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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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three strikes and you're out not buying a hat trick of value a lot this year germany's largest lenders set to reward its executives with even more lavish bonuses. or so coming out the diesel emissions research to speak out they say the amount of night should dioxide they exposed humans too and that controversial some day analysts say agencies are turning down the anti trump rhetoric in comparison to last year. this is your business update on how i'm free in berlin great to have you with us deutsche bank has just enjoyed its third annual loss in a row close to half a billion euros while the lender insists it is making good progress when it comes to cost cutting but that it will take time all the while the pressure is growing one chief executive john prine he took over in twenty fifteen to turn the bank's
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fortunes around three years in crimes only posted losses here's what he had to say about the worse than expected results. this is yes it is the third loss in a row. for however it is also our first pretax profit since twenty fourteen shots a time to stream. only without the one of which we took as a result of the u.s. tax reform we've now been reporting a net profit of almost one billion euros it's interior. that theoretical billion could be headed straight for company bosses bank accounts and executive bonus hikes all the good work in the midst of scandal fines not to mention all those losses here's a financial correspondent daniel cope. prajna very well. going to bring dr bang in the winning when you know he will most likely. many
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people hoping for the driving. because of the. investment bank or. the investment bankers who are by the way already making a lot of money up three hundred thousand euro per year to be even more money. than. those bonuses two thousand and eighteen as opposed to the. one the bonus. the more again how the banks performing. daniel in a frankfurt there on digest p.r. problems and german carmakers also grappling with their own best after it emerged that v.w. dime that b.m.w. sponsored studies conducted by the university of auckland in germany into the health effects of diesel fumes now this practice many companies may engage and they carry out their own research but revelations that monkeys and humans were test subjects course a scandal when they came to light this week. to study and to assess the impact of
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diesel fumes on human health unsurprisingly the three companies that funded it had a vested interest b.m.w. timer and v.w. . when the tests became public the outcry was graced with members of the german government various media commentators and even fox martin's boss united this week in their condemnation. but the researchers behind the study are suggesting that the response has been disproportionately pointing out that the study posed no risk to subjects health. when viewing mention when we expose humans to harmful substances we make sure that there is no health risk involved and ensure of course that nobody can get ill. the study came to light as german car makers most notably v.w. continue to struggle with the four layers of the diesel emission standards among
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those defending the research participants themselves. i personally find the whole discussion over heated we shouldn't get carried away. it's. nothing much happened and up to this day i haven't experienced any repercussions. from the most almost. i'm not as critical or as upset about it as the german media is. about i do miss the ball just in the medians of the us your. classic statements are likely to be welcomed by the car industry the further damage to their image is done v.w. keen to prove its cleaned up its act has already suspended a top executive who knew about the experiment. let's take a look at some results now we've seen deutsche earnings they didn't go down well with investors it shares lost over six percent at the front foot stock exchange
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google parent company alphabet also blamed the u.s. tax reforms for its poor performance a quarterly net loss there of three billion dollars but trade us gave the green light to apple and amazon's record profits. it's all signals go for the titans of the new economy retailer amazon posted its first billion dollar profit that's a remarkable change for a company that's a shoot profits until now reinvesting all its income into new high tech ventures like a supermarket without cash registers. for the company's new headquarters in seattle founder jeff bezos said the alexa voice assistant had well exceeded expectations. ok jeff. meanwhile google parent alphabet said its profits would have been up but it chose to pay a one time charge of almost ten billion dollars to bring cash back to the u.s. under the new tax reform there. and from her results for apple to sales of the i
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phone may have dipped slightly but c.e.o. tim cook called it the biggest quarter in the company's history saying the flagship i phone ten had been in sales projections. as central man on a wall street now begins quarter is in new york for a stance on the whole strong tech numbers coming in this week but a steep sell off in the market so what's going on well basically a lot of pressure was building on all week long and specially caused by the bond market we see a yields on the move few meals turning higher what does it mean for corporations well they finance themselves through the bond market and if yields are increasing that becomes more expensive and some companies might be forced to sell stocks or get cash otherwise so that as one of the main reasons for the easiness and for the day by the way blue chips dropped a good six hundred sixty points we haven't seen any point moves like this since the
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financial crisis in the fall of two thousand and eight even if percentage wise it's not as bad as it looks if you look at the points and then on top of it we did have some space pretty strong job numbers wages increasing on a yearly basis by the most in more than eight years meaning we might see some inflation turns that could mean rates might move even higher and then we even had some disappointments with earnings exxon for example the biggest oil company missing wall street expectations and that stock alone dropped a good five percent so we are seeing that steep decline then it is the longest bull market will stray history now over. it's too early to say that the bull market is over we might enter a certain correction face most traders are not too worried yet it's not the end of the world some seven hundred points i made years ago we were talking about
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a drop of around eight percent to two day point drop of seven hundred points means a drop of about two and a half percent but if the pressure on yields continue we might see this correction dragging on for quite a bit longer yan's quarter on wall street for us thanks for that. super bowl sunday isn't just the sporting event of the year in the united states is every advertises dream the whole country is watching and at least a third off the brew cost is reserved for commercials which always trying to outdo each other and was lost and soffit subtle digs at president donald trump a more conservative game plan is expected this time around. there's no doubt about it the super bowl is big business and the show begins long before the players take to the field even the arrivals of this year's contenders the new england patriots and philadelphia eagles at minneapolis st paul airport it was
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a media event these are some of the u.s.a.'s highest paid athletes. television advertising during the big game also attracts a monday galaxy as advertisers go on a no holds out and spending spree. now. this year's lineup includes big hitters danny de vito. and morgan freeman and missy elliott. soft drinks a snack foods in celebrity motorcycle micah's all one fave brand to be associated with the big game but the jets are talking with us on a. thirty second spots are going for five million dollars this year but that's only the beginning for advertisers they spend many millions more on production on celebrity endorsers and so this is a major investment for marketers but one that they continue to to think is pays off
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because of the massive viewership of the super bowl more than one hundred million people watch the super bowl n.b.c. the network carrying the super bowl also has the rights to the winter olympics and is selling a package to advertisers which includes both events some estimates say the network will reap a billion dollar bonanza if you can. after a football season in which politics seeped into the field super bowl advertisers will likely steer clear of anything potentially divisive and it's airing the ravens . even celebrities who animal a privilege raf seems to have avoided control to see tipping super bowl favorites new england patriots. that's it you're up to date with the latest from the wall the business from will find us on facebook follow us on twitter underscore business on net humphrey's my handle thanks for your company right now at the world markets i
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have a great weekend. when
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a future. i really understand people who say they don't. and to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . of a new beginning in peace time for the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to spend a chance this is for you to flows once a really difficult complicated forgiveness reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your throat. out of darkness cities are after war. starting march tenth on t w.


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