trop because people when you focus laser lights so. i always walk most of the people or try to in the sun and that's when i explain i use what's on the exercise. it's just going to be no i had just just to say no it's just five words so it seems there beats were out and much according same time . the water conducts electricity between the belly it functions as a bridge making the lights shine the water the. doors water like graffiti
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also interacts with the weather when it rains the wall lights up automatically. and when the water dries the lights disappear. even high humidity lights up the pole here in hong kong drawing on the wall by drying off certain. there are all kinds of creative avenues to explore. for an old came up with the ideal running an art workshop in china. to make a sort of us humans of concretes wrong and maybe one we can china. with long me i think it makes me in my mind. to use a to do these spread in china to make something you. know built
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a first prototype for. water graffiti in two thousand and nine and he's been developing his ideas since then he's currently working on a new color version of. the built in process or even enables like game function. or know things water graffiti could also be used in architecture to create lighting accents. you can see the lights sousa concretes and my first light combined lights and what into the future is to try to combine a view of what's what i could see with these kind of concrete. i want to encourage other people to experiment with this technique.
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for part of my. book. to explain or. receipts how to make. water like graffiti is on tour in exhibitions all around the world and was there for those clever combination of light and water anyone can become an artist. i'm now it's up to you this week we want to know what brightens up your life is it also the exhibition a work of art maybe a special person whatever it is let us know taking part in our condos is really easy just go to our web page for details and send us a picture showing the light of your life then you will automatically join in our drawing for this exclusive you max good luck these days fashion is back in the spotlight in many european cities there are plenty of runway shows like berlin
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fashion week is i know some fashion labels for the latest collections but well i'm not quite sure if that will be experimental creations like the ones we're about to show you in today's high five series here are. materials you probably never thought would be used to create fashion. from france takes place and. she says the immaterial of the future is going to. look not just any golden. she makes from used plastic bags. piece evening gown for instance consists of forty used bags. my men. so it is really to bring our awareness to how much we consume how much plastic days in our environment and if it's there it can be used for creativity some of her clothes have even appeared on the catwalk they may not be the most wearable designs but
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they certainly get a conversation going. that make you male. these designs are made mainly of pure chocolate and they take fourth place. clothes are shown every year at the so i don't you should call our trade fair design essential productivities create edgiest clothes but they lose their edge and belted thirty degree celsius. the results aren't exactly pleasing for the wearer. accessories can tell a tale. for example the adventures of tom and. spiderman these wallets and handbags are made of used comic books. they are all third place among materials you probably never
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thought would be used to create fashion. designer and seamstress is the berlin comic aficionados. each model is a unique elaborate kalash made from an original comic book. jacket. it's made not only of fabric but also of the hundreds of small lamps it takes are second place where little technology with l.e.d. lamp. has met a credit i'd like to combine technology and textiles and create a totally new material as. the only current. and cause this material screen fabric. and it's also wearable monitor that aims to adjust to the wear is mood vilna isn't the only fashion designer with this idea the london label cute circuit also creates fashions with l.e.d.
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lamps. these glasses are named for famous musician. jackson miles the grooves show why glass is made from vinyl records are number one on our chart of materials you probably never thought would be used to create fashions. the brainchild of zac tipton from the us. past where he lives he looks all records no one wants to play anymore. the old discs are glued to plastic and sought out their glasses frames are sold in cases also made from vinyl records. your max is active on social media such as instagram and facebook on top of that we set up your chip channel that offers tons of videos about architecture and interior
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design has more. cheerier design at its best and check out our you tube channel d.w. interior design stunning design ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on youtube. now onto land the young lady german jazz musician i mean us now is an awesome sax player she is touring germany and denmark and recently released an album called books bottles and she even received a call for that aqua jess award as best newcomer in twenty seventeen but somehow getting this award felt strange for the twenty eight year old let's find out why.
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for many the eco jazz award is the crowning achievement of their careers on a linus novel felt like a fish out of water here. professed a fact so i just asked myself what am i doing here i was made of them and if you play jazz regularly and experience the scene in a cessna way and suddenly everything is completely different and everyone's really interested in jazz all of a sudden but most of the time very few people are interested in jazz i have to say . despite the challenges jazz remains her greatest passion and alaina comes from a small town in the northern german state of lower saxony she's the daughter of a hairdresser. when she was sixteen she saw a film about jazz legend charlie parker and set her flute the sun the saxophone became a symbol of freedom for. cool that way it's right my comeback even if you can create because of affects.
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my hands michel you can sing into it. twenty eight year old composers her own music and pushes the boundaries of jazz. which must have been on him to him sometimes he writes a very sweet calming piece when you feel that way marked. that sometimes you have this urge to let out some really intense emotions stock and to really blast into the saxophone. on atlanta studied at the hamburg university of music and theater with a jazz musician both care sheykh she's still rehearses in his studio to this day encourages her to find her own way as a woman in a field that is traditional. only dominated by men. on that side there was
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a time when women were only singers sort of the girlfriends of musicians but i think we moved way past the scene when you hear on elaine a play you don't just say not bad for a girl because she's just fantastic for go this is. on the latest novel has made a name for herself in the world of jazz. here at the hof and bonhoeffer the owner has a surprise for. want me to figure out is this that's how much the moment you need longer think is the mine most aren't thing i have long fingers. but that's right this is a bamboo saxophone. i'm the. only one has won a lot of prizes but she can barely support herself with her music she can no longer afford her rent in hamburg so she's moving in with her boyfriend and also brooke she figures she makes three heroes an hour i saw him once also it would be nice to
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be able to choose where to live it would also be great to be able to make a living from music and to be able to afford basic things like a rehearsal space. to really relax without these accidental feel is fine if i achieve that someday i'll be extremely happy and. novelists always searching for new sounds and her lover jazz has her inspiration to keep on playing. that's all we have time for today you can find more information on the european culture and lifestyle on our website or join us on facebook of them for me and the entire year max team him by then thanks for watching and by. next time the new year a max many people dream of seeing the northern lights just once in their lives. but
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to do so you have to journey to the far north be patient and tough luck on the. finish photographer marcus jimmy specializes in capturing these colorful celestial lights on camera find out how he does it next time on your own max. of. the book. the but. the book.
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the be. the be. by bite you the countdown is on the britain's withdrawal from the european union luxembourg sets. the bar they probably one of the politicians doing about it. our reporters are seeking answers in the year ahead of this trip to. the road to bridges today in our series. d.w.m. soon. blues program guide. highlights. the
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homeless. w. dot com highlights steps. to zing city sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. one thing tom's done some. public support the music magazine on t.w. . are we alone it's a fundamental question of humanity trying to figure out whether or not. life existed on mars pretty clear water was there and quite abundance while that would be it's so on mars the atmosphere is one hundred of what we have here on earth it's
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very very cold and at the fast it's like antarctica you could imagine bringing some supplies and you know if you do we're going to build a little self-contained pressured vehicle or vessel which would be on the surface there are things like oxygen that you can harvest from the atmosphere to help make a living possible. if you want to think of humanity if we really want to survive for ever we're going to have to move off the earth eventual am i know that seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. in. the union the union.
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this is the news live from berlin looking to connect chancellor to chancellor sebastian quotes leaves austria and a controversial coalition with the far right can the anti immigrant euro skeptic young leader find common ground with angela merkel on his visit to berlin also coming out catalonia as parliament reopens gearing up for more confrontation with spanish authorities could lawmakers of five hundred once again and vote exiled leader carlos boucher mom back into power we'll go live to barcelona. the irish prime.


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