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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is the only news why from berlin is a new government finally in sight for germany after a missed deadline last night there's hope coalition talks good finally bear fruit this evening our correspondent has more on what could make or break a deal also coming up so low i'll just drop goes on trial in belgium is believed to be the last surviving suspect of the twenty fifteen paris attacks with links to bombings in brussels two plus stocks tumble only well known to gloat to sell off continues in new york after such
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a long bull market is this the big correction our business desk has more also the music festival bring harmony to a troubled region of mali through port from what some call the real cruel of the blues on the banks of the niger river and a stunning super bowl win for the other dogs fans go wild after the philadelphia eagles defeat the new england patriots to win an american of football's biggest prize for the very first time. tom little rock thanks for your company everyone. germany's two biggest political parties appear to be inching closer to a coalition deal despite failing to meet a deadline on sunday negotiations ever sumed again today while an agreement would move. germany a step closer to
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a continuation of the grand coalition between shots on the americans conservatives and the center left social democrats but there are still sticking points including labor law and health care. and chief correspondent correspondent chief political correspondent and a crane is outside the s.p.d. headquarters where talks are currently taking place as we speak is an agreement with insight. it's sort of on the horizon but it's definitely not here yet and from what we're hearing from inside this building where as you say the talks are occurring it could take all night the talks could even go into the early morning hours possibly later morning hours of tuesday they are apparently stuck on one or two issues and we're told that essentially they're doing these negotiations with two rounds of negotiators there's a smaller team the advance team made up of fifteen people and then there's
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a larger team that comes in once the critical issues are hammered out that larger team apparently isn't even due to come here yet to see evening so still a lot of work to be done all right still a lot of work to be done melinda yesterday's a self-imposed deadline came and went what's the hold up. there are two different areas you mention them health care is one and i think it's important to bear in mind that the social democrats entered these talks very very reluctantly they they did not want to be in another grand coalition they have the feeling that support for the party has dropped as a result of the past grand coalition so essentially they've set a pretty high bar on a couple of issues that are critical to the party base and those are health care many social democrats feel that there is a two class system of health care whereby patients who are insured with the public
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insurers don't get the same speed and level of care as those with private insurers and they want to see that change and the s.p.d. need some kind of visible win on that that's one area the other one is labor there is a very strong push on the part of the left social democrats to. essentially have a temporary work contracts that are not based on any clear reason for a time limitation to have those declared illegal the conservatives who said they have no truck with that they do not agree with that and that apparently is where the real sticking point is today so the s.p.d. needing some very visible wins coming out in order to convince their base all right melinda talking about visible wins that they did manage to reach agreements on on some things can you talk to us about that. well one of the areas where there apparently is some real forward movement in the agreement that has been
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achieved so far is on europe there are some very different steps that apparently they're ready to sign up to then we have seen in the past otherwise i'd say what we're hearing is that it's more of a patchwork than a grand vision but we don't know details yet we won't know those until these negotiations finish milena crane on the story chief political correspondent outside the s.p.d. headquarters thank you. and we're going to turn our attention now to syria the british based syrian observatory for human rights says twenty three civilians have been killed in airstrikes on rebel held areas in damascus the bombing comes hot on the heels of an alleged chlorine gas attack and it lit province over the weekend the syrian regime denies using chemical weapons but medics say scenes in the town of paint a very different picture. some of these horrific scenes reportedly show the aftermath of a chemical attack in northern syria. the syrian white helmets organization says
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a helicopter dropped chlorine gas over the city of saud a cab the group says at least twelve people were killed in the attached but it's not possible to independently verify that figure witnesses reported a chemical smell in the air after the strike. we smelled chlorine and one of us went outside and then there was an air strike. during the night russian jets pounded further targets throughout the province the region is under control of islamist rebel groups a number of buildings are said to have collapsed in the airstrikes like this one in the provincial capital risky crusade at least nine people were buried in the rubble . is the like of physiology that one rocket hit a seven story building and another one hit a four story building. and you know we've recovered six bodies from the rubble a child was also injured. in mount it on neumann a hospital was hit and badly damaged in the bombardment comes after rebel shot down
