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tv   Doc Film - Street Food  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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check out our website business on twitter for live updates we have our correspondents on the scene you're watching news from berlin a region will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin and meanwhile you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at v.w. dot com thanks watch. a whole d w one up. for global insights the news out for local heroes. d.w. made for mines.
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every journey needs a beginning ours starts in berlin. it will take us to distant places as we follow our noses on an adventure to tickle spock's. we have a date to dine with the entire world to. try to curry works with dr spock that to be a. story we'll discover the things that we all know and things that will surprise us far away on the american continent. what can we learn about the people we meet when we eat the things they eat. test savor and. we will taste life on the streets. and find food for thought in the process.
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my normal fun and keep me posted. will do tomas i'm on my way for stopping the united states. this is how a perfect day starts encampment oregon with hockey breakfast. buffet due. to. the.
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speed of the. center of the egg continent proudly presents the goods belmont sandwich and eggs benedict handmade homemade and make which you. will find that this is a raspberry having your original so it starts to eat but it's going to end with a cake because have in your eyes will affect the later in the palate and it's it's definitely a hot ticket for us to use the common thing you'll hear from chefs food carts is well i'm not a real chef but michel sleiman is a prominent chef here in the united states and he defines a chef as someone who runs their own kitchen so i use that against owners to help them realize she runs their own kitchen the food is amazing she has employees she supervising everything she's a chef and she's a great chef. live from portland oregon says tasty to say ninety nine point one f.m. portland radio project. i am stephen show me your host alighted you're here with me
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this morning as always we have three hours of also music rock folk and blues then coming up at nine am we'll have a food car guest live and in studio. may not know any different than other cities in the u.s. but portland is different. more laid back maybe. as much a home for the average joe and jane as for the extra votes in. portland is the perfect place for steve bruce personal grief goes something like
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this and to cry for thing on his radio show. the rain shelly's garden now known as hawk and huge burritos was one of the first food carts we had here in portland we had a real explosion the food cart scene when the great recession hit the portland economy today we have more than six hundred carts open in the metro area pave the way for carts to come into being. many an american dream has been born in a. dream starts a new every morning in her. she phone she might use in the media but then decided against it she just couldn't see herself she told me so. personally. is a family business but it wasn't in ways long. at the height of its two year two thousand we had thirteen people on payroll we had ten located. in the city and i
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was much more of a manager at that time than a vendor because i was having to have babies and two little girls and so i was busy doing that stuff so i could be a manager as soon as the girls were about five six years old i came right back and started jumped in to being a vendor again and kind of size down at that point because i really i like a little less hustle and bustle i like having the one card now. today they have just one food cart in the heart of portland where. right or shine you people came through through the rain. the golden good looking thing. what are you doing today in the big world sometimes people were hungry and could come and just talk and share with their lives than share with me and we have something to eat for them and so we're trying to be a member of the community that way and now it seems generations of people grow up
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and come back and bring their families and their grandchildren then and really love the journey of being in a place for twenty five years and the. customers received an ominous letter from the old florence is. how people come to shelley for advice she likes to home in a city where very very many people need how known as a progressive bastion of liberal values. long struggle to cope with homelessness. hungry customers who have to even if they don't have money. you like. do you like fresh pico a very nice house might be if you like. treated with courtesy and respect just like every other and shut your lap you're very welcome. so when it comes up in the food court here in portland there's four things you need that are absolutely essential once you get
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a place most of our food carts are not mobile they are and what we call food cart pods you have to have somewhere to put your cart the second thing you need is your actual cart and whether it is a trailer that you pull or an actual truck with an engine you need to get one of those contraptions some people buy them used some people have the manufacturer there's a number of really good manufacturers right here in portland that will make one for you. mike and his mechanics are such experts they built food trucks customers need to fall completely pined to fifty thousand dollars for a trailer building kitchen that's made to measure up to three times two to three months but they can also manage to weeks because ultimately everything is possible
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. so far i know of two trailers that are sold that didn't quite make it just two. which makes me feel that what i do is the right place this is where people grow and they make money and they're successful they're happy. it sounds like an easy formula and it sure worked his food trucks are a runaway success. but there is a part because you know it we wish that it was full of art but you know. you can't be doing what you would you know i know you have eight months so. there. is good. and he's ready to roll literally from tomorrow mows new trainer will be serving up freshly fried spring rolls.
