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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 1:02am-1:31am CET

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he has now replaced the u.s. as the top rated global power the united states ratings drop is dramatic hovering between china and russia tonight understanding a major rethink is america first translating into america last i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. from this day forward it's going to be only america first so we decided we're going to walk away from paris according to a walkway from the transfer to the pacific partnership we're going to walk away from the iran deal where are the major players traditionally held she writes the united states is where she disappeared rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself there is a lot of cringing here and elsewhere her over the president's tweets against
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north korea trump is just not a credible proponent if you will so there's really a sense not it's not a matter of is america first america alone or not is an article working with others . also coming up tonight our hidden cameras inside a turkish court journalist on trial enemies of the people. in turkey there is no system of law that protects the rights of individuals entire groups in society have been declared enemies and their rights are just taken away. and we begin the day with america and the world and a year of us president donald trump polls in the us reveal that after a year of the trump presidency the nation remains as politically polarized as ever trumps approval numbers remain at a record low and more than a third of those polled give the president a failing grade for his first year yet republican voters say they are happier today
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with mr trump's performance then they were last spring outside the united states there is no polarization when people discuss president trump's first year in office today a gallup poll of one hundred thirty four countries revealed an unprecedentedly dismal picture of confidence in u.s. leadership for the first time ever the global approval rating of u.s. leadership has fallen to thirty percent and germany has replaced the u.s. as the top rated global power china at thirty one percent is now in second place you see there the united states comes in at third slightly higher than russia which is the fourth rated global plough powered the ranking itself shows a major rethink in just the past year now what is just as remarkable the change for each of the four countries since trump took office for germany china and russia there have really been no changes it's the u.s.
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where global perception has shifted with the rating dropping as you see eighteen points year on year. in a moment i'll ask the author of what's the matter with kansas to help explain what's the matter with the world but first the people in promises that converged on election day in twenty sixteen to make donald trump a president our washington bureau chief alexandra phenomena takes us to ohio a swing state that swung for trump what do they think now one year into the trump president's. hunting valley in ohio a longtime democratic stronghold that was once a hobby of the american steel industry but these times are long gone president trump one high in twenty sixteen by promising to bring jobs back to the region.
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tracey winbush believes in trump she host at talk show on local radio and after she gets off the air she relaxes and the cigar vonage. he is earn respect because of what he wants to do and how he wants to get it done so he's not republican he's not democrat he's just an american who use the system for his advantage to the presidency and you have to respect that but i mean but we have to admit that he lives right and it doesn't tell the truth you have to admit he has is he has his own thought process you know. but the question is. do we all lie also. tracy takes me along to a party fundraiser in youngstown. during. a fight for their latest polls show that presidents trump's approval rating is at
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their record low whether people here support him despite the fact that he hasn't made much progress on his legislative agenda. finally for the first time the liberal walk times there's somebody in washington who is determined to change washington that's why people are excited they want to they want someone to go washington who can grab that place and shake it because it's become so loaded and so out of control it's been a slow process they're fighting every step of the way but i believe in eventually people are going to realize how important this is like christian mckernan is a businessman in youngstown his grandfather started his heating and cooling company in the one nine hundred thirty seven here sure christian says he trusts trump because he's all thoughts and entrepreneur. i don't have to agree with certain things that a sitting president may feel i don't have to do but i really should just look back
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and respect the position that's there and allow him to try to do his job. is of the show online that treats your friends john well good afternoon walk with very few friends here on the economic growth is for tax cuts health care that's what counts for tracy when bush she says she doesn't like ever think trump tweeds or sass but she'll support him as long as he is here to break the system. well my first guest tonight says that trump's rise as part of a forty year race to the bottom towards greater inequality in the u.s. is two thousand and four book what's the matter with kansas is considered one of the authoritative guidance on red and blue america explaining why voters act against their own economic interests at the ballot box he's also the author of other books including the conquest of cool a great read which i highly recommend i'm happy to welcome to the day thomas frank