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a russian fighter jet on saturday that he had missed at the u.n. he says some ten thousand people have fled the fighting in the province in recent weeks. well earlier i spoke to had not had died of an anti-government syrian activist based in istanbul turkey i asked him why the syrian regime seemed able to act with such impunity. i don't think we can call upon the united nations security council anymore because it has proven at least seven times now that it's the soul of syria and syria is not necessarily a local problem anymore it's an international crisis would only syrian civilians are paying the price germany has seen thousands hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing this what and they continue to flee the would but to the unknown no that is the need for this decision to be taken the united nations assembly to specter then
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away i don't think we can call up in the united nations security council to do anything anymore because they fell seven times and they would veto it too to issue only thing going to syria so i think the word here not just the five countries and the united nations security council all right the world has to accept activists like nine have died in istanbul use the host of syrian opposition radio station thank you. want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. to kenyan television channel shut down by the government for trying to cover the political opposition have resumed broadcasting after protests in the capital nairobi a third channel remains off air the government blocked them for trying to broadcast a mock inauguration the opposition leader. and staying in kenya a top investigator into the illegal ivory trade has been killed police say as men bradley martin was stabbed to death at his home in the capital nairobi but have
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released no further details martin let investigations into the trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn in africa asia and the united states. belgium is on high alert today the trial has started of the man who's believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks slobbed islam is standing trial in brussels over the shootout with belgian police that led to his capture and so far refused to answer questions about the charges against him. and you have used to teri schultz is covering a solid islams trial at the justice palace in brussels and can join her right now terry to talk to us a little bit about how the day unfolded in the court today. well for most of the morning obviously stuck to his refusal to speak he wouldn't even stand up when the judge asked him to confirm his identity that went on for several
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hours with his accomplice so if you and i are answering all the questions then suddenly obvious and decided he needed to say something and he stood up and said you know just because i'm being silent doesn't mean i'm guilty he said muslims never get the presumption of innocence so do not judge me now and he told the judge i'm not afraid of you i put my trust in allah so suddenly he has broken his almost two years of silence but that's not yet cooperation ok that's not yet cooperation terry so with him continuing not to really say much will this trial shed light on his motivations what led him to do what he's being accused of that's very much the hope certainly victims organizations along with investigators were hoping that cell of this law would show some remorse that he at least would provide some understanding of how this terrorist cell here in brussels planned the attacks and why and of course here in belgium they're very much looking for clues on what happened later the brussels attacks of march that followed the paris attacks but
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we've had no such information out of of the slum who was in the courtroom or where their family members of victims. there were representatives of victims' organizations along with defense attorneys a lot of journalists and some of the representative of victims organizations were quite upset by this outburst that i told you about because they said he's not helping at all with the investigation he's not give shedding any light on this terror cell or what happened to our loved ones and yet he was allowed to use the courtroom as a platform for his views the other person who was upset by this was obvious lums defense attorney because of course if you have an articulate and opinionated up to slum that doesn't match the defense's portrayal of him as an idiot who couldn't possibly cordon it attacks oh i know you mentioned already in your reporting that of the some criticized the court saying it is biased against muslims how is this trial being perceived by the local muslim community in belgium or in brussels specifically do they think it will be a fair trial. where he was even more expensive than just blaming the court he
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was speaking in general that muslims are not given the presumption of innocence and i think that the muslim community in belgium has suffered a lot of stigmatisation because of up to slum of course at the same time it also harbored him he was found with relatives back in his home district of mulden back so i think that you have people who are very much worried about what this trial what this entire you know terror investigation paris and brussels says about their community at the same time they may also be feeling some sort of empathy we're not sure this is the first day of the trial back in brussels and everybody's emotions are high all right teri schultz reporting on the first day of slopped islam trial at the justice balance in brussels thank you for your continued coverage. turkey's president rich attired juan is at the vatican for a meeting with pope francis it's the first visit by a turkish leader in nearly six decades protests were held despite a twenty four hour battle in central rome as tensions run high over turkey's
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offensive against kurdish militia groups in northern syria the president and the pontiff are expected to focus on the controversial u.s. work of mission of jerusalem as the capital of israel which both men oppose. well despite having some common ground on jerusalem a number of tricky issues remain for the two leaders. they couldn't be more different regift tayyip erdogan on the all three tarion turkish president and pope francis known for his humor and humility but over the years both have attempted to build bridges. when the crisis erupted over moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem at zero and made a number of phone calls to the pope to get his counsel donald trump's decision led to an arrest and drew criticism around the world including from the vatican.