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cullen re pioneers cook up a storm on street corners across for live your dream do your thing that spirit is no longer everywhere in the u.s. but it is here in portland. specially when it comes to food. steve on the radio host. and connery storyteller has made it his mission to help newcomers to the scene. it's a jump that suits his tastes. that verges begging to be eaten. it is it's phenomenal. you get cheese you got bacon tomato let us thousand island.
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and when the juice runs down your hands like that i play nominal right there at your burger of old baby. but it takes perseverance and hard work to strike don't stephen has no illusions they are bad for business. being in the colony business is very very very hard work it's discouraging it's long hours it's tiring and you don't make any money when i first started some people said oh you're just a cheerleader for food carts and i said you're right i am bob bombs are free many skirt you have to pay extra for that because i wanted to cheer them on and i knew they could make it every time a blue collar succeeds it was brick and mortar has multiple cards and makes his business go. it fills my heart with joy that i want to see that make it did thomas is the american dream dent innovation at least is alive and kicking on the streets of portland. down here in mexico the stories they tell sound like dreams every year and early november
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a miracle happens in the mountains outside mexico city millions of monarch butterflies arrive and settle pinoy like thoughts on the wind. it's the end of an eight month migration to wide areas of north america and back a journey that takes the butterflies for successive generations to complete. come spring the monarchs will breed before flying north to lay eggs and then die it is not known how their offspring find their way back to mexico. but people on the streets of the capital have their own explanation one that's been passed down through the generations.
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for good reason to live for the yes of of them but we believe that when someone dies and is buried they rise again as a butterfly. for the a no for the day of the day and only day. when we see a butterfly we say to each other look there is grandpa or that's our auntie over there. we see our lost loved ones again in the butterflies. it makes us feel good. is that what that is nice is not one of the diseases yes it was the other. mexico is preparing to celebrate the sad and yet jovial holiday dia de los muertos in two days' time. victor a stout man with a big heart has his hands full. the entire family pitches in and a neighbor makes the tortillas. victor says with some pride that his talk was are the best in mexico city.
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on top of it and the long line in his stall would appear to endorse that calling. it kind of what do you recommend viktor try the comfort zone of tacos there are specialty. lexicons like a hearty taco. and they pack it with pop reka sausage. cheese from one pocket that melts into a cream. and then there's more meat. it's all topped with fresh no parties can't just fruit and plenty of sumatra. and which salsa do you recommend you go for the red one is the spiciest. i like it
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a bit spicy but you mexicans of course can handle a lot more right. than the person that we give salt to to our kids so they get used to the spicy news from an early age for us there is no day without sauce. i mean if the spiciness gives us an upset stomach good look we mexicans are my daughters we simply keep on eating because he was about as he is if. there's no elegant way to eat a taco it's simply a cornucopia of indulgence very tasty and spicy. victor gets all the ingredients he needs around the corner mexico's markets are a celebration of the fullness and freshness of mice.
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but on the day of the dead mexican celebrate something else as well. the morbid fascination with down. at their home in the countryside victor and his wife imelda have set up an altar for relatives who have passed on but it's a tradition. it's. not the candle we say this is for you my sister i need a. candle there's the name of someone who has died. it's important to provide things that they neuer would have for example said they can have a drink when they arrive to visit and this was never put him through i want. my
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sister and or like tequila so we've also put out a bottle of tequila and we certainly it was done by. those who see. things of course which the dead in mexico savor as much as the living pandey muerto . bread sprinkled with lots of sugar. war colorful skulls made from pure sugar cane syrup. then three generations into an old pickup truck. at the cemetery the entire extended family decorates the grave of imelda sister in law who died a year ago. her husband victor's brother is overcome by grief.
