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i am. sure this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin europe comes under fire for its human rights record human rights watch slams the e.u. for its efforts to keep agressor jews but there's some truth to those taking a stand against populism others exceeding the rights groups european director also coming up. they've been treated entirely it's a bombastic boasts and shadowed norms the world has experienced a new one europe donald something the white house and what the bo dick says it
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depends on who you are ask. us a journey into the longest underwater caves on the planet so we traveled down to east to mexico for i'm looking dude deb's revealing clears up an ancient civilization that wants to read supreme. being. or an. how to live on the touchy about a very warm welcome to you. the e.u. has been slammed for its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers the new human rights watch report highlights europe's efforts to prevent fresh arrivals in two thousand and seventeen and it criticizes the union for its reliance on non countries to stem the flow of people reaching europe the number of migrant arrivals by sea was down in two thousand and seventeen by about fifty percent on the previous year but the report says the mediterranean remain deadly nearly three
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thousand people died over missing towards the end of last year human rights watch says the member states who took in the largest number of arrivals were shunned by the remainder of the union as a whole asylum seekers were returned to italy and greece under the dublin regulation which states that the fullest e.u. country to enter must take over all responsibility for the arrival. in summer two thousand and seventeen germany officially suspended such returns and a number of other states followed suit. gets roth is the executive director of human rights watch he launched the rod reports two thousand and eighteen in paris on thursday emphasizing that the rise of populism was to blame for many human rights violations have a listen. the rise of the populace was very much a response to change in grievances the people happy they felt left behind economically they were complaining about economic inequality many people dislike
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the cultural shifts associated with migration some people fear terrorism and what the authoritarian populists did is take things which it in the grievances and skill go to minorities to say it's the migrants who are at fault it's the asylum seekers it's the refugees and that effort to sort of bully a vulnerable minority for the problems of the majority has appeared in my eyes to the rise of the populist. so joining me now is you williamson is the director of europe and central asia division of human rights watch. the executive director had to say that you and your opus come in for a lot of criticism in the report by your organization give us tell us more about what are your reasons for concern i mean to do with the e.u. our headline this year is that the e.u. has been treating human rights as an optional extra and that certainly is the case to do with refugee migration policy the focus has been very much on securing
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borders keeping refugees away rather than giving them a humanitarian treatment when they arrive and applying a fair. refugee policy across the continent the efforts to push refugees away to places like libya and turkey of serious concern. and the rise of populous as we said in countries like australia has been fueling anti immigrant anti asylum seeker messages across europe now describing human rights as an optional extra is a very damning critics. and one of the central concerns is that europe seems to have outsourced its refugee asylum politics beyond the borders of europe one of the human rights concerns on this well we've been documenting last years on several occasions very severe human rights abuses in libya rape of women severe beatings of refugees in refugee camps their abuse of children too and the e.u.
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is cooperating with the authorities in libya they should be stopping that cooperation until conditions are right for for refugees to be treated there they should stop the cooperation with with the coast guard as well until the conditions are right so the e.u. should be taking its own responsibility rather than working with guns with countries with abuses are rife you know i mean there are obviously huge causes for concern from your perspective but in your report on the any it is very you think progress has been made in human rights well as my director ken roth says where there's been principled politicians and popular protest against or thora tarion or populist leaders there's been progress let's say poland for instance it was important that the european commission last year took a stand against the very negative legal reforms in poland even donald trump i mean there's been people in standing up against health reform on these issues about
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whether muslims can enter the country those things have been blocked so it's been important steps have been taken the central european university in budapest is still open because of protests in the streets in budapest so there has been some positive developments and this talk about keenan it does see the sec back in its human rights record why because the government has taken a thought an authoritarian approach ever since the failed coup in mid two thousand and sixteen hundreds of journalists thousands of civil servants remain in prison in turkey the government has had a a no tolerance policy towards human rights towards for free media. germany and the e.u. both need to have us have human rights first policy towards turkey and not focus on turkey's role on managing refugee flows into europe and of course turkey has been very important for europe in terms of refugees and asylum seekers as well hugh williamson director of europe and central asia division of human rights watch a pleasure to have you thank you so much. we talked about human rights in turkey
