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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin ending germany's political limbo chance for all americans conservatives and martin shills the social democrats start formal talks to forge a new german government that four months after september selections can they deliver a grand coalition. and turkey's president visits the command center for the offensive against kurds in northern syria many turks backed the military action but the risks of bound for opponents of this campaign will have more from our correspondent in
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istanbul. also ahead day four of the world economic forum in switzerland our senior business editor ben physical and is there. u.s. president donald trump is set to eclipse this gathering of the global elite with another america some step closer to getting a new government formal coalition talks between for all americans conservatives of the social democrats have now kicked off more than four months after germans went to the polls now both leaders were upbeat going into the talks machall saying she's confident that a deal can be agreed quickly now there's a lot riding on the outcome in addition to the future government the political future of both party leaders is very much at stake here's what they had to say as the talks began this morning. you get this flooding down on the spirits not go it's important to me is that we make even clear what impulses we want for germany's
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future. we are experiencing a fast changing world and we must make progress in digitization and especially in our schools for our children. we have to push the planning process harder so that the investments can actually happen. here lizzie and can we get it on that's fair and also germany also has to be a place where startups receive good investment where investors say germany is the place where the future happens you know for the so this is about a new dynamic for germany not only a new beginning for europe but for germany as well that's been visited states. will work toward these goals and make sure that we negotiate swiftly with him and i think the people expect us to found a government quickly so i'm both optimistic and very determined that we achieve results and i think it's possible in that brief time window. does this all in and for place was if i shall bomb site is annoying almost for the new government
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must give germany packets proper role the one we should play is the strongest economy in the european union operation when you're not structurally sharks and here are needs a strongly pro european germany to meet the challenges coming from china and the us . i say this on a day when we are expecting to hear from the u.s. president in davos that america is moving in a different direction so strongly pro european germany can only happen with the social democratic participation in the government and should i consider that home to make germany fairer and more modern and that the international level to make it once again a leading power in the european union. commissioner more down i'm not fighting you know this is our intention and becoming into the coalition talks in this spirit. thank you. the head of the u.s.
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very much also let's go now to our political correspondent ron standing by at the talks of for us this morning hans what's the mood where you are could this be the start of actually forming a new government. i think the mood you can be described as fairly confident fairly upbeat all the leaders that have been going in to these talks today have been saying that now is the time actually to hammer out the details to get down to the nitty gritty of this coalition treaty one might call it that the two major parties in germany are likely to agree to it within the next couple of weeks so yes there is a sense of urgency as we heard from. it's been four months since the elections it's never taken this long in germany to form a government since the second world war so they want to get down to the nitty gritty they want to hammer out an agreement and it's likely that this will happen within the next couple of weeks ok there's
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a pretty optimistic assessment there you know many social democrats are unhappy with the current basis for these talks and we also have the conservatives saying they're not going to budge on any key issues now how much room considering that is there for compromise. well that's correct yes the social democrats are still somewhat reticent about this whole process they have put forward three further demands that they want to bring into this negotiation these include issues such as medical aid in germany issues of temporary employment in germany and also of course the thorny question of migrants that are coming into germany but on most of these issues there has been some signals from the conservative side if there is still room for concession room for maneuver and birthday parties both the conservatives and the social democrats really are very much invested in this process they're very interested in having an agreement however the social democrats have demanded that
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their four hundred forty thousand members still have to take a vote once this contract has been agreed on so that vote is also going to take some time another three weeks or so in addition to the actual negotiations so one is expecting now that the process if it does get finished in a positive manner will last until the end of march ok you want to pick up on that s.p.d. vote at the base that still has to happen delegates need to approve this deal the young social democrats are proving very reluctant could they hold up this deal. they are indeed pushing very hard against this deal they have been starting outside of the campaign amongst the rank and file membership to lobby for a rejection during that vote of the rank and file but i think at the moment it seems that the majority of members of a social democratic party well vote in
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a similar way to which the vote went this past weekend at a special party congress of the social democrats which was necessary in fact to make these talks possible to talk and there the vote went very narrowly with a very narrow margin in favor of such talks in favor of a coalition agreement and the expectation is that the vote in the rank and file sometime during march is also likely to go in the direction ok but we have a couple of things out there that still could hold up these talks on sprint in berlin for us this morning thanks very much from those talks now for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour in south korea at least thirty seven people have died in a fire in a hospital in the city of near young now that fire broke out the emergency room of the hospital which also operates as a home for the elderly it's not yet known what caused that place. the new york times is reporting that u.s.
