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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the turkish military offensive in syria enters its fifth day we're on the road with turkey's allies in syria as they move to clear kurdish militias away from the border and these fighters are confident of success also coming up global elites gather for a second day of their most mountain tops in davos but in switzerland capital zurich business and capitalism protesters take to the streets. bus water water everywhere but not a drop to drink maybe next to the ocean but
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a rapidly running out of drinking water the authorities are close to turning off all but essential water supplies in south africa's second biggest city. i'm terry march and welcome to the program. there is no letup in turkey's military offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria despite international calls for restraint the united nations says the fighting has already displaced five thousand people and left vulnerable civilians trapped but i chris says it will press on with this whole operation against the kurdish militias on its border it regards them as terrorists. attacked his townhouse size only a few kilometers away from the fighting come back to brock and his friends are discussing techies operational if branch needed to have believed in
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a switch to make sure. we don't know the area around offering well so we cannot really say how long it will take but yes it may take a long time. how long do you think. possibly a month that's what i think but i'm not a soldier. he's military is continuing its operation was no reduction in intensity all day tanks. aiming across the board members of the protect his free syrian army are marching towards the afrin region they are supporting takesh troops in no peroration against the syrian kaddish militia groups. and they are a lot more optimistic than the texan has. i'm afraid will take a frame and succeed in this operation within the next couple of days. because. of
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that with god's help we will conquer offering everybody along the shore. according to the latest figures from the syrian observatory for human rights the war say fog came more than one hundred lives more than twenty to be civilians the turkish president joined a funeral on tuesday for a soldier killed the previous day ad one dismissed international criticism of the offensive saying the situation at hand means it's not possible to listen to every country's take. these are pictures filmed by the kut ish militia group. media report that fighting between the the turkish army and its allies is intensifying in the direction of a free in. turkey claims a threat is growing at its school to try considers the y.p. g. to be the syrian faction of the p.k. k.
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which he sees as a terror group reacting to attack u.s. military attacks in recent days the y.p. g. has shelled takesh border towns claiming civilian lives while many techs were you for it at the start the military's now changed. no war is easy neither for soldiers nor for civilians. both sides of the border fear what operational of branch could still burning. turkey's offensive in syria is having political repercussions here in berlin germany regularly sells weapons including tanks to its nato ally and those weapons are being used in the cross border offensive that some german lawmakers are calling illegal contracts to upgrade the tanks are being. relentless heavy shelling in northwest syria turkish forces step up their offensive known as operation olive branch.
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the prepared german made leopard tanks to roll into a free. the german government had recently considered reinforcing these against mines but that seems to be off the table no. units to avoid to talk i know that turkey is violating international law with its intervention in syria. it's absurd to think about upgrading these tanks. can kind of there should be no arms exports to tacky i want to know what foreign minister as he discussed with his turkish counterpart was it well about an arms deal. that was just under three weeks ago the aim to foster better relations then on monday the turkish foreign minister to protect civilians it fell on deaf ears turkey's president says the military action is justified. and the kurds in a free not determined to defend themselves. good enough those who
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don't i wish our forces strength we are united and we don't fear or do on his planes and his weapons measure. going to war jack and he took it in the one nine hundred ninety s. turkey used old east german army weapons against the kurds in turkey and history is repeating itself in syria if you know we see it's really. not just german tanks german military trucks have also been spotted on the syrian border. let's bring in political correspondent hans blondie standing by at our parliamentary studios hans leaning foreign policy expert in merkel's conservatives has labeled turkey's syrian offensive illegal what the socialist chancellor merkel taking on the conflict the chancellor herself has not said anything publicly about the conflict but her spokesman has spoken of all those and has been very reluctant in fact to condemn what's happening in the oven syria at the moment to condemn this turkish action the
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government's position is that. it is not clear whether international law is being broken by this offensive and to the whole thing should be seen in the context of developments in syria in in its entirety so the german government is pushing for a peace initiatives in syria to be accelerated and this situation in a free in northern syria to be included in those kinds of negotiations in other words there's a great reluctance on the part of the german government actually to criticize turkey and to condemn what is happening there at the moment as we saw in the report has germany has been a key arms supplier to turkey we saw those tanks other vehicles is that likely to change in light of recent developments. well in the possibility because turkey is a nato partner exports of to turkey were not in essence controversial as
