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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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before the start of this week's world economic forum in davos a major task was getting to grips with the snow which had just blanked out of the alpine resort it had to be cleared for the many world leaders of governments businesses and non-governmental organizations due to arrive for the annual four day get together for the first time in almost two decades a sitting u.s. president was even expected though some think he's more in need of talks with other leaders than anyone else who attended the event. because. whoever is a leader for the country does not have just a national perspective but an international perspective a global perspective and so presence of the president of. will hopefully provide him even better recently over perspective. by friday some seventy heads of state and government to tell discussions about the global economy
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with high flyers from the business world n.g.o.s and charities indian prime minister narendra modi kicked off the proceedings on tuesday. message was simple a warning about the protectionist tendencies of some countries. he's diametrically opposed to u.s. president donald trump who has just imposed punitive tariffs on a range of imports. paul said some argue many societies and countries are becoming more and more focused on themselves it feels like the opposite of globalization. the negative impact of this kind of mindset and wrong priorities. can't be seen as any less dangerous than climate change or terrorism. modi speech was greeted with wide acclaim among davos participants european heads of government in davos say europe has recovered from its economic crisis and has been heading a pill for some time germany france italy and spain are united in their push for
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globalization and against protectionism. we believe we have to cooperate and that protectionism is not the right answer and we believe that if we share the opinion that things are not being done fairly and the mechanisms aren't reciprocal then we should look for mightily at resolutions and not only lever of ones when you look at the. chancellor merkel to talian counterpart pallor gentle only was even more explicit about president trump's policies i could say italy first why i don't buy that the end of the day what we need is if we have if we want to have economic growth and welfare and protection for our workers what we need here is an economic environment really function which ends a lonely that means open markets free trade and no protectionism
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a lot of davos participants were really interested to see how donald trump responded in his own address on friday when he spoke trump didn't offer any global perspectives though he used the forum to drum up business for the u.s. and prosperous. i'm here to deliver a simple message there has never been a better time to hire to build to invest and to grow in the united states america is open for business and we are competitive once again but he left no doubt that that was due to his presidency certainly a lot of companies like germany's siemens want to boost their u.s. investments because of trump's latest business friendly tax reforms. it wasn't only about the global economy though but also its challenges and wealth pay and gender inequality. topics like sexual harassment gender inequality power and injustice were more prominent than ever before in davos this year's event was
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chaired by seven influential and globally renowned women alongside zero men my hope is that we can collectively demonstrate as has already begun actually that even without testosterone we can actually produce positive constructive energy to deliver solutions that's my goal. men's dominance has repeatedly been a source of discord in davos this year only twenty one percent of the participants are women. and many of them feel more progress is needed and faster. we can make sure that all girls get access to quality education that will be a huge step for these girls and also we need to make sure that no children get married to close it gender god we need to tackle economic inequality because all these gnomes in society that justify inequality between men and women
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that justify violence against women are already intended to put women in the opposition and explodes them economy because i think we need to understand the value that if anything to the table not just going forward but also in the generations trance what they've done for the world in terms of the workforce that they bring to the table it doesn't today intellectual capital in terms of the military in the caregiving that they provide to the world i think that's the unique thing about them and. some were even hoping this year's davos could mark the dawn of a new era. we have the evidence based case so world leaders from the world economic forum to the world bank have the evidence to show that women's participation drives economies we have more women in positions of leadership than ever in history and we have technology that's connecting us in ways like never before women's voices are being heard and we have the chance to reinvent the future and include women and as fast as possible many surveys have shown that women tend to lose out most when it
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comes to globalization. canadian prime minister just into those said in davos he will sign the resurrected transpacific partnership along with ten other asia pacific countries in march the canadians put the c.p.p. on hold last year after the u.s. pulled out saying they weren't yet ready for tough talks with the u.s. and mexico want to revamp nafta deal of forcing canada to diversify its options. here rypien union has hit us chip maker qualcomm with close to a billion euros in antitrust penalties the use competition commissioner said qualcomm paid key customers apple to exclusively use its chips in i phones and i pads that meant it managed to illegally shut its rivals out of the market for l.t.e. baseband chipsets for over five years qualcomm says it will appeal. more protectionist signals from washington on tuesday the trump administration slapped steel tariffs on imported washing machines and solar product the trump
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administration believes that south korean washing machines and chinese solar panels have an unfair competitive advantage over u.s. products they could face tariffs of up to fifty percent. niki lauda has his airline back the formula one legend with a passion for aviation founded austrian holiday carey and nicki in two thousand and three seven years later he sold it to where burleson when it went bankrupt lauder tried several times to buy nicky back now he's paid some fifty million euros to take it back under his own wing again. nikky currently has twenty one leased aircraft that has apparently already moved to retain fifteen of those it also employs around a thousand staff including two hundred twenty pilots nicky flies from germany austria and switzerland primarily to mediterranean destinations
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loud is the third bit of the nicky since their berlin went broke the first successful bid came from love to answer but that deal fell through in december over e.u. antitrust concerns when negotiations reopened a legal stumbling block scuppered a sale to the parent company of british airways. third time's a charm it seems to hold on to its slots and landing rights nicky has to be airborne again by march it will be operating in collaboration with tour operator thomas cook. around two hundred kilometers from hong kong in the city of d.-u. people live from garbage keyboards laptops mobile phones batteries millions of tons of waste mostly imported from other countries to be dismantled by hand and then sold on but china wants to stop taking the world's waste so. the dismantling of old electronic devices is the leading industry it's more
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a trade than an industry but dismantling old electronics is an essential industry so the local government has an obligation and the ability to lead standardize and make it scientific. just a few years ago the garbage was all dismantled in the courtyards of thousands of small family businesses most of them illegal materials like copper were extracted and plastic shredded now most of those operations have shut down on the garbage trade has been shifted to an official industrial park the trash mountains in the u.s. shrinking as china bans more and more waste imports plastic old c.d.'s textiles twenty four different kinds have been banned this year already. to solve the problem of pollution while encouraging the recycling business to focus on domestic garbage recycling as a resource. the country certainly creates enough garbage of its own to satisfy its demand for recycled raw materials and the government now wants that waste processed
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cleanly and legally. cashiers or check outs of the amazon go store just opened in the american city of seattle customers simply download an app and check in with their smartphone as they enter cameras and sensors monitor their every move and choice as they remove products from the store shelves they're automatically added to their amazon virtual shopping cart. if they put an item back it's removed. when they finished shopping customers just walk out of the store the items are automatically bill to their credit card or other payment method. it feels a bit like shoplifting. or system we experience the same feeling you're stealing when you go out. and survey. the scene. and go up is ready to eat meals and snacks as well as some grocery staples like
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bread milk cheese and chocolates. for grocers the stores opening heralds more potential disruption at the hands of the world's largest online retailer but amazon sees eradicating checkout lines as the store's main competitive advantage some customers also enjoy shopping without dealing with anyone. i mean just being able to walk out. and not interact with anyone was was amazing yeah. there often is the concept will be bad for employment but not so according to amazon they say that staff will still be needed the tests including preparing the food stocking the shelves and cleaning.
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