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his wife. her mother was only forty seven but the day is not dominated by sadness. he could have it. was often it's a joyous festival it has to be because life is short with the limbs that all the morning they will have to go to. see but i'm proud of the life i lead now and i'm happy when people come to my stand to eat tacos and leave satisfied you know probably to return again soon if the rest. in the evening the smell of incense walked across the graves like a scene in of iraq painting. and right behind the cemetery wall people are again cooking and eating like they
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seem to do everywhere in this country life and death pleasure and pain. they're never far apart in mexico. the following morning victor and his family are back on the street setting up their stand. they've offered their dead now life goes on. the geek. in the realm of those one day will be gone but my sons should carry on here and if they do a better job than me all the better. people always need something to eat naturally we're no exception. and. death is part of life in mexico. but as victor would say as long as we're here we might as well eat the best tacos
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in town. and mexicans live life to the full and that's not always possible for people here in colombia out to sea where the fish are jose miguel munoz's fifty six years old he has eleven children and twenty one grandchildren i love loss of experience where you have to know how to handle the rope that's the key thing is how you spotted a real body check on. what he did here is what i call you. yes police chase what you call this type of fishing and to fish like this you need to control the rope otherwise you're nobody cattle anything else while. the whole family pulls together here literally fathers brothers uncles nephews the rope is two to three hundred meters long. not too fast not too slow
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the fishermen need to be acute to the rock that is the secret. and that is how the college arrows of carter haina bring in the fish always hoping for a catch for a teeming net. and
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there's enough for everyone. to know. that my own kids don't do this any more they go to school or have jobs in town at the very most they'll come down here to take a walk they aren't fishermen and never will be. an object that. a way of life seemingly suspended in time the fishermen are the only ones with an uncertain future in modern day carjacking. boom. once it's hold on to land the fish johnny is short. laugh. from the sea into the frying pan and from then into the pocket. from the pockets of
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a customer a squeeze of lime and it's ready to eat. supply fodder outstrips them out call to him a street team his friend has. lead to follow follow follow follow follow along and each one carries the weight of his past through the city streets. like francisco the team tara the coffee man. every day he makes his rounds about town there are hundreds of vendors like him hawking coffee pouring and refueling the more often the better obviously if you don't sell you won't survive.
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francisco is not from car to hey man his hometown is a few hundred kilometers away. and i thought it would you believe we had to leave our village because of the violence the war between government troops and the rebels. we had to flee to save our lives the lives of our families and children we left everything behind me that much of the evil. i had is that i am and always will be a former. member of the eagle libya i mean every day i go down on my knees and pray that we'll be able to return to our fields but the war in colombia ends once and for all and. the peace deal has failed to hold violence in colombia and until it does francisco is staying here in ca to hannah serving cabot's ito a small coffee it's a staple of the colombian diamonds fast and easy powdered sugar water.
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there's no more magic to it than that business is so sad. let it go you can see i don't want my kids to be doing this they need proper jobs. see how do anything they help that it'll go even if it means they'll never return with me to the village and to our field here the thing they're not they can get will be. cartagena the queen of the caribbean a dream destination for cruise ships and independent travelers. just fifty kilometers outside of the city and the world looks quite different. sunbeds sileo deplane kay well life can be better but the food is sweet. pollyanna and manuela make a sticky dessert out of coconut milk and
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a whole lot of sugar they've never seen the recipe written down but often heard it talked about. isn't that their parents and grandparents showed us everything we watched and learned from them down the up in them or that it isn't so easy but not everyone knows how to make it. about anyone without reacts to dish and they know how. most residents of palanker are descendants of runaway slaves who founded the community as a refuge four hundred years ago locals say it was the first independent community in the americas a place with a rich past the meek a future that's the impression you get walking at streets. not a place it's easy to leave with a homemade goods liana and one way or set out for karjakin or.
