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it was a. little. troubling i like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news conference. and e.w. makes that part of traveling easy because it's available and thousands of her
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talents resorts and cruise ships worldwide. have you found the domain signing. pictures d.w. in your room you can price to d.w. dot com travel quiz. the world economic forum gets underway in davos switzerland where the keynote speech india's prime minister narendra modi three thousand participants are sequestered in a snowball in davos until the end of the week. welcome to your business he is the first indian prime minister in more than twenty years to speak at the world economic forum in davos narendra modi the live of the keynote speech on the swiss ways old aim to drumming up invest. one of the world's fastest
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growing economies modi highlighted the six fold growth of his country's g.d.p. since the last time an indian prime minister attended the world economic forum that was in one thousand nine hundred seventy the i.m.f. has forecast seven point four percent growth for india in twenty nineteen beating china with only six point eight percent modi's speech also focused heavily on how technology driven developments paved the new roads to prosperity but can also reinforce economic divides. will speak to our correspondent in the halls later of the show but first this two hundred and seventeen years that is the time it will take for women to reach true equality in all walks of life across the globe that's according to projections done by the world economic forum that's more than four generations and much longer than women around the world are willing to wait equality and women's rights are therefore issues that feature high on the agenda in davos to stress the urgency to tackle the issue this year's meeting is chaired
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exclusively by women in. this video art installation in davos seeks to be punk myths myths about why women don't have the same professional success as men and why they are less likely to london managerial position one of the common narratives that is there today is that women lack confidence women lack ambition and so the workplace is fine but the women need fixing and that's fundamentally false we believe that's a myth we believe that women don't need fixing the system needs fixing but if things continue on the same trajectory it will be a long time before we achieve equality between men and women two hundred seventeen years according to calculations by the world economic forum that's why this year seven influential women will chair the meeting in davos in zero men they each come with their own agenda but to shed dream for the future my hope is that we can
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collectively demonstrate as has already begun actually that even without testosterone we can actually produce positive constructive energy to deliver solutions that's my goal. men's dominance has been a repeated source of tension in davos this year only twenty one percent of the participants are women it is a record that the organization promises this is only the start of things to come. of this since now i think no one would argue that these are not the seven most. influential people amongst those stakeholder groups at the same time we recognize that it's a very powerful message and we're very conscious off that it's an important message that the new face of leadership is increasingly female. women and this is the dawn of a new era. we have the evidence based case so world leaders from the world economic forum to the world bank have the evidence to show that women's participation drives economies we have more women in positions of leadership than ever in history and we
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have technology that's connecting us in ways like never before women's voices are being heard and we have the chance to reinvent the future and include women in the world economic forum has pledged to become more female whether or not that pledge bezout only time will tell. but high on the davos agenda is also the plight of refugees an issue that concerns politicians and n.g.o.s from many countries particular concerns focused on the fate of thousands of children well part of the current refugee movements across the globe my colleague christophe kober is in davos for us and joins us now christophe. indeed garrett hundreds of thousands of people around the world are facing the imminent threat of violence this place mint and. other shortages of their lives and with me here is the dawning schmich is the former prime minister prime minister of denmark and
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has been heading save the children international since twenty sixteen so good to have you with us here. let's talk about the ranger crisis more than almost seven hundred thousand rangers have fled. their homes and among them four hundred thousand children almost they have been living in refugee camps under very difficult conditions for the last months do you see any improvement in their situation well you have to think of an enormous amount of people six hundred fifty thousand people flocking over the border i met some of those children when families when i went to bangladesh so recently spoke to the people and asked them how it was and to stories that we hear from what they have experienced and be in ma is just absolutely awful and they come with absolutely nothing so one of the first things we did as say the children was to hand out the most basic things top support and so they could build their own houses cooking
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materials very basic things and now we have building up for these these children in particular we are providing of course food health services for them and also child friendly spaces spaces where the children can come and recover from the trauma they have experienced but this is a very very difficult situation it's a very dangerous situation for that. just in two thousand and eighteen we know that fifty thousand children will people as rethink of refugees in that camp fifty thousand that's a lot of little babies to meet this world and we need to make it a set safer place for them to live in the fate of the ringer is also part of a political debate. even if political leaders reach an agreement how are the prospects for these children well i'm hoping that we will not forget these children and one of the reasons i'm here in davos this week is to is to speak with their voice here we have interviewed many of these children we have heard their stories and they have actually asked us to speak up for them so i'm here to speak up for
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them and to ask the world not to forget them in davos this week we all discussing how we should avoid a more fractured world well how that fracture is that we have an unprecedented number of people in humanitarian need some of them over his shoulder some of them mind yemen some still in syria and what i'm asking is to not lose hope we can still do a lot for these children and also let's not forget them because they need our help people that come to davos as participants of the world economic forum are drawn to power how difficult is it to get them engaged in order to help the powerless you know i meet a lot of people who wants to help and the world is still a generous place if you ask governments in germany and european governments us they're still very generous and there's a lot of money being used on humanitarian relief but the problem is that the problem is so enormous and that there's so many people who have to flee their homes because it's unsafe to stay in their homes and that is what we are facing so i
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don't mean disengagement i mean in case leaders the problem is that we all have to do more we have to work spots as well which is what save the children wants to be doing would use more technology in helping these children but the main thing is that we don't forget that even though these children in syria yemen shouldn't leave our t.v. screens we should not forget they're still there and they still need our help and atoning schmidt head of save the children international thank you so much for your insight here in davos and with that it's back to you guys in the studio thank you chris of course in davos for us. as you can see isn't about setting up high finance business deals officials that invited social entrepreneurs from around the world as well. dress the most pressing and social environmental challenges day did i. met up with some of them. the trip from japan to the slopes of
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davos took him eighteen hours this is social entrepreneur maseko guru his first time at the world economic forum the subjects he's come to talk about are far removed from the usual interests of big business. there are children for don't get to eat. once a day as a poor soup morning she having tons of food strong away. eating and so this is the big gap between a part of war and then the other part of the door so. and that's the reality happening right now this is one of the uncomfortable realities that he and a dozen other social entrepreneurs are here to discuss they're not working to create profit but to bring about social change here from vietnam trying to develop cost effective devices which save the lives of children. i see my son myself see the baby dying every day and i thought i want to something such a gather wood
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a group of friends so we. we've. invented the. medical equipment the social entrepreneurs hope to open the eyes of the big players in the business world to humanitarian ideas such as making life saving medicine affordable and many big leaders are disconnected from everyday the everyday struggles that people face and i think we create an awareness for it i think we were good at integrating. the cause and capitalism and we were sort of at the juxtaposition of that and we we can show them models that can truly work and be sustainable that perhaps said may have even considered it was seen about and they've made the long journey to the snowy streets of davos to make sure their voices are heard. we are not perfect but we try to. see just. to the world that we've been through our
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business experience. the next four days at the world economic forum but he feels the long trip was worth it just for the opportunity to push his vision to those who have the means to make it a reality. throughout the. me of the business. in the next hour on. facebook pages from around the world is.
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