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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin a breakthrough in the months long wait for a new german government negotiators hammer out a deal on a key sticking point allowing refugees to bring family members to germany but what other obstacles remain bronco americans hope for coalition. also coming up ireland's prime minister leads the charge to liberalize the cut liberalize the country's restrictive abortion laws ahead of a referendum planned from a liar lawmakers pushing the majority catholic country for a vote on this divisive issue. also coming up the faith healer that's caught the
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attention of germany's security officials he claims to be able to heal insurable diseases for critics saying that promise comes with a price or a foreigner takes a look at the evangelist trying to gain a following in ukraine and germany. i'm serious i was gonna thank you for joining us germany is one step closer to forming a new government the country's two main political groups have made a major breakthrough in negotiations chance i'm going arkell's conservatives and the center left social democrats have reached an agreement on refugee family reunion some that involves refugees already here bringing their family members to join them in germany it's been a sticking point between the parties during their negotiations. let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady has been following this for us hi kate what
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exactly has been agreed. so what we know so far sumi is that from the proposed policy here is that from the first of august one thousand refugees in germany will be eligible to be very united with their families here in germany and on top of that cap and this is something that's being sold as quite a win for the social democrats is that there would be exceptions for refugees in extreme cases of hardship so expected to be included in those cases is refugees who only have limited or subsidiary protection in germany so that refugees who haven't got automatic right to asylum but could prove for example that if they were to return to their home country that they would be persecuted or would face immediate danger so this would be quite a success for the s.p.d. at the moment that is a suspension in place and that would then remain in place until the thirty first of
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july on family reunions for refugees with limited protection but the exact details still need to be hashed out in these coalition talks which are expected to go on until sunday and then in the following weeks so this is being seen kate as a breakthrough does that mean that the road is here clear from here or are there other major sticking points. well we certainly shouldn't get ahead of ourselves here and it would be fair to say that this is much more progress than a breakthrough there are still going to be two main sticking points to overcome here which include germany's health insurance system and also limited work contracts in germany an already way herring a few gripes from the c.s.u. as one of the conservative parties included in these negotiations saying that there is in fact not going to be any exceptions in this policy and that that cap of one
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thousand is indeed one thousand so we'll really have to say as i said those talks are expected to be close by by sunday so then we'll really see what compromises and what deals have been made between the social democrats and the conservatives little correspondent for us thank you kate. and of course the hundreds of thousands of syrians have been making their way as refugees to germany debbie spoke to one refugee from syria who is holding out hope his wife can join him here. her son hasn't seen his wife since he arrived in berlin two and a half years ago he came to germany with three of his brothers. cousins wife alone in lebanon has requested entry to germany on the grounds of family reunification. she hasn't yet received a response. i hope my wife can come here ha son says. he knows that he's among many refugees hoping to reunite with their families
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. but he and his brothers have little chance of bringing their relatives here the german government expects refugees like him to return home at some point if they're not in danger of persecution the u.n. disagrees with this policy. the need for protection is the same you cannot predict a conflict is significantly shorter than the need for protection based on individual persecution for example because some of the political that mention problem your people need to be with their families we have to see the situation from a humanitarian perspective it's not right that people should be separated from their spouses and children for years at a time and you know this is a question of humanity and for that cousin isn't sure why it's difficult for refugee families to be reunited here imagine he says if germans were in his situation all alone in
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a new country without family in any case he's adamant that returning to syria is not an option there's nothing left for him to do but wait for the decision from the authorities and keep in touch with his wife every day online. now to some other stories making headlines around the world kenya's opposition leader has been sworn in as the country's quote alternative president in a stage ceremony in nairobi thousands of his supporters were on hand boycotted a rerun of the country's presidential vote last october calling it a sham the country's attorney general has called the swearing in ceremony and quote act of treason. colonias parliament has postponed a vote to formally reelect the separatist leader carles puyol laws of regions president the speaker said the vote was postponed until they have legal guarantees for approved a muslim unity and he faces arrest if he returns to spain and is currently in self-imposed exile in brussels. as many as one hundred fifty stranded skiers have
