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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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the day started with a tropical rain storm siegel's which also sees him playing top spot in the world cup rankings. still to come here on day w. african swine fever is spreading across the group's wild boar population. in danger of. coming up with emphasis. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the painter she protests one to be shot now and if you are his favorites when official information as attorneys i have walked off the streets many can't trust and their problems are always the same point the source inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption gun the forced to stay silent when
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it comes to the sounds of the human scene or microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work. at the. african swine fever sweeps across europe experts say the situation is alarming germany looks on with the growing concern that it will spread here authorities try reducing the risk of contagion to farm animals by culling huge numbers of wild bull. and in eastern german town fears for its future after two major companies announced massive job losses. and bad physical and let's do business a trade war has broken out between the united states and china some chinese steel
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and polyester products will now face punitive tariffs as high as one hundred seventy four percent when imported to the u.s. washington says chinese government subsidies give these products an unfair edge making it hard for american producers to compete in a small range of chinese products are affected but experts say the trade dispute between the u.s. and china but it also affects other countries. the u.s.p.s. a p akash airing platform has entered the german market that is purchasing done was crude which began offering a similar service in germany last year it will have to compete against caching platforms like dr e. and snap which are already present in germany to row has around five million users in the u.s. not to peer to peer kashi airing apps here they're already caught sharing apps as well when companies like b.m.w. for example because of the streets the people can use and you share them with
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others but this is about sharing your own copy and germans take pride in their cars but would they really want other people driving their prized possessions. well i was actually asking myself the same question because you know when i'm here in my car standing at home it would be actually a nice idea you know to make some money with it but on the other hand you don't really know who's going to be driving the car maybe it's somebody who is smoking i personally don't small investors also feel that the german market especially is going to be very difficult for the company because there are other european companies i actually asked my spanish colleague a little bit earlier where cars are mostly more seen as a way of transportation coming from one place to the other well here in germany a car in many places you know or for many people it can be even more important than the own wife but of course at the beginning also nobody was really believing in the success of air b.n. b. but it's now a company also making more than one billion u.s.
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dollars every year and also since last year in the winning zone so it sounds like there is a market out there. driving in step as well which i mentioned. apart from the fact that there are still a lot of germans who smoke and i want to smoke you getting into my car. yeah exactly i mean drive you from france right now number one here in europe tour has the goal really to become the number one here and you are actually trying to rent a car tomorrow just for a couple of hours and just one car was actually offered to need all to the north about for about twenty five euros but at the same time located in mine so would be another forty minute drive so i guess they really still need to grow what little bit because the infrastructure is not there and it depends on whether or not you want to drive around ok you pay for you know his. sales of
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electric vehicles doubled in germany last year but the real boom is in china where billet he is really taking off almost eight hundred thousand electric vehicles sold there last year up more than fifty percent from the. and towards the market in germany where fifty five thousand electric cars were sold analysts say conventional petrol engines are likely to dominate german roads for at least another decade. european farmers a bracing for the arrival of african swine fever calling for the culling of huge numbers of wild boar to prevent them infecting livestock over the last week african swine fever has spread into the european union pharmaceutical companies and developing a vaccine so far without success the outbreak appears to have begun in russia authorities in neighboring by the roots band some imports of russian pork the disease is now making its way into the heart of europe it's already crossed into the baltic states and poland where thousands of cases have been reported the
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european commission is supporting a color of wild boar it's morning people to be careful with food waste as well that could contain the highly contagious disease it was first recorded in africa a century ago since then it's spread around the world well that doesn't affect humans it's almost always deadly to pigs but it's a big talking point of buildings international green week i reporter steven beardsley is there i asked him what people there say about the threat of the virus reaching the e.u.'s biggest pork producing nation germany. well then i think that there's been resignation to the fact that this disease has been out there for awhile that it's been slowly making its way across and that like many things with farming or livestock production it's sort of this act of god that there isn't a whole lot of. sort of methods or manners to fight right now at the same time there is a lot of concern about what they can do what should be done what measures should be taken and so i talked with one farmer today who was talking about this he has maybe
