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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin until he finally kodesh militia crosses the border into syria with tanks and troops at the ready the country's defense minister says an attack on a goodish concaved has begun to go live to our correspondent in istanbul for the latest also coming up there was a storm in a decade gaza's britain the netherlands and germany feels when sleep at least a dozen dead and travel chaos across europe. tomorrow monsoon one year in
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office the daughter traunch twelve months does have polarized. from a u.s. congressman who compares tromso president to the early years of the nazis. and really really go to the future can strike a killer album leon that has been left out of tonight's game in. china well welcome to you i'm. turkey's defense minister says an operation has now begun against the kurdish controlled enclave off a friend and reports are coming in that turkish forces are firing shells across the border and this comes just days after turkish president vet you want threatened a full military intervention into syria to stamp out what he called nests of terror
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on his country's border ungar deployed tanks and military equipment ahead of the operation putting on korea at odds with the u.s. which is backed the kurdish militia in its fight against so-called islamic state for the very latest joining us now is our turkey correspondent dorian jones he's in istanbul hi during no buchanan reports that an operation has started into northern city on the enclave off often what are you hearing about this well i think there's a sustained bombardment of the syrian for an enclave which is controlled by a syrian kurdish militia this bombardment is paid much more sustained and previous bombardment in the last few days on top of that turkish forces are continuing to reinforce on the front here more tanks more armored personnel carriers and we've had the political rocketing up of tension for the turkish defense minister erecting . warning that this operation may not be confined to the eye for an enclave all
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across turkey southern border where there are three kurdish militia are currently based but he said the article timing of the incursion into africa will be dependent on military considerations and the main target of this operation appears to be this a group called the wife b b g this more about this group and why distiller key view it as such a threat to its national security. well the white p.g. according to is linked to a kurdish rebel group called the p.k. cave has been waging a decades long insurgency inside turkey convertors claim tens of thousands of lives it says that this why p.g. militia is clearly linked to this group is accuse its fighters of entering turkey to support the p.k. k. in their operations now that is a claim that is hotly demarked annoyed by the militia but unquote claims that this group a poses a clear and present danger and it says it's a terminal to route it from its positions in the south in northern syria. and the
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defense minister that you mentioned dorothy's also said that there is no option now for a ground offensive to target the wifey gee now turkey just encroach on just sit in terror you wonder why do the repercussions of such a move when according to turkish prime minister been in the yield room today he says that turkey has international law on its side it says that when a country is facing such a major terror threat in his words then the country has a right to remove it but there are major threats to this operation given the fact that syria the muskets regime has warned that any incursion into syria will be treated as a hostile act and will be resisted militarily the united states yesterday the pentagon spokesman called on turkey to refrain from such an operation and crucially moscow which also backs the militia has remained silent and it is unclear whether moscow would support such an operation if turkey care about operation without any
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of support of the key regional players it will be a day operation that's considered fraught with danger so potentially a very volatile situation is what you're seeing daryn jones in istanbul thank you very much for that update. when here in germany where the full cost of describing it is the was still in a decade at least twelve people were killed eight of them in germany as gale force winds and rain swept across parts of europe the storm spotter winds tore up buildings and toppled trees and crews have a for read an air travel. nightmare for nervous flyers planes blown around like toys at amsterdam's schiphol airport. further south in utrecht the storm named frieda rica toppled stacks of shipping containers. and the trail of destruction continued across the border in germany where gale force winds and snow cause traffic pileups and accidents high speed train services were shut
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down across germany leaving many stuck. is your idea for i wanted to take the train to hamburg but unfortunately we were routed through berlin and i was stranded here until mid thinking but even. at berlin central station train carriages doubled up as a temporary hotel overnight. friday morning travelers were resigned to the situation i've been here since yesterday and i mean it's just the waiting game there are a lot of people who are stuck here so i think they do what they can and. they can control the weather. as it continued east the storm also pummeled poland but it's set to weaken throughout friday. let's all take a look at some other stories making news around the wild a californian couple who held their thirteen children captive for years in their
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home have pleaded not guilty to charges of torture and child abuse prosecutors say the children were starved and shackled even when they had to go to the bathroom the couple face life in prison if convicted of or charges were musicians from messages in the ardern has announced she is expecting a first child and will take six weeks of maternity leave when the baby's born audience comments on a woman's right to privacy concerning baby plans went viral last year after she was elected leader of new zealand's party. germany's most well known jihadi dennis kasper has reportedly been killed in syria a media site affiliated with the so-called islamic state announced the death of the forty two year old former rapper who performed under the stage under the name of death or dog german lawmakers have voted in favor of a law that clamps down an anti semitism the new legislation would create the post
