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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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against the f.b.i. this looks like the start of a major showdown between the trumpet administration ministration on the investigation into russian interference and last year's election we will have more on that as we get it done physical and on the white with your business update in just about richard i'll be back with more news on the top of our enemies out of post as always the websites feed up you dot com have a good. freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history. poor in education and freedom this makes its mission difficult for independent journalists i see promising to who are now making names for themselves
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all over the world. from my own glory my photo. will continue. their experience of freedom. is like a few minutes. you can visit but you call come back from. mining yourself or to work you know. three strikes and you're out not to touch a bank how tricky valuable losses yet germany's largest lender is said should reward an executive or all its executives with even more lavish bonuses the u.s. tech giants mostly reports jello quarterly figures but america's tax reform spells trouble for alphabet and advertising and still the lead up to super bowl sunday
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analysts say agencies are toting down the ante trump rhetoric in comparison to last year. let's do business. has just enjoyed its third annual loss in a row close to half a billion euros the lender insists it's making good progress in cutting costs but it will take time to improve profits it wants to streamline operations its business in less profitable countries and install a low cost culture except the top management. has a p.r. problem on its hands in the past days us all. thirty's find the bank a combined eighty million euros for market manipulation it's already paid billions for a series of scandals involving its mortgage business the pressure rising on chief executive john cryan he took over in twenty fifteen to turn the bank's fortunes around but three years in crimes only post of lawsuits he says he needs more time
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and they've been reports the five base lender is planning to hike staff bonuses to a grand total of more than a billion euros for twenty seventeen the german government says the bank should consider the impact on its image is what crime had to say about today's worse than expected results. this is yes it is the third loss in a row. for however it is also our first pretax profit since twenty fourteen shots. will it be without the one of hit we took as a result of the us tax reform we've now been reporting a net profit of almost one billion euros presenteeism. only thing is that theoretical billion could be headed straight for company bosses bank accounts and executive bonus hike for all the good work in the midst of scandal finds not to
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mention all those losses is daniel cope. no crying are. going to bring dacha bang back in the winning zone then he knows he will most likely have to look for another job many people have been criticizing him a lot because of those high bonuses paid to investment bankers he is saying that those investment bankers who are by the way already making a lot of money up to three hundred thousand euros per year which will be even more much of a that he does not want to lose them if he is not paying those bonuses two thousand and eighteen are supposed to be again different than the bonus should be reflecting more again how the bank is actually performing. dodge's earnings didn't go down well with investors its shares lost over six percent to the frankfurt stock exchange google parent company alphabet also blames the u.s. tax reforms for its performance and quarterly net loss of three billion dollars but
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traders gave the green light to apple and amazon's record profits. it's all signals go for the titans of the new economy retailer amazon posted its first billion dollar profit that's a remarkable change for a company that's issued profits until now reinvesting all its income into new high tech ventures like a supermarket without cash registers. for the company's new headquarters in seattle founder jeff bezos said the voice assistant had well exceeded expectations. ok jeff . meanwhile google parent alphabet said its profits would have been up but it chose to pay a one time charge of almost ten billion dollars to bring cash back to the u.s. under the new tax reform there. are results for apple to sales of the i phone may have dipped slightly but c.e.o. tim cook called it the biggest quarter in the company's history saying the flagship
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i phone ten had sales projections. briefly plunged below eight thousand dollars today but has since bounced back an extremely volatile week for crypto currencies is coming to an end investors confronted with a mounting list of concerns about the future of digital money setbacks include regulatory threats from authorities around the world including south korea india china and the u.s. then there was last week's record five hundred million dollars heist at japanese exchange coin check plus fears of price manipulation and facebook's ban on cryptocurrency ads since reaching a record high of around twenty thousand dollars on december eighteenth has lost more than half. the chief economist of u.b.s. wealth management says no reason for consumer concern unless you were foolish enough to gamble on the cryptocurrency. lost sleep over that bad big investment well you may want to try a new mattress what about one filled with horsehair it's
