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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CET

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the state of the news from berlin the syrian rebels shoot down a russian warplanes in italy province footage on social media claims of shells around that's the crash the pilot parachuted out of the plane but was then killed in fighting on the ground and she hottest group with ties to al qaeda has claimed responsibility also coming up a drive by shooting spree in italy leaves six people wounded the interior minister says it was motivated by racial hatred the twenty eight year old italian man is now in custody. and super bowl fever is taking hold in the u.s.
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the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles are preparing to do battle for america's top athol prize. bans that descended on minneapolis ahead of the game for some this is close as they'll get the tickets are selling for thousands of dollars apiece. and bring. out the big. welcome to the show my name sarah harmon it's good to have you with us. al qaeda linked militants have claimed responsibility for killing a russian pilot after shooting down his fighter jet over syria's northwestern italy province russia's defense ministry has confirmed the incident and says it's already retaliated with a strike on rebels. somebody from of the north
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a column of smoke marks the place where the russian war plane came down its pilot was able to parachute to the ground but not to safety russia's defense ministry says he died in a fight with militants it's not clear whether the rebels tried to capture him. there's no other way you know. a little more well out of the plane came down enough village so through the city of idlib very sure a lot of our road rebels and locals quickly gathered around the wreckage to celebrate their victory work well how do you. make a reporter well known in the arab world was also there. how do you plan on i mean i learned though i had to was just going to have people here call this kind of war plane the machine gun because of the heavy guns it carries. the bomb is it difficult to get attacks roads and cuts them off to stop cars from moving. you
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going to. allow the plane was a sukhoi twenty five a single seat jet designed to attack targets on the ground. a jihadist group linked to the former syrian branch of al qaida says one of its fighters hit the russian warplanes with a portable anti-aircraft missile one of the that's not been confirmed but russian officials say they promptly launched an airstrike on the area killing at least thirty militants. if you look at a freelance journalist lot of nirvana we're going to guess following the events in syria from the kurdish capital or he'll northern iraq but where opposition groups have shot down syrian planes in the past where only those belonging to the russian army why do you think this plane was shot down. well there has been an increase in fighting and the problems of those here in the army backed by the russian air force there are fighting against syrian rebels in the lip so good fight has been
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intensifying so it's not very surprising russian justice here but of course is why it's one of the implications because they show the russian jet going to be russia has responded by firing rockets on syrian rebels and in the indeed russia has already responded it seems at this russian pilot was killed by rebels once he got to the ground we read that he parachuted out of the plane there's been images of his body circulating on social media how do you see this changing the conflicts well of course there will not be a huge change in the conflict because russia was already supporting the syrian government in their fight against islamist rebels in the provinces if you look but it could result in more tensions between russia and turkey because turkey has been supporting the rebels in egypt in the past and they're supposed to be a sort of agreement on these areas but the problem what this is causing because
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it's not very clear where the lines are in the agreements between turkey russia and also iran over which area of belongs to who. so it's going to create more complication complications in the relations between the different regional counties and russia indeed as you say there are a lot of different parties involved in the war in syria what is russia trying to achieve in italy province specifically. well i mean in russia they're made a deal with turkey before so they allow turkey to attack the kurds are free and in exchange for the parts of it looked like basically turkey allowed them to do what they wanted so basically now i mean most of the rebel areas have been captured by a certain army not all of them they're still large or have certain areas on their on the rebel control but even that is the main target now for the syrian army in turkey focused on the kurds so what what they want they want to defeat islamist rebels and the next few months and that's why the fighting is getting very heavy
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now and even the ok of us the freelance journalist lot of marijuana vegan bar he is joining us this evening from a deal in northern iraq lot of our thank you. and italy at least six people have been injured in a drive by shooting in the city of much outta all the victims were foreigners twenty eight year old italian man is now in custody the country's interior minister says the suspects had neo nazi and fascist ties and was motivated by racial hatred . a victim of the drive by shooting on his way to hospital. he's one of six african immigrants who police believe was targeted in a racist attack that shocked italy the suspect open fire in eight areas of much it ought to in a two hour terrorist spree one of the injured described what happened was bussy but disciplined to go on but it would be all my leg discipline is.