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been rescued from a broken down chairlift in austria armed forces helicopter the vacationers to safety from the mountain in central austria there were no reports of any injuries. now ireland will hold a referendum on reforming the country's near total ban on abortion the country currently has some of the world's strictest abortion laws prime minister carr says he will be campaigning to change the legislation an irish parliamentary committee recently recommended allowing abortion up to twelve weeks into a pregnancy poll suggests a majority of voters are in favor of reform. and jennifer collins has been following the story for us she joins us here in studio hi john thanks for joining us this is a very divisive issue why is this push for a referendum come about now well there's always been a pushback against a degree of pushback against arlen's aspect abortion laws play with say the latest groundswell really can be traced back to
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a death of their so far in twenty twelve she was an indian doctor living in arland presented a hospital with a septic miscarriage and requested an abortion quite early on in the process. was initially not given one and was told it because arlen was catholic country and subsequently died from complications that caused a huge outcry in our land huge outrage and since then the anti-abortion pro-choice campaign has really stepped up there have been huge protests in the last couple of years on the streets and online putting pressure on the government to at this stage there's been a groundswell now following that case we said that ireland has some of the strictest abortion laws tell us what they are and basically women cannot access abortion in orland at all unless there is the risk of suicide or. direct risk to the life of the mother because according to our lines laws the life of the unborn child is equal to the life of the mothers that is for text the child when the when
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the unborn child and this has been legislated for by the government by the irish government the past few years because it's actually been very difficult for doctors and hospitals to put into place they feel their hands are tied so so looking ahead at this referendum the polls show that a majority are actually in favor so does it mean that it's a foregone conclusion or could it still be rejected and it's. still any days at this point and there is probably going to be a very tough and the vice of calm pain ahead at the moment there's fifty six percent in favor but nineteen percent are still in divided and there's a big generational divide and also a growing herbals of rural urban divide and so it's not a foregone conclusion pause at the moment it looks good for the pro-choice side and just briefly if you can does this also show that attitudes are becoming more liberal in ireland and i think so we've seen in the past couple of years as past i would say twenty years and orland more and more steps away from the catholic church
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for instance we had at divorce our friend in the ninety's legalization of homosexuality and a couple of years ago the equal marriage referendum and i think this is the latest attempt to shake off the shackles of to catholic church were due to abuse and jennifer cohen's are covering the story for us ireland to hold a referendum on the near total ban on abortion thank you very much for coming to studio. you're watching d.w. news that still to come on the program i had of donald trump's first state of the union address we take a look at why the u.s. appears ready to break with decades of nuclear policy and what that means for the rest of the world. but first business with christoph enough things are looking up for europe that's right twenty seventeen was a very promising year sumi economic growth in the euro zone accelerated at a level last seen before the financial crisis a decade a decade ago despite uncertainty surrounding breck's its economic growth in the
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ninety nation blockheads two and a half percent last year the recovery being lifted by a resurgent france and spain. it's a colorful optimistic well as madrid fashion week the message in spain is that to me on the capital. the economy is growing last year by three point one percent despite the catalonia crisis but looks can be deceiving unemployment is still high many jobs are limited and poorly paid especially in torres and. overall the economy in the eurozone grew by two point five percent in two thousand and seventeen the strongest increase in a decade it even outpaced the u.s. where estimates point to growth of two point three percent. france's economy expanded by one point nine percent twice as much as in the previous year but even in the second largest economy in the eurozone off to germany all that glitters is
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not gold france is held back by the biggest national debt in the eurozone. bring in our markets man there you are cold but the frankfurt stock exchange daniels' the euro zone's strongest economic growth in a decade or investors impressed. well not really i guess you can see it very well in the background chris so we're actually down right now with zero point six per cent yes of course those numbers are good also we had g.d.p. numbers from germany just a few weeks ago to with up to point two percent they're saying it's quite remarkable actually that mostly spain was really able to manage his political situation inside of the country well and that the economy was not really suffering at the same time of course with a very strong economy here in europe there is always this fear that the euro could even go up then we usually have also falling share prices here at the blue chip
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index that and there is this question again to the e.c.b. with this very strong economical situation here in europe why is the e.c.b. is not changing their monetary policy when you talk about the born purchasing program about higher interest rates so yeah that's why they are not that excited at least kristoff so conditions are improving in spain and france but how is investors judgment on italy after all the euro zone's third largest economy. well italy in fact is giving investors quite some headache here at the moment we remember that there are going to be elections at the beginning of march it is already clear at this point that those elections are going to be very difficult it could be even there more difficult than we're seeing right now in germany to form a new government and also the political party that is right now in number one in italy is a party that is very anti european very critical of the migration politics of