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the last meeting between the turkish president and the pontiff wasn't two thousand and fourteen francis was received with military honors an uncorrupted he was the first guest to visit the new lavish presidential palace. it was a demonstration of power and a charm offensive. your visit will leave an important trace in the islamic world and will also change the view of islam in the christian world that you intend the pope who had criticized the role of the e.u. in the migration crisis praised turkey's efforts and taking more than a million refugees from war torn syria. but the relationship between the two men is not without tensions. francis has described the massacre of the amenia ns during the first world war as genocide ad one warned the
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pope to quote not repeat this mistake. now two years on it looks like they're prepared to mend ties. yet the turkish offensive against kurdish militias and northern syria may prove to be another stumbling block it is drawn international condemnation and many may expect the pope to admonish turkey over its controversial military operation. all right and our religious affairs correspondent marson gak is with me here to tell us more about this story good to see you martin what's the purpose of this visit is initially think that both sides are trying to skirt or trying to overcome what had been sort of heard long story of tensions. you know the pope serves some purpose as for early on me leave being folded into sort of the good side of european politics where in a sense is a moral certification that he's good with refugees that he's so on and so forth and
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on the other hand for the fold there is a very important figure in terms of their projection of geopolitical strategy is devoted to congeal strategy for the region of syria they used to after you so i think that there is really some sense of mutual mutual favors usual favors but nonetheless the two men don't see eye to eye on many subjects one topic that they do agree on is jerusalem right so for the pope jerusalem is the status quo in jerusalem is important basically because it preserves the position of the christian community off the holy land in any change in the radical change in these of korea's percents not only a problem for that community but it actually has a cause in the inter region because as a matter of fact if the u.s. takes a position that jerusalem will be a jewish city the capital of the jewish state then of course this means that it polarizes islamic or mostly opinion in the street beyond tourism or is fairly itself or palestine in their head and i mean for erred on this
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a very easy way to pander to its political base from his political base essentially most muslims see the palestinian question a sort of in some way or other involved in their birds heeler political outlook so in in a sense i mean this actually sobered up but i think that erdogan has made too much of the jerusalem case and my sense is that this has been mostly pandering to the saudi ends and trying to show he's good side now. the meeting has been taking place behind closed doors and so we don't know what they discussed exactly but we do know that the topic of the rights of the christian minority in turkey are very high on the list of the vatican so what's life like for christians in modern day turkey under everyone well i mean you know the turkish state was a secular state which at least nominally i mean even if there were questions of human rights abuses i mean it was a state in which all religious animations were respected and sort of force this was
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and try and this is something that has actually quite radically changed i mean early on and they can be very aggressive in curtailing the rights of religious minorities among them christians in two thousand and sixteen begun churches from the orthodox community and this very high in this about the kind of priorities to preserve those that patrimony religious affairs correspondent martin jack thank you a pleasure. you're watching you know you news we still have a lot more to tell you about including. like a bridge over troubled waters the festival on the river niger niger are bringing a mali's a rival factions together through music. but before that danielle angle markets on the slide that's why we've been tracking that story all day the global financial market selloff has pushed stocks further into the red in monday's session
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but wall street has managed to trim its losses as off the opening with folds of close to one percent friday so the biggest weekly drop in the new york stock exchange in two years the u.s. jobs report showed a surge in wage growth sparking inflation season borys about an acceleration in interest rate hikes the slump is spreading around the world today hitting both asia and europe. and yes quarter is on the floor of the new york stock exchange for us so yes what's the damage at this hour. you know it's a pretty while trading session that we experiencing here at the beginning of the week we started with blue chips losing a good three hundred fifty points then we could recover pretty much all of the losses and then in the past couple of minutes the heat is back on and now blue chips are down a good four hundred twenty points after losing six hundred sixty points on friday meaning into trading sessions we're down by more than a thousand points or we haven't seen anything like the like that at least point
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wise not percentage wise but point wise since the financial crisis so certainly investors are rather nervous at this point so this is all triggered by expectations of rising inflation also it seems that it was already widely predicted that the fed would raise interest rates in twenty eighteen so why is not being priced in already why this sudden market move. first of all the question is how many interest rate increase we will see in the next couple of months the market so far was expecting maybe two or three interest rate cut so now if inflation should increase more than expected then we also of course see your nose for five interest point increase but then interest rates it's not the only side of the medallion you also have to look at the bond market and was that i do not mean u.s. treasuries but also corporate bonds we shouldn't forget that a lot of the u.s. economy companies they financed their selves through the credit markets meaning with debt corporate bonds and now that yields on those corporate bonds are
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increasing quite a bit so that makes financing for those corporations much more expensive though that's why the market is so nervous and that does not only depend on the real interest rates but also on expectations so if specially the corporate bond side if you do not get calmer in the next couple of days the pressure there was for quite some time ok markets taken by surprise you thank you very much for that. back across the pond preliminary data shows the eurozone economy expanded its fastest rate in a decade and twenty seventeen and all indicators show a strong start to this year to the business outlook is solid but there are still risks. the economy of the nineteen member single currency union posted its highest growth since two thousand and seven before the global financial crisis the european commission statistics body euro stat says annual g.d.p.