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a century old family tradition for this next building business been no animals were harmed in the filming of this next report though there may be a few horses running around without tails. it's a craft which is all but died out don your hair is continuing his family tradition into the fourth generation. mattresses handmade bespoke otter's not a far cry from the synthetic products sold most shops these days daniel makes them with traditional materials meaning his wares are stuffed with horsehair each mattress needs at least forty horse tails to get complex aspirational branding so common among the big businesses daniel has one dream to remove the clutter from sleep. so to thrive a very pure experience to really try the way there is nothing there's no lining or it's nothing in between so it's just what it is and that makes think thimble and
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the thing should be thin people. beautiful. don't need to treat daniel carefully select his fabrics from weavers around the world getting the detail right is crucial from hotel to architects his clients have a keen eye for design he's currently developing a style to suit the tastes of potential middle eastern customers but he's also letting the outside in the future of the mattress making trade is under threat so he's passing on what he knows. it's very hard to find a new craftsman because it's a dying art and. so they're just five things people left in europe it came up to me how can i bring all this crap to a new generation. initiated a charity project or to integrate the maker and coming to terminate
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and we work together on small pillows and the project was called prop protect. so i think this kind of thing if you really inspired people then the best way to. to to keep craftsmanship alive. it's an art in itself convincing people to look to the past for inspiration in the bedroom he uses modern technology to reach out to customers like any other business but unlike any other business next to his workshop is the so-called sleep shop customers can hit the hay or rather the horsehair overnight to try before they buy daniel hair is mixing the old world with a new adapting to changing times in the aid of a good night's sleep super bowl sunday isn't just these sporting event of the year
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in the us it's every appetizers dream the whole country is watching and at least a third of the broadcast is reserved for commercials which are always trying to outdo each other for last year's spots offered subtle digs president donald trump a more conservative game plan is expected this time. there's no doubt about it the super bowl is big business and the show begins long before the players take to the field even the arrivals of this year's contenders the new england patriots and philadelphia eagles at minneapolis st paul airport it was a media event these are some of the u.s.a.'s highest paid athletes. television advertising during the big game also attracts a minor galaxy as advertisers go on a no holds out and spending spree. now. this year's lineup includes big hitters danny de vito. and
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morgan freeman and missy elliott. soft drinks snack foods in celebrity motorcycle may because they have brand to be associated with the big game but the jets are talking with us donuts. thirty second spots are going for five million dollars this year but that's only the beginning for advertisers they spend many millions more on production on celebrity endorsers and so this is a major investment for marketers but one that they continue to to think is pays off because of the massive viewership of the super bowl more than one hundred million people watch the super bowl n.b.c. the network carrying the super bowl also has the rights to the winter olympics and is selling a package to advertisers which includes both events some estimates say the network
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will reap a billion dollar bonanza you can. for a football season in which politics seeped into the field super bowl advertisers will likely steer clear of anything potentially divisive. ravan. even celebrities who animal a privilege of raf seems to have avoided control of a seat tipping super bowl favorites new england patriots. and before we go a sneak peek at the new design of lufthansa's planes the crane still there is you can see but the famous gray underside and yellowed logo background nothing in the past it will take eight years to repaint all three hundred thirty aircraft it's not going to happen over night. business with you i'll see you again very soon.
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she doesn't know if the dog is a nice good dad. some of us one of many chechen mothers who've lost their children to i guess. why do so many young chechens join the islamist militia even parents caught between hope and fear. not knowing if they'll ever see the sons or daughters
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again. next on w. . bush. it's an underground more against crime. more and more young men are being gunned down in the slums of nairobi by the police . there were more than three thousand such killings last year alone one of victims was nineteen year old brian friends and neighbors tell us what happened why it was brian mitchell extrajudicial killings cannot hold a. reporter on the. scars on. absolutely. the pain still touchable. edge but. they have survived they also have
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a future. i really understand people who will say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace talks what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness cities. starting march tenth t w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michel henery good to have you with us one of the biggest challenges europe has faced in recent years is the refugee crisis since twenty fifteen more than a million refugees have settled here in germany the debate over how to integrate
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the new arrivals is one of the key sticking points in forming a new german government more than four.


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