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being in the finnish capital in the one nine hundred ninety s. he began to specialize in images of spaces and facades. he made his name which have strict photos of architecture. he compiled his sacred spaces from twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen years during which tensions between the world religions were growing in europe and elsewhere. did his photo project have a political message. not doing political odd product think oh look at the theme and how it's handled bring something. board what i'm thinking about it. all and call in mine and images reveal that when seen from a distance christian jewish and muslim houses of worship are visually at least not all that different. time now for a bit of time travel back to the turn of the twentieth century now every year the swiss town of can bash relives the bel air for an entire week the whole village
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gets involved and dresses for the occasion the women even don heavy old fashioned wooden schemes an attempt a salon in long dresses well we went there to see for ourselves how and why this small town embarks on such a journey to another era. it looks as if time has stood still. as if condor storage is stuck in the pre-war belly pok era. once a year for a whole week at the end of january the entire village turns back the clocks. in one country you really get a feel for what it was like in the back the puck i love that give me a. look at the women walking round robin that's what's so great and it's the passion of a belly pork for their bare pokey stinky i think it's simply wonderful the whole atmosphere and the way people are parading around the side of the pot i think it's
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fabulous to feel like an elegant lady almost the whole village gets into the spirit of the ballet talk even the local supermarket gets a different name. cocktails of the. recipes from the time and of course there's absinthe and aniseed flavored spirit that was all the rage at the turn of the century. the baker two has turned back because these waffles are made from only flour and water and chocolate is lucky used to be two. chocolates in the belly of weren't so sweet they were made of seventy percent cocoa and were slightly grainy so not so smooth. so. but what really gets you an uncanny feeling of time travel all the clothes the man in the top hat some titles and the women in their fancy hats and gowns back then the wealthier women would have changed their outfits
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several times a day they could choose from a whole series of local dress makers but now people have to go further afield. like i have my dress made by a tailor in poland because the tween five in six hundred there is a piece depending on outfit and fabric and i'll be happy if we simply. and to these lovely dresses this far to me the little black coat comes from the states and the first from scotland the company i always bring things back from my travels that i can combine with other items. one of the most beloved events of the bella park week is the scheme of course it goes without saying that the outfits are just as they used to pay. has come here for the first time she found her outfit in the classified ad section. outside moscow but i tried it out once before on the slopes and it's going to be an adventure no doubt about it if you wipe out its students but i'll give it
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a try it's i think lots of words any chairlifts during the belly pop so school is go up the mountain on forty. it's hard to get the hang of skiing with century old equipment but this event isn't about speed and performance so much as a fun. person look fake is usually a good skin you need to concentrate more on think that you. are less adventurous partake in afternoon tea rich ladies used to meet to drink tea and eat sandwiches and cakes the first of all to gossip about other rich raters. even here there are some who find it hard to leave the digital era behind completely. carrots teaches people how to dance like they used to and in our nouveau ballroom this scottish dance was particularly popular at the end of the nineteenth century.
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baumberger dancing started going out of fashion joining the belly dancers wanted to be a bit wilder so they love this gallery. they found it a fascinating. baselines you dance in double time is just one of the dances of the century bore which marks the glorious and to the seas by the folk week on sing the night away you understand . now a trip of another kind next up we are off to the beautiful greek island of crete it's a tourist magnet in the summer time thanks to the pristine beaches but what about in winter creates a mild climate and sunny days allow tourists to embark on a number of activities now swimming in the sea may only be for the brave hearted but there are plenty of other things to do for the adventurous traveler. with its
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different styles of architecture as one of the most beautiful cities in the mediterranean one of its most famous landmarks is a lighthouse which dates from the venetian era the harbor and the old town behind are very lively in the evening when the locals and tourists throng to the restaurants and bars during the day the area is quite peaceful. vassily called the stuff is a local tour guide. most of the subsequent is that you can read the history of the city from its architecture do not see who occupied it over centrists and fred offered up a paradoxical beginning with the byzantines then the finish ns and then the ottomans for the mongols. the byzantine wall was built during the early middle ages remains from the previous while the rector during the hellenistic
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period are still visible. the church of ideal snake will last is an illustration of the influence of different religions and culture as it has both a bell tower and the minaret. and the first school mosque to be built after the ottoman conquest in the seventeenth century is now an exhibition space. the venetians built in the your ai ship yards to repair ships in winter they can be seen clearly from the water and early afternoon is a good time to go on a boat trip the boat has a glass floor which makes it easier to see what's in the water goals in the article and records of that you'll get your proof there. was just curious in the second world war by the german warfare. like a car going through a super and sometimes like a regal rains. and others in
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a great way to take increase national beauty. the mountains and valleys the mortgages and high plains used to go tandem paragliding. cats and react is running the paragliding school. that the. creature is known for its choose the most some are also fantastic mountain state of your paragliding is the best way of getting to know creek from a bar and checking out the beaches for instance to go to later. be adventurous tourists agree with them. you get a view of the whole of the west of crete. so you can practically see the whole island from top to bottom it's no mazing view. that you're going to get otherwise. those who prefer to stay on the ground can take a gentle ride in the evening sun. i
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really like to live each day as it's nothing you do you do it don't do it every day and it's just really nice. there are all of the roads all over the island in both some thirty million on live trees in total. including one that's toted as being the oldest in the world it's estimated to be five thousand years old crete is also famous for its all of oil a crucial ingredient of the local cuisine for their novel is going to olive oil has always been the most important ingredient in traditional recipes feel. it still is . one of the traditional recipes in western creech is still goat's meat that is slow roasted with onions herbs lemon and all of oil. his peer over law case built his restaurant loss in ruins from the venetian era in
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the old town just by. on the porch over twenty years ago he's been cooking traditional cretinous cuisine ever since. the restaurant is particularly popular in the evening when the atmosphere was quite magical. and then with that we wrap up another week don't forget to check out our social media pages for more on the program from me my wonderful producer robert merrill and the rest of the crew here at euro max as always thanks for joining us through and seeing and for also. want.