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a result of recent developments in turkey more generally obviously he has been. you know getting closer to russia and there is a certain distance between turkey and they as a result of developments in syria but also since the attempted coup in turkey a couple of years ago so that relations are quite tense and here in germany it is clear that the export of alms to turkey is likely to be turned back to be possibly even stopped completely as a result of these developments there's a lot of political pressure that no for the steel should be done with hans thank you very much t w political correspondent hans pont there say look now at some other stories making news around the world today gunmen had stormed an office of the save the children aid agency in the afghan city of jalalabad eleven people were
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left winded when the militants battled security forces who surrounded the building has been no claim of responsibility the taliban issued a statement denying involvement. two consecutive car bombs detonated near a mosque in the libyan city of benghazi on tuesday killing at least twenty seven people and injuring dozens more it tack happened as worshipers were leaving the mosque many security officials who are believed to be the target of the attack were among the casualties. m. police in pakistan arrested a man suspected of being a serial killer responsible for the rape and murder of a seven year old girl cases sparked nationwide protests over allegations of government inaction police said the arrested twenty four year old man had confessed to the girl's murder and is d.n.a. match samples found on her body. well as day two of the world economic forum in the swiss mountain resort of davos u.s. president donald trump is expected to join the world's movers and shakers towards
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the end of the week but he could face a very cool reception thousands of anticapitalist protesters marched through zurich on tuesday to demonstrate against trump's visit to the world economic forum's annual meeting organizers had called for protests under the mottoes trumpet not welcome and smash world economic forum small protesters also made to davos but they were quickly removed. well high on the world economic forum's agenda today is europe from spain's team philippe to france present a man woman calling all the way to the german chancellor they're all expected to speak today my colleague ben falloon told us earlier what to expect especially from chancellor merkel the dynamic giufà is here today initial to warm up the davos crowd europe is in focus and the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president manuel mccoy have a very similar message closer integration and europe has
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a strong role in the world not just economically but also politically they'll both be standing strong for globalization something that president trump does not stand for he will no doubt eclipse their performances when he arrives here on friday you know he's been there and. will be carrying chancellor merkel speech from there live on our program that's in about four hours from now also check out our website and follow d.w. business on twitter for any live updates from the faults. cape town region of south africa is in the grips of the longest drought in living memory since twenty fifteen the area has seen no substantial rainfall and none is expected before may or june water is already being rationed and the authorities say they'll have to cut off all supplies for non-essential years by april
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a lack of rainfall in cape town is making south africans very nervous water in the city's main reservoir the teva kloof down is down to thirty percent capacity the situation isn't much better in other reservoirs cape town has imposed a level six alert level six is the next step that we're taking it to. people most significant. person anyone who exceeds the amount of water permitted for each household faces severe penalties that's why a growing number of people are getting their water from public reservoirs so it doesn't change their water meter readings. i've seen some parts happening here and this is be flown to a zero so i can imagine people get quite upset when there's no water. it seems like a paradox metropolis on the atlantic coast is slowly running out of water but cape town doesn't have a decent nation plant tourists are being asked to save water too it's currently
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high season and public showers are being switched off at the beach. apart from that there are no real restrictions for visitors. by contrast agriculture has been very hard hit the water shortage means many fields can no longer be cultivated the latest alert means farmers must cut their water usage by sixty percent based on their consumption before the drought began johann esther he is a gross fruit in the western cape where he's had to cut down some trees in order to save the rest. on the rotten side these are now the. perfectly producing orchard that i decided. to operate. because of the water short beach and you know it's not the easy decision to mike. there's no improvement in sight all eyes are on the t.v. . if the water supply sinks below thirteen point five percent capacity cape town
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will be forced to turn off almost all its taps experts are dubbing it daisy arrow they warn it could happen by the end of april. and in tennis germany's unduly kava brushed aside madison cheese and straight sets to reach the semifinals of the australian open the former world number one is back to winning ways after a dismal twenty seventeen season kava will face women's top seed simona halep in the next round after the remaining one a straight sets won in straight sets over czech carlina unseeded showing chung's amazing run in melbourne continues he saw off tennis. in straight sets to reach his first ever grand slam semifinal whirl he he'll meet up against roger federer or told us that it. and just for a go reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on t.w. news there's no let up in turkey's military offensive against kurdish militias in
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northern syria despite international calls for restraint the united nations says the fighting has already displaced five thousand people. it's all your news for now it will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin thanks for being with us. from. the. center. seat. fine to. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d w media center at media center dot w dot com.


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