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he's joining us tonight from washington thomas good to have you on the show i'd like to start with a small excerpt from your book which gets really to the core of your message in what's the matter with kansas and you write in your book not long ago kansas would have responded to the current situation by making the bastards pay this would have been a political certainty as predictable as what happens when you touch a match to a puddle of gasoline we're not these days out here the gravity of discontent tolls in only one direction to the right to the right further to the right asked them about the remedies that their ancestors propose such as unions antitrust public ownership well you might as well be referring to the days when knighthood was in flower a year into dublin trumps presidency is your description of kansas and the us does
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it still hold true has anything changed. men it's well everything's gotten worse everything's gotten much worse so i wrote that in two thousand and four that was before the. you know the economic collapse remember the great recession you know the housing bubble and all that stuff that all the wall street shenanigans have brought the entire economy of the world down you go to those towns that i was writing about back then you go and visit those small towns it's not just kansas it's anywhere in the midwest i don't know missouri iowa a lot of places in illinois you were just in ohio and you'll see the exact same thing which is that for a lot of americans the middle class dream is crumbling it is in ruins the sort of the society that they grew up in is gone you know the main streets of these towns are. in a state of ruination you know there's no good jobs anymore no new good jobs being
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created anymore you know it's. and people can see that this is happening in their fear eous you know and their discontent runs very deep and what you see happening again and again and again in this country is the party of the right republicans speaking to those grievances speaking to him always in a kind of a roundabout way bits but acknowledging that those grievances are legitimate and the democrats not doing that you know and donald trump took this so much farther than any of his predecessors and that's that's how the guy won i mean that's really what happened and now the question is of course is he going to do anything about the sort of collapse of middle america if you ask me the answer is no you said you know he made some very big promises when he was running for office if you what do you see happening in the november midterms he's not going to be able to deliver on the promises of restoring the rust belt to which he did i mean do you think this is going to be the moment in november are we going to see the democrats will they be
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able to act to reclaim political territory. well look the democrats in this country are this is a party the democratic my latest book by the way is called listen liberal and it's about the democrats and this is a party that is really uncomfortable with with with the idea of discontent really really really and come from the you look at the hillary clinton campaign where the sort of unofficial slogan was america is already great do you remember this i mean these are people she could not she had real trouble acknowledging the pain that there is out there in the country you know and this is a party that is constitutionally if you ask me incapable of acknowledging that i mean they party with their wall street friends on martha's vineyard this kind of thing now on the other hand donald trump is spectacularly unpopular right now and so the democrats may very well score
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a big victory this year in november but the thing is you know victories come and victories go in less the democratic party changes in a way so that it is able to speak to the aggrieved middle americans which i still can't believe that they can't do that but they can't do it until the day they start doing it this is just going to go on and on and on this is just going to continue the democratic party needs to change and when they do if they do yes they will be able to completely reconfigure politics in this country but it hasn't happened yet let me ask you about today's gallup poll or global confidence in u.s. leadership i mean never before have so many countries looked at the u.s. with such little confidence i mean this is troubling of course after only one year of a presidency but what will it mean to americans who are increasingly living in these polarized silos of political opinions. well i mean to tell you the truth most americans don't vote on it and don't even
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really pay attention to foreign policy news unless it's war and less wear and less wear in a war it's just the nature of the country you know it's a big country and what people are most concerned about is what's happening to them and their family and their town that's what drives most conversation now i want to point out to the economy in america is actually doing quite well right now as donald trump boasts about it all the time it's not really his doing you know this is barack obama's legacy to janet yellen you know federal reserve chairman says their legacy but trump wants to take credit for it and trump will take credit for it and there's a good chance that things are going to get considerably better in this country and that's what americans will be paying attention to not like public opinion polls in europe or something like that it was speaking of europe does kansas apply to europe i mean where is your would you say most of your kansas. this listen what i described in kansas fifteen years ago now is happening all over the
