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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this indeed of the news coming to you live from berlin a deadly weekend for turkish soldiers and staff and die in operations and syria but it's a very intense and a friend who bear the brunt of the assault of turkey aims its firepower at kurdish militias there we'll get the latest from our correspondent. meanwhile islamists shoot down a russian border claim in its lead province pinus parachutes down but is killed in fighting on the ground. and the united states is gearing up for super bowl american
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football's grazes prize union patriots are clear favorites but philadelphia eagles diehards are not giving up hope on their first ever talk of. the old man. who was on a welcome all the turkish army sais that seven of its soldiers have been killed in northwest syria this weekend it marks the deadliest day for their forces since turkey began its operation against kurdish fighters last month civilians have paid a price for the fighting the shelling forcing has in some ways their homes turkey's then a treat push has been focused on the kurdish enclave of afrin close to its border afrin is controlled by the y.p. g a u.s. backed kurdish militia that turkey regards as a terrorist organization. well for more now. on and dorian jones in istanbul
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dorian why does actually is turkey trying to achieve with this mission. into turkey this is part of a major operation much of the turkey and if the clear out the syrian kurdish militia from its border if this if this militia is directly linked to the insurgency inside. tens of thousands of lives it has the pressure of the presence of this militia on its borders and on except the polls for it and it's now trying to create a a thirty kilometer deep security called first in half for him and then beyond that to of all parts of syria and back potentially could put turkey on a collision course with the united states because the united states is backing this kurdish militia in its war against the islamic state the next target of operations off to africa will be the syrian town of beach where u.s. forces of present and the u.s. have said they will not remove those forces so potentially going forward the
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operation does accent among bitch them to nato allies have the prospect of facing off. their jury and how is that news going down in turkey what is the mood like there at the moment. well even though we are getting reports of a mounting death toll of soldiers and also along with growing reports of humanitarian concerns of flights of tens of thousands of civilians trapped in the afrin enclave support within the country behind this operation and that's because they do buy into what the turkish president. said this is a battle for the future of the country they say that we need to the this kurdish insurgency both inside turkey and outside of turkey but for the future of the country as it is at stake but there will be concerns in turkey. as a number of turkish soldiers are increasingly killed along with the concerns over the civilian plight but they could be
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a growing opposition to this operation and that is one of the reasons why they are going to crack down on any forces of dissent seven hundred arrests of people putting postings on social media opposing this operation that crackdown is expected to continue. jury and we've also been hearing reports of turkish guards at the border with syria indiscriminately shooting at people trying to flee across the border into turkey has this can you tell us any more about this story. but it's very difficult to verify these reports being very quick to say that this is propaganda this is out of the question they insist that their super bowl forces do behave in a humane way following international law but it has to be said the international human rights groups last year did publish a report making similar allegations against the turkish border security forces and undoubtedly this will add to mounting pressure internationally on turkey particularly over the plight of the civilians the hundreds of thousands of
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civilians trapped in africa and there will be concerns of these people will be allowed safe passage out of out of syria into turkey and that pressure is likely to continue to mount as concerns over the fate of the people in gross. thank you very much. militants have claimed responsibility for killing a russian pilots after shooting down his fighter jets over syria's northwestern edge province russia's defense ministry has confirmed the incident and has said it's already launched retaliation strikes on the rebels a pillar of smoke marks the place where the russian war plane came down its pilot was able to parachute to the ground but not to safety russia's defense ministry says he died in a fight with militants it's not clear whether the rebels tried to capture him. there's another. plane came down in
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a village south of the city of. rebels and locals quickly gathered around the wreckage to celebrate their victory. work well. a reporter well known in the arab world was also there. i mean a lot no one had to watch the residents here call this kind of war plane the machine gun. because of the heavy guns it carries. it attacks roads and cuts them off the death of cars from moving. the plane was a sukhoi twenty five a single seat jet designed to attack targets on the ground. just hottest group linked to the former syrian branch of al qaida claims one of its fighters hit the jet with a portable anti-aircraft missile system that's not been confirmed but russian