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of an anti semitism commissioner in the german government for the first time legislators say the growth of rightwing populism and events at a recent poll palestinian demonstration in germany prompted the move. demonstration against donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and some are of protesters chanting dine with israel. all those in a replica of the israeli flag the december protests and on time berlin sparked concern over a growing anti semitism in germany and. lawmakers have acted establishing a new post of commissioner ferrante so much as a that's one of a number of measures recommended in a report by a panel of experts. believe good ones out this report tells us that most anti-semitic activities crimes and attacks come from right wing extremism time
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. extremists but also that a growing number of anti-semitic acts. are a result of immigration and. hundred million by people who come from a region where hatred of israel and anti-semitism are widely cultivated using the. nazi germany murdered six million european jews modern germany special responsibility to protect jewish life is political consensus lawmakers from the social democrats the left party and the greens said the semitism is not limited to a few extremists but the expectant moms don't is there the committee was very clear in its statement that anti semitism is widespread and leads right to the middle of society to unions to church congregations even to the political parties. and this
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entire time tonight. the far right alternative for germany party the a.f.p. has questioned germany's culture of holocaust remembrance they say islam is the elephant in the room when it comes to defining the real threat to jewish life. but still we can all see it you call it immigration mr common or people from other cultures and north africa and the middle east lawmakers from other parties pointed out that the f.d.a. itself has an anti semitism problem and that so many of the members or even holocaust deniers the bundestag adopted the under semitism legislation with a large majority including f.t. votes. and sitting in jail in the social democrats will decide on sunday whether to endorse formal coalition talks with. us it's a tense political drama here's how we got here election day twenty four september two thousand and seventeen the social democrats suffer
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a major setback and party leader martin should say is the s.p.d. go into the opposition then chancellor america begins its tour trade talks with the pro-business free democrats and the greens but those talks failed then the president of germany frank was just trying maya urges americans christian democrats and the social democrats of modern shows to hold talks then after a marathon all night negotiations the leadership of the s.p.d. recommend starting formal coalition talks of this coming sunday the s.p.d. vatican five will decide whether or not to back that decision by the party leaders but the s.p.d. is deeply divided many social democrats remain deeply unconvinced by the prospect of their party entering another coalition. norway most so that in the party's youth organization and big could hold the balance of power in sunday's vote we caught up
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with the youth wing leader. six months ago no one knew who he was now it seems everyone wants a piece of kevin care net. at just twenty eight the leader of the s.p.d. as youth wing is on a mammoth mission to stop another grand coalition between the social democrats and the conservatives what germans call. we reject a renewed grand coalition because we convinced it wouldn't be right for democracy in germany and we consider it meg legend to let the far right a of do you become the leading opposition party with us and for the second time in two months cain it will be locking horns with s.p.d. party leader martin schultz on sunday as he bids to convince party delegates to vote no grow closer to his grassroots support q not believes this is the only way for the s.p.d. to regenerate after damage in years into medical governments. to
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finish prison it is for me the kind of politician who hopefully has certainly shaped the future of this party. that if you try to influence a very talented upcoming politician he's still young and everything lies ahead of him i think something will become of him. even pozen members who support the idea of a grand coalition have high hopes for canucks political future. importer to put in the most positive sense he's a politics junkie he breathes politics but at the same time he's matter of fact and stands by his opinion and he definitely has a big future. kinda became a member of the s.p.d. at just fifteen in the same year that angle of merkel was first elected chancellor units no grow coke campaign now threatens to end her twelve year writing. becomes less i think i'm going to michael's time in office will soon end because her policy model simply no longer works you can sit on issues forever and make no
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decisions but things aren't going to get to magically better when she's no longer chancellor you know america is one of conservatism it's a classic tale of experience against you name vs nobody but they snow today could well be the straw that breaks the camel's back in germany's chancellor. he was in need of news coming up ahead we can look at what donald trump put in place did away with us and china relations office in some challenges i was just about to say embrace the like no rest for the wicket in that case because a trade war is brewing between china and the us some chinese steel and polyester products will now face punitive terrorists as high as one hundred seventy four percent when imported to the u.s. washington says chinese government subsidies give these products an unfair edge making it hard for american producers to compete only a small range of chinese products are affected but experts say that the trade