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growth for the bloc went up two and a half percent that growth was largely driven by france which has a new economic impetus with emmanuel mccaw at the reins and spain which expanded by just over three percent. the value of goods and services produced in the eurozone has been rising steadily in twenty fifteen eurozone growth rose by one and a half percent. in twenty sixteen the eurozone economy grew by one point seven percent. and last year the economy charged ahead by two and a half percent. this momentum was partly because the european central bank in frankfurt has pursued a huge stimulus program slashing its main interest rate to zero and buying billions of euros a month with the financial assets known as quantitative easing the e.c.b. has gradually been tapering off these stimulus measures which were introduced in
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the wake of the financial crisis last week e.c.b. president mario draghi into that the strong euro wouldn't affect the block's economic prospects but he said global factors were a wild card that could have a negative effect the european commissioner for economic affairs pierre moscovici said the eurozone would maintain its momentum at least into twenty nineteen but he hinted at worrying issues including a lack of investment persistently high youth unemployment and stubborn public debt . let's get some bricks it drama now the european union's bracks and michelle barney a says the time has come for britain to make a choice on what sort of future relationship it really wants with the bloc he says without a customs union and outside the single market barriers to trade unavoidable the u.k. integration and britain's ability to strike third party trade. ryanair is flying higher with its latest quarterly figures showing its earnings climbing
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twelve percent to one hundred six million euros that's despite the cancellation crisis last fall when thousands of flights fell through due to a pilot roster an issue the scheduling chaos has cost the irish budget carrier its position as europe's biggest airline by passenger numbers in favor of. and lost by its takeover of. wine as figures also come days after announced a so-called so called breck's that clause applying to tickets sold for the sum of twenty nineteen a warning to passengers that their tickets will be invalidated if aviation regulations remain unclear after the u.k. leaves the e.u. . we got more business later on including why folks logging is doubling its production in kenya now it's back to catch up with you later on to the molly in town now see go it's a location of us known as a crossroads between the country's south and its dangerous separatist north but a music festival has been turning a little harmony to the reach him. for the past few days this usually tranquil city
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on the river in asia air has been hosting a festival to celebrate molly's vibrant musical culture it's one of the biggest annual music events on the continent that some even call mali the cradle of the balloons. and this is not just any party the festival in sago promotes diversity in african culture including the to wire and culture in northern mali and beyond the. security for the roughly thirty thousand visitors is a big task for the organizers soldiers and police have a big presence at the festival. most money news just want to have a good time this event has been nicknamed the woodstock of africa with the main stage right on the banks of the river there is a good three main idea behind this fourteenth festival on the new year is culture in resistance that means culture against the opposition to the spread of knowledge we are culture militants here we're dedicated to artistic development and we're
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carrying the torch of peace. most of the crowd here knows the lyrics to their favorite songs by heart including songs by abbey plenty. now i. think. he's well known outside mali for his poetic bluesy ballads. the audience often becomes a giant choir was my love me really just the same with this festival is symbolic for us in many ways even the name festival on the news here symbolizes the convergence of our spirits that. they flow in the blood in our veins and the flow of the river is here. while the mullion stars attract the biggest crowds the festival organizers have also invited other african musicians like spirit from morocco. the.
