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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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mr karr's. story didn't return on. this date of the news coming to live from berlin only massive suicide bombings rocks kabul officials there say at least ninety five people are dead more than a hundred fifty wounded but bring you the latest from the afghan capital also coming up public all survivors and their families have gathered at the former auschwitz death camp to more international holocaust remembrance day it comes amid warnings of rising energy semitism here in europe and we'll introduce you to a ninety five year old holocaust survivor who's working to ensure the atrocities of
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world war two never happen again. i'm sara harmon welcome to the program it's good to have me with. at least ninety five people have been killed in a major explosion in the afghan capital kabul the country's interior ministry says more than one hundred fifty were injured in the suicide bomb attack which happened at a police checkpoint on saturday morning the taliban has claimed responsibility. the attacker made it past the first checkpoint posing as a paramedic transporting a patient in an ambulance the bomb was detonated when he was identified by police at the second checkpoint. i was sitting in my shop when there was a powerful explosion only windows shattered. the casualties are very
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high bodies were everywhere near the hospital and everyone. a hospital coordinator described the attack as a massacre the blast happened on a busy street during lunch hour the area is home to several foreign embassies and government buildings. this is the second major taliban attack in kabul in the past eighty s. that's despite reassurances from the government and its u.s. allies that their joint offensive against the taliban was succeeding or spoke earlier to the kabul bank strong us talk here contrary we asked him how people in afghanistan are coping. people in afghanistan are shocked horrified and everyone is actually puzzled because it is not the first attack which happened in kabul over the last few days actually it is said that is one of the serious attacks
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which happened here full of people we talked to on foetal media as well everyone is really sad and criticizing a lot of people of course you know asking the government to fire some of the senior afghan officials the security officer afghans when you speak on the street they believe that the afghan government is so much busy with the politics and accusing the neighboring countries that they forget to ensure the security of afghans this isn't especially in the capital kabul for example any in a few days i could say that probably is under siege but it is not only called but whole afghanistan is under siege i mean over the last few weeks has been a serious of attacks across the country in the north of the country for example in south in just that it was in kandahar and today as well i think in one of the thousand volunteers as well so it is actually the total failure of people believe it is a total failure of the afghan security forces even though to bring it to the audience attention that hewitt's embassy couple of days ago they issued a warning saying that the end might be an attack against
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a restaurant whose house or some of the busiest places in kabul that we have been actually witnessing at least two attacks in kabul. and that was journalist to hear her dearest speaking to us a little earlier from kabul police the german city of cologne or broken up a demonstration by curbs who are protesting turkey's offensive on cornish fighters in syria authorities decided to shut it down after protesters refused to stop waving flags that showed band symbols security was tight at the protest with fears that violence could break out between kurds and turks who support the military operation the demonstration comes a week after turkish troops launched a ground an air assault against a kurdish region in syria turkish president regift to one has criticized german authorities for allowing kurdish protests while not committing turkish pro-government rallies. here's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabian
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billionaire prince been told has been released from detention this comes more than two months after he was confined to a luxury hotel and that in what the kingdom called a crackdown on corruption a prominent businessman was accused of money laundering bribery and extortion all of which as tonight. protesters have clashed with police in honduras that are the country's president was sworn in for a second term one orlando and endos was elected narrowly in november after the supreme court ruled that he could run again the opposition do not accept the result and accuse the government of flawed. paris is on high alert for flooding is the reverse and is expected to peak at four meters above its formal level with ortiz and shut roads train stations and rail lines hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes. czech president meanwhile if the man has been reelected to
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another five year term official results show him taking about fifty three percent of votes in today's runoff election the euro skeptic president has frequently warned of what he calls the dangers of islamic mass migration defeated academic year we draw hosts who was seen as friendlier to brussels. germany's green party has elected two new leaders but it was part of a reshuffle triggered after the failure of the party's coalition talks with chancellor angela merkel's conservative bloc and the pro-business free democrats now robert harvick well now head up the greens alongside and they are bach both belong to the greens pragmatic wing breaking a tradition of electing a leftist centrist to a. well today is international holocaust remembrance day it's marked every year on the end of a story of the liberation of the auschwitz nazi concentration camp in one thousand
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nine hundred five full of prisoners and their families placed candles on the central monument at the site of a camp in poland some six million jews along with millions of others were murdered by nazi germany during the second world war most of them in camps like auschwitz on holocaust remembrance day chancellor angela merkel warrender freising anti semitism in germany she said life was still far from normal for jews living in germany. in the sun it's shameful that no jewish institution can exist without police protection. that's why we have to do everything we can to fight not only anti semitism but. that's a time we must face every day. for decades now holocaust survivors have played a central role in teaching younger generations about anti-semitism and the horrors
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of the nazi genocide met up with ninety five year old market weisner in washington d.c. she is among those who are working to uphold the memory of the victims. margaret meissner was born in austria and raised in practical slovakia in one nine hundred thirty four the growing anti semitism in her city became more and more noticeable so markets mother sent her to paris and joined a year later. but the influence of the nasties was soon felt in france as well. one day margetts mother received a letter so i went to the police station with her and us the were you taking her since none of your business go and where you take. your business go home so here i was burma served my mother was gone we had no money markets mother was deported two girls internment camp in southern france market was eighty years old
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alone and had to find a way out of europe she fled paris on a bicycle at the same time her mother succeeded in escaping the internment camp by some miracle the mother and daughter found each other just child kilometers from get. together they made their way to spain where they found a way to travel to america but he was not to be they were picked up by the spanish police and thrown in jail so after all this we were going to be. but you see only here so good luck good friends who help. and they exert three years of my brother. that's the. market meisner regularly tells visitors to the holocaust museum about her memories and experiences this is one of the most visited museums in the u.s.
