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tv   Doc Film - Mahatma Gandhi - Dying for Freedom  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 6:15am-7:00am CET

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mahatma gandhi. she fought against violence his whole life. only to die for his convictions. even waiting for the mob money and this was the fleas of us politics. and he sought to wind down the book
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dying for freedom my heart mug on. fifteen min w. . when i'm traveling i like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on all of the latest news events. and d.-w. makes that part of traveling easy that's because it's available and thousands of her talents resorts and cruise ships worldwide. where have you found the domain science isn't this a feature that sure d.w. in your room you could break right to the d w dot com travel quiz. thing make a commitment. the following. instructor. africa
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on the roof. stories of both people making a difference in shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series from. d.w. dot com africa on the move. whatever we begin to do the day will effect get out of c o two in the atmosphere of the increase of the temperature in twenty fifty they have to start that by starting to decrease the amount of c o two programs we have this is actually not a hard problem that just takes will power over there are very important economic interests to all and all a lot of coal who own
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a lot of oil that are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen and we have to fight them by trendy fifty will be well on the way to grow a lot of the normal solar wind and i'm optimistic that. we're not totally safe spaces. the top u.s. crime bureau the f.b.i. says it has grave concerns about a memoir the russian best a geisha which president donald trump once released republicans say the memo outlines a surveillance abuses by investigators looking into ties between russia and the trump campaign be publicans say the document shows any trump bias but the f.b.i.
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says it omits relevant information. pullens the senate has passed a controversial bill making it illegal to accuse the country of complicity in crimes committed by nazi germany during world war two israel has condemned the bill saying poland is attempting to rewrite history the u.s. says the planned legislation could hamper open discussion about the holocaust that . mexico says was deploying more than five thousand federal troops to. culture the surgeon violent crime the decision comes after the country reported more than twenty five thousand murders last year the highest on record. one were based but boehner mark zuckerberg says users are spending fifty million fewer hours a day on the web site after changes introduced in january the site is now giving more priority to posts from friends and family. social media platforms have been pressured to make changes after criticism over the spread of fake news.
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sends out a bleak warning to his label what forced becomes a cop thousands of jobs have become even more urgent the german giant course up in the international shakeout of the energy sector or so coming up the golden era in economic ties that is how the british prime minister describes the relationship with beijing she tries to drum up trait but does china feel the same way. and high tech total is going all the days of her loops in train sets we take a look at how kids tastes in toys are changing. this is your business update i'm havin a home free great you could join us job cuts at a time of higher profits it's certainly a hard sell and ones evens is attempting to pull off now it's key industrial power business is stuttering along but it's other segments making up for the losses
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thanks to a global upturn that's not stopping the german phone from slashing jobs worldwide c.e.o. joe k.'s argues there is a lot to do to make the company fit for the future but that is not going down well with the protesters because at the same time as operations of the wound back in germany the emmons is in barking on new ones in the u.s. they demonstrate is going to huge lengths to make sure their voices are heard. siemens workers from the eastern german town of gurlitz cycled hundreds of kilometers to the annual shareholders meeting in munich there determined to fight back against plans to cut their jobs. fighting for a future and as long as we continue to do so and see a chance we're going to keep going. seaman c.e.o. joe kayser pointed to market trends in his defense of the cuts. the declining market for fossil fuels is not temporary it reflects the expectation
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of a dramatic development which we can and must address with structural measures. seem and is planning to shed a total of seven thousand jobs worldwide mainly at its power and gas division half of those cuts are said to be in germany. for the workers affected it's a bitter pill to swallow especially at a time when siemens is posting solid profit overall. now the share of the u.s. federal reserve janet yellen is due to step down one had term expires at the end of this week yet it was the first woman to head the federal reserve took up that post in february twenty fourth teen legacy includes slowing down the quantity of easing regime which have criticized ben bernanke introduced in twenty fifteen she also raised interest rates for the first time in seven years jerome powell will succeed yellen and he's not expected to rock the boat too much with his views aligning
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closely with us. well let's bring in our man on a wall street now yes quarter is standing by for us as ever and always nice gains we've also had that meeting all of the fed today what came out of it. the federal reserve a good knowledge that the u.s. economy is continuing the past of grows and they did change the tone slightly from moderates to solid solid growth when it comes to the job market when it comes to overall growth when it comes to consumer spending and old so business investment still no changes in interest rates but that was expected we might see the next interest rate increase at the next meeting march twentieth and twenty first so it was not that eventful the last meeting of janet yellen and the future is a bit uncertain because not just janet yellen but also two other senior members of
