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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is news live from bergland germany and turkey you look to mandate months long political breath to triggered by the jailing of this german turkish journalist but then it's you tell says he doesn't want his release team to buy any so-called dirty deal between the two nato allies. also coming up from the slap that made this sixteen year old girl and i con of the palestinian resistance d.w. asks her father about his hopes for her future and an exclusive interview. and we
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go to ohio one of the battleground states that handed donald trump the u.s. presidency as he approaches one year in office do they still believe that they put the right man in the white house. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us germany and turkey are looking to mend a serious political rift triggered by arrest of german turkish journalist denis you tell nearly a year ago the two sides have now resumed bilateral talks after berlin had vowed to block major arms sales to turkey until his case is resolved it has now signaled that could change but you child for his part says that he does not want to gain his freedom as part of any dirty deal. from his prison cell in turkey
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denise you chel said he rejected any trade off that would see him released in exchange for new arms sales to turkey. he told the german d.p.a. news agency for my part i don't want my freedom tainted either by the sale of tanks or by the deeds of any war mongers i don't want to be a part of any dirty deals you tell was responding to an interview a news magazine desh spiegel with the german foreign minister caprio in it gabrielle vowed to block major arms sales to turkey he said quote it will stay that way as long as the case remains unresolved and rejected you chose characterization of the talks between the two countries. what is a dirty deal if it's a deal that you wouldn't dare tell the public about where there's a tit for tat arrangement and that's not the case here. on monday you kills lawyer
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filed a motion with the turkish constitutional court calling for him to be freed the country's foreign minister. said he hoped you charles release was imminent. many people. including. the court but for days another istanbul court has ignored a constitutional court order to free to turkish journalist prompting fears you chelles imprisonment could drag on and for more let's bring in our political correspondent thomas was standing by with the latest from berlin so thomas i first want to talk about this phrase dirty deal which seems to be categorizing the scot the discussions there at the moment what is really at the core. we're talking here about two very important and also very controversial issues on the one hand the delivery of sales to turkey this shouldn't be a major issue under nato partners but it is it has become
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a major issue now as it happens at the backdrop of the very tainted relationship between and the big question is to what extent these two issues have or have not been linked whereas then as you shared obviously mentioned they didn't want to be part of what he described as a dirty deal the german foreign minister said he had not connected those two issues and this case we know that it has certainly impacted german turkish relations walk us through thomas where relations stand right now well this case among others was the reason why germany last year announced what it described as a reorientation of policy towards turkey with changes in areas such as tourism or investment there was certainly a lot of controversy last year but since then germany and turkey have tried to find
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common ground once again there were meetings between the foreign ministers there are now meetings at the state secretary level in the interior ministry and both turkey and germany are stressing areas where they want to work together one of those areas that has been mentioned in recent days for example counter-terrorism so it does seem that the relationship in two thousand and seventeen which was very bad is now at least slowly towards being in a way improved but the case of you challenging it isn't the only hot button issue between germany and turkey right. there are certainly issues there were very important issues in the past but the case of venues you chad has certainly become the symbol of that very strained relationship between the two countries thomas ferro with the latest from berlin thank you. let's turn now to northern syria where kurds have appealed to the united nations to stop an imminent turkish attack turkish forces have already been bombarding the kurdish controlled enclave of afrin
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for several days now earlier this week turkish president ret of type air to one threatens a full military intervention into syria to stamp out what he called nests of terror on his country's border on korea has been deploying tanks and military equipment ahead of the imminent operation. this in response to u.s. plans to set up a thirty thousand strong border force in northern syria both of the recruits would be kurdish fighters the turkish government considers them terrorists let's bring in our correspondent yulia han who is following this story for us from istanbul welcome to you good morning we just heard there are threatening to send ground forces into northern syria any word on when the operation could start. well if you follow turkish t.v. news channels you would assume any moment now they are reporting from the syrian
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border every top of the hour showing pictures of the deployment of troops and tanks and we're also getting reports of turkish artillery shelling the area from just outside afrin yesterday the national security council that's turkey's top security body said and i quote it will take any necessary steps immediately to defeat the threat without mentioning any specific date though at the same time we are hearing that turkish officials in talks with representatives from russia from nato and the u.s. there seem to be out for it's to come up with some kind of last minute diplomatic solution here especially since u.s. secretary of state to listen now denied any plans of building a turkey syria border security force which would mainly consist of kurdish fighters as you mentioned and this was the reason why uncorrupt was calling for military action in the first place talked with us