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to. thank. you for. them.
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stand once more in front of the albums to visit her father's grave one small. field of window missteps it gives. off the twenty five years in germany in italian same with chancellor sound country in kazakhstan. when the mining tax to exists in. fifteen minutes fall off the douglas. the d w media center see it find it here it
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discovered. video and audio podcast from language courses in the g.w. media center at media center dot dylan dot com. it created a milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and for such. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring. but it's still turning out films today. followed germany's biggest and oldest film company. cinematic history from the german empire to the present place. the pioneers the visionaries and the business play. one hundred years so from the first starting february eighteenth.
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every man every man knows what a child needs who the truth cannot be for movies music peer group had a lot of proclaims to drop out of the school because the way he did nothing when coming from home that could've easily been nuts. at any one of a slope lead. oh.
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place. to. sleep. this is d.w. news line from bondage great national make them voice is heard thousands gather in front of parliament in athens warning the government it will not compromise on a long running dispute with neighboring macedonia at issues in a macedonia itself we'll go live to athens for more. of course they are coming up as techie steps up its offensive against kurdish militia in the northern syrian city of afrin it's of millions that the bronx blamed for about the human cost from our correspondent. and in the disney action a nightmare all that much for the goalkeepers as shaka local ones with bad of
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a name and find out which. sorry it had to work takes a lot of benghazi to have all the highlights coming up. i'm going to home for it good to have you with us a massive protest is underway in athens to oppose a potential deal with macedonia that would see a longstanding dispute over its name settled while greece has opposed its neighbors use over the name macedonia since it became independent from yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred ninety one athens says it suggests a territorial claim on its own northern province of macedonia the two sides have pledged to find a solution this year or more on this let's bring in our correspondent in fans and pete kara salva i think what is it that demonstrate is a looking to achieve what's there a. well for starters the china today is the absolutely phenomenal
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and has. the officials here to my surprise if not the government by some accounts we don't have official access to the ideas through or teased. pete or written i'm just saying there one might fly. greeks it turned out and are out there on the streets and to honor what these simply want is that they do not want to relinquish the name master derby are to their neighbor who. they believe to name it is. should remain agree that this north country and its northern neighbor should find such this fire. have become heritage and identity all right and people what about in greece itself the rest of the country how big is the opposition day to the use of the name
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macedonia. absolutely is huge is a very very emotive issue and this in fact demonstrates today this rally that despite the fact that this is a thirty year long dispute it is a highly charged and wrote it one that's bringing out hundreds of thousands of people potentially even over a million out here on the streets it was a poll today showing that seventy ten creaks are opposed to the use of that name in macedonia in any kind of prospect of name submission and that is creating a problem for the government which itself has agreed to so call composite name which would include the name macedonia and any kind of potential solution so today's protests may may create a serious problem for the government fearing any kind of public backlash it may eventually and back down from any prospective deal now and say we're seeing live pictures of just so many people out on the streets potentially more than
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a million as you mentioned there what about security in the greek capital right now all police bracing for any turmoil. it was a huge security exercise for the authorities here the higher lease force. actually out there on the streets understand that there have been a first. it's own issues in certain pockets. of the capital is goldie's from the start of the day have been trying to block of. it and to shield this protest because there is another protest happen eight by the leftist militant this is an extremist the right. who used. our. lines are. not exactly the same lines gotcha or course why i
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think carousel for us reporting from athens thank you now the track is on he says seven or eight soldiers have been killed in north west in syria this weekend it marks the deadliest face of turkey's operation against kurdish fighters since it began last month civilians have paid a price for the fighting with shelling forcing thousands to leave their homes turkey's military push has been focused on the kurdish enclave of afrin that's close to the border afrin is controlled by the y.p. gee that's a u.s. backed kurdish militia that turkey regards as a terrorist organization. for more on this now i'm joined by our correspondent dorian jones who is in istanbul dorian what is turkey's goal with this mission its military mission known as operation on a branch. well the goal is to clear this syrian kurdish militia from turkey solvang border nischelle operation is in africa where they plan
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to create a thirty kilometer deep security zone but beyond that they found they plan to expand it much beyond much of turkey's some border several hundred kilometers where the syrian kurdish militia are base because he accuses militia of supporting a kurdish insurgency inside turkey a decades long battle is claimed tens of thousands of lives he says this is a clear and present danger to the country and that is why they need to remove it this force is strongly backed by the u.s. u.s. have around two thousand soldiers deployed with the kurdish militia across the turkey southern border and many of them are based in the syrian town of mom beach which is the next object of turkey's operation after afrin that brings the threat of a real confrontation between turkey and the united states because despite repeated requests by ankara to remove these u.s. forces the u.s. has said they're staying put and the fear is at some point there will be a military face off if turkey continues to expand this operation daryn what is the
