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violence against children. this is the governor's live from berlin two leaders one message france and germany make the case for globalization france's president emmanuel macro crowds of the world economic forum the free trade has to work for everyone in society if it's to ensure prosperity and protect liberal democracy. germany's chancellor was banging the same drum i clipped back alone so stressed the need for
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a european single market fit for the digital age and had strong words for protectionist. also on the program steps up the pressure on its side in its fight to clear kurdish militias from its border with syria president says he will extend the offensive. i'm still going to welcome to the program europe took center stage in the swiss alps today with speeches from the continents have you rights germany's i'm going to machall spoke earlier in the day but it was france's emanuel mccraw who had the headline spot he's just been talking about how globalization can be used to ensure prosperity for all classes in society has just been talking about how globalization can be used to ensure prosperity for all classes in society. for sure with their
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votes when you look outside specially coming. and arriving in this in this village in this building it's i mean it could be hard to believe in global warming. obviously and fourth and the you didn't invite. anybody skeptical with global warming this year. i'm going merkel meanwhile maybe case for free trade and close the european ties her warning against rising economic nationalism comes the day before u.s. president trump is due to arrive is expected to defend his america first promises germany wishes to be a country that would lend its contribution also in future to solve the problems of the world together we think that shutting ourselves off against the rest of the world isolating ourselves and will not lead us into a good future protectionism is not the prophet and said we believe that if we are of the opinion that miss things are simply not fair that there is no surprise city
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that then we have to seek mountain natural answers to this and not pursue a unilateral protectionist course so they seem to be singing from the same hymn book was shall we read between the lives lost for your political course i'm not sure quite sure that metaphor worked but you understand i mean simon young a political correspondent here to give us fact it from germany europe correspondent is in the brussels so welcome both less off with you max what did you make of mr macross call to action. he started out by giving an account what his plans were and also what you had already done and who follows micro knows this man is actually somebody for the details he knows what he's talking about so some talk about things that probably struck joy in most of the hearts of especially of the business leaders that were there talking about lifting taxes on wages have
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a big reform on capital gains decreasing corporate taxes investing more in education to be precise five percent of the french g.d.p. so very precise very well business oriented but towards the end we heard the well the grand phrases the big sentences we were waiting for and he said france is back adding though and it's at the core of europe insisting that there can be no success for france without a successful europe. simon young it does sound as chance of a president. moving the same direction well absolutely as max says you know there's a lot more detail in president macro speech front says back angela merkel saying you know germany hasn't gone away yes of course it's been a lot of negative talk about angola medical's a position of perhaps fading status on the international stage some people have
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suggested as a result of these very protracted attempts to find a need government here in germany and that obviously prevents angle of medical prevented her and her speech of iran today from going into a lot more detail but there is some mention for instance even in the preliminary coalition agreement if i can mention that about reforms of europe about restarting the european cooperative effort and that was totally the focus of the medical speech only it's dates looking about cooperation on banking on the climate and in particular also a focus on the digital economy and on security policies and a whole range of things that the got stuck into each note in the deep. sail as the french president if not so what difference between the two leaders species for that matter and spoke mostly about france whereas medical was all about germany and the german place within europe let's listen to her talking about defense policy.