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a little bit more about relationship between turkey and the united states because i mean we know that they are nato allies for example but they are really on opposite sides when it comes to this it has the potential to get ugly doesn't it. well it really does and relations potentially can worsen even more in fact they are already at a historic low and it's a very complex scenario just to be clear here the u.s. considers the kurdish forces in offer and. briefly important allies in their fight against the islamic state the so-called islamic state while turkey sees these kurdish fighters as terrorists so there are no u.s. troops in offer and so we're not going to be seeing turkish and american soldiers fighting each other but the fact that two nato allies turkey and the u.s. are so much at loggerheads with each other inside syria is really worrying and it
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might impact in a negative why not only turkey's relationship with the u.s. but also with the rest of nato the syrian kurds there in how should they be preparing right now i mean are they bracing for something we see any signs well oh well yes as far as we hear they are of course preparing i talked to a military experts here they say any potential offensive on our friend would most likely involve the turkey backed free syrian army this is the rebel group that's already involved in turkey's operation you for it's a shield which started in twenty sixteen so if these rebel units would be involved they could then be backed up by turkish ground forces but you have to know there are about five hundred thousand people living inside a friend and the big question really is what will happen to them yulia
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han in istanbul thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world at least ten people have been killed and dozens injured by suicide bombers in the northeastern nigerian city of mind to glory because they said the two bombers carried out the blast but emergency services say that four women were responsible no group has claimed the attack but it bears the hallmarks of the islamist terror group boko haram. extends interior ministry is reporting that fifty two people were killed when a bus that they were traveling in caught on fire only five people managed to escape the vehicle the disaster occurred in the northwest of the country no other details have been released salvage crews are working to recover an airliner that skidded off the runway last week as it landed at an airport in northern turkey investigators say that the boeing seven thirty seven experienced a sudden surge of speed in its right engine that caused it to swerve off course
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none of the one hundred sixty eight passengers on board were injured in the incident. we're turning now to the legal battles of a teen who has become the symbol of palestinian resistance and israeli military judge has denied bail to sixteen year olds ahead tom uni he ordered that she be held until her trial for slapping two israeli soldiers in the west bank a video of the incident has gone viral and brought her to international attention rights groups have called for the girl's release and her father spoke exclusively to d.w. from ramallah about the case. this is the video that provoked a social media storm a palestinian go slapping and kicking and israeli soldier the incident followed what israel says was a stone throwing assault on its troops. the go is sixteen year old i had to mimi and she's become an icon of the palestinian resistance. that this soldier is
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a symbol for the occupation that has taken our land our country and killed our people since the december incident our head has been in custody and being charged with twelve counts including assault and incitement now she could face a lengthy jail sentence ahead is from a well known activist family in the west bank and is no stranger to confrontation in two thousand and twelve she was filmed hitting a soldier in ramallah and three years later she was pictured biting another soldier as he tried to arrest her brother. detention has sparked protests at home and around the world with rights groups saying that as a child it is not justified. for many israelis though the teenager is a provocateur. one senior israeli minister said the detention of our head and her mother must set an example they should finish their lives in prison he said the
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pictures are harsh i trust that the incident will be investigated and the lessons will be learned amnesty international says israel currently holds around three hundred fifty palestinian children in detention and that hundreds of mine is a prosecuted every year meanwhile critics of the palestinian say many of these youngsters are being exploited for political propaganda. if anyone guaranteed me they had an arab country an international body or anyone from my government anyone if anyone guaranteed me that the occupation would be gone in one two three or even five years i would rather teach my daughter. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program after decades of exploring researchers can finally confirm that this is the world's longest underwater cave we will show you what else they discovered in its depths you don't want to see it. but first monica
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johns is here and we're looking at data from china today and i saw from sara china doesn't fail to impress china says that its g.d.p. grew by six point two nine percent in twenty seventeen acceding many experts forecasts the contribution of the world's second biggest economy to global g.d.p. has been on the rise for a decade even if growth has slowed somewhat in recent years now the asian powerhouse has a lot of impressive numbers and we look at some facts and figures right now. china remains one of the world's most powerful economic engines its booming growth over the past decade has easily outpaced recent growth in the u.s. . over the past ten years china's share of global output rose from eleven to eighteen percent other emerging markets are also grabbing larger shares of the global economy the trend is reversed in the u.s. which slipped from eighteen to fifteen percent. china's flourishing export market
