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control six months ago was an all out siege that left mosul in ruins years of occupation and war have left its inhabitants struggling to rebuild shattered lives . thousands of children fight to survive among the ruins of mosul many are often most to traumatized by the brutality of the so-called islamic state and by the fighting which free the city. so there are no jobs so i had to leave school to help feed my family my father is dead. killed him in front of me. i should go to hell the boys tell us they united by hatred for the extremists who once ruled their city that we visit a school stand up all those who have lost a relative says the teacher the children's parents of perpetrators and victims alike how one business but we wanted to reconcile children biters in their victims
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we gave them counseling but i fear it didn't do much with. the street children tell us that bad memories haunt their sleep they cannot turn off the painful thoughts thousands of children abandoned. many may have left their futures behind them before they've even begun. well new reports have emerged from another of the world's major conflict zones of sexual violence being used as a weapon the u.n. says that me and mars armed forces systematically employed rape as a tool of terror against the. american actress and u.n. special master and jolie has joined with nato to try to protect women at risk. a refugee camp in bangladesh for roughead to muslims driven out of their homeland women girls even children who have experienced sexual abuse and rape. before they
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left for others on the road the united nations has warned that sexual violence is increasingly being used as a weapon in conflict zones american actor angelina jolie is working to change this as a u.n. special she's drawn attention to the problem and has addressed nato. now the military alliance is to help her and her struggle women. yet the use of rape as a weapon of war has been regarded inevitable feature of conflict as a lesser crime and a problem too difficult or too uncomfortable for societies to address this is a historic injustice and a critical issue of international peace and security. this is rape used as a weapon to achieve military or political goals. in concrete terms this means the alliance will educate soldiers and train them to deal with victims of sexual abuse
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and attacks and nato secretary general says including more women in missions could be part of the solution we know from experience that string theory in the role of women in the armed forces is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do. if the initiative succeeds it might no longer be necessary for hollywood stars to call attention to sexual violence in conflict zones or to help bring the perpetrators to justice. also or to close off down the already limited access to the internet in china is getting even more regulated that's right bryan we know that access to the internet in china is highly restricted now one way to bypass the control so far was the use of so-called virtual private networks or v.p.n. but now the government is trying to close that tunnel undermining china's fire wall beijing is cracking down on the v.p.
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and use forcing businesses to use state approved software only to share sensitive data between their locations. if you are in china trying to skype chat with colleagues in the u.s. think again what about surfing google or using twitter and facebook sorry. the chinese government is banning all virtual private networks. the seventy's help users to bypass online censorship that business is also use them to move their data securely in an effort to comfy is the government has assured foreign companies doing business there that they can still access the internet using state approved hole tools. many firms a nervous about exposing that data to the chinese. this won't impact safety that's because governments telecom companies just provide a channel a network they can't see any content on the network related to your company for
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businesses that follow chinese laws and regulations this is guaranteed constitution stipulates that citizens have the freedom to communicate and that corporate communications will be protected with. christmas eve however comes at a cost many small and mid-sized companies are troubled by the usage fees for the state own software well over one thousand euros a month experts say that's more than smaller businesses will be able to shoulder in the long run. and more on the issue and what it means to business here next hour facebook says is concentrating on quality not quantity that's as the world's biggest social media network announced results that beat expectations profits were up twenty percent almost four point three billion dollars but shares fell sharply c.e.o. mark zuckerberg saying time spent on the site was down fifteen million dollars per day as the social media from doubles down on its strategy to remove click bait and
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increase meaningful interaction. the u.s. federal reserve left the benchmark interest rate unchanged after its first policy meeting of twenty eighteen but said it expects inflation to move up this year and a possible signal of faster rate increases ahead the meeting was the last headed by federal janet yellen and she's due to step down when the term expires at the end of the week yellen was the first woman to head to federal reserve and she took up the post and february twenty fourth teen she will be succeeded by general pop. as being hailed as a landmark vote by conservationists after trying out now hong kong is banning the sale of ivory that's one of the biggest markets in the world and has direct links to commercial scale elephant poaching in africa potentially a big step to save the great giants. a colorful crowd of anti ivory protesters had gathered outside to welcome the decision that
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under the new law the maximum penalty for selling ivory is ten million hong kong dollars and around one million euros on top of that the offense carries ten years in prison. the world wide fund for nature welcomed the vote but said that the fight doesn't stop with the legislation this was shows become it minbar hong kong government to all sponsor the african elephants one of these lead it makes is a step up the enforcement to make sure that there would no longer be and the eco trade into hong kong or through a phone call and what we want. to happen is that. the commercial guy in india might be traded would spread to other asian countries. the ivory market in hong kong is one of the biggest in the world despite attempts to control the illegal ivory trade there is evidence hong kong's market has direct