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the federal reserve will leave the fed and the new team actually will be the least experience probably in decades the next meeting the first time under might be a bit more exciting than what we saw here on wednesday all right now all eyes only is wrong the state of the union address it was the third longest in history question as to animate the markets open for them. grows grows grows jobs jobs jobs that was one of the key messages from the u.s. president and overall wall street likes what it's seeing so far and we couldn't even have seen an impact of the big tax reform that donald trump got through congress. last year but also he was not too specific how he tries to achieve his goals he did talk about an infrastructure program in the
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amount of one point five trillion dollars how he's going to finance that precisely is rather unclear and we did see a pretty mixed session here on wall street and one sector was under pressure and that was the pharmaceutical industry because donald trump mentioned a couple of times that in his believe drug prices are far too expensive how he's going to change that is unclear but we did see pressure on the stocks of the big pharmaceuticals in school in new york for us thanks a lot. and british prime minister theresa may has hailed what she terms a golden era an economic ties between britain and china this year and have visit to beijing focused on drumming up new trade ties as the u.k. ready to leave the european union. they signed agreements on everything from food imports to education britain's imminent departure from the e.u. has prompted prime minister to resign made to seek to strengthen ties elsewhere. in terms of the future for the relationship between the u.k.
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and china when we leave the european union we've today agree this joint review of trade and invest joint trade and investment review which i think is a good step towards looking towards what our future trade relationship can be when we have that freedom outside membership of the european union as being to able to organize as arrangements for ourselves on a bilateral or bilateral basis chinese premier league on the other hand played down the impact of bracks it insisting that the relationship would not change as a result. but the numbers suggest otherwise the two countries are expected to sign business deals worth over nine billion pounds before the end of may is visitors improving access to the chinese markets and removing trade barriers are top of the agenda. and may also stop by a university where she unveiled plans for a teacher exchange program and a campaign to promote english language learning in china. as britain i thought
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a new relationship with the world's second largest economy it's the younger generation of both nations that will feel the biggest impact. is being hailed as a landmark vote by conservationists off to china now hong kong is banning the sale of ivory it's one of the biggest markets in the world and has direct links to commercial scale elephant poaching in africa potentially a big step to save the beautiful great giants. a colorful crowd of anti ivory protesters had gathered outside to welcome the decision under the new law the maximum penalty for selling ivory is ten million hong kong dollars around one million euros on top of that the offense carries ten years in prison. the world wide fund for nature welcomed the vote but said that the fight doesn't stop with the legislation this was showed becoming dark hong kong
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government towards. the african elephants one of these needed makes is a step up the enforcement to make sure that there would no longer eco trade into hong kong or through hong kong and what we want. to happen is that. the commercial bank. might free trade would spread to other asian countries the ivory market in hong kong is one of the biggest in the world despite attempts to control the illegal ivory trade there is evidence hong kong's market has direct links to large scale elephant poaching in africa wild aid a nongovernmental conservation group estimates up to thirty thousand elephants are killed illegally every year though on khan's always been a failing a while that's very specific me but there you go i've read it right anyway i went
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as i'm on here legal irene and always in moscow he did an illegal trade that's what's been happening for years been happening like that case. but as one market closes traders in illegal ivory will search for a new marketplace and last november the trumpet ministration reversed a ban on the import of ivory to the united states. the while the biggest story takes place in here back. to back in. nine hundred fifty and since then it's become a platform for the latest trends in kids' toys now back then we were talking hula hoops they were all the rage then came claim a bail and electric train sets now well high tech is taking over so here are some of the top trends for twenty eighteen. robots are gradually rolling their way into kids' rooms new technology is the norm for today's children and is becoming an
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increasingly important feature of how they play the little machines can even be programmed instead using apps it's the adult world in miniature. even traditional toys are getting a high tech make like because for the sand pits and even board games where your smartphone or tablet instructs each special agent what to do next. why is a day there are two worlds classical toys and electronic toys that they're developing side by side and as they do they're creating new possibilities for toys all of which is bringing exciting change here to mrs server if you think gaming generation has long enjoyed bringing a virtual edge to real fun like teaming up to play laser tag and linking up to sixteen players with small phones and wife try to eat more but there comes a point when kids just need to get moving no matter how old school that maybe.