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moment for us coming here is like visiting a neighbor visiting the family for we don't have many chances to travel between north africa and sub-saharan africa which we regret we want to make the most of the security agent because it's a shame that we play more and year of that in bikini afonso all synagogues you know with madonna despite security concerns amalia has turned out in she numbers they were determined to make the fourteenth festival on the share a success. so you're watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about including deportation or jail cell as there is really a government crackdown on migrants how one eritrean refuge she is confronting a very difficult choice. to have that story for you
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a whole lot more to come right out. of. south korea one of the most powerful economies. everyone has the same goal the successful. many are making sacrifices to keep up with the rest of society. visit to the country that's hosting this year's winter olympics. south korea since it. comes. to. germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to
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resign we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mines. it created movie milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring. but it still turning out films today. for germany's biggest and oldest film company. a cinematic history from the german empire to the present one hundred so far starting february he changed. its food for ten thousand three hundred fifteen games and has been good for ten thousand three hundred fifteen. it once divided east and west germany the berlin wall. an entire generation has grown up without it but it still casts
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a long shadow the berlin wall is long gone but is it really our focus today. is. playing. good to have you back with us you're watching though in years said the other major that headline right now. germany is edging closer to a new government as the country's main parties aim to conclude talks on forming a so-called grand coalition it's four months since an inconclusive alexion left the country without a new government from status there while hundreds stood in line outside the immigration authority offices on sunday or trying to renew their visas but the israeli government wants them to leave and is offering them money and plane tickets to an unknown named african destination. while if they stay they face imprisonment
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news correspondent tanya kramer filed this report. to keep this home country every twenty or more than twelve years ago and sought asylum in israel now his future is once again uncertain because he's facing possible deputation the stores are always very sensitive especially for me personally in the for my community the people i love because. of. deportation and limited period of time in imprisonment so very tough here at the eritrean community center the new government policy is on everyone's mind their choice go to prison or take a free plane ticket a payment of almost three thousand euros and leave the country. over the past years israel has recognized only ten people as refugees to keep never received a response to his aside and request. the community and sometimes we want to require
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some time infant or sometimes consular everything with their most person. really and i left my country because of dunder so i know i'm a refuge that's why you came here in israel to ask for a protection between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve about thirty eight thousand asylum seekers from every trade and sudan arrived in israel by the egyptian sinai peninsula and then that route was closed by a border fence ever since there has been a fierce public debate in israel about the asylum seekers' fate human rights activists warn their safety cannot be guaranteed if they are deported we are talking about less than forty thousand people immigrants asylum seekers in israel who seek asylum in a land of eight million people this is less than half a percent of israeli population so our first question to the government is why
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can't israel absorb those people give them shelter or allow them to build their lives here this is so much less than other countries have to deal with many asylum seekers ahead here in a detention center in the desert in the south of israel. this have settled in the southern neighborhoods of tel of being a poor area of the city why some residents support the migrants many plame them for advise in crime and want them to leave. call these are foreigners infiltrators it is impossible to live like this all our infrastructure collapsed the sewage system education welfare everything and all the budget is going to what's there if you will feel like those is very nice who want to help them writers rabbis from the diplomats holocaust survivors and pilots are calling on the government to stop the potations plans the state we are obliged to
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deal with refugees and with asylum seekers as we would have liked the european countries. at the time. chiquita's worried about his safety if you stick boy to a third country he says a short prayer at the door of a small chapel he wants to stay positive but given the choice to quit says he would rather go to prison than be said to not the country. might want to hand it over now to danielle and one german carmaker giant is expanding in africa that's right looks like more and more people in eastern and central africa want v.w. cars africa barely makes a dent right now and balance sheet but with rapid economic growth on the continent it could become even more important competition with rival foreigners that is hotting up v.w. announcing it will double production of its planting kenya it's also expanding into rwanda and could launch a new model in the east african region so it looks like fog fog is one german car