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western world this is happening all over this is happening in france this is happening in australia that's happening in the netherlands it's happening in england ok maybe not germany germany is a prosperous country with a very strong welfare state it's not happening in scandinavia right same thing they're prosperous countries with a very well established welfare state but this is happening everywhere you go the you know the neoliberal economics is leaving people behind do you think that the strongest kryptonite against a kansas that you write about is the social welfare state of europe. oh i would say an american version of that yes i mean you got a number the most prosperous the days that people who are as old as me and older we remember a time when this country was very prosperous in the middle class was
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a healthy thing in those towns out in kansas and missouri and wherever those towns are doing really well and that was a time when. a very left wing version of the democratic party was in charge franklin roosevelt harry truman lyndon johnson people remember that there's a reason that they look at a guy like bernie sanders and he's extremely popular now i think that yeah that kind of politics i think it's time has come back i think it is time to start dusting off some of the solutions thomas frank all third of what's the matter with kansas helping us tonight apply that kansas knowledge to europe thomas we appreciate you taking the time to be on the day we appreciate your insights. well after weeks of hype about a possible fake news awarded it us president obama trump has pointed to ten top examples of news stories in twenty seventeen that he says were intentionally wrong trump unveiled the award with as you might imagine a tweet it provided a link to
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a republican party website which listed ten cases in which major american news sources reported stories that were later retracted or which the live says were incorrect now despite trump's initial statements via twitter it was not immediately clear who had drawn up the list. social media reaction to these fake news awards highlighting the deep polarization in the u.s. the truck base applauding the awards here's mike the low i'm just so proud to have a president that not only stands up for the american people but stands up to the liberal media trump is changing the scope of politics and his refusal to be politically correct is a dream come true donald trump's opponents however they see it as another attack on press freedom and the right or why you hide ali says we laugh about the fake news awards but it is in fact quite terrifying in chilling this is what happens in dictatorships and fascists regimes facts language truth and ultimately the press
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become hijacked to serve power not question it or hold it accountable of the awards generated enough attention to bring down parts of the republican party website just after trump tweeted about the awards imagine that well i'm joined now by james james he's president of the american institute for contemporary german studies in washington jack we're not going to talk about fake news with you jack knows politics in germany and the united states as well as anyone and he also knows the players in the know how they get along it's good to have you back on the show when i ask you about this gallup poll that came out today showing germany is now the top rated global power the u.s. plummeting to third place now behind china what do you make of that it's effectively a response to style if not substance even a life term style they basically then make that equal to the united states. a
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mistake i mean america is not trump and trump is not america but i think he's also challenging people's expectations and to some extent their sense of what america should be in their eyes and in a way it's like a whiplash because they had eight years of obama who they really fell in love with and now they've got this guy and they don't like him very much at all you mentioned obama since he left office germany in translunar miracle they have been called leaders of the liberal western democratic world i mean the standing of germany has just gone up and up. is it justified i don't think it means as much as simply a way of stating people's tastes in style again germany is not going to replace the united states it's not going to work in terms of being a kind of power that would replace what america's role is today but i think it's a replication of the fact that people are paying as much attention to the what way
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people say things as opposed to what they say and you know i think that that's the case in germany itself and to some extent it's the case in other countries as well so we have a problem understanding why this style conflicts so much with people's expectations but we're going have to come to grips with it because the president of the united states and going anywhere soon. let me bring you to german politics for a moment it has never taken this long to hammer out a new government here in germany i mean you and i we spoke in september during the election here it is now in january we still don't have a new government is that a bad omen of things to come does it mean anything but i think it's basically a limbo type situation i mean europe is in the middle of a lot of problems bragg's it is absolutely the poster child but there's a lot of others and difficult forces pulling at the fabric of europe and you know germany was always seen as the kind of picture of stability and given the fact that