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also faces intense criticism for violating human rights and a deteriorating rule of law we mentioned earlier in the program the case of the german turkish journalist. who's been in prison and turkey for almost a year now you chill is one of more than one hundred and forty journalists being held in turkey after a failed attempt to overthrow the government in two thousand and sixteen did you have you talked to a turkish court reporter who's covered many of the journalists trials there. at breakfast shannon shakun isn't ready checking to see if there have been any more arrests for years the thirty year old has worked as a court reporter covering the trials of her connie. i check if other journalists were imprisoned since the police weren't at my place at five am they could have struck somewhere else. she has lost her sense of humor
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without it she says she wouldn't be able to last in her job. she reports from the heavily guarded palace of justice in istanbul the place where freedom of press in turkey came to an end i don't there to be just like every day when i walk over to this place i see this building as some kind of a norm as monster awaiting me with an ugly grimace it's good to kill you cause i. cameras are not allowed in the courthouse so from this point we were cord with a hidden cell phone today she attends another case against colleagues of the daily paper hoary at the accusation betraying state secrets which few other reporters are present trials against journalists have become part of a sound routine in turkey the coverage of the trial itself is obstructed by the courts the since ronald. so they say there's no place for the press the building is
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huge but the courtrooms are very small the smallest rooms are always selected for these important trials. no more than twenty to twenty five visitors can fit into them about. this time shakun colleagues walk free at least for the time being after two hours attorneys and defendants come out of the courtroom after the trial is postponed for two months over the groom sends a copy of the court's decision to have pain. outside in front of the courthouse the lawyer for the journalists describes the repeated postponement of the trial as a tactic to keep the defendants on depression. and her colleagues are watched and filmed by the police the entire time. shakun returns to the editorial department of her newspapers him her yet three of her colleagues are currently in prison and dozens of accusations are pending. the editors fight to
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survive and shako knows that she could be indicted at any time for her court reporting much about. yachts in turkey there is no system of law that protects the rights of individuals entire groups in society have been declared enemies and their rights are just taken away. and the world would not be aware of this if shannon shushed who one didn't get up every morning to report from the inside of istanbul's palace of justice. that we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the. north and south koreans have agreed to march together the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics games they also intend to send a joint women's ice hockey team into the competition the international olympic committee still has to approve the plans. because of exams interior ministry is
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reporting that fifty two people were killed when the bus they were traveling in court fire only five people managed to escape the vehicle on a disaster took place in the northwest of the country no other details have been released. salvage crews are working to recover an airliner that's get it off the runway last week as it landed at an airport in northern turkey investigators say the boeing seven three seven experienced a sudden surge of speed and it's a right engine but cause it to swell of course none of the one hundred sixty eight passengers on board were injured in the incident. what looks like a fresh pineapple is actually a disguise for illegal cargo police in portugal and spain have seized more than seven hundred kilograms of cocaine hidden inside the fruits they arrested nine members of the international gang that had shipped the drugs from south america.
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now after weeks of teasing the american media about possible fake news awards event u.s. president donald trump has pointed to ten top examples of news stories in two thousand and seventeen that he says were intentionally wrong tromp unveils the awards with you guessed it a tweet it provided a link to a republican party website that listed ten cases in which major american news sources reported stories that were lit it retracted or which the lists is incorrect c.n.n. qualified for four mentions followed by two for the new york times despite some of trump's initial comments via twitter it was not immediately clear who would drawn up the list. a social media reaction to the fic news awards once again highlights the deep polarized nation in the us with both the president's supporters and detractors seeing them as a vindication of their political viewpoints trance base is applauding the move and
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this from michael who tweets i'm just so proud to have a president that not only stands out for the american people but stands up to the liberal media trumpets changing the scope of politics and his refusal to be politically correct is reamed come true. trumps opponents sees it as another disturbing attack on press freedoms writer elise is really laughable the fiction is awards but it is in fact quite terrifying and chilling this is what happens in dictatorships and fascist regimes facts language truths and ultimately the press become hijacked to serve power not to question it or to hold it accountable on the awards generated enough attention to bring down parts of the republican party website just after trump treated about them. not to talk about more of this i'm joined in the studio but an economist guess is he's an expert on u.s.