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officials say they promptly launched an air strike on the area. at the other stories making news around the world. a massive protest is underway in athens circles a potential deal with macedonia to resolve a longstanding dispute over its name greece argues its neighbors use of that name suggests a territorial claim on its own province of macedonia two sides had pledged to find a solution this year. old ng is underway in greek said cyprus presidential runoff election it pits conservative incumbent. against left wing talent. he blames for a breakdown in last year's peace talks with the turkish occupied north this i don't has been space into since turkey invaded in ninety four. actress in the thurman has broken her silence on film producer harvey weinstein having long hinted
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that he's assaulted her she said weinstein tried to expose himself to her in a hotel room after they worked together on hope fiction in the ninety's more than seventy women have accused him of sexual misconduct. researchers have discovered remnants of a massive mayan society below the jungle in northern guatemala scientists used a new mopping technique to find pairs of hidden structures that they suggest that means millions more had actually been living in the region than previously thought of discovery archaeologists are now calling a sensation. the vast rain forest canopy conceals an ancient world. researchers have once again delved into the jungle kingdom of the mayans this time equipped with twenty first century technology and what their aerial mapping has revealed is breathtaking. huge structures that will likely teach
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us new lessons about the mayan civilization. what's wonderful about this. is the scale of it it's twenty one hundred square kilometers so we're seeing these patterns not just in individual myositis but over these past region just a perspective that we have. and so the jungle is actually preserving the totality of this ancient civilization. the technology uses lasers that allow researchers to effectively peer through the overgrowth. they found far more than expected around sixty thousand million structures it's become clear that only a fraction of the remnants of the ancient culture have been unearthed. like pretty calm ruins. archaeologists now have their work cut out
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for them they want to better understand how this civilization lived before suddenly disappearing around one thousand years ago. researchers have discovered pyramids streets and canals. they now believe that as many as ten million people may have lived in what is now northern guatemala that's three times as many as scientists had thought. a vast civilization whose secrets have been preserved by the rainforest. it's how it reveals the the whole picture of what's going on here so you don't just the cities you see all of the extended settlements and then you sort of ok well then how do they feed such a large population and the lidar answers as well you can see where the systems are unknown you say ok you have these cities communicate with one another and we see
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road systems connecting and so it's just this whole new total picture of what's going on there. with so much yet to explore scientists are looking forward to learning more about the mystery of the mayans. germany's biggest political parties are missing in berlin for what they call the decisive reigns of talks over forming a new government and two sides had set a deadline for today though they have agreed on two extra days for overtime negotiations and agreement would move jeremy a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel conservatives and the social democrats but there are sticking points including financial help policy. she had to to the conference room merkel expressed her hopes for a code close of outcome. hamann thirty here we are meeting again today
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for the decisive round of talks. start come i can't say how long they will take it but we made a lot of progress yesterday but there are still important issues we need to resolve that i'm heading into these discussions with goodwill but i am also aware that the tough negotiations are ahead of us today. for and we know our duty and intend to fulfill it. of the most watched sporting event in the us is the super bowl the annual american football championship this year the philadelphia eagles who have never won a super bowl will have to face five time champs the new england patriots if you don't travel to the eagles hometown to meet their five. this weekend philadelphia is the city of underdogs but that doesn't mean anyone here expects to lose the super bowl. the philadelphia's mascot is an
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ego fans have adopted the underdog as a symbol of pride yeah. right now. but. tomorrow. super bowl fifty two will be played in fall way minneapolis but tens of thousands of eagles fans are expected to descend on philadelphia sunday evening with a reputation for rowdiness the fans are looking forward to a big night. when or lose this city is going to burn a beautiful majestic green color. code if the stakes are even higher prend was at the nine hundred sixty championship game when the eagles last took home a national title but nothing would compare to winning oppressed of a super bowl you feel if you were kind were you still losing a lot of times but everyone feels like we're going to win and we're going to take
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out the evil empire the new england patriots want to take them out. whether or not the eagles get to retire the docks next season is up to the fates of football. there was indeed only news from britain and more coming at the top of there and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock that steel that you dot com will leave you now with some amazing pictures from the lantern shows at the chinese spring festival and.
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climate change just. waste. pollution says. isn't it time for good. go at africa people and projects that are changing the ones aren't for the better it's up to us. going to africa. to see. w. . freedom of expression. of value that always has.


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