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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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rebels and locals quickly gathered around the wreckage to celebrate their victory. work well. a reporter well known in the arab world was also there. the middle of nowhere and had to the residents here call this kind of war plane the machine gun. because of the heavy guns it carries. it attacks roads and cuts them off the homes that the official cars are for moving . along the plane was a sukhoi twenty five a single seat jet designed to attack targets on the ground. a jihad is group linked to the former syrian branch of al qaida claims one of its fighters hit the jet with a portable anti-aircraft missile it's just the kind that's not been confirmed but russian officials say they promptly launched an air strike on the area.
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now some of the other stories making news around the world at least twenty eight migrants are reported to have drowned the at the spanish and play. on the moroccan coast now all those were brought to safety after they were discovered by a passenger ship spanish can secure the forces on looking for possible survivors. actress in a famine has broken her silence over a film producer on the weinstein having long hinted that he had assaulted her she said weinstein tried to expose himself to her in a hotel room off they worked together on pope fiction in the one nine hundred ninety s. more than seventy women have accused weinstein of sexual misconduct. well germany's biggest political parties are meeting in berlin for what they have called a decisive round of talks over forming a new government two sides had set a deadline for today though they have agreed on two extra days for overtime
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negotiations an agreement would move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats but there are still sticking points including financial and health policy well as the german chancellor headed into the conference room echo expressed her hopes for a conclusive outcome. holman thirty here we are meeting again today for the decisive round of talks in the one that's a given if you don't start come i can't say how long they will take it for but you need a lot of progress yesterday but there are still important issues we need to resolve . i'm heading into these discussions with goodwill but i'm also aware that a tough negotiations are ahead of us today not fun we know our duty and intend to fulfill it you can on solve unfolds later today and. well the
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most watched voting event in the u.s. is the super bowl the annual american football championship and this year the fund if philadelphia eagles you've never won a super bowl will have to face five time champions the new england patriots d.w. travel to the eagles hometown to meet their fans. this weekend philadelphia is the city of underdogs but that doesn't mean anyone here expects to lose the super bowl. although philadelphia's mascot is an ego fans have adopted the underdog as a symbol of pride yeah. right now. but. we've got to be james tomorrow the super bowl fifty two will be played in fall way minneapolis but tens of thousands of eagles fans are expected to descend on philadelphia sunday evening with a reputation for rowdiness the fans on looking forward to
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a big night. when or lose this city is going to burn a beautiful majestic green color. colder and the stakes are even higher price was at the nine hundred sixty championship game when the eagles last took home a national title but nothing would compare to winning oppressed of a super bowl still if you were kind were you still losing a lot of times but everyone this year feels like we're going away number one to take care of the evil empire the new england patriots want to take them out. whether or not the eagles get to retire at the dawn asks next season is up to the takes of football. you're watching the news from my belly and i'm going to home free ain't got and of course more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site d w dot com thanks for watching and see you again see.
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. long live the came. right here in the forty four shirt showed he can become boardman's main man in friday's win overcome. much why scored twice on the undershirt added a third in a three two win for dortmund the result puts a dent in cologne survival but it's our first defeat in five games first steps on the backs men but for dortmund news. tonight could hardly have been more perfect. but now let's turn our attention to saturday's games and we have plenty of action to bring you in today show. leipsic travel to two of the league's european hopefuls clashed so would it be the folies or the bulls who would give their qualification credentials a boost. shellcode are another side battling in the bundesliga upper echelons they
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were looking to continue their sue purp season when pregnant came to visit. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on d w m pablo photo. we start with a jewel between two of the six clubs battling for a champions league spot glad against leipsic the foals have been erratic all season but some strong form at home this campaign means that a win could move them into the top four their opponents this weekend have also had a campaign that could be best described as unpredictable they've picked up just one win from their last seven bundesliga matches but their form against club has been impressive in their short top flight history leipzig had never lost against the folds. the bulls had it in state game thinking that their rights had to come to an end and from the get go they charged a glove pass defense bruma testing the foals reserve keeper to be
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a simple early on. both sides game plan was to slowly break down the opposition but neither team showed much creativity as the injured rafael looked on from the stands. up but with the better side is the second half began and they created their best chance of the day the pats they cam on and last indo couldn't convert. checking fight is team on from the sideline but it was live as if you grabbed the game by its horns creating chances and putting the hosts under pressure. of a. simple was the only man on the pitch that could keep the bulls at bay. hospital wasn't best pleased and brought on new firepower in the form of on loan signing look man the debutante needed just eleven minutes to find the back of the net one nil for live sage in the eighty nine minutes five lives
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extend their own peace and streak to four games against black and look men well what's a start to life in germany.


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