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this is not just in germany where this instability is is being seen it's unfair and it's settling for many people who want to know what's the next step for europe how's it going to be able to deal with some of the challenges that are coming this way and this this rock of stability seems to be a little bit unstable to move the rock of stability is called uncle americal right for many people right are we in the final time of the merkel era in germany i think there's a phase now becoming visible that this last term four years or maybe less maybe less will be in a record of her accomplishments as well as maybe her shortcomings so i think that to some extent twelve years is a long time to be in office and who can replicate that and i think that's the reason that her record will be better than maybe what some people think it is now but at the same time there's a change in the air and you can't deny it if you want to venture a guess on what a post miracle germany will look like not much different from what it is now i mean
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i think that the internal fabric of german society is pretty well you know strengthened economically the are riding high great economic machine that's working in their favor people are afraid of whether that they're going to continue i don't see much difference here i think this is some extent it might be. a question of whether or not germany's role in europe or germany's sense of who it is will become perhaps more front and center in the medical was able to do a lot of good during the last twelve years but there's a lot of pending questions out there need to be answered and i think the next shall we say replacement the council will have to face those we got about half a middle me ask you about this grand coalition and they're trying to have a repeat of that do you think that's going to happen i personally do but it will be a hair of a majority because there's what i just said i think holds true for the yesterday as
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well as throughout the country but my feeling that now you asked me tonight a monday vote yeah i think sunday would actually sunday i think they're going to pull it out ok we will see what happens jesse james president the american institute for contemporary german studies always good to have you on the show thanks for coming in here. turkey has reportedly extended its state of emergency for another three months the crackdown that followed an attempted coup with the summer of two thousand and sixteen continues and that crackdown has made turkey number one in the world in the number of journal was imprisoned many are being held without charges many are simply charged with aiding terrorists whatever that supposed to me are reporters used hidden cameras to take us inside a turkish court where press freedom is on trial. for at breakfast shannon shakun isn't ready checking to see if they have been any more
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arrests for years the thirty year old has worked as a court reporter covering the trials of her connie i don't think i check if other journalists were imprisoned since the police weren't at my place at five am they could have struck somewhere else. she hasn't lost her sense of humor without it she says she wouldn't be able to last in her job. she reports from the heavily guarded palace of justice in istanbul the place where freedom of press in turkey came to an end i don't they give you just like every day when i walk over to this place i see this building as some kind of a norm as monster awaiting me with an ugly grimace it's good to kill us i. cameras are not allowed in the courthouse so from this point we record with a hidden cell phone today she attends another case against colleagues of the daily
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paper hoary at the accusation betraying state secrets which few other reporters are present trials against journalists have become part of a sound routine in turkey the coverage of the trial itself is obstructed by the courts wilson's want to hold your own so they say there's no place for the press the building is huge but the courtrooms are very small the smallest rooms are always selected for these important trials. no more than twenty to twenty five visitors can fit into them about. this time shakun colleagues walk free at least for the time being after two hours attorneys and defendants come out of the courtroom after the trial is postponed for two months over the groom sends a copy of the court's decision to have paper. outside in front of the courthouse the lawyer for the journalists describes the repeated
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postponements of the trial as a tactic to keep the defendants on depression. and her colleagues are watched and filmed by the police the entire time. shakun returns to the editorial department of her newspaper him her it three of her colleagues are currently in prison and dozens of accusations are pending. the editors fight to survive and shushed co knows that she could be indicted at any time for her court reporting by jo bible yards in turkey there is no system of law that protects the rights of individuals entire groups in society have been declared enemies and their rights are just taken away. and the world would not be aware if they're safe shannon didn't get up every morning to report from the inside of it stumbles palace of justice. finally
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australian researchers in the antarctic had some surprise still weighs on their book recently take a look at this the scientists were out at sea in newcomb bay when and a daily penguin jumped out of the icy water and right into the researchers doing this little guy was just one of eight curious penguins to check out their equipment so over the course of the day. they can really jump is the same they don't play basketball. the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find a song twitter either of you news or you can write to me brink of t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag today and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day will see that it will but.
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