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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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the meeting runs as smoothly as possible. still to come here all day w. the world economic forum has begun in davos with a speech from india's prime minister has the united states wraps up import tariffs but i don't want pete mr modi's plate full free try. to get out as well how about that story i'll be back at the top of the hour. d.w. media center seat find it here it discover. video and audio podcast and language courses in the g.w. media center at little centered on w dot com. beat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. u.s. american kate moos takes a look at germany it is increasing use of their traditions every day lives and
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language in this time of. good. intrigue d.w. dot com meet the german. at. the world economic forum gets underway in davos switzerland with a keynote speech by india's prime minister narendra modi three thousand participants are sequestered in a snowball in davos until the end of the week. this is the business live from berlin. the world economic forum has kicked off in the swiss alps with a keynote speech from indian prime minister narendra modi is address came as the u.s. imposed tough new tariffs on a range of import. but modi said no now is not the time for protectionism as he
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talked up of india's credentials to potential investors. this is the first time after twenty years that india's prime minister is attending the world economic forum in the swiss alps and he has brought a large delegation it includes six ministers and one hundred business representatives they are all here to show that india is open for business if you want wellness along with wealth then you must come to india if your seeking wholeness in life along with help then you must come to india if you're seeking peace along with prosperity then the answer is you must come to india. a lot of them are going to. rust credit to get sab we start there. last year india's economy grew six point seven percent failing to meet market expectations but analysts expect modi's economic reforms to drive growth. they are
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shocked at first it is necessary that the big powers of the world have cooperative relations among them it is necessary that the sense of competitiveness among the major nations of the world does not become a wall between them we will have to set aside differences to face these challenges and work together for a larger vision. an open global economy that is what indian prime minister morty is calling for for many here this is an alternative to the america for a strategy of u.s. president trump is expected later this week. but high on the davos agenda is also the plight of refugees an issue that concerns politicians and n.g.o.s from many countries particularly concerns focused on the fate of thousands of children well part of the current refugee movements across the globe my colleague christophe kober is in davos for us and joins us now christophe. indeed
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garrett hundreds of thousands of people around the world are facing the imminent threat of violence this place mint and. other shortages of their lives and with me here is the dawning schmich is the former prime minister prime minister of denmark and has been heading save the children international since twenty sixteen so good to have you with us here. let's talk about the ranger crisis more than almost seven hundred thousand. have fled. their homes and among them four hundred thousand children now almost they have been living in refugee camps under very difficult conditions for the last months do you see any improvement in their situation well you have to think of an enormous amount of people six hundred fifty thousand people flocking over the border i met some of those children when families when i went to bangladesh so recently spoke to the
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people and asked them how it was and the stories that we hear from what they have experienced and be in ma is just absolutely awful and they come with absolutely nothing so one of the first things we did as save the children was to hand out the most basic sings top support and so they could build their own houses cooking materials very basic things and now we have building up for these these children in particular we are providing of course food health services for them and also child friendly spaces spaces where the children can come and recover from the trauma they have experienced but this is a very very difficult situation it's a very dangerous situation for that particular and just in two thousand and eighteen we know that fifty thousand children will be born as reading of refugees in that camp fifty thousand that's a lot of little babies to meet this world and we need to make it a set safer place for them to live in the fate of the ringer is also part of
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a political debate. even if political leaders reach an agreement how are the prospects for these children well i'm hoping that we will not forget these children and one of the reasons i'm here in davos this week is to is to speak with their voice here we have interviewed many of these children we have heard their stories and they have actually asked us to speak up for them so i'm here to speak up for them and to ask the world not to forget them in davos this week we're all discussing how we should avoid a more fractured world well part of that fracture is that we have an unprecedented number of people in humanitarian need some of them of children some of them on yemen some still in syria and what i'm asking is to not lose hope we can still do a lot for these children and also let's not forget them because they need our help people that come to davos as participants of the world economic forum are drawn to power how difficult is it to get them engaged in order to help the powerless you know i meet a lot of people who wants to help and the world is still