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that's it you're up today with the latest from the world of business for more find us on facebook photos on twitter feed of you underscore business on there as well head on the see how free is my handle and i'll be back tomorrow same time same place in the meantime here's a look at the world markets right now. the
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book for gone. for city edge but. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . of a new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance this is for let it be a shift close ones are really difficult complicated forgiveness reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your throat. out of darkness cities are after war. starting march tenth on t w.
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he is known as the father of india but throughout his life one hundred gandhi evoked mixed feelings he was viewed alternatively as a fanatic or an eccentric reactionary revolutionary saint. or as a man who must be killed. he championed a philosophy of nonviolence only to die at the hand of an assassin. he led a peaceful resistance movement to free india from british rule yet independent india was born at an hour of crucial carnage. amid sectarian killings on an unprecedented scale gandhi risked his life to preach nonviolence until his dying day. on january thirtieth one thousand nine hundred forty eight he was killed by
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a hindu nationalist with three shots to the chest. in one thousand nine hundred eighty one gandhi was interviewed by an american journalist. if you compared. the late brother of gandhi's assassin was jailed for almost two decades at the time of our interview he was eighty five years old
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and recalled every detail of the plot. better are not. not so you will be one. gun. but mark. the hero was. more deviate. bread and. water but disappeared india we've already there to bed persons. were dispersed not. in the indian capital delhi there are several sites dedicated to the memory of the man to whom the poet to gore gave the name mahatma greats.
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this somebody this site where gandhi's body was cremated on a funeral pyre of sandal wood in accordance with hindu funeral custom. the national gandhi museum and house converted into a memorial museum after gandhi was assassinated on its grounds. every day krell to visit his flock there from all over the country bengal and kerala pradesh and money poor. many indians rich or poor still see it as their duty to make the pilgrimage and pay homage. to the atmosphere feels more like a temple that museum. one room has a series of die rama's depicting key scenes from gandhi's life. visit his remove their shoes to approach the spot where the mahatma fell to the assassin's bullets.
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photographs gandhi's meager personal belongings his notebooks walking-stick letters even his blood stained clothes everything related to the life of the father of the nation has been preserved. when one hundred times had gandhi was born in eight hundred sixty nine india was firmly under britain's imperial young. like his father he seemed destined to serve the ruling power. his family belong to the panni a caste hard working merchants from western good at state. gandhi's marriage at the
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age of thirteen was a ranged he and his wife cast about would have four children. when he was sixteen his father fell gravely ill. gandhi's paragraph is described him as a devoted son who sat at his father's bedside. gandhi felt that he added judy to nurse his father the time he was dying and hopefully he wanted to actually be within the hour of his death. but on that particular day when his father became critically ill he. felt more attracted to his wife and he was actually in the act of making love to her at the moment when his father died and it's a lot of historians look to. his life feel that this was really something that colored his whole attitude to his sexuality. and led eventually to his deciding to
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renounce all of a sexual relationship with his wife. after passing his bar exams in london sunday returned to india to practise law but soon went on to take up a short term position in south africa he ended up staying for twenty years. initially. in south africa had lived the life of a rich boy who had a quite an affluent lifestyle he hadn't really changed become this very ascetic person dressing and. clothes and so on he was wearing western style suits he was living well. but then on a train journey to pretoria a white passenger objected to gandhi's presence in a first class carriage and though he had a first class ticket he was thrown off the train he resolved to stay and fight for inequality in south africa.
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when he returned to india in one nine hundred fifteen gandhi was a changed man. the barrister had become a political activist trading his english suit and tie for a dhoti the traditional dress of the indian poor he says how to familiarize himself with the social problems in his homeland travelling by train across the country always in.


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