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tv   Doc Film - Afghanistan Mon Amour  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 10:15am-11:01am CET

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i'm connection and the need is time connection with data security data serenity and otherwise couldn't couldn't work in the way they have learnt it in the past now beijing is saying well you can still share information from one place to the other but through our network. what has been the reaction to that i think the idea of the chinese government is quite quite clear they want to have access to the data or access to the information they're very. risk averse to see that there could be something on the veil of ignorance they couldn't explain they couldn't really is. because they are they have the idea that people shouldn't do it outside the state activity and if you see for example of the the reluctance to accept civil society activity if you have a pride people from outside they're a part of the international network are part of the home base and they want to be
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connected in real time then it won't work if you will want to have the total security and they the access to all this was the chinese government makes clear once again that they want to have total civilians and security on the political talk is that is the chinese attitude but what has been the reaction has been from companies that you're in touch with are the big companies will be able to look for other solutions as their own networks there are a lot of capital to to look for research and for a new solutions but i thought this is all the networks were forbidden now about but there are a lot of ways i'm not an i.t. expert but i've heard they're even more room to organize some special channels but it's the most important part of small medium sized companies that have to pay for things to pay for the chinese system and the same pay they have to pay and they have no security and sovereignty on the data so that's the problem they have so i think this is a split up between the very big firms globalized and the smaller trying to get access to china and michael finally the move. among foreign businesses in china has
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been tear deteriorating i mean we've been there been ongoing complains about hurdles about interference is there any cation any indication of some companies businesses leaving china giving up the market literally leaving china it's a big market one point four billion people it's quite clear but on the other hand we heard more and more information that the that the companies are more alert more reluctant in going with news technology to china for example to produce there and you shouldn't forget china always is on the basis on the. dictatorship it's not a market economy and the struggle they have in w two to ask for them a market economy status has something to do with the western will not give this if it's appropriate and we see a new nother prove on that michael hooter president of the german economic institute thank you so much for your insight this morning. facebook says it's concentrating on quality rather than quantity that as the world's biggest social
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media network announced its fourth quarter profits were up twenty percent to almost four point three billion dollars now the results beat market expectations but facebook shares fell sharply as the company said users are spending less time on the site. if facebook was expecting a thumbs up from investors it wasn't getting one. quick to calm the storm after announcing a drop in viewing hours c.e.o. mark zuckerberg saying it's all part of the plan to keep the company sustainable as it avoids basing its business on the passive consumption of content explaining in a facebook post we made changes that reduce time spent on facebook by roughly fifty million hours every day by focusing on meaningful connections community and business will be stronger over the long term. bug is confident the social media giants income won't drop because it's finding new ways to advertise on the facebook site and it's instagram investors are easily spooked
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by changes in the social network but they're showing faith in the company's leaders to keep users in gauged at least for now for an hour for the final preparations before blast off for the international space station brides of experiments planned up there christophe the german asked not to gas is getting ready for his next mission to space at the end of april will be embarking on the horizons mission to the international space station now this will be his second time aboard the i assess and he'll be taking charge of the orbital lab for half a year the shadow cut off with him at star city that's the russian space training center south of moscow. these spacesuits aren't for lightweights invented the scales at around ten kilograms each once in space to ensure that alexander guest and his crew mates sergei prokofiev and syrian annan chancellor can survive in a vacuum which it will be the first time
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a guest will serve as commander on the international space station does not mind there are much of it this is the same space suit i wore when i landed last time you can still see traces of sort from my exit from the capsule i'm one of the few lucky ones allowed to train in my own spacesuit i'll get a new one for the next flight it's tailor made for me and ready to go. from the end of the i. this is the view alexander guest had on his first space flight. in twenty fourteen of the a geophysicist became the thirty german to fly to the international space station during his next mission horizons the crew will conduct about eighty experiments some a new others guest performed on his first flight. this fits and it'll be a little like coming home i've spent around six months of my life there and have
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nice memories from the last time i'm really looking forward to this for. the training center in the so-called star seat in the a moscow is steeped in history generations of cosmonauts and quite a few astronauts who went back to tear star city of this once top secret town it was built during the space race between the u.s. and to this of yet union a trip to star city today is a journey of the past the present and the future of space exploration. the immediate future elf space research belongs to these three astronauts to ensure their flight on the sixth of june goes smoothly but they're doing takeoff blending and docking exercises in the reconstruction of their original so you space capsule . to the ground control staff has installed some system failures to simulate up to twelve breakdowns a day. any one of them could be fatal if undetected and left on result that's why the astronauts say these face of the training is the most difficult