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politics from a jiffy institute here in berlin welcome nicholas now some would say this fake news awards are just a joke but is that a chilling message as we heard in one of the two youths that people are going to have difficulty in dealing with what is the truth and what is not and based on or tenant it tentative truth well. it would be to the whole development we've seen all over the world fake news the spreading of mis information to this one person i think that would be on our way to high for just one individual yes of course it is chilling because the freedom of speech from which is of course generated freedom of religion. all the freedoms really in the bill of rights is very fundamental to an all phone lot of democratic life and it's also very important to european life where we also see that our same development
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people reading the news they like more than the news they need meaning those viewpoints those facts that might contradict their points of view to facts as they call them nicholas see it for a while because i just want to take a look at. the next part of a program of this coming saturday it mocks donald trump's first full year in office as u.s. president of the stent this week looking back at the last twelve eventful months in the white house or high or it was one of the battleground states that had to trump his election victory in two thousand and sixteen but has he delivered on his promises to vote has a washington bureau chief on xandra for naaman visited ohio to find out. in ohio a longtime democratic stronghold that was one of the american steel industry but these times are long gone president. someone ohio in twenty sixteen by promising to bring jobs back to the region. tracey winbush believes in trump she
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hosts a talk show on local radio and after she gets of the air she relaxes in the cigar lounge. he has earned my respect because of what he wants to do and how he wants to get it done so he's not republican he's not democrat he's just an american who use the system for his and their will to the presidency and you have to respect that. i mean i but we have to admit that he lives writes he doesn't tell the truth you have to admit he has is he has his own thought process. but the question is. do we all lie also. tracy takes me a long term party fundraiser in young stuff. during the. three five. delayed his polls show that presidents trumps approval rating is at
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a record low whether people here support him despite the fact that he hasn't made much progress on his legislative agenda. finally for the first time the bigger of our plans there's somebody in washington who is determined to change washington that's why people are excited they want to they want someone to go to washington who can grab that place and shake it because it's become so loaded and so out of control it's been a slow process they're frightened every step of the way but i believe in eventually people are going to realize how important this is. christian mckernan is a businessman in youngstown his grandfather started his heating and cooling company in one nine hundred thirty seven here sure christian says he trusts trump because he's all thoughts and entrepreneur. i don't have to agree with certain things that
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a sitting president may feel i don't have to do but i really should just look back and respect the position that's there and allow him to try to do his job. this is the show of mine i treat your friends john well good afternoon to welcome to three thousand friends here on the economic growth is for tax cuts health care that's what counts for tracey winbush she says she doesn't like everything trump tweets or sass but she'll support him as long as he is here to break the system. and are joining our to do nicholas this is what is your perspective on this we saw his polling numbers are forming down in trump's and get his supporters a diehard fans of his i. the question why as a cadet most of all the time requires a certain amount of rationality rational thought the. attempt to find facts and this is not what this is about and this is why ironically they believe in donald
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trump because facts do not matter at all and the telling of ala that you and i have to endure every day coming out of the white house is part of the big big don't trump show which ironically is just a cover up for the very same republican policies that have emanated from congress since the 1980's we see the return of trickle down economics which is proven not to be working we see identity politics you know covering it all up giving it you know a republican stain or republican tastes wherever you might stand and i don't think that the system is indeed broken in the united states because a system that used competition to rally people around a consensus is no just competition and donald trump is a person you might think anything off but he's good at competition despite what is
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going to in a broken system that we don't have to fact that you're talking about donald trump has become the face of the republican brand despite criticism from within his own party as well to some extent what does it mean for the republican party the long time. that it's impossible to say since two thousand and sixteen pundits and academics have been very careful not to predict anything for good reasons we'll have to wait and see because in twenty eighteen this year we have the midterm elections and during those midterm elections the republican majority in both chambers of the house of congress could. suffer a defeat if that rings true this would be actually the worst outcome in my perspective because both chambers become democrats the problem of not seeking consensus will grow pertain getting one chamber democrat one chamber
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republican this could be the game changer we all should hope for in twenty two nicholas cousins thank you very much for sharing your assessment with us business news coming up next. and we have breaking news right at the beginning of this emirates airlines has agreed to buy another thirty six a three eighty s. airbus a three eighty s. for sixteen billion dollars that is the super jumbo airliner that threatened to take out of production unless it sold planes soon and that emirates is his biggest customer for the airplane. apple as you can see behind me. and we just jump to that because that's a good story to take john to apple says it will pay for thirty eight billion dollars in u.s. taxes and create thousands of new jobs in the united states but under
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a new five year investment plan the tax bill stems from the more than two hundred fifty billion dollars in overseas cash held by the take giant that by the way is more than portugal's annual g.d.p. and of course it's earnings that apple refused to bring back to the u.s. under the previews higher corporate tax rate the company says its thirty billion dollars capital investment plan will create twenty thousand new jobs and with that it's over to our man of the fact that stock exchange done good to see you so apple wants to bring back a huge chunk of its overseas cash to the united states is that going down with investors here in europe. well some investors monica are actually all raising their eyebrows with the news this morning monica because it is a company that is not really known to pay lots of taxes now they are boosting themselves they will pay billions of u.s.