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is one reason for its strong growth. the country's building boom has provided in additional boost and not only are chinese earning more money than in the past they're spending it consumption is on the rise benefiting the retail sector and the real estate market. companies are investing in production to feed the growing demand for goods from china. but the biggest investor is the government especially in infrastructure nearly a trillion dollars have been earmarked for the one build one road initiative an ambitious project to develop trade corridors to central asia the middle east and europe. tech giant apple says it will pay thirty eight billion dollars in u.s. taxes and creates thousands of new jobs in the u.s. and a new five year investment plan of the tax bill stems from the more than two hundred fifty billion dollars in overseas cash held by the take giant earnings that apple
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refused to bring back to the u.s. under the previous pile corporate tax rate the company says it's thirty billion dollars capital investment plan will create twenty thousand new jobs. and with that it's over to our man of the fact that stock exchange done good to see you so apple wants to bring back a huge chunk of its overseas cash to the united states is that going down with investors here in europe. well some investors monica are actually or raising their eyebrows with this news this morning monica because it is a company that is not really known to pay lots of taxes now they are boosting themselves they will pay billions of u.s. dollars in taxes of course it's good for their image but on the other hand you cannot forget that apple is using and other discount i guess you can call it like that because offshore money money that was part previously broad is now only being
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taxed with fifteen point five percent investors are not so worried that this is really going to harm the european economy because in the case of apple most of the jobs that will be created will be in the customer care sector yes all c.e.o.'s and also institutes here in germany have been calling for a long time but also the tax system here in germany should be changed they have been rather disappointed about the latest news after those preclusion talks they are really saying that also corporate tax here in germany should need to be cut down as well now you mentioned those fifteen percent of taxes there which is the repatriation that tax in the united states corporate tax in the u.s. now since december has been lowered to twenty two percent so ok that is lower than it was before but compared to the united kingdom where it's nineteen percent of the netherlands where it's somewhere between twenty and twenty five the u.s.
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corporate tax isn't that much cheaper for companies but trump still seems to get what he wanted. well it for him it's certainly a success after all those reforms such as the health care bill that didn't go through people here all are not thinking at the stock exchange that this is really going now to create a hive of also other companies based here in europe in europe or asia to move their companies back to the united states they're not thinking that this is going to happen in the near future and identical to frankfurt for us thank you so much. and talking about the united states in particular president donald trump and he's always good for news isn't even fake news yet we're talking about one of his favorite words here monica and fact it's really no laughing matter is because after weeks of teasing the american media about a possible fake news ward's event to us president donald trump has pointed to the ten top examples of news stories that in twenty seventeen he says were
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intentionally wrong. trump unveiling the awards with you guessed it a tweet using his favorite medium there it provided a link to a republican party website that listed ten cases in which major american news sources reported stories that were later retracted or which the list says were simply incorrect c.n.n. qualified for four mentions followed by two for the new york times despite some of trump's and initial statements via twitter it was not immediately clear who authored the list. all the social media reaction to the fake news awards once again highlights the deep polarization in the united states with both the president's supporters and detractors seeing them as vindication of their political viewpoints trump space is applauding the move for example here is a taste of the conversation from my gonzalo who tweets i am just so proud to have a president that not only stands up for the american people but stands up for
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liberal media trump is changing the scope of politics and his refusal to be politically correct is a dream come true trumps opponents see it as another disturbing attack on press freedoms this person wrote the following we laugh about the fake news of wards but it is actually in fact quite terrifying and chilling this is what happens in dictatorships and fascist regimes facts language truth and ultimately the press become hijacked to serve power not question it or hold it accountable. now these awards they generated enough attention to bring down parts of the republican party website just after trump tweeted about them so a lot of traffic there on that website. name time you know this fist fake news awards came on the same day that two prominent republican senators sharply attacked the president for criticizing the press sen john mccain wrote in the washington post that trump's words undermines the credibility of media around
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the world and helped repressive regimes senator jeff flake went even further in a speech on the senate floor of a listen. to me of the people was how the president of the united states called the free press and twenty seventeen mr president it is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words in from mostly spoken by joseph stalin to describe his enemies it bears noting that so fraught with malice was a phrase enemy of the people that even the key to khrushchev forbade it use telling the soviet communist party that the phrase had been introduced by stalin for the purpose of quote annihilating such individuals unquote who disagreed with the supreme leader the republican senator there jeff flake comparing the u.s. president's rhetoric to that of stalin well meantime this coming saturday marks on