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demanding intense concentration and to rapid decision making capacity. come by since he is a cruise missile we know this involves more of a risk than traveling by train. but we're not flying this mission just for fun it's for scientific experiments. we're doing space research for the greater good and that's why i'm prepared to take this higher risk. sequence again. forty years after the first spaceflight by a german alexander guest will be the first to german come under on the international space station. the horizons mission will take off from the by canoe a space launch facility in southern kazakhstan vase summer. we have some football now and honestly the club bursar dortmund have sold star
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striker pierre america bomb young to the english premier league side arsenal is on his way there that cost a reported sixty four million euros the ban international netted twenty one goals and twenty four games this season will be looking to replicate that form at arsenal . no wonder he looks happy if my judgment strike at p.m.s. take obama got his wish at last he's now in austin ok out there be some familiar faces at his new club he real nightmare this former don't mean teammate henrik mckee totty on who also just became a gonna. be happy to be here and of course i can. i can join me in this team so i'm really happy to be to be here and it is great to take up on international was a powerful force in the bundesliga he scored one hundred forty one goals in over two hundred games and was crucial to do what it meant winning the german cup in
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twenty seventeen but over my young is ambitious. i have. such a big story and they're great players like you too so it's an example for. us not have given over my own on this legendary number fourteen sure it truly a tough act to follow but oss now seem to have faced. well the court of arbitration for sport will give its verdict later today on the cases of thirty nine russian athletes banned from the olympics for life it's appealed their bans at hearings last week they were disqualified from their events and in some cases dripped of their medals after an international olympic committee investigation into state sponsored russian doping the athletes hope to be cleared in time to compete at this month's winter games in south korea. let's get your mind out of our top stories at
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this hour the f.b.i. has condemned the white house plans to release a classified memo on the russia election investigation law enforcement agency says it has grave concerns about the accuracy of the document which republicans say reveals surveillance abuses by the f.b.i. and. just as the four. presidents forces in yemen have surrounded the presidential palace in the southern port city of eden trapping government ministers inside the u.n. says it cannot get aid to more than forty thousand people trying to flee the fighting . you're watching news live from berlin we have more coming up of course of the top of the hour for now we're going to leave you with some more images of that blood red moon that transfixed no ins enjoy.
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it's knowing. how wonderful you know surely fifty years. before it would happen if there were a lot more snow on. the quine it would go haywire. whoreson are in a world without snow on to morrow to the next on g.w. . into the conflict zone after many delays kosovo as a new. crimes courts for many people want to see it scrapped before it's even up and running over says landed up on the desk of the prime minister robert sherwood
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denied those markets the worst was told to mr couper to stop he could pretty much forget about joining nato believe you know what's he going to do. sixty minutes on. the scars on. the path still tangible. suffering for god. to save the edge but. they have survived do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand
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a chance darkness cities after the war starting march tenth on g.w. . player . hello and welcome to you tomorrow today coming up. at those experiments imagining a world without snow. justice of insight new research into lightning. and subway in the sky cable cars relieve congestion in left cars. but first it's wintertime in the northern hemisphere. and that means it's cold and. snow in many parts love spend lots of it. here and it's been
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a good season for skiing. and at lower elevations as well people have been running in the snow. many just love the stuff. i'll. get up and look out the window and everything suddenly white. it just looks a beautiful. great feeling in your tummy i can't describe it it's wonderful. i did a mishmash yet to meet a child that doesn't love the snow we always loved it it was great to just mess around in the snow much that she should be of course i have a walking frame now i have to test that out maybe it's not equipped with winter tires i might even need snow chains schmick.
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if we forest just love the first snow of the year if it transforms the forest and makes everything sparkle and we can see all kinds of tracks for the animals initially hide because everything so bright and. headed. but when they come out you often see the younger ones playing my dog the place to just like the children you can go. back and see if. i really like us now. that's a really funny things can happen. one time i was ten and a rabbit suddenly came out of nowhere but somehow he just appeared out of the snow hoskins. it was really cool this young boy. my name is mohammed they come from eritrea i've been living in germany for four
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years now. my refugee status has now been up for like i've been working full time for the past year. when the snow comes people are so friendly i built a snowman together with my instructor we used a carrot for the nose. that gets come up so i can do it by myself i know what to do . i wish we also had a snowball fight it was great that's why it's initial. snow isn't there to entertain us plays a real and important physical realm. without it the world would be a very different place. we still get snow. for some it's fun for others plain bothersome. but it's essential for life on earth.
