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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CET

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one records facing. it. was barely a few. scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for good. for c.b.s. edge but. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something but nothing in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance of darkness cities after more starting march tenth on t.w. . cup. oh i'm welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm pablo phony in the us much day twenty one is done and dusted and we have plenty to discuss our guest this week our former bone the senior midfielder me sheldon's a welcome full of course our very own bundesliga reporter jonathan crank thanks very much for joining us but first let's see what's coming up in the show. at frankfurt we're looking to keep up their excellent away form against a alberg
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a win in this area would put the eagle. tough to say. and humbert were desperate to bring a seven match when the street to an end when they hosted hung over to the promise league is only ever present sorry a relegation battle the first. frankfurt's away form busy season has been impressive only champions by and have a better record the eagles have won their last three away games and another victory would catapult them into second spot in the table but their rivals on sunday out berg are unbeaten in five matches on home turf and the fact they've never lost against frankfurt in the bone this nigga in front of their own fans a win for them would have them within a whisker of a european spot juicy encounter was expect. heading into this clash with top scorer alfred finn bogus it out injured finding an adequate replacement could prove hard to come by kevin dunn so missing this. but they
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broke the deadlock from an x. chance again from a set piece cusco to ninety minutes frank first defense leaving the south korean with too much space. the home side would dictate in the game but only had one goal to show for it at the other end of frankfurt look at you a bitch went close. finally stepped up again doubled their lead in the seventy sixth minute. with his knife goal of this season. second away defeat of the season but not before the hosts added insult to injury. when it's time for our sunday conversation here. i'm going to start with you michele how did. you impressed with how well they're doing this season i'm very
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impressed and surprised because i never expected they are four points behind the top of the table and they have replaced some players important players in the team and if you see the game like today unbelievable when frankfurt and we are talking about frankfurt to season. and we were worried of course without from books and they would struggle but michael gurr rich come in and scores very well with progress in the season i think that's twenty goals between them now he's proved to be a very good signing from hamburg and yeah great win for certainly a bit of a surprise this season for many johns and want to bring you in or frankfurt not quite fair in terms of quality for a champions league spot and they really missed out on a perfect opportunity today. of course in many consistency actually because they have got the second best away form in the brain this league this is
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a chance for them they would be very disappointed i think not to be ending this match day in second place but to be honest they weren't really at the races today so they scored seventy goals for the missy's and was very very quiet and that poor run in continues i think six games then out without a win now we've got plenty more to discuss both first i think what we need to do is move on a little bit and take a look at how because they are desk. situation they hadn't won in seven in this league games and have dropped to second from bottom in the table coach who was hoping his second match in charge would result in three much needed points but they needed to be careful against one over. his team have given a good account of themselves returning to the top flight in the summer so let's see how the game turned out. hamburg coach good hollaback a wry face first home game boy by last weekend's battling draw at leipzig but aware the perennial relegation candidates were in danger of losing touch with the pack above them the hopes of the better of the early exchanges but we would heading why
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didn't this chance. hollaback was a hamburg hero as a player but his task of keeping them in the bundesliga looks all the more daunting after thirty seven minutes a piece of brilliance from either foursome gave hannover the lead. it was against the run of play but one of the best goals the norwegian will ever score. hamburg it seemed to penalty appeals turned down in the first half and that frustration meant things got ugly after the half time whistle home fans might have looked like they were waving the white flag but despite a few scares the team kept pushing in the second period and were rewarded for minutes from time philip kasich found himself at the back post to score. korea papadopoulos received a second booking at the death. but hall of x.-men held on the gap to safety is now three points. well the match
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day twenty one conversation continues and i'm going to start with you jonathan this time we're hamburg incredibly lucky to salvage that point they're almost at the end of it i think they were very lucky i mean who had a chance to make it tonight and that actually put the game to bed to take it in a very poor. religion like scoring until they got that equalized and our combats what i said last week i just don't think hollaback as good enough quality to keep them in the bonus league i'm afraid you have big words there do you agree michelle do you think are finally going to be relegated because they have managed to stay open it was it will be the third time. by the time they are sixteen five six teams . every team of complaint of relegation but from now i can i can see a little bit pembroke changed they are more aggressive playing. the team on the on the pitch and if you see the game games before of wasn't the team was
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just on the everybody came on and was doing his own game but no change of a two point two a whole bucknell but let's see i think it's will be a very very close race and the end of the scene is basically what you're saying is we need to have some patience. jump in here that needs a patience all right well now guys it's time to take a look at the table at the end of course of match day twenty one and there's been some movement but not up to top buying remain leaders followed by laver coups in life. as do dortmund following their victories this weekend and frankfurt both missed out on a chance of moving up the table. are now edging close to the top six gladbach are slipping down and down the other end mine edged closer to relegation braman move up after their surprise win against. cologne are still in the drop zone.