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f.i.o.s. somehow threshold we have this shiite and mission i'm now threshold africa is very close to us syria is the neighbor of cypress so what about the fact that year in its foreign policy has not been all that active in the past we quite often relied am as regards our security on the united states of america but now they concentrate on themselves and their own security all of that needs to tell us a lesson we need to take more responsibility and we need to take our destiny into our own hands and that's what we did by forwarding this new defense cooperation and also looking more and the challenges of migration we know there are still differences of opinion and differences of approach within the union on this but we'll continue to work on this so in defense of a migration on the chancellor's mind it is not clear that where else is she looking at more activity from europe where she also talks about
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a common foreign policy she said how important it is in this globalized world that europe speaks with one voice and she mentioned particularly for instance when the audience is china you know a big power still rising power europe needs to make clear what it wants so those are the kind of things she talks about renewing europe's economy as i mentioned the digital economy and something the president called to has talked about a whole range of ideas from the chancellor nothing new i think but the way she drew all the lines together. particularly in the context of security policy talking about how important it is for europe to get the african economies moving and to to promote any positive signals that there are there she drew it all together and that's important max hoffman buckle is this this part about about president focused being of france he talked about the need to boost the french economy and being
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competitive within europe was that perhaps a with a france first there. well it draws on patriotism a little bit especially when he says france is back but i would say it's a completely different ballgame because he also insisted all the time like i said earlier successful friends only within the framework of a successful european union and he said that that was actually quite funny if you know the french people a little bit he criticized his own people and not just you know what had been done in the past although he said for years and years the message rule was to the citizens i will protect you from change but sometimes he says we need to accelerate change for to get things towards the better and you also said in the past you weren't allowed to fail in france but you weren't allowed to succeed either so those are clear criticisms about how people perceive politics in france he said that needs to change and he in that was a clear reference to going to mexico he who he mentioned by the way he said we need to be more impish it's europe needs to be more ambitious economically socially
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socially politically also when it comes to green strategy within europe so no i wouldn't say france first year at all although of course the french are closest to france but he clearly said strong france within the framework of a strong european union and that's something i've never heard from the other side of the atlantic that. simon young thank you as well. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the first of three brazilian judges considering former president agrees ignacio de silva against his prison sentence as voted to uphold his conviction for eruption of course two other judges must be very opinions for the sentence to be filed by the former president no rallied his supporters ahead of the decision which could see him barred from running for office again. in the groups that endure have stepped up their protests
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against a controversial film due to open this week and makers of padmavati did not accusations that it distorts history by trying a muslim ruler as a lover of a hindu queen police opened fire to disperse protests after the supreme court gave the joint head for the film's release. islamic state group said it was behind a deadly attack on the offices of the save the children aid agency in afghanistan security forces surround the building but the militants broke through killing four and injuring twenty britain based charity spending so gracious in the country. turkey's president urged one says he will expand the country's military offensive in northern syria to take in the town of mom beach moves in defiance of international concerns about operation targeting turkish groups which i think are regards to terrorists. all all a new front in this unrelenting war in turkey's decades long attempt to push
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kurdish militia out of the region ankara is aiming for a swift victory with operation olive branch turkish soldiers are optimistic and he will take a freeman succeed in this operation within the next couple of days. but the kurdish y p g wants the world to know they are going to defend the enclave. even our system will not allow the enemy to invade or lower and the last drop of blood we have we will never retreat from here. now in the past kurdish fighters have relied on support from a major player the united states everyone dismissed international criticism of the offensive and announced plans to expand the operation eastwards in charlotte god willing starting from on bridge we will continue to top these games along our borders and will completely way this trouble from a region that will see that the moment to music. that the u.s.
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military has troops stationed there to fight the so-called islamic seat there are fears that the nato allies could become adversaries. while journalist. joins us from erbil in the iraqi kurdistan welcome to detail what are you hearing from your contacts in africa all there's a lot of bombing by the turkish our forces artillery and there have been a lot of civilian casualties also children and they're quite worried about the current situation what's on going up there. kurdish forces in that area have been backed by u.s. troops in the past america at the moment its response to this offensive has been quite lukewarm how the kurdish fighters feel about that. well i was talk to people enough in yesterday and they said there are sort of discipline because they were the ones that fought against isis with american support and now
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turkey with the help of even geodes groups are attacking our free so they are disappointed. but american troops are still there i wonder do you think this means the end of the u.s. kurdish alliance while in africa and there are no american troops that's the reason that the u.s. says they have no responsibility there but there is a possibility that the turks work moved further and that the city of moments where there are u.s. troops so it's possible if america does nothing and those not going to help the kurds and that case then the kurds will definitely and alliance with the u.s. . so he's president one has announced that his country is a military is to expand its offensive moved closer to those u.s. forces in syria. looks like we'll go to see a much more serious conflict of interest between nato allies yeah that's true also even the last few days there have been bombings and other
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kurdish cities where there are u.s. troops present but it's really out on launchers the ground assault on the city of mumbai then it would be very difficult for america to keep this position and say nothing because there is u.s. troops in this area which took as you thanks for joining us a lot of me. bill. in football you life i have joined the groups for the inaugural nations leet which will kick off in september this year it's intended to largely be placed meaningless international friendlies league a side to germany have been joined the games for heavens group one for the juicy chance to see england against spite of all portugal taking on italy yet the winners of the four league groups advance to the knockout stage which will decide the winner of the first u.a. for nations. as a quick reminder of the top stories at this hour laid off your ups two biggest economists dress they use of economic four ounces emanuel trace of the farrah
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globalization of the job account. really stressed the need for free trade and an end to protect. us more for you at the top of the hour on the way now the first house more on that topic you're watching the news on live from. the d w media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast from language courses in the g.w. media center at media center dot w dot com.
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it's all about the moments but. it's all about.


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