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make of that stuff and to take the continent seriously. the folks back in factory on the outskirts of nairobi b.w. is already producing its pile of evil model here it is assembled from pre-manufactured parts which is sourced in south africa if all goes well kenya's government says the plan is to expand production here dramatically that would eventually include assembling another v.w. model a small off road vehicle but suited for the local driving conditions but there are risks involved for germany's faux bargain first japanese brands are already very popular in kenya and while it is true that the middle class is growing many of the country's forty five million people still do not earn enough to afford a new car so kenya remains a market for used cars not new ones. and we'll come back to that story in just a moment with some analysis from nairobi now this next story brings
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a new meaning to doing your shopping on the fly at indian apple hoping to cash in on passengers eager to skip an extra trip to the supermarket after a long flight it sells and even grows its own vegetables. okra beans ash gourd all freshly picked the vegetables are grown and harvested by hand that coach an international airport in kerala right next to the airport's photovoltaic panels staff get the first chance to buy the fresh produce whatever's left is sold to passengers. i have travelled to several different countries and i can see that it's quite convenient and useful to get vegetables from the organic farm that's inside the airport premises itself. could chin is the first airport in india to meet all its energy needs with solar power and a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown on forty five acres of land in between
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the panels thanks to crop management and drip irrigation. since the water used to clean the solar panels does not contain detergent it can be used to irrigate the crops below the moisture retained in the soil by the plant roots also helps to keep the panels dust free and saves the cost of the weeding the land the airports vegetable out put through to nearly eighty tons in twenty seventeen authorities now plan to extend the commercial cultivation to more vacant land at the airport. the philadelphia eagles have finally set their underdog status to win their first ever super bowl i guess juggernauts the new england patriots and mark meadows from the u.s. forces with me and it by joe from the social media desk a very good evening to you both i'm going to start off with you mark what i knew by
7:38 pm
her of a game was it a long evening for you it was a very very light i must say but it was worth it because it was a fabulous game and i've got to say the last few super bowls have been absolutely magical and this one match to the getting better and better year after year all right now we're going to continue our conversation in just a moment a forty one thirty three victory in america now for both the greatest match and say trophy drought stretching back some sex six decades and that when triggered scenes of high emotion in philadelphia as thousands of fans packed the city philadelphia finally has a super bowl after years in the shadows eagles fans are rightly making the most of the historic victory over the new england patriots. by may have been the underdogs but the eagles went on the offensive right from the start their bold and adventurous game plan led by quarterback nick foles paid off tom brady and the patriots were overwhelms the eagles stealing a forty one thirty three victory you know being
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a part of this being drafted to philadelphia and being fortunate enough to come back and be a part of the city to be a piece of this puzzle. i mean spent a long time coming and you know i know there's a real lot of celebrating. on the streets of philadelphia there was bailey broom to brave. jubilant fans went wild celebrating into the early hours of the morning was was just amazing amazing and the fact that the game was the best super bowl maybe ever. there was an ugly side to the elation too however. lucienne vandalism somewhat marring joyous celebrations. for the most part fans were well the high this night will stay turned in their memories for
7:40 pm
a long time. was. oh for sure mark mark at the city just exploded why were people so euphoric was it because philadelphia won or the way that it won the super bowl a bit of both i mean sure to beat the new england patriots is great dynasty is a phenomenal achievement especially when show first super bowl yes they've won and championships before but we all know that super bowls what can these days so it was partly that but also the way they did it because they really played out of their skins the patriots fought back as they always do they did say weeks ago the jacket was and it looked like brady was going to get the pages of the lincoln eagles but no no we're going to go right at the end we're going to score we're going to win this we've got a chance we're going to take it and they did and it was so high quality game basically they put up one thousand one hundred fifty one yards between the two of them that is a super bowl record that is more than two hundred yards more than any of the super bowl before so is it that is the amount of times of news the ball forward i mean
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it's absolute there was one point in the super bowl i've seen n.f.l. games where there's ten pounds per team that's when you kick it back to the opposition because you're not very good but there's only one so it's such a high quality game of the players to play like they did in a game of such high stakes it's amazing it's amazing but this is so. when mean for eagles. i mean of a c three in the city they were completely crazy didn't they i mean some of them went a little bit too far if we're honest i mean we saw some of the footage earlier i think we can see some where they kind of jumped on top of buildings and kind of endangered people and holding came down and they were to overturning cars and whatever so you know obviously that's a nasty side to it but. you understand why there was so over excited it's not just the wind is what it means for the city of philadelphia as a whole because now philadelphia is joined boston los angeles new york and chicago is the only u.s. teams to have won all four major titles in the four major u.s. sports so now philadelphia is open as a top u.s.