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capital many people come specially to hear the stories of survivors have to tell. matter generation is quickly vanishing this current of industrialization of death has never happened in a place else so that is one of the reasons why one should not forget that and more than and the thing else one should try to keep these arrows from rip being repeated to market mice like these issues have gained a new sense of urgency in today's highly volatile political climate. certainly some of the. some of the moves of the american government right now this very similar to work her in germany in the nineteen twenty s. and the nineteenth and trying not to be a bust the. market is determined to remain active as long as she can.
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she splits her story into a book so that people in the world who read it and that future generations are aware of this part of history. people all over the world are commemorating victims of the holocaust today using the hash tag we remember there's german foreign minister said margo participating as well as european commission president carter if you want to find out more about the we remember campaign you can visit our facebook page or follow us on twitter at news. shifting gears here a little bit and moving on to the sports and tennis news caroline wozniacki has been crowned the women's australian open champion after defeating simona halep in melbourne the dane lead after a nail biting first set went all the way to a tie break for hall of drew level wasn't that he held her nerve to claim the final
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set and her first ever grand slam title seven six three six six for the final score roger federer faces martin in the men's final on sunday. mostly on saturday afternoon table toppers byron munich went on a scoring spree against hoffenheim five different players hit the target for the variance in a five to rout and unix only on serena including jerome but what tang who headed home half an hour into the game and rb life say she failed to make strides in their bid for a champions league spot when they could only manage a draw with relegation threatened hamburg so let's get a check now of all the weekend's bundle your results so far. well there you see the confirmation of that win for byron as well as the draw for life safety shaka easily handled stood guard dortmund scored late to draw with freiburg cologne for each got
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a point for him and hair to berlin also only managed to draw on friday frankfurt big log off and on sunday labor crews and will meet minds hanover will host of course still plenty to look forward to or heading to poland now where the protagonist in our next report can't help but stand out from the herd a cow has been making headlines after running away from her farm to join a group of wild bison now the suspicion is she may have left home to follow her heart. she follows them wherever they go. it's an unusual mix but this brown cow seems perfectly happy with a new family a herd of wild bison. which will have to start when she joined them she may have been made a dyson and spice and she just like so she states i think taking her away from them would be impossible so they're horrible. but things may become more serious than
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just in the field if the domestic gets pregnant it could kill her a hybrid could be too big for her to give birth to b.c. it is it ethical there's a risk that this was pregnant she could die during delivery. you still have a few months though. which perhaps when the winter is over someone will react properly and catch this. because just by the fact that the risk to her is low it does exist that goes or does a closeness get i did not hear so. much runaway cow may not be necessary when the snow is gone the bison will move into the forest and that's not the kind of the farm and cows like spring might spell the end of the romans. or venice is getting a head start on this year's carnival season italian lagoon city kicked off its calendar of events with a water parade a lot of its make and now a full week ahead of the official opening theme of this year's carnival festivities
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you guessed it the circus hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to flock to the carnival stronghold just famous for its use. and that's to use this hour you're upstate i'm sara harmon from the whole team here in berlin thanks for watching have a great weekend. learn german with. any time any place.


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