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italy's so investors feel that with forming a new government that this could take very long and that this could be harming a little bit the economy of italy ten your friend for thank you. fox wagon will not conduct any more tests involving out a ml's the company says you know when it comes after reports that german car makers financed tests in which monkeys as well as humans were exposed to toxic diesel fumes now the revelations calm at a time and europe's car industry is fighting hard for a future of the diesel engine there's no dispute that nitrogen oxide pollution is a problem levels are too high in places like dusseldorf stuttgart munich hamburg and berlin a total of twenty eight german cities exceed limits in some cases dramatically but it's not just germany france has one thousand affected areas including paris and its suburbs britain has sixteen including london in total twenty three of the twenty eight e.u. countries exceed air quality norms of germany's and our mental agency says to his
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thirds of night trojan oxides are produced by these legends even the cleanest diesels produce this toxic gas the e.u. commission has summoned nine and vironment ministers including germany's barbara hendricks for an air quality summit today giving them a final chance to comply with air quality standards the meeting ended a shoulder while ago and i asked our correspondent band record what came out of it . germany and the eight other countries pleading for more time basically they say we are a good way but we need more time to match the pollution targets and it's not clear whether the commission is village to give them more time because the infringement procedures against these countries are already running for three years now and this is a question if the commission is willing to give in he didn't. indicate what he's going
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to do he just said another time and he wants more details until next monday and the commission can take these countries now to court or the commission can also say you have another two or three of months to cook to come clean with the plans and this is hendricks tried the german minister tried to set her action plan as she called it she will spend one billion euros this year to buy cleaner buses and to have more electric cars on the street and to come up with new traffic plans for the most effected cities and this is how to go to said we are on a good track because we have five percent less nitrogen oxide pollution than we had last year bad very good reporting from brussels there and now it's back to sue me with what we can expect in a big speech from donald trump tonight that's right chris up later today the u.s. president trump will deliver his first state of the union address laying out his
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government's agenda for the year ahead now let's take a look at some of the key issues that he is very likely to address on trade it is america first during his speech at the world economic forum in davos trumps that the american economy remains his top priority and that the nation was open for business let's listen to what he had to say america for he does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world. all right well immigration and the future of the so-called dreamers are going to be another key issue the president has suggested that she is open to protecting the seven hundred thousand dreamers those are the children of undocumented migrants who live in the u.s. illegally in return the president wants the senate to approve billions of dollars in border security funding well trump has also signaled a more aggressive stance on america's nuclear policy did he has an exclusive interview with nato that deputy secretary general to assess how this could heat up
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the arms race between the world's nuclear rivals but first this report. a disused nuclear warhead is being dismantled this is what the future of nuclear weaponry looked like until now that is. the i want this our nuclear arsenal to be the biggest and the finest in the world and we spent a lot of money a lot of time a lot of effort and it's a tip top shape and getting better. only a small number of countries in the world has us nuclear weapons russia and the us are by far the biggest player is between them they own more than ninety percent of the world's nuclear all snow. while russia is estimated to have seven thousand nuclear warheads the us has six thousand eight hundred though only a fraction of them actually deployed and ready for action first and then you the
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proclamation of the treaty for your signature. ever since the end of the cold war the u.s. and russia have steadily reduced the number of nuclear weapons and their arsenals a series of agreements signed by successive governments committed the two countries to a path of nuclear disarmament. but with a new president in the white house things may be about to change in february the us administration is set to publish its new nuclear posture review and early draft obtained by the media suggests that trump wants to build new smaller nuclear weapons that would be a radical break from decades of u.s. nuclear arms policy. and it seems the russians are no longer keeping their side of the nuclear bargain nato recently confirmed that moscow is in breach of a bilateral treaty on intermediate range nuclear missiles something the u.s. has long been claiming this is fuel for trump's nuclear ambitions observers say he
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has scientists already working on developing a missile system to match that of the russians. last week nuclear scientists move the hands of the doomsday clock it is two minutes to midnight. revealing that the world is now another small step closer to nuclear annihilation. the last time the clock was this close to midnight was nine hundred sixty three. points of the cold war. well the world is awaiting for president trump to release his nuclear posture review which will lay out his plans for the u.s. nuclear arsenal let's talk to g.w. the teri schultz she had an exclusive interview with nato deputy secretary general rosa got a miller top u.s. diplomat who's also an expert on arms control good to see you so first of all donald trump says modernizing the u.s. nuclear arsenal will make it the best in the world but he's also said he wants to build new smaller nuclear weapons is this a break in u.s.