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mood like in turkey itself and how is the news being received this deadly day. well this operation is broadly supported among the turkish public they buy into turkish president type of one's argument that this is about the future of the country its security is at stake and he's been crisscrossing the country making very powerful nationalist speeches saying that this is a war of liberation war of independence a war for the future of the country and by and large that is being told by the population but it has to be said this is all for asian drags on there is a concern that with the rising casualties of turkish soldiers which is expected along with the plight of the civilians trapped in africa and the war why the region that support for the operation could wait and that's why we see and i'm president to crack down on any forces of dissent opposing this operation we've seen several hundred people arrested just for posting social media opposition to this operation and there and we have heard reports of tech guards at the border with syria
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indiscriminately shooting at people trying to leave the country trying to flee the country this is something that turkey has denied but what more can you tell us about that. so this is being made by the u.s. based human rights watch they say that they have evidence from witnesses saying that turkish forces have been shooting at refugees trying to flee to safety inside turkey has categorically denied this they say that they have still have an open door policy pointing the fact that there are three and a half million syrians inside turkey but this is not the first time human rights watch has made this allegation they've made a detailed report last year making similar claims again rip. but these cases will add to growing international concerns over the plight of these refugees given the fact that its operation intensifies the prospect that several hundred thousand civilians could be displaced or many believed to head will be heading towards turkey turkey of this operation and will increase as will concern over the
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civilians in that region daryn joins in a sample. and now some of the other stories making news around the world african migrants have been brought to safety off a shipwreck claimed the lives of at least twenty others near the spanish and play for many on the moral can coast spanish american security forces are looking for other possible survivors. actress in with a woman who's broken her silence on a film producer harvey weinstein she said weinstein sexually assaulted her in a hotel room office they worked together on pope fiction in the one nine hundred ninety s. more than seventy women have accused weinstein of sexual misconduct including rape a spokeswoman for weinstein says he denies assaulting them. is kind of all time well almost thousands of people are celebrating pre-con in rio de janeiro this weekend these street parties are called course and a form by groups of friends and neighbors as an alternative to the big conical
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celebrations which kick off next week. now germany's biggest political parties are meeting in berlin for what they've called a decisive round of talks over forming a new government of the two sides had set a deadline for today or though they had agreed on two extra days for overtime negotiations an agreement would move germany a step closer to the continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats but there are still sticking point points including financial and health policy. well as the german chancellor headed to the conference room akhil expressed her hopes for a conclusive outcome. one thirty here we are meeting again today for the decisive round of talks in the and that's again if you don't start coming i can't say how long they will take it for but we made a lot of progress yesterday but there are still important issues we need to resolve
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i'm heading into these discussions with goodwill but i'm also aware that the tough negotiations are ahead of us today is not fun we know our duty and intend to fulfill it became an unsolved unfolds who can get a sense of it. so will now and on saturday shocker were hungry to reclaim seconds fought in the windows media table on the back of a solid record i guess but a man on the other hand well when this in a five games heading into the clash keep up their forward but i am in spring a surprise. to coaches fighting at opposite ends of the table florian curry felt braman of only one three times in the league this season the lowest ever tally at this stage when you're struggling to catch a victory the least you can hope for is your key protect the ball unfortunately for
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graeme and you haven't caught up priyanka short squirms through the grasp of you she passed lanka. the stuff of nightmares but pav lanka partly it's hoping for his error early in the second half that safe keeping the visitors in the game which were to connect favor during a calamitous two minute spell for south korea first met in a stars it's got a second yellow for that cynical talk show host down to ten men. and then from the resulting free kick around famine fifty eight braman an equaliser i more bus three fingers and max cruiser was left with one of the species ia finishes. faster sharper breathless climax with. then cincinnati market piazzi nearly winning it shall care. itself rather than seemingly determined to be outdone in the arab states by peddling fail to deal with the ball right at the top and this time is not
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korea news that fits with the grateful recipient. so a vital if unlikely victory for braman in the relegation fights running a bloody to shelters champions league pursuits. and minute it continues to crush everyone in their power from their relentless pursuit of a sixth straight one does need a title striking mines where the nation's side to be on the receiving end of some fabulous by and strikes now first we have consciously betty expertly found the next from the edge of the area it was the france international second a good goal of the season then colombia's a measure of three guys made it to new another easy away with food to visit us. so let's take a look at the results so far from match day twenty one when leipsic be allowed back one nailed by n one to nail awaits you mind and leave a couzin drew nail nail that shall cause surprisingly lost at home too but i am
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involved in stuttgart relegation six pointer by lane vs hoffenheim also ended one one on friday to win be three two and on sunday our spec take on frankfurt and how book host hannover so let's take a look at what all those results mean on the bundesliga table with seven of nine matches in the books will no change at the top or in second life seek move up off their way when asked to dortmund shall commune down off to their shock defeat down the other end of the table well but then move up after that jewel might smooth down on on dangerously close to the boss and to. you're watching the news from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour we're going to leave you now with some stunning footage from the lantern shows at the chinese spring festival enjoy.