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dispute between the u.s. and china could also affect other countries. i.b.m. has announced its first sales growth in almost six years the struggling tech giant had posted a loss for twenty three consecutive quarters going back to two thousand and twelve i.b.m.'s results were boid by growth in its cloud computing operations total revenue in the last quarter increased three point six percent to twenty two billion dollars but despite those numbers i.b.m. still posted a one billion dollars loss and that's due to donald trump's u.s. tax reform. and with that it's over to our manager from stock exchange. why did trump's tax overhaul hurt i.b.m. spot in line. for that is really the downside of the story today because the i.b.m. is saying that they are expecting at least another supply and ground of at least
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five point five billion us dollars it seems that the company is not benefiting from this latest tax reform at all of this has been also really hurting the share price of i.b.m. shares of the company have been down with more than three percent investors have been for a long time not really being satisfied with management decision made by the company . it's friday afternoon i think we can start looking back at the week it has been an interesting week for investors from the a three eighty two big quine what were the biggest market movers you'd say. well you mentioned already the highlights of the week i guess because it was really the number one topic here also at the trading floor some investors have really said that we have seen really the first crash happening because i went under the market off ten thousand dollars and when you talk about the beginning of the year there were really billions of you as dollars and euros lost in the crypto currency market also the air was three eighty
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we had breaking news yesterday when emirates was announcing that they would be buying another thirty six planes off the airbus a three eighty airbus has been saying in the past that they would be even shutting down the a three eighty program if there would not be another order coming in yes and here the week at the blue chip in the execs with lots of ups and downs the strong euro was hurting here quite a lot now we are just at the moment one hundred fifty points away from an all time record so really apps and downs here at the market monaco all right don't you cope in frankfurt thank you so much for this to asia now and in the capital of bangladesh dhaka the most popular means of transportation is the rickshaw in fact the city reportedly has the highest number of them in the world but the government is big clamping down on them. this is the easiest way to get around the
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bangladeshi capital dhaka. some pics are readily available everywhere but we feel they are useful because they can move around in our olds. he said to divert he did know and they are less of an environmental burden than cars for several hundred thousand locals the vehicles represent more than just a means of transportation they are a source of income. i came from a village that he fell i've been working in this area for six or seven years i make about nine dollars that's what my family lives on. what it is what i would rather my home talked. about his days in the job could be numbered critics say rickshaws are slowing down traffic in dhaka so the police are cracking down on them. so that i legally plying through the v.i.p. roads and creating traffic jams now will send these to be trashed less than ten
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percent because rickshaws are legally registered now hundreds of thousands of drivers face the prospect of losing their livelihood. he likes to tweet he doesn't mince words and i would say for the last twelve months he was certainly one of the most controversial politicians political leaders in the world he celebrates on of us right now let me guess you don't like donald trump could be. fun tomorrow saturday marks the first anniversary of donald trump's first a mr president of the united states some have said he wouldn't last until christmas but with the economy booming and his has reported the good trump is holding steady his unpredictable nature has had his supporters cheering and his opponents cringing here's a look back at fust year in office. it was an audacious first week in office . gratian had been a central tenet of candidate trump's campaign within days of his inauguration president. issued the first report became known as muslim bands his supporters
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welcomed the move but thousands of people turned out at airports across the country to protest the executive order legal challenges against the travel ban came almost immediately even after trump signed a second and then a third ban later in the year courts prevented them from going fully into effect the supreme court will ultimately decide their fate this year. shortly after the election the number of illegal crossings at the u.s. mexican border hit an all time low according to u.s. border officials throughout the year the government stepped up raids and arrests of suspected undocumented persons in the u.s. . the wall on the u.s. mexican border that trump promised is now part of some key immigration negotiations in washington. one clear triumph for trump was the ascension of neil course to the supreme court for many conservatives this was an affirmation of why they voted for
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trump course it is an arch conservative jurist at just forty nine years old and with a lifetime appointment he is likely to shape a good portion of american law moving forward. in terms only legislative success so far has been his tax bill with an estimated one point five trillion dollars in tax cuts it advances several conservative republican objectives like slashing corporate taxes and in particular lowering the rate for the richest americans he signed the bill into law even though the american public largely disapproved. the president also fulfilled a key campaign promise when he announced he'd withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement over the objections of many of his advisors the u.s. is now the only country in the world that has not signed the accord. building on strategies the obama administration put in place trumped ups the numbers of u.s. troops in iraq and syria. ultimately hoping to defeat the so-called islamic state