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when winter descends on the northern hemisphere snow covers fifty percent of the landmass within a few weeks. it's so heavy it even slows the earth's rotation. and it's so white but when seen from space the earth even changes color with the seasons. the snow cover also affects global temperatures. it reflects ninety percent of solar radiation straight back into space. and it cools the air above it. that affects weather patterns. when russia gets a lot of snow temperatures there drop dramatically a high pressure zone develops which channels dry icy air towards western europe and germany where it then also gets very cold. albeit dry and sunny as well.
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but even though the air mass above the snow is ice cold it's warmer below a deep blanket of snow insulates and prevents things underneath from freezing. plants can survive the winter because the water they need remains liquid. and people. a billion of us are dependent on melt water. so what if we suddenly had no more snow. in a world without snow northern temperatures would jump by five degrees celsius. weather patterns would change. warm humid air would flow from the atlantic to germany bringing miserable rainy weather. even though it's comparatively warmer the ground begins to freeze permafrost spreads.
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without its insulating snow cover ground temperatures fall so low in winter the soil can never quite thought out and summer plants and animals die. forests disappear from a large swathes of the northern hemisphere leaving only sure obes moss and lichen. further south melt water supplies fail wide expanses of arable land in asia or in north america become barren. drinking water become scarce. lack of moisture turns the remaining forests into tender boxes. the world becomes a parched husk. a world without snow would be a nightmare. it's
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time for this week's viewer question. and it is particularly relevant when it's cold and rainy outside. shyam sunder looking south from records down in india wants to know. why do we catch so many colds in winter. but it's winter is indeed the season for colds everyone seems to be sneezing and coughing. i was. but is it really the cold that makes us sick. no say researchers at least not directly. their firy chilly weather weakens our immune systems slow circulation and
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our blood vessels constrict. but it's viruses that are the real culprits they take advantage of the situation. because membranes in our mouth and nose unable to ward off the invaders. what's more cold viruses are constantly mutating there are more than two hundred different kinds. having had one cold doesn't mean you won't get another. there's another possible reason for that phenomenon in winter where often huddled together indoors in heated poorly aired rooms. the dry am makes our mucous membranes vulnerable and there's always someone who has a cold. so getting really cold having wets half or cold feet doesn't lead to a cold for say. some even claim exposure toughens you up.
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but dressing normally is never a bad idea. if you have a question about signs you can submit on our website. on the show listen you know a d.v.d. featuring a lighthearted look at albert einstein's most famous theories. the most important thing is to never stop asking questions. human kind is pretty much at the mercy of the weather. but if we can make it behave the way we want it to. researchers are making some headway there new insights don't always come in a flash. of. lightning is one of nature's most or
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inspiring phenomena and can also be a highly destructive one two million like me boats are recorded in germany every year. researching the enormous power and energy behind these discharges of static electricity is anything but easy. scientist christiane pollard is determined to find out more. he traps lightning as a profession luring it to a t.v. tower on top of a one thousand meter high peak in the various alpine foothills. of the tower is one hundred fifty meters tall. at the top of attached an aluminum ring that we positioned a roughly four metre tall aluminum pole in the center of that in order to attract lightning strikes. that we're talking here of an average of around ten thousand amps by comparison a standard electrical socket delivers
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a maximum of about sixteen apps that gives you an impression of the power behind it . the facility here on the pipes and back is unique in germany full of sophisticated. the technology it's designed to expose the very essence of lightning strike to strike a remnant of one of the polish lightning traps shows the forces he's dealing with. and looking at this all conduct iraq from the previous unit you can see all the scorch marks the base points of the lightnings path where the strike discharges. you can see that the tip of this conductor used to be round and now up here it's got some really lovely melted patches you can see it here as well. inside the t.v. tower instruments record the power and dynamics of each strike. has also installed a high speed camera which captures the chaotic and varied nature of each hit.
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normally an electrical storm develops from cloud to ground. when electrical tension in the cloud has built up enough an electrically conductive channel will suddenly extend towards the ground and the current will discharge repeatedly. at the piscean back tower here we can see something very typical for tall structures. we can see an upward lightning discharge building up from the top of the tower towards the sky then we see a very powerful current carrying over twenty thousand amps. it causes a very bright flash and instantly heats the plasma to over thirty thousand degree celsius and that causes the adjacent air to expand explosively at almost the speed of sound and that's what you hear.


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