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stories that people the world over inspiration paper heart opinions they want to stress g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. how much time does it take for
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a place to become indelibly marked on one soul. colors sends a few photos and dreamlike images that's all i have left from the first seven years of my life in kazakhstan. after that my family emigrated to germany and never returned.
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twenty five years later my mother announced she would go back with her sister for a visit i decided to accompany them. frantic african women as lean to see my son in south africa ten thousand kilometers away why can't i go to college than my husband said he wouldn't go there. with him i met up with my sister and told her i'd love to go back to capital and visit the grave down in fun and for one scrap. the person dearest to my mother's heart was undoubtably her father a vulgar german who was deported to siberia during the second world war
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a truck driver who quickly fell in love with the wide open spaces and the steps. are not the only one to make can no more than have their sometimes he took me with him he asked me if i wanted to drive i said yes so he sat me down gave me the steering wheel and i drove the truck has been helpful you just have to drive straight ahead you don't need all of this skill i'm driving and driving and then i look over and see my dad has his eyes closed as if he's sleeping and now there's a car heading towards us i say daddy daddy wake up this is where i had my first driving experience it's been. your disability to the but my father loved giving gifts if i was sick i was always happy because i knew my father would bring me a gift it's been his above
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a. noticeable watch dog but he was very kind hearted. and my mother was strict she raised us and he brought us present. since. that was my upbringing it was the. bomb and then the with this one the book and then he died my mother was the only one len all that remained was the strict upbringing and the book. with it maybe that's why i have such special memories of my relationship with my father he loved me very much and i loved him very very much yet. when he died i thought my life was over still that to me as it won't show us.
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the little boy this little sometimes we get snow here in the winter while not a single snow flake always there this is carrot town. not one i'm anti out of are you excited. my son and they sung. it down. here get it on number fifty i feel different things sometimes side well up so many memories are coming back to me and it didn't matter i'll fly everything at once at our family here in atlanta after. i left here at forty seven and now at seventy one i'm coming back on every five nothing. to.
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i don't know i have quite a different feeling here that. my mother was eight when her family moved from siberia to cairo tau the town by the black mountains in kazakhstan swarm south in one thousand nine hundred with her family she left the town which had a population of forty thousand at the time. today it's home to just twenty thousand people or so apart from a few friends from his school days my mother doesn't know anyone and kyra tallon
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more. cutout the greenaway says in the middle of the steps the clean affluent soviet showpiece town what has become of. the apartment block with the circular staircases people here were once proud of this modern building it was home to many young families what defines the town scape today. where and how do the people here live in.
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this square in front of the wires the pride and patriotism today where are the others and where are we. that's the time we have such and that. shit the germans have been gone for twenty four twenty five years everything's run down now there were roads everyone was always surprised by how nice it was here the roads were surfaced and it was green. yes. but that's. the long. view. if you mean you have money who are going to let the. car do what it looked like the year for the how was the drive how well you alec is here. but look. i didn't realize i was driving them to
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you until i reached her child in the mall and. i brought you a key from tashkent there gulper. one for the girl and those for the boys to let me. know that these are national ones we don't have them in kazakhstan. to tell you auntie ada bought seven or eight all for her grandchildren. if it isn't. there. to look. like. that.