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a generous place if you ask governments and germany and european governments us they're still very generous and there's a lot of money being used on humanitarian relief but the problem is that the problem is so enormous and that there's so many people who have to flee their homes because it's unsafe to stay in their homes and that is what we are facing so i don't we meet disengagement i mean engage leaders the problem is that we all have to do more we have to work spots as well which is what save the children wants to be doing with use more technology and helping these children but the main thing is that we don't forget that even though these children in syria yemen should leave our t.v. screens we should not forget they're still there and they still need our help tony schmidt head of save the children international thank you so much for your insight here in davos and with that it's back to you guys in the studio thank you. for us. two hundred and seventeen years that is the time it will take for women to reach
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true equality in all walks of life according to projections done by the world economic forum that's three generations and much longer than women around the world are prepared to waste equality and women's rights issues feature high on the agenda and davos this year to stress the urgency to tackle the issue this year's meeting is chad exclusively by women. this video art installation in davos seeks to be punk myths myths about why women don't have the same professional success as men and why they are less likely to london managerial position one of the common narratives that is there today is that women lack confidence women lack ambition and so the workplace is fine but the women need fixing and that's fundamentally false we believe that's a myth we believe that women don't need fixing the system needs fixing but if things continue on the same trajectory it will be a long time before we achieve equality between men and women two hundred seventeen
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years according to calculations by the world economic forum that's why this year seven influential women will chair the meeting in davos in zero men they each come with their own agenda but to share dream for the future my hope is that we can collectively demonstrate as has already begun actually that even without testosterone we can actually produce positive constructive energy to deliver solutions that's my goal. men's dominance has been the repeated source of tension in davos this year only twenty one percent of the participants are women it is a record but the organization promises this is only the start of things to come. of this since now i think no one would argue that these are not the seven most influential people amongst those stakeholder groups at the same time we recognize that it's a very powerful message and we're very conscious of. that it's an important message that the new face of leadership is increasingly female. women and our false hope
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this is the dawn of a new era. we have the evidence based case so world leaders from the world economic forum to the world bank have the evidence to show that women's participation drives economies we have more women in positions of leadership than ever in history and we have technology that's connecting us in ways like never before women's voices are being heard and we have the chance to reinvent the future and include women the world economic forum has pledged to become more female whether or not that pledge bezout only time will tell. and then other news nicki allen a subsidiary of german carrier lim has been sold to its founder mickey lauder administrators say it was a transparent bidding process not a straightforward one nicky allowed to have his airline back the formula one legend with a passion for every asian founded austrian holiday carrier nikki back in two thousand
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and three seven years later he sold it to air berlin but when the airline went bankrupt the tried several times to get nicky back. niki currently has twenty one leased aircraft allowed it has apparently already moved to retain fifteen of those the airline also employs a thousand stuff including two hundred twenty pilots making flights operate from germany austria switzerland and the mediterranean love his move is welcome news to the airlines employees if it was he in far as he felt it was surprising for us. when it's compared to his offer last december which left things unclear. most of the schlock would take is still any good his latest offer is better for the staff. so it was signalling that jobs will be retained under the same working conditions you can only see your job it's because even when you seemed it's still not certain how much louder is paying for nicki he plans to have the airline airborne again by
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march in collaboration with twelve prater thomas cook is the third bit of air berlin went broke the first successful bid came from but that deal fell through in december over. concerns and negotiations reopened a legal stumbling block scuppered a sale to the parent company of air lingus british airways iberia and fueling third time's a charm it seems. to follow me for the moment how do i get us well have an update for you in the next stop thank you very much for watching and have a quick look at the world markets all right thanks a lot. she's
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for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. the b w dot com slash global ideals. but unity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trite global free thousands brought to you by d.h.l. . this week. heads to one of sumatra as last remaining intact stretches of rain forest to find out how local a run in terms of faring in the wild. in iran.


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