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sport sporting city we already have the rocky steps we all know about rocky going up the steps made for the. super bowl so they got the full package now mark very briefly what does this mean for tom brady. i still think he's got well most of the ball left in him over but if it's not next year never again made yeah we've been seeing for months now and the fellow players have taking a knee during the national anthem to make a statement against racial injustice a lot of people were expecting that to happen also last night none of the players said to me last night although some fans did outside the stadium and also we saw that organizers as well as advertisement companies they tried they made an effort to try and keep politics away from this event because it's such a sensitive moment right now politically speaking and then example of that word the commercials which are an institution at the super bowl and they in the past
7:43 pm
additions they would be rather a political and this time instead they were focusing more on humor and on humanitarian messages however there were a few moments where the conversation became political and one of these moments was i'm not going to buy. so that's very quite fast but what that was was it was an advertisement by pick up a maker a dodge ram and then what you heard was the voice of martin luther king jr the ad features a sermon that he gave exactly fifty years ago where he invites people to pursue greatness by helping others and carmaker use this as you know they
7:44 pm
took the slogan and then they turned it into their own slogan and it's built to serve and that's of course means that a speech by martin luther king was used for advertising purposes trucks to sell trucks how did that go down not very well as you can imagine and you know i mean the atmosphere as we mentioned is quite tense right now in the u.s. surrounding racial injustice so a lot of people's eye and mean the taking the protests has been paul arising. a lot of people are arguing now that this was the choice by the company here was tasteless and we have a comedian here us comedian making the point. she says black people can't kneel and play football but martin luther king should be used to sell trucks during the super bowl that's unbelievable new york times columnist charles blow he says the blatant comedy fixation of black nature black struggle and black pain
7:45 pm
illustrates perfectly how america is perfectly willing willing to explore its blackness but perfectly capable of honoring it so very strong messages there are very strong reactions strong reactions to the company react well the carmaker and. iser which owns a dodge ram they they said that they got in touch with the company that manages the intellectual property of martin luther king and they did they got permission for this ad but now the family is saying that they did didn't give permission so it's pretty unclear there who had the last word and whether there was an issue with this . or that he could thank you so much mark thank you was a great game let's look forward to the next just as well it wasn't so good our folks talk about that some other time thank you so much. i've got some breaking news for you to tell you about germany's main political parties have extended their talks on the forming a possible coalition a possible coalition government they had already missed a deadline to ramp up negotiations on sunday nights and hopes remain that.
7:46 pm
conservatives and the social democrats can agree to a so-called grand coalition in the coming days and of course we're going to stay on that story for you and we'll bring you updates when and if they come in but now i want to take a look at a turning point in history the berlin wall stood for more than twenty eight years but as of today it has been down for as long as it was up it was back in august one thousand nine hundred sixty one that overnight berlin became a city divided communist authorities constructed what they called an anti fascist protection barrier around west berlin making it into an island with an east germany is berliners hoping to flee to the west attempted all sorts of ways around or under the wall the entrances to an escape tunnel has recently been rediscovered near the city's moer park funny for sure has more. the streets of berlin
7:47 pm
are steeped in history from the second world war to the cold war one of the best places to get a sense of the cold war is right here in berlin many important. things . clearly. the birth. stories of germans try to make it across this war. some try to escape before the war was even finished they said connick picture shows a young soldier from east berlin who jumped over a barbed wire fence in nine hundred sixty one. some try to flee to the west above ground many hundreds try to escape underground at least seventy five tunnels were
7:48 pm
dug beneath the war in berlin most of them from the west to help friends and relatives trapped in the east. hole thoughtful who told us how he tried to help east germans to freedom he showed us the place where he started digging a tunnel today it's a construction site they go back to reach that house on the other side in the east about eighteen meters away. very hard work you could only progress one to one and a half meters per day i remember being completely alone in the tunnel for a few days hearing the tram rumbling above me my heart was pounding like i was really scared i thought the tunnel would be discovered it was well known that security forces in the east could open up a tunnel somewhere and just start shooting inside. the wall from the beginning an activist in one thousand nine hundred sixty three he teamed up with these five men to dig the tunnel they worked on it for four months
7:49 pm