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did you used to live here yes. fellow countryman thank you nice to see. specific. only showed us things are we taking pictures of the house. if we agree i think yes we'll walk around everywhere that. our feelings. come in and be our guest. it's never worth was not a whole we have you come from from germany. but what time she's from far time for. you on why you encounter tao did you live here once we used to live here that. was it. that bad. that. you. have to suppress and i was
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a bit worried that locals would be wary of us all that we wouldn't be so well received film from the so called of. the best of all were killed by him sufficient vecchi far as i know so many people left and then things got bad here things were falling apart in the soviet state many people was suffering badly i was worried we'd be associated with that connects with all we're doing well and here they're doing badly. they did all the good will for the detail or even for all the fun because we're truly one slow version of the good you know the very well now you know you're going to the border to the whole of it that's all i remember i'm just not prepared for their brutal brutal it was from the heart thank you dear boy that we want expected to be greeted so warmly even though we left at the bridge you
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must love the family well you're going to be. one of the realities that night you have no idea we missed the five thousand greeks five thousand germans and ten thousand russians with us twenty thousand people you understand even though i thought of it that what's this chilling with what you might and yet we miss it that's why we came. here you. know not what you will want to. i think you're sure of that one by me because for all of. that yes so. sit down but that was one of the will never. see it done stand up big. wide enough three of. the three of us come to that the only council who sings in german. what. if the car that got out of my name is compiled over.
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here. the germans left in the hope of finding a new home in germany the home our ancestors left in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries they followed the call a desires to move to the russian empire and they built german towns on the volga and in the caucasus they worked hard and prospered during the communist era they were dispossessed and in the second world war they were deported to siberia. and. as an orphan my grandfather my father's father earned his living there in a mine he started a family and moved to fertile kazakstan together with other german seeking to start over. and.
4:44 pm
there was a mine here to. look. to. the story of the deportation the new beginnings the stories of the mind those were the fairy tales of my childhood. the moral of the story work hard work a lot and do no wrong.
4:45 pm
the germans lived in the russian empire for five generations they kept their culture and language alive even though they faced persecution and discrimination. then communism collapsed and half of the town left the fact that nobody was allowed to take along any money for their new beginning in germany didn't stop anyone those who stayed experience because it stands economic collapse very directly. no water no light no security.
4:46 pm
the ninety's were a dark time for kara tao. the abandoned houses were mined for anything that could be either burned or put to use.
4:47 pm
in an impulse of the survivors state when the mom and we knew he was dying my mother my sister and brother was sitting next to him i was younger and was playing in the summer house with my nieces small holes to speed and threats like. it was still light outside because it was the twenty first of june six o'clock in the evening suddenly this dog started howling it wouldn't stop for home tory. nirav a safari immediately had this plan and sensed that my father had passed the fiscal store open.
4:48 pm
do you feel closer to your father here yeah. yes i think says the versa. i feel really happy here as if my dad were wrong here i can't explain it. and so point five for him when someone dies the spirit lives. in the south of the land i could think of the men stiffen fifty of the guys there must be something i don't know looks like. rice and phyllis maybe he's looking down from heaven and seasons. sees me standing here with his granddaughter open for them. that would make him happy. then for filing.
4:49 pm
well that's all that i think of. our driver as this insists on inviting us to his home the traditional meal served to guests is prepared over several days it includes fresh mutton. to say thank. you to go with them we'll grow that a little no one and. i
4:50 pm
love that one is good right. now. but of those i don't know. if. my mother's family settled in well when they moved from siberia to correct out thousands of germans. were already living here they had much in common german
4:51 pm
language the forbidden lutheran bible songs from the homeland there was no better place than car a town that's what my mother felt at the time. the strasser wanted powerful incident for and we had friends and relatives on every street. it was down to thirty five when i was done with work i would visit someone on the floor i would visit a friend or my sister or another sister or another friend the friend and since i was its force i walked everywhere it was lovely it was the norm the slums look the norm.
4:52 pm
it's the effect on me i feel like i'm not really here i'm just dreaming. it's on the last links. when she was twenty my mother started her own family. together with my father ryan hold a german from her neighborhood the soviets called it west berlin. probably was a good one and you out of a neighbor's. place that's. just. this lady is from germany she used to live here
4:53 pm
she'd large take some pictures to remember this place of course come in as if you don't want. to. leave the onus on home. ok i'll just look around and hope that the first run you think you know what the bird really could not have not what your son wanted but for. what the circle was going to be for the sooner you start getting closer to. sleep this will just. go. out there linda.
