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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is it every news live from berlin it is a new goldman finally in sight for germany after missed deadline last night there's hope coalition talks could finally bear fruit this evening our correspondent has more on what could make or break the deal also coming out a lot of the song that goes on trial in belgium is believed to be the last surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks with links to the bombings in brussels two and the music festival bringing harmony to a troubled region of mali with reports from what some call the real cradle of the
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blues on the banks of the niger river. own way aloha great to have you along everywhere germany's two biggest political parties appear to be inching closer to a coalition deal despite failing to meet a deadline on sunday negotiations have resumed again today an agreement would move germy a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the center left social democrats but there are still sticking points including a labor law and health care. chief political correspondent linda crane is joining us she's been following the talks so are the is the finish line in sight melinda. from what we hear from the negotiators who are in fact still working toward getting
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to that finish line it is in sight but it name may not be reached today there had been hope that in fact party leaders would be able to announce agreement this evening now we're told the talks could go well into the night possibly even into tomorrow morning but generally we're hearing some pretty optimistic statements from those involved in the negotiations start pretty optimistic statements but what's the hold up. well basically three central areas now as you remember may remember the social democrats entered into these negotiations very very reluctantly they had in fact initially said they would not enter a grand coalition once again and they held a party conference essentially to get approval to move forward that congress came up at the end with two basic points that they said there had to be further movement
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on one of them is health care many many social democrats want to see the beginning of the end of what they call a two class health care system meaning private insurance next to public insurance so there's a hard push from the social democratic side to for instance possibly agree on equal fees for doctors whether they treat private or publicly insured patients the conservatives have been very unwilling to go along on that so that's one of the areas where they're down to the wire and the other one is labor law as you mentioned this to a strong push again from the left for an end to temporary work contracts unless there is a very clear reason for them to be limited in time again this is something that conservatives have said they were not willing to accept but the social democrats feel like they need at least a symbolic victory on this to present to their very skeptical base many of whom
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don't want to see another grand coalition so again that's another sticking point and finally finances and basically the question there is how did these two parties distribute the goodies so some tough negotiating still ahead right something's gotta give did have used chief political correspondent in the korean thank you for your continued coverage. and we shift our attention now to syria the british based syrian observatory for human rights says twenty three civilians have been killed in airstrikes on rebel held areas in damascus the bombing comes hot on the heels of an alleged korean gas attack and it left province over the weekend the syrian regime denies using chemical weapons but medics say scenes in the town of so i can paint a very different picture. some of these horrific scenes reportedly show the aftermath of a chemical attack in northern syria. the syrian white helmets organization says a helicopter dropped chlorine gas over the city of saud a cab the group says at least twelve people were killed in the attached but it's
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not possible to independently verify that figure witnesses reported a chemical smell in the air after the strike. smelled chlorine and one of us went outside and then there was an air strike. during the night russian jets pounded further targets throughout the province the region is under control of islamist rebel groups a number of buildings are said to have collapsed in the airstrikes like this one in the provincial capital risky per se at least nine people were buried in the rubble . is the locker physiology of that war one rocket hit a seven story building and another one hit a four story building. and you know we've recovered six bodies from the rubble a child was also injured. in mount it on newman a hospital was hit and badly damaged. the bombardment comes after rebel shot down a russian fighter jet on saturday that he had missed at the u.n.