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president donald trump planned to fire prosecutor robert mueller just weeks after he took over the f.b.i. his russian investigation now is claiming trump only backed down after his top lawyer threatened to resign if true this could bolster miller's potential case of obstruction of justice against the president. a resilient court has board barred brother farmer former president luis ignacio de silva from leaving the country a federal judge ordered the thorns to seize the seventy two year old's passport earlier this week an appeals court upheld his corruption conviction and creased the sentenced to twelve years in jail. waltz to turkey now and that country's health minister says the death toll from its military operation in syria has now reached four teen this figure includes three turkish soldiers and eleven fighters with turkey's syrian allies meanwhile president of terror everyone has traveled to
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his country's southern border for a briefing on the turkish offensive against kurdish forces there turkey began what it's calling operation all of branch nearly a week ago it has targeted the area around afrin in northern syria in an attempt to clear the town of kurdish militia the attacks have opened up a completely new front in the already very complex syrian civil war. our correspondent johan's following the story for us from istanbul the turkish troops are continuing their offensive pushing eastwards now what our president wants plans there. well today in a meeting with representatives of his ruling a party he reiterated his intention to expand this military operation to other cities in north and syria syria basically all the way to the iraqi border so
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off to afrin that's the plan the turkish military is going to move further east to monday each which is part of a larger kurdish controlled area in north and syria while offering is a smaller kurdish controlled enclave but in monday that's the area where u.s. troops also station because they are supporting the wipe e.g. the kurdish militia in syria seeing them as proxies in the fight against the so-called islamic state so turkey is basically by moving further east it's basically risking a confrontation with a nato ally there but the local threat perception the threat perception and is that with this kurdish controlled area in syria there could be something like a kurdish corridor or something close to a kurdish state actually develop along the border and this is increasing fear us that further separatist notions could come up within turkey's own kurdish
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minority and that's why turkey is so determined to continue and expand this military operation a majority of turks at home according to. support the government strategy that you just mentioned in northern syria but as you mentioned if this offensive continues to expand could we see that public attitude changing if the death toll rises. well i don't think so the three turkish soldiers who died so far are being celebrated here as heroes as martyrs who died for the right cause their pictures of being shared on twitter on national television that that's part of a yeah patry article nationalist sentiment here in turkey that's very deeply rooted in this society overall the media coverage has been very positive very favorable and you barely hear any critical voices when it comes to this operation let me show
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you what i mean i went out here in istanbul and talked to a few people about what they think about this oh peroration let's have a look at my report. more on every channel the military operation in syria is the top story on turkish television the tenor of the reporting they repaired trio take how critical the majority of to people it seems support operation all of branch in this teahouse at least no one things the offensive is a mistake view that the terrorists are looking for an opportunity to divide the country but we will not so much of them over the years desertions we're fighting against isis and other terrorist groups those who don't want to help us should at least not stand in our way only a little motion of. you know our army fighting in. in strength of that and i hope that with the help of we will take home a week to resolve it is that me from
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a new view. when i'm absolutely sure of it. turkish politicians agree as well and it's not just the ruling a.k. party that supports the offensive in syria opposition leader kamal kill each told says he also backs the operation as does meryl action are the head of the new party that wants to challenge president tragic type of aragon in the next election she tweeted that she's praying for glorious army the only party to condemn the offensive is the pro kurdish h d p g. a former spokes person calls it inacceptable. in your book with a lot of the olive branch has always been a symbol of peace but now it is stained with blood it's also in the air the one is extending the olive branch to bashar al assad in syria who once used to be as ally said it was not much but this operation is an attempt to massacre the kurds opus we hope the statements like this one by jimmy are dangerous right now in the past days
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the turkish government has detained dozens of people including politicians activists and journalists for criticizing the military operation in syria the official charged terrorist propaganda. the journalist who good she knew serval colleagues who got into trouble with the authorities over reports criticizing the offensive he says the government gave editors of turkey's leading media outlets directives on how to report patriotically. you know how all of the newspapers have similar headlines. this is actually government propaganda. journalists must sense of themselves to avoid trouble. unfortunately can't do proper journalism in turkey anymore. but mahmoud a columnist for the government friendly daily sabbat disagrees he says the government is not influencing coverage of the afrin offensive. when it comes to