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whatever else our sisters need for the day they pick up on arrival in the city and this is where any romanticism about the traditions of their ancestors and. the fruit in the supermarket they say is simply fresh air. business is slow in sweets and fruit. but a photograph with a colorful appealing kara's that something tourists will pay for.
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yet ok then he added i hope my kids won't have to do this kind of work my daughters know all about preparing the sweets they know everything. but i don't want them to follow in my footsteps there's no future in this. that it doesn't follow. through play just the fisherman the coffee vendors street food here is less a matter of passion than it is a slightly embarrassing necessity a sobering observation. we encountered his vague hope of better times often thomas but nowhere as often as in colombia. in peru norman hope has been passed down through the ages. it doesn't sound flattering when the people of limit remark of their city its sky
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has the color of a donkey stomach but maybe it should be seen as a declaration of love the cool waters of the peru current lap the shores of lima they don't just bring fog they also deliver the freshest pacific fish to the capital's doorstep. but we also find a dish that is so simple and wonderful it quickly makes you forget the grey skies. amid the fish stalls of a district that is poor and sometimes dangerous you find the best city check at dawn you have been here stand. you'll say yes i know the proper way to prepare i don't make anything else i wouldn't be able to sell anything else was. wrong fish from the roadside yes it's fine at least if you buy it from don you're very senior . salt and hot chiles are added to the fresh fish the juice of peruvian limes
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alters the protein in the fish effectively cooking it without heat. she serves it with corn sweet potatoes and sea grass. don't you have the heene years to feature tastes cool and fresh like the pacific earthy and sharp like the andes she's modest about her talent. in a single mother my dishes are in college i have to work so we can live and i can study it. is it tough. well you know how life is. i want my daughters to have a better life that's all. you need to know anything she doesn't go anywhere without her family photos of people. living her eyes glowing with pride as she shows me
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pictures of her grandchild her daughters and future son in law eating them. with me when i tell you we love. them this is it but. i ran away from home when my parents separated i didn't get along great with my mother but then i came to lima and was all alone i had to fend for myself. after her husband left her it was the fish that secured her livelihood. for peruvians scituate is more than just a dish they wager bets on severe reconcile disputes over save each. and swap anecdotes about severe. years you are you'll be able me as a child i often rode my bike to the beach where a man sold should be checked and he wanted to know whether i wanted it spicy or not
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he got it back then people thought it was dangerous unhygenic to eat at the street corner at that but for me it was like theater or the most fascinating movie in the world of us you know that one that. if it weren't for his escape to the beach guest on our curio may well have become a lawmaker like his father but luckily he pursued a career as a chef and may well be one of the world's best his fish dishes embody peruvian history. this is a beach in this is the original sea beach up on sisters chile salt and fish it's the bond between the ocean and the mountains a love story between the pacific and the ending so yeah more us if we go you know something. that's because one of the key ingredients grows far away from the coast in the rugged wilderness of the andes. at an altitude of three thousand meters above sea level lies the sacred valley of the incas. valley so fertile it was
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a personal possession of the ruling family. the incas were the first to plant recall to hear. this almost magical chili pepper this still readily available today at markets in the mountains. where you. see business because it is healthy the body always need something sweet and. salty it doesn't help fight infections which is a scam and seeds are nice and toss. it out being. rococo and salt preserve the fish a process that in ancient times and shirts of each a could also be enjoyed in the
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highlands. relays a fast running couriers ferry the fish from the pacific coast to the n.d.s. . after their bloody conquests the spanish built churches and palaces on the ruins of the inca civilization. they also changed the local fish dish by adding lime juice and red onion. for star chef guest on our curio civvy sums up the best of peru. and its recent rise as a major cull an area export has made peruvians proud. foodies around the world are crazy for civvies. least so we church it's
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a recipe that our grandmothers have passed down through the centuries those of us as i were a long time we didn't value it but that has changed today peruvian cuisine is famous the world over what is' is that but it's in the record. in lima don't you the heaney a starts the second half of her day. she's babysitting her young grandchild. you know it's a d.j. is what keeps her family together. and maybe one day she hopes peru's. national dish will help her fulfill a dream. we work here on the street. and nestle would like to improve our lot and have our own restaurant. that's what we all want something bigger something better something good. that