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so. busy was he said because i was shooting in the field lot of pins. yes some of the injured were standing in front of this bakery the owner says she's shaken by the violence of the road to a shot right through the window of my bakery i'm really not well something like this isn't easy for someone of my age i need to leave. today twenty eight year old italian look at trainee has been arrested in connection with the shooting he said to be politically active with the anti migrant northern league it comes just days after a nigerian migrant was arrested following another violent attack near match or after the dismembered body of an eighteen year old italian woman was discovered outside the city the italian prime minister has condemned the violence. stories q let's stop and let's stop it right now he threatened violence will not succeed in
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dividing us. people will stay close to the institutions and the shared values of the republic sunni who were already there. but with the elections next month this shooting has drawn attention to one of the biggest issues in italy immigration. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world thousands of nationalist protesters in corsica are calling for more freedom for the french island demonstration took place three days before a planned visit by french president manuel markov protest organizers are seeking more autonomy from paris but they stopped short of calling for full and dependants . the historic city of san louis and senegal once known as africa's venice is getting forty million erodes to protect it from coastal erosion french president and manuel macron announced
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a package which is aimed at repairing damage from climate change much of the money is coming from friends the city will get another twenty five million to renovate crumbling buildings. than space agency is long term it says it's the smallest rocket ever to send a satellite into orbit a three stage rocket is only fifty centimeters in diameter it deployed a tiny narrow satellite that will take pictures of the earth and gather other data here in germany the country's two biggest political parties are on the homestretch as they try to hammer out a deal to form a new coalition government chesser on the americans conservatives and the social democrats hope to conclude the talks this week and if they're successful it will move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition that's governed since two thousand and thirteen. negotiating teams meeting in the conservatives berlin headquarters say they made progress on environmental issues and energy policy the ago bans in
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some cities have not been ruled out but the new government will try to avoid the measure and they'll be no more limits on renewable energy i. want to see this this court this is our goal is to quickly increase renewable energy and aim for a realistic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions without making the end of fossil fuels a central part of our policies and in the realistic fashion up to see what lies. while negotiators also reported compromise in agricultural policy and you dispute surfaced in housing the conservatives want to encourage home ownership while the social democrats want to focus on rent as. a lover to steal your love for them and the conservative still cling to the idea that the market can regulate everything we say the market doesn't regulate anything and it's up to the state to make sure renting a home stay is affordable. time is running out but politician. ok
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clearly we're having some kind of technical problems here we do apologize for that let's try and move on now researchers have discovered remnants of a massive mayan society below the jungle in northern mali now the findings suggest that millions more people lived in that region than anyone had previously thought scientists used a high tech aerial mapping technique to generate images like the ones you're seeing now and these show the original network of mayan structures the technique uses the lasers to pinpoint the contours of the structures hiding under dense layers of jungle foliage mayan culture flourished from roughly one thousand b.c. to the year nine hundred a.d. . and you may have heard there's a little something going on in american football this weekend sunday's highly
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anticipated super bowl clash five time champions the new england patriots are going to be taking on the philadelphia eagles thousands of fans have already descended on minneapolis and there is plenty to do even for those who weren't lucky enough to snag tickets to the big game. the super bowl is truly something for the tensest and this super bowl funfair is this close to some fans will get that's because you have to have deep pockets for the full n.f.l. experience most fans have no chance of buying tickets. ok i know that six thousand books but some of the fans arriving in the host city will tell you that even with a ticket in hand there's no peace of mind. thought all week we're going to smash tom brady by double digits tell us about four thousand dollars or more ticket yesterday down below where it is you know what your money's on the line you're like . back at the funfair fans got a feel for what it's like to be
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a footballer they had the chance to test a kicking and throwing skills opinion on who will take home the trophy on sunday however remains divided. everybody doubts us with lot of egos and everybody that has like this negative impact but you know what we've come over from so many different steps paths are going to when they're sick. super bowl ring. whether your patriots or eagles fan. out the night. most will agree that the entertainment value is always on point. from super bowl fanfare in minnesota the skies above abu dhabi where the air race season opened on saturday american pilot michael goalie and has set the pace all week leading up to the event and he did not disappoint his fans in the final is a blistering time of fifty three point seven seconds leaving his competitors in the
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wake grabbing his first race victory in nine years. well not too shabby and don't worry we haven't forgotten about the bundesliga we'll have all of saturday's goals coming up right. after the break with pablo foley alias but before we bring you that denis edwards the former lead singer of the popular motel band the temptations has died at the age of seventy for over two decades the grammy award winner let his voice to some of the band's most popular heads that you know this one. it was the third of september. that they. did
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yes. that was the. day that. never got a chance to see the. earth . home millions of species. were saving. googling ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action over global and the multimedia environment series on t w.


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