4:54 pm
and this was just the entrance that's at the school and that's why there was this little fence and different varieties of grapes grow that. the oxen that are open. for settlers all of them. the fence went around here and there was the pergola. and the grapes grow up here. and everything was green over. the cut off because that's where we planted the potatoes and tomatoes over there you know for certain stimulus or obviously different vegetables such as peppers onions all kinds of things here after all. they were grapes here under pergola. we sometimes had a cot where we could sleep a bit so that's. some of the office and chaff and conference of so that. i
4:55 pm
remember we slept there in the summer you know had yes we slept the house. and eat grapes until we fell asleep. that's the part we you happy here yeah that's for sure it was nice. in the evening we always had these what are they called cricket is yes cricket it was very hot jaring the day and sometimes it was hot in the evening hot air would come down from the mountains as if from an oven the constant and back and concise and of no one. but when you're young that doesn't bother you much but. this feels. here about scientists. so there was a table here we always sat here in the evenings eating and drinking talking and laughing a lot from not. this
4:56 pm
horse in the world that have all this little house was then transformed into a summer house we cooked there in the summer not in the house because it was too hot. but i don't have a shelf for brown that's why i sometimes burnt the food to the children when they're having there often no nap my mom come in what auburn's my husband came home in the evening at six i was cooking i ran in and out and by the time i was back it was burnt what was i to do. and i have also this mom also with mom. but there was time before my husband came home and i didn't want to put it anywhere you could see it so i dug a hole and started over it and it worked for one cook. and i want to
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leave the little that don't just run around and then this dog brought my husband a piece of meat i had buried the not the planet in the draft and stick the phone with i think of it. as a food right and wrong you can't hide anything from my husband not even now he always finds things out by chance. it's hard to surprise my father so he has all the more fun surprising others at school he stuck in sex down my mother's blouse as a father he had little time for practical jokes we children came along quickly and both my parents worked hard to build a life for themselves. after he still put up this carriage in eighty nine we had already sent in our papers but
4:58 pm
we didn't take it very seriously we didn't think we'd actually get to leave. it up the fight after all we sent in our papers but continued our normal life it came as a surprise when we left that we were young children to learn. to go to a german school and to be able to attend church free of the kids. but there were lots of difficulties we didn't anticipate the bath. it was hard in the beginning we weren't the germans anymore that was a bit humiliating to.
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some us for sure we take a photo give me your hand. yeah it's. good to go for.
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a smaller one of the him feel the whole seriously the longest. shifts. back to. life in aziz his family reminds me of my childhood encounter a tough playing outside around the house all day running around my parents while they were working as this is. the thing. imo gives them a push. to . get him. if. he gets in the.
5:01 pm
cup. oh. you will hear well i've got to get a load of. water. yet the soviet union is history and. even the people who stayed have had to ask questions about their identity and damn about their faith their roots their traditions one tradition kazakhs have discovered a new for themselves is the game of cup park the riders chase each other for the carcass of a goat in order to carry it into their opponent's goal. i know. that . they're losing the kids in brazil or the boys or you
5:02 pm
but the little girl that saw this new but they actually has a little look you've come to kazakhstan let's drink a lot of the way so this affected gust foolish decision i did to you to visit join you because you got a little focal here. a little side effects with you last you still not was more interesting not sure if it was a question it's up as you go cause i wasn't there was until year eight i was in class w. in years nine and ten i was in class. so. that's what you're eating class w. yes or no i want to live on a rover i know i love stage of the day i mean you always together you force me to go out with or i don't remember that. i remember you always run around together you
5:03 pm
leave us now mr yours that's right. or wrong question finally they recognize each other. holcomb i was there too and you threaten me will you go out with her and i said no i cried how many years did we walk home from school together. that's the theme of the last post launches share stories the next you'll say you hugged and you just forgot i. think hart the director screenwriter. i did have i think we have a photo of a somewhat back. i did us a glove stitch of king michael grandage nearly living in. the us he's new. to. the marina look so much like you.
5:04 pm
love the man bowl it's name. first year. the lucky you didn't. come can. i. i. suspect that you pass a story to have a ladder like a partially. i am here will trickle down to the will of the sludge and.
5:05 pm
i'm usually assumption sure that there's a box office stuck does anyone prefer it without her i've got to the other everything possibly a child's cell kind of shown and they would certainly kill my hair like any gemini they eat even more heads than we're used to. thank goodness enjoy. the minions of trees sixty percent of the children in my class were german with a third of the actually a coke loss used to have forty two children i was always lucky with good students. if only in your will or she said but still the question we have. got to have was recently in organist when i put my first class together the germans came you came with your mother nina please take my daughter marina into your class
5:06 pm
and i said fine you want that if she will marry no wrote with her left hand. donations and that's why i came to ask that she would continue writing with her left hand and the all not at that or. i remember this conversation with my teacher well my gentle mother she achieved things in her own way. to. another memory i have is of cafe crystal where we often eat ice cream it was a special place so i dressed up in priest's girt and put white ribbons in my hair.
5:07 pm
we children took roaming around the streets for granted my many cousins and i grew up like siblings nobody had to play along i associate that freedom and feeling of security with car a town with the sand the to. nose in the wind that's playing with your hair it's still the same place today. was. love.
5:08 pm
my little available all. the water that came out of congratulations i'm very pleased for all of you i was born in kara tao and lived here for seven years there is a city but yesterday as you know i left almost twenty five years ago now i
5:09 pm
miss it. that. would tell you that's why i'm happy to be here right now it's to get to know you and celebrate with us because i mean a lot of. money that. are you know not. walk the walk home school which is three weeks and years ago when. we just we were big like good luck. a lot of other people not all of them a lot of it is not however i was very very lucky girl your dad was expanded greaves germany we love germany hello there was really a little bit of a little i was.