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says some ten thousand people have fled the fighting in the province in recent weeks. all i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world capital nairobi a third channel remains off air a government blocked him for trying to broadcast a mock inauguration by opposition leader raul a dig up and staying in kenya a top investigator into the illegal ivory trade has been killed police say as men bradley martin was stabbed to death at his home in the capital nairobi but have released no further details martin led investigations into the trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn in africa asia and the united states the turkish president. rich attire baritone is at the vatican for a meeting with pope francis their talks are expected to focus on the controversial u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel both men oppose the move. well jim is on high alert today the trial has started of the man who is believed to be
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the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks so all this long standing trial in brussels over the shootout with belgian police that led to his capture yes so far refused to answer questions about the charges against him. and the abuse the teri schultz is covering a solid islams trial at the justice palace in brussels and can join her right now terry talk to us a little bit about how the day unfolded in the court today. well for most of the morning obviously stuck to his refusal to speak he wouldn't even stand up when the judge asked him to confirm his identity that went on for several hours with his accomplice soviet iare answering all the questions then suddenly obviously some decided he needed to say something and he stood up and said you know just because i'm being silent doesn't mean i'm guilty he said muslims never get the
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presumption of innocence so do not judge me now and he told the judge i'm not afraid of you i put my trust in allah so suddenly he has broken his almost two years of silence but that's not yet cooperation ok that's not your cooperation terry so with him continuing not to really say much will this trial shed light on his motivations what led him to do what he's being accused of. that's very much the hope certainly victims' organizations along with investigators were hoping that cell of this law would show some remorse that he at least would provide some understanding of how this terrorist cell here in brussels planned the attacks and why and of course here in belgium they're very much looking for clues on what happened later the brussels attacks of march that followed the paris attacks but we've had no such information out of of the slum who was in the courtroom or where their family members of victims. there were representatives of victims' organizations along with defense attorneys
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a lot of journalists and some of the representative of victims' organizations were quite upset by this outburst that i told you about because they said he's not helping at all with the investigation is not good shedding any light on this terror cell or what happened to our loved ones and yet he was allowed to use the courtroom as a platform for his views the other person who was upset by this was to slums defense attorney because of course if you have an articulate and opinionated up to slum that doesn't match the defense's portrayal of him as an idiot who couldn't possibly coordinate attacks now you mentioned already in your reporting that of the some criticized the court saying it is biased against muslims how is this trial being perceived by the local muslim community in belgium or in brussels specifically do they think it will be a fair trial. well he was even more expensive than just blaming the court he was speaking in general that muslims are not given the presumption of innocence and i think that the muslim community in belgium has suffered
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a lot of stigmatisation because of up to slum of course at the same time it also harbored him he was found with relatives back in his home district of malden back so i think that you have people who are very much worried about what this trial what this entire you know terror investigation paris and brussels says about their community at the same time they may also be feeling some sort of empathy we're not sure this is the first day of the trial back in brussels and everybody's emotions are high all right teri schultz reporting on the first day of slopped islam trial at the justice palace in brussels thank you for your continued coverage. and to the mali and town of siegel now it's a location best known as a cross between the country's self and its dangerous separatist north but a music festival has been returning a little harmony to the region. for the past few days this usually tranquil city on the river in asia has been hosting a festival to celebrate mollies vibrant musical culture it's one of the biggest
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anyone music events on the continent but some even call mali the cradle of the balloons. and this is not just any party the festival in siegel promotes diversity in african culture including the two wire and culture in northern mali and beyond the. security for the roughly thirty thousand visitors is a big task for the organizers soldiers and police have a big presence at the festival. most money news just want to have a good time this event has been nicknamed the woodstock of africa with the main stage right on the banks of the river that is a their main idea behind this fourteenth festival on the new culture in resistance that means culture against the opposition to the spread of knowledge we are culture militants here we're dedicated to artistic development and we're carrying the torch of peace for. most of the crowd here knows the lyrics to their favorite songs by
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heart including songs by abbey party. now i think. he's well known outside mali for his poetic bluesy ballads. the audience often becomes a giant choir was my lady does the same with this festival is symbolic for us in many ways even the name festival on the new year symbolizes the convergence of our spirits that. they flow in the blood in our veins and the flow of the river is here. while the mullion stars attract the biggest crowds the festival organizers have also invited other african musicians like spirit from morocco. yes. for us coming here is like visiting a neighbor visiting the family we don't have many chances to travel with tween
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north africa and sub-saharan africa which we regret we want to make the most of this occasion because it's a shame that we play more in europe than in bikini afonso all senegal. you know with and they got despite security concerns mullions turned out in huge numbers they were determined to make the fourteenth estimate on the share a success. and from those balmy conditions to the icy conditions and the winter olympics go of course hand in hand but organizers in pyongyang are concerned that the south zero temperatures could prove problematic for fans where temperatures dropping to minus ten during the day and minus twenty at night even some south koreans have found the climate grating but the athletes have welcomed the icy spell which should provide perfect conditions for competition. and speaking of competition the underdog
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philadelphia eagles scored eighth the reeling victory to win their first ever super bowl against the new england patriots in american football's biggest game while the eagles overcame all the odds to claim victory against the favorites and five time champions the patriots quarterback nick foles hat was the heroes to win three touchdowns and oh racking up a three hundred seventy three yards fairly well that for most of the game but the patriots stormed back in the fourth quarter tom brady finding a whopper gronkowski to take the leap but the eagles broke through again with under three minutes to play sizzling eight forty one thirty three victory. are you watching the w. news we still have a lot more to tell you about including in business shock in south korea as a court lets the air of samsung walk free afterward to sing his jail center's
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sentence for corruption the judge just so that he was coerced into making a bribery payments. then we'll have all the all the details all right after this and also you can at the top of the hour. what does a football loving country it's called. we'll tell you germany soccer to the top. what special. dot com. football made in germany. w. diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.


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