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well the much day twenty one conversation continues i'm going to start with the topic of cologne a club that despite their defeat this weekend has radically improved since death and back to charge and strikers seem on with signs now michelle. you know has been brought in cologne this weekend and see you know they weren't as lucky as they have been or we've seen the sort of improvement in the team recently and how do you see colognes chances this season are you still. pretty positive about them of course i still stay on my word that they are not going down to the secondly you need to write a throat is a big strike you need one of one kind of players like that in your team because you never know even if it's ninety minutes this guy he's going into a dangerous area and he don't care so what he did already full column so that's why i think he sees he will choke along more goals because we have still thirteen games
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so and i believe that they was just only seven points to mind and i believe that. specially toronto is going to score some goals and when you're struggling you don't get many chances about position in the tell you he's clinical he will take them so i think actually a very smart signing for color is very good being very optimistic this week in general i would say john that i'm going to i want to talk about another club who are relying on a new striker not of course. can hometown boy mario gomez improve their fortunes i think he can i think actually there's a lot of parallels here with. both men scored a lot of goals last season sort of how to pronounce that mess how prove avoid relegation but they were struggling this season i think as it once in fifteen games was spared this season but sometimes we need is a fresh start he's moved back to his hometown club the city felt how much he wanted this move back to stick garden and that's what for him and michelle you know yourself how important it isn't as a player to be in from india surrounding. yeah you all your friends are own to
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formally as they're all in so you feel free you go into the field and you don't care anymore so if the chance of coming like he did and was unbelievable he didn't score fifteen goals and he came back to wolfowitz took that and his course that that's what i mean you don't care anymore and you know was if he gets a chance he's going to he's going to school well i mean there are people there are players you know they're not robots and i suppose those things are important like what you're saying we should i want to talk about the fact that you know this january p.r. emerick openly i'm left the bundesliga he's now playing in england of course but we really need to talk about me she. who is of course his replacement indorsement can he really live up to exactly what obama did dormant was a big story apostle weeks but i think we don't have to look like but why is nobody in new obama it's not like that he is and he's the guy from belgium he wants to play for the burgeoning team so i think what he did already east courts two great
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goals and he missed one big chance anyway but they won and i think if he's taken this level on this high level definitely we will see some more games gold for him and but he's not the same kind of player like obama a young briefly johnson i want to just ask you have a player who went from england to germany of course and that is look when what do you make of that move i mean courage by i think more english players should come into foreign leagues and try it out and i think it will make sam allardyce easy as well as because some of that i really don't want him to move to light sic i think you've got a chance of allan dice once joked to me if i was out of d.c. i'd get a job with rahm and. i think honestly it's blinkered view of european football maybe holding him back because i think it's good for young players to come to clubs like leipsic where they can develop they'll get more chances than he would for structuring premier league club and better experience than a second division club in england because thanks so much. for all your facts and
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information and your opinion as always that's full time for the bonus think i'd like to thank of course our guest this week michelle in there and jonathan crimes from t w people for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thanks for joining us c.n.n. doesn't. endless forest. three rivers. one seanie i've always wanted to visit us all because of the special location. out in about an idea in the area in venice and there in farms from the road splendor of this cathedral city to unspoiled countryside. next g.w. . enter the conflict zone after many delays kosovo has
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a new war crimes court for many people want to see it scrapped before it's even up and running all this is lined up on the desk of the prime minister robert charedi mine is my guest the worst as told to him as if to cool she stopped he could pretty much forget about joining nato would be q what's he going to do. in sixty minutes on the w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a lot of programming going there it would be. our innovations magazine for in. the us from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com science and research for. what does
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a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how germany soccer made it back to the top. in our web special on the dot com. football made in germany. it's known as the city of three rivers in southeastern germany. this is where the dead you've been and it's reversed meet.


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