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national sick. curity every journalist bears responsibility well that's how it is everywhere in the world. but that doesn't mean they're not free to report on everything but there are some media and intellectuals in turkey who can use freedom of speech with hatred of the government while if it to be in addition to the offensive enough in looks set to stay turkey's main story for now the government has announced that it intends to further expand the operation. thanks so much for that report and for your interview for being with us today we look forward to your ongoing reporting on the developments there in turkey and now in northern syria as well you're hot in istanbul thanks very much or to monica now in a very closely watched speech today in davos coming up later today there was an interesting speech last night as well brian because that one of the many dinners
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taking place at the world economic forum in davos billionaire investor george soros launched a scathing attack on tech giants calling them will not police that could be manipulated by author of terri and to subvert democracy just or a said social media companies such as facebook and google quote deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide so as also lashed out against the trump administration which he considers a danger to the world and donald trump who will deliver the closing address later today arrived in davos late on thursday and he wasted no time in getting down to business flanked by the c.e.o.'s of two major german companies as a.p. siemens trump discussed his america first policy. trump started his visit by hosting an informal dinner for a group of some of europe's most powerful business executives and just as had been
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expected he wasted no time in listing his achievements for corporations i just want to say that there's been a lot of war a lot of respect for our country and a lot of money billions and billions of dollars coming into the u.s. and people are very happy with what we've done not only on the tax bill but also cutting of regulations and i think also prematurely or for a country you know if you're not a cheerleader for your company or for your country. no matter what happens it's not going to work and that's what i've been and that's what my whole group is about his audience included top executives from corporate giants including volvo bya and siemens the business leaders seated around the table describe to trump what their companies were doing in his make america great campaign trump is due to give the w.t.f. a closing address later today of just over four hundred speeches which have been made during the forum this one is likely to attract the most attention how do you
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lot like them all so far. but donald trump is a controversial u.s. president no doubt but he seems to be the dolling off the corporate world. with more from davos. zeman c.e.o. joe kayser personally congratulated mr trump for his tax reforms at a dinner last night he says it's the reason why his company is investing in gas turbines and developing them in the united states a lot of money goes into that europe's top managers employ tens of thousands of workers in the u.s. and trump is and industrialists dream he's cutting corporate taxes reducing regulation and also weakening environmental standards conservationists are up in arms about that and global leaders are not too happy about his trade policies they're very protectionist and they say that's damaging to the global economy ngo's
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here are also very critical of mr trump they say his agenda america first is more about putting billionaires first. well european investors are also keeping an eye on davos and a lot of those investors are in frankfurt when he bought this thing buy for us when he trump the gathering corporate bosses of europe any reaction way you are perhaps speculation on what the mood was like then. i spoke to some traders about what the mood could have been like sitting next to donald trump at an event like that and they refused to speculate because they can't begin to imagine what it must have been like and one guy said you know. you have to go donald trump said that if you're a head of a company if you're president you have to be a cheat cheerleader basically that's the assumption here as well if you're the head of the men's or as a p. also saw the head of doesn't propose sitting at the table on the other side then
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you have to represent the interests of your shareholders and hundreds of thousands of workers and another guy said he wouldn't like to go on second thought he would to see the guy up close is he really what it's like on t.v. but in the end he's successful that's what the people here say with tax reform getting money and of the states when he votes in france and thank you so much for this. there's a new study out there here in germany with some quite disturbing content brian certainly can say that monica last month this image went around the world an israeli flag set on fire at a pro palestinian rally here in berlin now it brought attention to rising levels of anti-semitism among migrants here in germany but prejudice against jews is also deeply rooted in other parts of german society as well an average of fifteen hundred hate crimes against jews were reported every year between two thousand and one and two thousand and fifteen but the number of n reported cases is likely to be