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a first full year in office as u.s. president we spent this week looking back at the last twelve turbulent months in the white house was one of the battleground states that handed trump his election victory back in two thousand and sixteen but has he delivered on promises to those voters are washington bureau chief alexandra phenomena visited ohio to find out. my hunting valley in ohio a longtime democratic stronghold that was once and of the american steel industry but these times are long gone president traum won ohio in twenty sixteen by promising to bring jobs back to the region. tracey winbush believes in trump she host at talk show on local radio and after she gets off the air she relaxes and the cigar lounge. he is earned my respect because of what he wants to do and how he wants to get it done so he's not
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republican he's not democrat he's just an american who use the system for his the best way to the presidency and you have to respect that but i mean i but we have to admit that he lives writes he doesn't tell the truth you have to admit he has he has his own thought process. but the question is. do we all lie also. tracy takes me longer to a party fundraiser in youngstown. during. three five walk their latest polls show that the president's trumps approval rating is at a record low whether people here support him despite the fact that he hasn't made much progress on his legislative agenda. finally for the first time the live your life times there's somebody in washington who is determined to change washington
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that's why people are excited they want to they want someone to go to washington who can grab that place and shake it because it's become so overloaded and so out of control it's been a slow process they're frightened every step of the way but i believe in eventually people are going to realize how important this is. christian mckernan is a businessman in youngstown his grandfather started his heating and cooling company in one nine hundred thirty seven here sure christian says he trusts trump because he's also an entrepreneur. i don't have to agree with. certain things that a sitting president may feel i don't have to but i really should just look back and respect the position that's there and allow him to try to do his job. this is the show online a treatment for is not. well good afternoon to walk with very few friends here on the economic grounds for tax cuts health care that's what counts for tracey winbush
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she says she doesn't like f. with think trump tweets or sass but she'll support him as long as he is here to break the system. while the world's longest underwater cave has been discovered in mexico measuring an astounding three hundred forty seven kilometers the submerged cavern in the mexican state of quintana roo isn't only remarkable because of its size but also because of the number of architectural treasures found inside they date back thousands of years and are helping to unravel the mysteries of the ancient maya civilization that once dominated the reach. it's thought to be the biggest underwater cave on the planet stretching for three hundred fifty kilometer. divers discovered a connection between two submerged coven systems in eastern mexico after a decade long search.
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there are about two hundred kids in this underwater system we thought they might be connected to but we weren't sure now we know about the collection and flows of water out of. research has found human bones and pottery from thousands of years ago it comes from the ancient mayan civilization that once dominated the region. it gives us an amazing perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the ancient settlements and all of them i developed. scientists hope the discovery will shed new light on the mayans who consider this huge cave sacred. let's get a quick reminder now of the top stories that we have been following for you here at g.w. germany and turkey have resumed bilateral talks that were suspended after uncle arrested
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a german turkish journalist eleven months ago dennis you child remains in prison but says that he does not want to be released as part of any deal between the two allies. palestinian t.v. teen tommy has been denied bail and must remain in jail until her trial for slapping an israeli soldier in an exclusive interview with g w her father said the soldier was a symbol of israeli occupation. you're up to date now and i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching don't forget you can get the very latest in the meantime until our next that is on. cups you can see him. playing.
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the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. just. this week my guest is mark rey guests the former israeli government spokesman his country's ambassador in love. since israel comics jerusalem kind of sixty six come. on. horseback. no i'm not afraid. i do this every day. the muslim women years old
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and one such option shut the trunk profession because in cash to one of the money for his family. the trial jockeys of some. forty five minutes. are up to speed on the latest technology. no. time for an upgrade this become part of the future become a cyborg i must say words and design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use. on a daily basis that optimize the human body to connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg. society as the human race for the great i think it's
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only the beginning of this site works the machines starting february first. despite heavy pressure from the united states and israel one hundred twenty eight to jerusalem israel called those countries puppets and said its capital would always be jerusalem this week my guest is mark reg the former israeli government spokesman now his country's ambassador here in london over the many years since israel annexed east jerusalem.


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