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a sort of a regional smaller size. operation he was saying that's what he wants to see is more work on the transportation sector in terms of those people who are coming over from the lands where there is swine fever already they want to see more instructions over you know being careful about spreading the pathogen how to limit its spread including farming machinery all that kind of stuff that sort of spread between the two lands these types of incidents are also big political issues that's always a given but evil so talk to the european commission of agriculture what sort of things have you found out. that's right that's commissioner phil hogan out of ireland his basic message was one of support he said that we're going to support germany as it figures out what to do he would really get into specifics of course he was at a meeting yesterday with the german the federal minister of agriculture and the state ministers of agriculture where they discuss wind fever among other things he
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would get his civics again one of the questions here is what happens when the first wild boar is discovered to have swine fever what happens at that point you shut down exports a lot of people's livelihoods are tied to the port in germany this is a big issue here and there's a lot of fear around the issue and joan is one of the big produces huge contracts with china tell me about the price tag on the possible damage of this epidemic. it's looking at anywhere from two to three billion euros that's the. economy the e.u. is the largest next quarter of pork in the world germany is traditionally the largest producer of pork in the e.u. so you figure out there how significant that is to the german economy and to german livelihoods and workers and the germans of the balkans well save beads they for us at the international green we can build in thank you. and you may not have heard of the picturesque town of gurlitz in eastern germany that you may have seen it in
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various big budget movie productions quentin tarantino's inglourious basterds around the world in eighty days with jackie chan and the grand budapest hotel was shot there however the town's making headlines for other reasons as the big employers suddenly up and leave sparking huge protests today german engineering giant zeman says slashing hundreds of jobs on site as part of a restructuring and german canadian train make a bomb by d. is pulling out threatening the livelihoods of thousands more it's hoped fast growing mid-sized businesses will pick up some of the slack. it might come as a surprise to find this company in gurlitz city and make software for the world market with annual sales of sixty million euro its offices are in the historic heart of the town in the far east of saxony and it has no shortage of young talent liquidity on as a we've only recruit from the saxony region at the moment we're banking on software
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made in germany not in romania not in the czech republic not in lithuania our software is made in germany it. founded in one nine hundred ninety city and employs around one hundred people in gurlitz. we are planning to grow continuously we have a double digit growth and we can only grow through collaboration with expertise and know how to use it well and we want to recruit more staff here you know what i will make of what are given maybe from here zygmunt has announced it's shutting a steam turbine plant with nine hundred employees in gurlitz and that's not all rail vehicle maker bombards he is planning to slash a thousand jobs here. what will the future bring for the region if two of its biggest employers pull out. investors are interested say local economic developers although they don't give any concrete details. nominee then.
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we won't name any names until it's a done deal but i can tell you they come mainly from the emo bill of the sector it's the logistic sector in the medical sector that's it in a nutshell. and it's there are let's just start just the district in the state of saxony with the highest percentage of foreigners we have around two hundred fifty five thousand residents with twelve thousand foreigners in total and that's the highest court in saxony so we're a bit of a trailblazer and saxony in terms of being cosmopolitan. and. what investors mainly want is qualified workers that also goes for the swiss firms gun which produces technology for pharmaceutical companies and which has been in gurlitz for several years it's gone intends to expand here perhaps with former zaman's engineers has emerged to follow these are the preparations for our new production holes and as we expand we will be creating new jobs for the whole nine yards but. scan is
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a medium sized enterprise with one hundred employees here so it won't be hiring massively but many of the highly skilled workers laid off by siemens may be able to find positions in the small companies scattered in and around iran that. i stand business for if you. want. to.
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dot com. a very warm welcome from chile germany on this week's edition of focus on europe i'm still had. the meat to movement was a hash tag that went viral on social media last october bringing to light the pervasiveness of sexual assault and harassment and in sweden a country considered to be further ahead than most when it comes to gender equality the dip.


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