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dollars in taxes of course it's good for their image but on the other hand you cannot forget that apple is using and other discount i guess you can call it like that because offshore money money that was parked previously abroad is now only being taxed with fifteen point five percent investors are not so worried that this is really going to harm the european economy because in the case of apple most of the jobs that will be created will be in the customer care sector but yes c. of all c.e.o.'s and also institutes here in germany have been calling for a long time but also the tax system here in germany should be changed they have been rather disappointed about the latest news after those pre-condition talks here really saying that also corporate tax here in germany should need to be cut down as well now you mentioned those fifteen percent of taxes there which is the repatriation that tax in the united states corporate tax in the u.s. now since december has been lowered to twenty two percent so ok that is lower than
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it was before but compared to the united kingdom where it's nineteen percent of the netherlands where it's somewhere between twenty and twenty five the u.s. corporate tax isn't that much cheaper for companies but trump still seems to get what he wanted. well it for him it's certainly a success after all those reforms such as the health care bill that didn't go through people here or are not thinking at the stock exchange that this is really going now to create a hive of also other companies based here in europe and europe or asia or to move their companies back to the united states they're not thinking that this is fun to happen in the near future all identical to frankfurt for us thank you so much. china says its g.d.p. grew by six point nine percent in twenty seventeen acceding many experts forecast the contribution of the world's second biggest economy to global g.d.p.
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has been on the rise for decades even if growth has slowed somewhat in recent years now while there are risks from rising debt levels to pollution the chinese economy looks robust for the time being here are some facts and figures. china remains one of the world's most powerful economic engines its booming growth over the past decade has easily outpaced recent growth in the u.s. . over the past ten years china's share of global output rose from eleven to eighteen percent other emerging markets are also grabbing larger shares of the global economy the trend is reversed in the u.s. which slipped from eighteen to fifteen percent. china's flourishing export market is one reason for its strong growth. the country's building boom has provided in additional boost not only are chinese earning more money than in the past they're spending it consumption is on the rise benefiting the retail sector and the real
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estate market. companies are investing in production to feed the growing demand for goods from china. but the biggest investor is the government especially in infrastructure nearly a trillion dollars have been earmarked for the one built one road initiative and ambitious project to develop trade corridors to central asia the middle east and europe. all right time to deep dive deep dive and we go show you the one of the longest on the water kid which has been discovered in mexico have a look. it's thought to be the biggest underwater cave on the planet stretching for three hundred fifty kilometer as. divers discovered a connection between two submerged cabin systems in eastern mexico after a decade's long search.
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there are about two hundred kids in this underwater systems others that we thought they might be connected but we weren't sure now we know about the collection and flows of water out of. wild. research has found human bones and pottery from thousands of years ago it comes from the ancient mayan civilization that once dominated the region. nose down. it gives us an amazing perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the engine settlements and the mayans developed. scientists hope the discovery will shed new light on the mayans who consider this huge cave sacred to. see the soon.
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