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the prime minister of iraq declared victory over i asked last month. and the u.s. economy has remained strong under trump u.s. stock markets have reached record highs and unemployment is at a seventeen year low over the president's behavior has been a daily flashpoint and many people still feel left behind in the economy mainstream conservatives have a lot to be happy about. meanwhile they were allowed to be stellar trunk even before he was sworn into office accusations of misconduct by trump's critics have been turned into charges but that hasn't stopped his opponents washington bureau chief for nolen spoke to democratic congressman steve cohen from tennessee who made an official case for impeachment last. congressman cohen you have interviews five to close off impeachment against president still not strum and you are calling upon congress to start impeachment hearings why now well i think
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there's been times before when they could have been brought i mean from almost the beginning of his administration he's done things that have been difficult to bear for people that are used to american presidents who is exhibit grace and aplomb and intelligence and the where in this but he's committed acts concerning his business practices his businesses the money he's made which are in violation of our constitution called the emoluments clause and then he came up with the firing of james called me which i thought was a very low point in american history and think that was a shock of justice so these things have occurred and are held back and held back and held back and that finally what happened at charlottesville. really was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back what happened charlottesville virginia where neo nazis and ku klux klansmen for raided with impunity as they should i guess in
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a free country but they marched and. waved nazi flags and talked about the jews will not take our jobs our places and seeing what happened charles for him out of the kristallnacht and being jewish i said i cannot sit back and let this happen in my country but the republicans have control of both houses in congress you know i think that the i think what of that have any chance of the likelihood of it happening is slim and none and slim is the long shot but at the same time if the democrats who believe that he's committed impeachable offenses that have districts that support them in that. don't come forward and bring the subject up and start the debate how do you expect the republicans whose district right now are supportive of tropic instead pietschmann to ever have the guts to come forth and go to listen the country and our democracy aren't at risk to this. individual and that so you have to start somewhere so i did it. thank you i'm here very well. ok listen
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to some sport on temperatures have soared to forty degree celsius on day five the australian open in melbourne the play has continued on interrupted despite the extreme heat men's one number one as a fan of the easy reach of round four with straight sets win over and done need meanwhile third seed greegor the needs it off came through in four sets against new blair in round three of the women's singles fifteen or ukrainian. had her dream run ended by six two six two by compactor it alina with the lead up ok getting out of going to sleep and the match to nineteen kicks off tonight when head to berlin into to endorse the build up has been dominated by the future of dortmund style strike a pad emerick of a key misses out again with a transfer possibly on the horizon but coach appeared to sterger is trying to concentrate on the positives. problem child pm eric
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yang is once again giving his coach pitch ahead tonight with thirteen goals so far this season his brilliance is on the pitch the problem is it's not going on now it's just us a new coach as in vegas i don't first day that he thinks the twenty eight year old would fit in well in north london. has long been looking for a way out of dortmund and vegas talk seems to have gone to his head the striker has been left at how the head of dortmund strict palin because the club deems that he's got too much else on his mind and isn't fully focused. things had been going so well for stir these unbeaten in the bundesliga since taking over in december and now christian policy is set to make a return from injury. is ready to play again he took part in the last two training sessions and we're going to see how he is so
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he's a possibility for the game. than a move which is fortunate because right now dortmund need all hands on deck the much discussed departure of their biggest star is looking likely than ever. a recap of the top story the following field turkey's defense this is today's shelling of the. rain in a syria is the start of a defensive president everyone said this week turkey would launch a cross border military intervention into syria to spot. nests of terror. you're watching t.v. news today. more
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intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week germany is still struggling to come up with a new government after september's inconclusive election will chancellor merkel manage to form a coalition or will the people of germany be sent back to the polls joining some quadriga to find out it's. next on d w. it happens every winter. in sold out opera houses and concert halls.
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everyone knows it and needs it. but no one knows how to stop it because that concert cost the chronic distraction. zero. sixty minutes t w. are you up to speed on the latest technology. no. maybe time for an upgrade become part of the future become a cyborg i must say words and design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the human body and to connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg. what do you think will it happen society does the shoeman race need to
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upgrade i think it's only. the beginning of this side human machines starting february first on t.w. . very welcome indeed to quadriga art coming to you from the heart of burley in germany still doesn't have a government months after september is inconclusive national election in the latest development anglo-american. conservatives and the social democrats agreed in principle on a blueprint for forming another so-called grand coalition but that deal must still get the approval of the skeptical.


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