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links to large scale elephant poaching in africa wild aid a nongovernmental. conservation group estimates up to thirty thousand elephants are killed illegally every year. on kong's always been a. very specific me. illegal ivory thing right from anywhere where there's a. legal irene and. illegal trade that's what's been happening for years happening right now. but as one market closes traders in illegal ivory will search for a new marketplace and last november the trumpet ministration reversed a ban on the import of ivory to the united states. the world's biggest toy fair takes place in nuremberg each year it started back in nine hundred fifty and since then it's become a platform for the latest trends in kids' toys back then hula hoops were all the rage and can play mobile and electric train sets now high tech is taking over so
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here as a top trends for this year. robots aggression the rolling their way into kids' rooms new technology is the norm for today's children and it's becoming an increasingly important feature of how they play the little machines can even be programmed instead using apps it's the adult world in miniature. even traditional toys are getting a high tech make like diggers for the sand pits and even board games where your smartphone or tablet instructs each special agent what to do next. day there are two worlds classical toys and electronic toys they're developing side by side and as they do they're creating new possibilities for toys all of which is bringing exciting changes here to mrs savor. the gaming generation has long enjoyed bringing a virtual edge to real wild fun like teaming up to play laser tag and linking up to
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sixteen players with smart phones and wife i. but there comes a point where kids just need to get moving no matter how old school that maybe. it's back to brian now and a real show stopper knowings of people checking this out star gazers around the world christoph have been treated to a rare cosmic show it's bright red very large and visible around the world for the first time in thirty five years a blue moon has sync up with the super moon and a total lunar eclipse is more. it was a day to remember for many sky enthusiasts in beijing hundreds of people went out onto the streets and there he was full round and red the super blue blood moon. it glowed in the heavens over asia australia north america in europe it was still daytime. the reddish color is due to rays of sunlight crossing the earth's
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atmosphere and hitting the moon surf a star hence the name blood moon the other two phenomena are a bit more common as the moon reaches its closest position to earth appearing larger and brighter it's called the super moon while the term blue moon indicates a second full moon in a single month the last one was in the beginning of january but what is extremely rare is for all three phenomena to happen at the same time excited sky gazers also in los angeles. this is once in a lifetime and i don't care if it's three thirty in the morning i'm going to come and it's completely worth it it's amazing it's gone through so many stages it's really beautiful. to see down here the total lunar eclipse and then having some. i worked. a couple hours or. so with it it was totally worth it. well people in europe couldn't
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see the blood moon they can at least look forward to their own lunar eclipse at the end of july. this is did enter still to come on the show more than three million syrian refugees are currently living in turkey and visit one family getting file assistance from the european union bought for how much longer. ambrosio dortmund's p.r. america bomb young makes his long awaited transfer to arsenal for a cool sixty four million and we catch up with the german astronaut alexander gast as he goes through the final preparations for his next mission spreads. that and plenty more straight ahead guaranteed of yours.
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welcome back your a t w news our top stories right now the f.b.i. has clashed publicly with the white house over the planned release of a classified memo on the russia election investigation the law enforcement agency says it has grave concerns about the accuracy of the document which republicans say reveals surveillance abuses by the f.b.i. and the justice department. pro separate of forces in yemen have surrounded the presidential palace in the southern port city of aden trapping government ministers inside the u.n. says it has been unable to distribute food aid to more than forty thousand displaced people trying to flee the fighting. well almost two years ago with the migration crisis at its height the european union and turkey struck a deal the e.u. aimed to reduce the number of refugees and migrants making the very dangerous
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journey from turkey to the greek islands in return turkey would receive aid and political concessions so how effective has this deal been our next report takes a look at some of the numbers. when the e.u. came up with its plan to reduce the number of people arriving on greece's shores from turkey it decided to offer a large carrot to. set aside three billion euros to help turkey host huge numbers of refugees so far almost one point eight billion euros have been paid out of that fund so where does that money go most of it's channeled into humanitarian support providing food shelter education and health care but has the deal prevented refugees and migrants training at sea in the year before it went into force one thousand one hundred fifty people died or were reported missing in the a.j. and that number was down to sixty two over the past twelve months the drop in
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fatalities is down to a huge fall in the number of irregular crossings from turkey in the year before the deal an average of two thousand seven hundred refugees the migrants were arriving on the greek islands every day since the deal that numbers dropped to an average of eighty one another cornerstone of the agreement was to settle syrian refugees across the e.u. and show there's a safe legal route to europe. since the deal went into force just over eleven thousand seven hundred syrians have been resettled in the e.u. from turkey almost three thousand eight hundred of them have been taken in by germany we're. well turkey still hosts about three million refugees from syria more than a third of them receiving aid directly from the u.s. part of the.


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