5:10 pm
a santa to lift the spirits listen i can see that it's not so nice. but i'm still fond of everything here. so if none of this with the me it's close to my home. he. wants us to stop catacomb on this even though i wasn't born here i was born in siberia the town of kalak how feels like home for here just mannheim.
5:11 pm
i say that from my heart and from have said. you didn't know that before this trip. money not really known not atolls and this month. says for your risk radioing more warsaw. who. need. show us to only kill. you. show us too.
5:12 pm
much simba. singing to the end and then they'd be asleep so well that is how it was. but. above dropping bombs
5:13 pm
on civilians. more troubling situation escalates it's no longer for scruples. roofless cultural issues military leaders work out the extent of the class object much of her sons and the come as a gracious massacre's the bucket may come to her fifteen minutes on d. w. . the rooms barely feel. the scars on some of. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
5:14 pm
but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after war. starting march tenth on d w.
5:15 pm
this is d.w. news live from burning greek nationalists make their voices heard the sounds of gather in front of the parliament in athens during the government they will not compromise on a long running dispute with neighboring macedonia at issue and they macedonia itself we'll go live to athens from the. course they're coming up with the deadline looming to form a new government germany's biggest parties meet to hammer out a deal we'll hear from our political correspondent after those troops. and diplomacy on ice as the joint north from south korean ice hockey team take to the rink in a friendly against sweden this was their first match before the winter olympics next week so was it a friendly old frosty start for find out. why
5:16 pm
hell in a home for good to have you with us and massive protest is underway in thins to oppose a potential deal with macedonia that would see the longstanding dispute over its name settled now greece has opposed its neighbors use of the name macedonia since it became independent from yugoslavia in one nine hundred ninety one athens says it suggests a territorial claim on its own north of the province of macedonia in the two sides have pledged to find a solution this year. well for more on this we can bring in our correspondent in athens and the kara salva and say what is it that the demonstrators are looking to achieve what are they calling for. well for starters the turnout has been absolutely phenomenal authorities are also trying to pay it down they put out an initial statement saying that about one hundred forty thousand just showed up organizers are putting that number up to one point five million.
5:17 pm
difference between the two but we clearly see hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people out there in the demand is just why the greeks do not want to relinquish the name macedonia greek name to it is their northern name. in light of these name disputes that eased negotiate between athens the government in athens and so here they believe the name is really not want to hand it over and they believe that this tiny balkan state which is just north of greece has territorial aspirations and wants to claim united which is simply not there what about within greece itself how big is the opposition to the use of the country name macedonia. the opposition is huge and this this protest in fact is symbolic of how emotional it happened what an emotive issue this
5:18 pm
is with thirty years after this if this name dispute kind of erupted and yet it stokes a lot of passions here to be bringing out so many people and the latest poll over the weekend show that seven in ten greeks oppose any use of the name macedonia in a solution that's being figured out between these two countries is that what's the government here. in a bind because it has in fact to really to proceed with negotiations that would include the name only in some sort of a composite name briefly and i mean are police expecting any turmoil. oh well. it's largely been a peaceful protest but it's not over yet and authorities are bracing for some
5:19 pm
violence that happens on streets on the on the friendship. they're staying put in there hoping to keep militant extremists from both sides. all the turkish army says seven of its soldiers have been killed in northwest syria this weekend it marks the deadliest phase of turkey's operation against kurdish fighters since it began last month civilians have paid a price for the fighting with shelling forcing thousands to leave their homes turkey's military push has been focused on the kurdish enclave of african close to the border now afrin is controlled by the y. p.g. that's a u.s. backed kurdish militia that turkey regards as a terrorist organization. now germany's biggest political parties are meeting in berlin for what they have called a decisive round of talks over forming a new government now the two sides had set a deadline for today though they have agreed on two extra days for overtime
5:20 pm
negotiations an agreement would move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the social democrats but there are still sticking points including financial and health policy well as the german chancellor headed to the conference room merkel expressed her hopes for a conclusive outcome. the here we are meeting again today for the decisive round of talks in the one that's again you don't have stored come i can't see how long they will take it for but you made a lot of progress yesterday but there are still important issues we need to resolve that i'm heading into these discussions with goodwill but i'm also aware that the tough negotiations are ahead of us today. for you know our duty and intend to fulfill it we can on twelve. of them and our political
5:21 pm
correspondent kate brady is a social democrat headquarters in berlin where the three parties are negotiating kate kurt we see coalition agreement today. well of course we have seen progress helen here in the last few days from all three of the parties involved in these talks but we heard as well from martin schultz the leader of the social democrats this morning who said despite this progress there are still many issues which need to be resolved and a lot of these obstacles revolve around social policy and we've already also heard today that the c.s.u. that's the bavarian sister party to merkel's conservatives that they've actually already canceled a board meeting for tomorrow which could indicate of course that these talks will be expected to extend into monday and of course today's deadline so to speak was a very loose deadline and the parties have given themselves
5:22 pm
a two day buffer so it could well be that we are still here in two days' time or a case of tell us more then about these topics that are still causing trouble. or the main obstacles are as i mentioned these social policies that martin schulze mentioned and they cover the german health insurance system and also limited contracts in the german work market and also and so these are going to be more obstacles to overcome and the conservatives are very much against any sweeping reforms to the german health care system where's the social democrats are very much in favor of abolishing the current two tier system here so we still have a way to go for it kate dare i ask what happens if these talks for a grand coalition fail. well as we know you the only other coalition option for merkel with the business friendly f.t.p.