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quite a bit higher and many german jews are saying they experience and. semitism in every day life a study by the university of bielefeld says that twenty nine percent report being insulted or harassed within the past twelve months now and three percent are saying they have actually been physically attacked anti semitism ten become tangled with criticisms of israeli politics last year forty percent of germans agreed with the following statement looking at israel's policies i can understand that people are against yours well one response to the rising trend of anti semitism in germany is a proposal for mandatory visits to former nazi concentration camps for everyone living in germany including recent muslim migrants now that suggestion was made by a german politician who herself comes from
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a muslim background sobs on sharply such visits are already common for school children here in germany. today's lesson is a visit to a concentration camp this school class has come to sachsenhausen north of berlin to learn about the nazi past. among the prisoners once held in socks and hausen were people the nazi regime deemed unworthy or subhuman. but i live everyone who survived this place said the worst thing was the unpredictability we didn't know what was going to happen there were rules but following the rules didn't mean you would be treated properly or that you could expect to be released soon the one hundred plus it's available. jews homosexuals prisoners of war people deemed social outcasts and many others were imprisoned by the nazis at sachsenhausen a visit to the site can reveal more about the third reich than merely reading
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a history book fans thought it was unbelievably moving and it shocked me a lot i'm grateful to our teachers and our school and very thankful i could experience this as well it's important to see that these terrible things happened and not just read about them in a history book because it just. seems vicious that this is the case that a huge shock to experience this close up and to see what happened to. the classes visit was intended to reinforce the message that anti-semitism racism and totalitarianism must never be allowed to happen again it's a message that's taking on renewed urgency there are concerns that muslim migrants could fuel a resurgence of anti-semitism in germany and indeed there's been an uptick in anti-semitic incidents. when we can see that among kids in school we see it on the streets on the subway it sometimes happens in conversations even with friends and we see it in public debates and we're seeing it much more often on social media the
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biggest threat to jews comes from some sections of the muslim community tyler fung . in order to thwart the rising anti-semitic tide the central council of jews in germany is recommending compulsory visits to concentration camps for all school age children and asylum seekers but supporters say it must be done with sensitivity you . know just forcing people to go is not enough you know they have to comprehend it was before otherwise it's senseless it's a delicate balancing act. for this class the visit to socks and housing concentration camp was compulsory it's an experience that most will remember for a long time to come. we
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have some tennis news now and roger federer has reached the final of the australian open after south korea's chunky on retired injured during their semifinal on friday the defending champion wasn't complete command of the match leading six one five two before chong quit with football esther's federer allow face croatia's march in sunday's final now that is a repeat of last year's wimbledon final which the swiss star won in straight sets thirty six year old fater is looking to claim his twentieth grand slam title. well in the bundesliga tonight i'm talk frankfurt host. can both teams find themselves at the sharp end of the table but with the title seemingly byer new next to lose their focus is on getting a european spot for next season. are flying high this season with the club and the rights for a european spot. this despite
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a run of form that could be described as inconsistent in part june twenty ninth the injury list. with the news that several key players like tom i will be back in the squad coach is feeling upbeat this was a president as things are getting better for us because the players that were out for a long time training again. this helps me build up the squad we can also have more players to choose from. that you . got both will be hoping to take advantage of frankfurt's less than impressive home form the eagles have only managed to win a paltry two games on their own turf starkly different to their away record which is only bettered by this league leaders by on several big names arrived injured among them marco fabiana and alex meyer peter hacking expects a tough encounter in frankfurt.
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book i watched that game against holmes and they played well good luck let me see if the team has progressed as and they deserve to be among the teams vying for a spot in months of. well we know it's not going to be an easy game kind of yet. juicy jewel is on the cards with the winner being catapulted into second spot in the bundesliga type. time for thanks so much.
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