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i don't believe. born from the sea mature in the ninety's and loved by star chefs and street vendors. norman surveyed say it's much more than just a dish it's a way of life. i like that i'm sure that something will encounter in argentina too . there's a specific vibe here. your desire. for make their way to a man's heart is through his stomach naturally. no way. there's no obvious sign of an economic crisis and when his artists at least not at first
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glance. the city has been gripped by economic malaise for many years but locals to their best to ignore it. they say here life has its ups and downs it's a city that needs to be experienced arrived in a taxi is a good way of exploring even more so when someone like cloudy how is your driver someone who takes you along for more than a right. now we have a lax a bit of a bite to eat wash our cars share some of the jokes and drink moderately. the book . is cloudy oh he's fifty. nine years old has four kids grandkids italian roots a third generation immigrant family. cloudier likes to enjoy himself he has no pretenses this is how his mates know him and. argentineans are passionate people and they indulge their passion for good food and good meat to the forest the
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world's biggest cattle market is located in the heart of one his arteries it could be anywhere else this is where you will really grasp the essence of the country cloudy hotels argentina seoul and argentina stop. sasser. is a. rump steak. i see cut before my eyes on the grill in the oven oh die for yeah that's the best you can buy now animals are nervous they see what's going. the first auction took place one
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hundred fifteen years ago the rules have remained unchanged ever since it is up above. the cattle down below up to ten thousand animals under the hammer each day the best quality is available for less than two euros. in a country with an insatiable appetite for steak the business with beef is always brisk. at times the government has helped out with subsidy it's because me task to be affordable a full stomach is less likely to complain about crises. i don't want to try to anything else would be a mistake char it so meat off grid the. well delicately seasoned straight from the cattle market and it's open at canteen. time and again on this trip we were generously invited to dine with our hosts.
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i'm waiting for you a kilometer marker one o five. we're on our way. about time our paths cross again. we've traveled thousands of kilometers through the world street kitchens now to cap era adventure a final chapter of it couldn't be any moral fantic out on the compound with accounts house the cattle ranches where the wind blows but there's no rush what better place to wrap up this long journey no one is a stranger here for long and that's certainly down to the fair to.
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argentina is very diverse but you're all united by a love of meat. absolutely meat was always and is always available we have an endless supply of cattle in the past they used the skins for leather and just at the tongue at least according to legend but there's never been a shortage of meat and no one can go hungry here garden tinian meat is considered the best in the world order. well go to cook out of the attic and no no no i think with your absolutely no question about it when i get there and here in the countryside you get the very best only organic top quality the catalona you don't cross no additives nothing bad.
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yes it is good. the barbecued meaning. the wine. but they could serve us who knows what. we'd probably find it delicious because food always tastes good in company a simple insight not a bad one tina is a good place for such reflection. food on the road to go more on the spot. from east to west through asia. from north to south across the american continent so many countries sent many kitchens so many people the stories that could hardly be more diverse but there are things that unite them and us and that's good well being a recipe from life. are
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you seeing double. no reason to panic. together these twins for a minute stay cool you missed screaming success stories of player choices night. series this week in. the lists lists good first step. oh dropping bombs on civilians. more troubling the situation escalates place no longer in place for schools plays
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a ruthless calculation of military leaders or joke extent of the massive. technological her accomplishments mr gerson mum gave to her starting february third on w. . circle of fear. correspondent you're in russia joe is in chechnya. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere else. and more and more chechen fighters are now returning home they're both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society claim circlets fear today on d w names the fellow. players
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. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin turkey steps up its offensive on militia inside syria. ground troops and allied syrian rebels advance on the goodish enclave awfully in turkey as president vows there's no stepping back and moves to silence dissent really get the perspective on the conflict also coming up. does conservatives want to see a quick end to coalition talks with the social democrats giving joe mines the stable government this promise to.


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