5:23 pm
in the greens is already off the table those talks fell through back in november so the only other options would be a minority government which merkel has already rejected on several occasions and the only other option then would be a new election something that all of the parties are against and most certainly the social democrats who saw their party plummet down the polls again this week and they're currently at eighteen percent and so they've already fallen another two percentage points since those elections back in september so there's really no good option for anyone right now so merkel is certainly keen to get a deal on the table and as soon as possible of course we have to remember as well than any deal if we see one come out of these negotiations will be voted on by all four hundred forty three thousand members of the social democrats that's a promise that martin schultz gave to members so again this is still going to take quite some weeks political correspondent kate brady at the headquarters of the
5:24 pm
social democrats in berlin thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a train collision in the u.s. has left at least two people dead and more than fifty injured the amtrak passenger train reportedly struck a freight train and derailed columbia south carolina although already say all passengers have been evacuated and they're now trying to determine the cause of the crash. african migrants have been brought to safety off to a shipwreck claimed the lives of at least twenty eight all this near the spanish enclave of melia on the moroccan coast spanish american security forces are looking for other possible survivors. actually my firm has broken her silence on film producer harvey weinstein she said weinstein sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in the one nine hundred ninety s. and seventy's and then have
5:25 pm
a teenaged weinstein of sexual misconduct conduct including right a spokeswoman for weinstein's as he denies assaulting them. to the wind as a going now and bloodbath hosted at leipsic on saturday with both teams in the race for a top four sport and with it champions league qualification like they had picked up just one win from their last seven when disney games but an unbeaten record against plaid back but it well for a change in fortune. the bulls headed into the game thinking that their rights had to come to an end and from the get go they charged a glove pass defense bruma testing the falls reserve keeper to be a simple early on. both sides game plan was to slowly break down the opposition but neither team showed much creativity as the injured rafael looked on from the stands. up but with the better
5:26 pm
side is the second half began and they created their best chance of the day but putting cameron and last into couldn't convert. checking five his team on from the sideline but it was lives if you grab the game by its horns creating chances and putting the hosts on the pressure. cipel was the only man on the pitch that could keep the bulls at bay. but hospital wasn't best pleased and brought on new firepower in the form of on loan signing at the moment look man the debutante needed just eleven minutes to find the back of the net one mill for live sage in the eighty nine minutes. i live seek extent. their own beason streets of cool games are games club and look them well what's a start to life in germany. by munich continue to crush everyone in their
5:27 pm
path and their relentless pursuit of a sixth straight one does need a title struggling minds with the latest side to be on the receiving end of some fabulous finds strikes close to enough home to be a expertly found in the edge of the area was the france international second to the goal of this season then the longest miserable three gives credit to nil another easy win the ferry. so let's take a look at the results so far from match day twenty one leipsic be allowed back one nil on one to nail a way to minds fribourg an eva whose injury nil nil shock is surprisingly lost at home to put a human full spec and got through a relegation six pointer when investors hoffenheim also ended one one on friday to beat cologne three two and on sunday outspoken take on frankfurt and how book host hanifa. will first and then pick women's hockey team consisting of players from both north and south korea has ramped up their preparations for the pyong chan
5:28 pm
winter games the site took to the rink together for the first time this weekend in a friendly match against sweden the twenty two player squad featured four north koreans. it's the most talked about team at this year's winter olympics the combined north and south korean women's us hockey team donned their skates for the first time in front of three thousand fans in incheon former olympic silver medalist sweden lined up against them for the historic fixture. korea showed a lot of fights. and the crowd went wild when i slotted home by. b. but it was not swayed in comfortably prevailing history one victors. while the combined tame is same by many is a step towards storing relations between north and south korea not everyone has
5:29 pm
welcomed the news. rallies were held outside the rink protesters tearing up posters of the north korean flag. and the country's leader kim yong on. one way to convince the skeptics could be a limpid glory korea kicks out that young chang campaign against switzerland on february tenth. it watching the dow really nice from the island i'm helen outrage coming up at the top of the hour you can always get.


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