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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CET

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barca get the better of last season's runner up runners up r.b.i. like six down in the black forest that's the bonus they've got coming up shortly. and that's your news rather it is again at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our web site d w dot com on my actuator thanks for watching. the. climate change. wished. pollution. isn't it time for good. eco went on for the pledge projects that are changing the government for the better so just to make a different economic program magazine d w. this is you get news junkie line from the name let's go right to our correspondent he is in
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central istanbul joined by michele a cook thirty five years but it will correspond let's bring in a kid from our poland and to us that's going to be god help us to correspond to frankfurt we're on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective. d.w. . it's much day nineteen i'm dortmund here behind me. this weekend's auction with a trip to berlin all focus was on how the black and yellows would fare without star striker pair emerick. even travel to the german capital i mean rumors he would be leaving the club for england dortmund have failed to win with ivan this season true to form they only managed a draw against jayden sunchild who started the last two games in album a. absence
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has been one of only a few positives for the club since returning from the mid-season break but it's become evidently clear that an open less tournament aren't a force to be reckoned with. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm probably yes it's time to turn our attention to the side of these games and we have plenty of action to bring you in today show. the book this league is top to bottom teams i'm very i'm in cologne went head to head in a heart for the relegation battle a victory for either squad it would be a huge boost in their quest for survival. freiburg take on a confident leipzig in a match with upset written all over it stadium it is a fortress and could be a stumbling block in the goals champions league aspirations. cologne start of the season could be described as dire dreadful or downright
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depressing and they were practically assured relegation at the end of the season but a new coach stephan gordon back and a couple of victories later including last weekend's win against glad has given them a glimmer of hope and hope is what humber a coach. needs with tough games ahead in the coming weeks against leipsic and dortmund with his side sitting second from bottom three points against the billy goats could give them a much needed boost. a show of togetherness from hamburg before the game surely they would finally get the win that saluted them since november and the first chance of the game fell to the hosts andre hahn but cologne keep a team a horn was alert to the danger of humbugs early pressing allowed cologne chances on the break you asako to too long to make up his mind here though. the visitors grew in confidence and went ahead in the twenty seventh minute as he
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mounted harder for support. the new signing watched on to a soccer was neat flick to beat tennis dick my odd gideon young so yellow for his petulant reaction to going behind. the till it cost it short weekly when presented with a chance to level before half time i and things didn't improve much for humbug after the break. up. of cologne sealed victory in the sixty seventh minute. it was not mine to go to again fast becoming a talisman for cologne as they seek a miraculous escape from relegation by a desire of the way one for cologne and yet more misery for hamburg where time is running out for coach marcus gazed all. well a crucial result in the relegation battle and the fans were quick to react on twitter i'm going to start with mark who paints
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a rather grim picture of the atmosphere in hamburg he says the fans and players are resigned to their fate they've given up fighting so this year he predicts hamburg will finally succumb to relegation now cologne on the other hand are on the up european qualification might be a long way off but there's no harm in dreaming. freiburg have been showing some muscle of late with the club distancing themselves from the relegation zone after a string of rather respectable results in the bundesliga on home turf they've proven difficult to beat but their opponents this weekend leipzig travel to the black forest brimming with confidence after battering last weekend's they're focused on keeping the pressure on league leaders by on and securing a champions league spot a tight clash was in store. christian striken freiburg went into the clash with lot seek on the back of the six match unbeaten run another victory would put relegation
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concerns on the back burner but the visitors had the ball in the net first. through the celebrations however were cut short. joined kevin oga stung was ruled much of the off side in the build up. fribourg hit back the pizza kalash a foil meals paid to seven. goals square after an avian first. simo then i was out of the blocks quick a softer the break my the germany international dancing his wife through fright books defense. but the lake didn't last yannick harbor drawing freiburg level in the seventy second minute was the fifth gong like to have conceded from a set pace in the last five games. lap six achilles heels surge struck again
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was. robin cut funding spaces like six defense fellas laid. the strike clearly delighted with the two one victory the bucket and so on cough titian expects gives us strength to start the year like this wonderful most especially after all our problems you know with injuries and the like that and the waves very happy today. sure and similarly get towards frog remains a fortresses they jump up to a season high twelve. now there were plenty of other exciting clashes coming up in our summary but we're going to start with two european hopefuls and labor coups and the hosts have only managed one win in their past six games at home in since time buyer despite losing
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out last weekend to leaders munich are flying high this season their attacking style may prove to be a serious headache for you here nigel fansite. enform laver coup is not percolating towards a champions league spot as man of the moment lay on paleo the scoring and often time with one of the goal of the day. the jamaican international was also instrumental in the second goal just before the break you're bound gobbling it with the strike was bailey can also find a killer pass because of lowry or maybe three nil in the said if men it was i'm sorry reduce the deficit to shellshocked hoffenheim by a bit but the right was completed in injury time thanks to allow rio to go with the us and taking the of but daley was still the man of
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the match. club but pulled forward at every opportunity in the rain to get out spurred. put the house ahead on the on my above both sides had good chances there after back to not a penalty despite a double handball from daniel there. in the end talking has not sealed matters later on for the phones i am. with frankfurt on the line there strong form away from home against both spurs. sebastian and then got on the scoresheet at eighteen minutes. my it was some strike from the frenchman. my. soon after it was too no thanks to timothy chan. my the moves were being moaned
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by a resurgent frankfurt. maximillian arnel blasted in to give the host hope my the but a minute later was but suffered another blow with landry being dismissed. frankfurt use the extra man to secure the win through luke your bitch instead six away victory this term. it was to be a bad day for the goalkeepers in mines home stopper robin center came out to meet a corner but it ended up in the net one nil to stock up. holed up that's true but the score. well sort of my push took guts joy only lasted and who just before the break you know she normally muito grabbing the leveller. this time stuckey perowne
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robot zealand for. japan's muito continued where it left off in the second half by netting a second goal for my. he's six of the same. three zealot again but faults. done no good check back but it was too late. mine's an important win in the battle to avoid the draw. well it's time to have a look at the results so far today knowing teen and here they are there's confirmation of that great win for cologne against hamburg schreiber got another fantastic win for them against leipsic hoffenheim terrible loss against leverkusen of course labor crews and now go to second in the table glad beat volves last after frank first main speech stood guard and there is confirmation as well of that match on friday here in berlin between have and dormant another draw for dortmund and
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then on sunday we've got the big game between munich and braman and then shell to take on hung over. now as always it's time to take a look at the play of the day voted for by you this week's winner with seventy five percent of the twitter vote labor couzens leon bailey a swedish one to pass by. charles i'm guess settled in macon winger to score the opener in a suit per for one victory against hoffenheim bailey was on the far thread the game also helped to set up two further goals. that's all for us here. it's time for you to sit back and enjoy these images from the weekend's action so far so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin.
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