almost sixty. slater holds the top he's the archaeologist who recently discovered the tunnel entrance this dark patch of earth. to meet the man who actually built this tunnel was a special moment for me we spoke for several hours when we first met and it's like a piece of puzzle that you put together we have the excavation the findings but now also the actual exchange with a living source that's an important element of the tunnel was almost complete when the east germany secret police found out about it and shut it down but it wasn't all for nothing. the result was in vain yes but the fact that we try to bring people to freedom and to give them hope that is never in vain that's always good regardless how it ends. that's for the people we felt committed to help those who were not free and couldn't raise their
7:50 pm
voice diminished it's been almost three decades since the brilliant wall came down and discoveries like a secret tunnel entrance show that history in berlin remains very much alive and relevant as long as the stories are told. and talking of stories being told joining me now is one of the few english speaking journalists who was there and i was here in berlin on the night of november ninth and nine hundred eighty nine when the berlin wall fell and it happens to be our very own culture editor robin merrill good to see america share with us your experience of that fateful night oh to be there slightly embarrassing because everybody else are surprised don't forget there were no mobile phones in those days communication was different now i was working for the allied radio station b. f.b.s. the british radio station and on the evening of the ninth of november i was invited for dinner at a very high ranking officers. and i went to there were quite
7:51 pm
a few phone calls coming into the house all night evening. he was kind of avoiding them really and i did actually sort of hear him saying no this can't be true and put the phone down and got out the porter whatever he did anyway i went to bed that went home i went to bed and i was woken up at four o'clock in the morning with the news i then rushed to my office and of course i was join these people at the wall that i mean a bit later than they were as i say a bit is just to illustrate what a surprise it was but everybody including journalists maze this pictures are still fantastic to see after all these years i talked a little bit about this exhibit that's taking place in the berlin. wall was removed very quickly and there's a lot of regret about that but not far from our studios here in bam now is tross and this is where the wall was literally divided street there is actually a place there where you can really get a feeling of what it was like and here's the museum we see here and there is
7:52 pm
a special exhibition on now about what's happened in the last twenty eight years there's a permanent exhibition which i can really recommend to people there's the gallery actually and it's really worth a visit to go and see that. all definitely do looks very interesting indeed let's talk about the german pavilion in this year's event a sybian because it's focusing on yeah walls yes the architecture be and is happening in venice as it does every two years the main subject of the whole be in is called free space so rather fits in well with the german pavilion is doing which is their title is unbuilding walls and the curators of the project as an architecture for from the three members of the architecture from actually four from
7:53 pm
former west germany the coach is actually a politician go by on a bit she is from the former east so let's have a look at more about that. for the first time the berlin wall has been gone for as long as it's stored this twenty eight year equation is what's inspired this year's german entry to the architecture be an olive in venice the group of curators made up of three architects and a politician wanted to explore the effects of division and the process of healing. of the wall was actually overland not only in the city but for the country as a whole and it wasn't just a line with the death strip it was also a space that was cleared of the collective memory and now how to fill the space again. the title of the pavilion is on building walls though in plenty of places across the world walls and borders look to be
7:54 pm
going up. it's basically a very german theme and so it does belong in the german pavilion but i'm building walls comes at a time when actually building walls is what's going on as the populous theme worldwide. the german contribution is relevant because we belong to the lucky ones who as a people have overcome it. the exhibition also looks to the future. to lancaster helps it also offers a little hope you so people can see a wall can also disappear. i didn't into this is the international interest is huge because there's a new question is what do you do with the destroyed society but what do the victims need what do you do with the perpetrators and how do you deal with the mental holes that are much more injuring than the real once. the twenty eighteen architecture be in allah starts on may twenty six.
7:55 pm
rather briefly if you can work in the world learn from germany's experience with us don't tell them we know better we have. experience it doesn't work right on that note thank you so much for spending as part of your day with the news continues at the top of the hour and we hope to see you tomorrow facts the beauty. of. the book. the but.
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this is d w news online from berlin the quest for a new german government another day another missed deadline germany's main political parties extend their talks on forming a coalition government yet again. four months on from the election i'll ask. what is the holdup also coming up deadly violence targeting the last rebel strongholds in syria activists say government forces dropped chlorine on live last weekend and the music fest.
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