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nuclear policy. certainly sumi if donald trump does decide to add these low yield nuclear weapons sometimes called emitting it's to the arsenal it would be a break in policy that's something that has been decided against by previous administrations and it's something that arms control advocates think is dangerous because they believe it will lower the threshold under which he might use nuclear weapons if it doesn't mean you know destruction of the universe maybe he would he would actually move forward with a first use policy and actually use a weaker nuclear weapon against something like a major cyber attack so there are a lot of concerns about this if in fact low yield nuclear weapons are added to the arsenal and that's something i asked the deputy secretary general got a miller about and she is very much against this idea of using any nuclear weapon on first use nuclear weapons in my view should never be the weapon of first resort you have to consider very very carefully for one thing we have had
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a taboo on the use of nuclear weapons nagasaki now seventy two years ago so i think it's a serious matter and one that people. should not be treating lightly so and i don't expect this n.p.r. to treat that matter lightly. so when rose gusher miller says she doesn't expect the nuclear posture review to treat it lightly that has a lot of weight because she in fact was an advisor to the trumpet ministration on this review so i'll be very interesting to see what comes out when that is released we expect that next month terry before its release there's already been a lot of talk about the possibility of a new arms race what are you hearing at nato. at nato there's been a lot of concern about these accusations backed up by a lot of evidence from the united states that russia has violated the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the i.n.f. treaty by building a missile that has a range going well beyond this this treaty the u.s. says they have evidence russia has done this now nato has backed up that call and
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the u.s. is looking for nato to really put a lot more effort into bringing russia back into compliance saying there will be consequences if that doesn't happen terry szell's reporting for us from brussels terry good to talk to you. now keep taking your medication that was the advice from german health officials when ukrainian adventure a list of lot of paid a visit to berlin earlier this month when john says he can heal anything from cancer to blindness but at what cost doesn't it calmly reports. my. this is the man they don't come to see in the flesh self-styled apostles led him in one town and the political and social media on cable t.v. this was the ukrainians first personal appearance in the german capital. yes. this is a short time destroying the curse of cancer of one cullen g.'s. s.
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gone past. but it's not just cancer that claims to be able to heal. there was a problem exactly here. the problem is now gone. the holy ghost has taken it away. your heart is completely healed. it's a claim that draws in the crowds to these crusades as the service is unknown. it is made lunch on a celebrity in ukraine but it also raises questions to munch on followers give up on conventional medicine and who pays for these immaculately choreographed events. back in the ukrainian capital the country's orthodox churches and their arcane rituals a losing ground fast to the times. john's church
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known as regeneration center with its modern social media operation and cable t.v. network is one of those filling that gap. to. touch on and spent ten years as a member of one town's regeneration center by the time she left she was working as a live in assistant for the montel family her own family first joined the church when her sister became seriously ill they credited the church with her recovery. people always want some kind of miracle something extraordinary i was a member of regeneration for a long time sometimes they'd bring the same person onto the stage more than once i'd pray for them and the person would fall to the ground that would go on week after week i guess. but the promise of healing comes at a price. that they convince people they need to donate a minimum amount each month that to really get called blessing they're told to give
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more and more each month should. touch on a tells us of congregation members going heavily into debt to donate to the church of a culture in which spiritual growth meant paying for expensive courses and retreats . the nerve center of men chance church and media empire is located in this vast industrial units in kiev a place to tell a spend a lot of time. but eventually she became disillusioned by the incessant financial demands what she says was the excessive focus on the church's founder. in the worst letters and i think there's a cult of personality around a lot i mean in montana regeneration it's all about serving him everyone values to him it's not about god anymore it's all about he he's even shocked maybe's about himself even once. and with a record number of crusades planned for twenty eighteen ever more of them in germany the outside world looks set to hear
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a whole lot more about ukraine's apostle of health. stories at this hour lawmakers from germany's two main political parties have made a major breakthrough in negotiations on forming a new government the two sides have struck a deal on reunifying refugee families a chief sticking point in coalition talks. with schools. don't forget you can always get it up you news on the go download or out from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world and push notifications bring breaking news and you can also use the do that we have to send us your photos and your videos. thanks for watching state of the.
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snow. how wonderful and no surely. before what happens if there were no more snow on. the climate would go haywire. faurisson are you alone without snow to morrow to do next on d w.
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i fancy a trip. then coming to qantas to make switzerland. once this mountain village goes back in time and for just. the outfits the outdoor sports. and the down since just as they were in the. twenty. year romance sixty minutes on d w. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful have been challenging them asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the sense of our cutting through the rhetoric holding the hostages how fast the conflicts. conflict zone confronting the powerful on d w. what does
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a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer aid it back to the top. in our web special on double dot com. football made in germany. hello and welcome to today coming up. at those extended stay imagining a world without snow. justice of insights new research into like me. someone.


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