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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is. from berlin the quest for a new german government another day another missed deadline germany's main political parties extend their talks on forming a coalition government yet again four months on from the election and i'll ask our correspondent what is the hold up also coming up deadly violence targeting the last rebel strongholds in syria activists say government forces dropped chlorine on it live last weekend and the music festival bringing harmony to
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a troubled region of mali we report from what some call the real cradle of the blues on the banks of the river. it's good to have you with us to the hopes that they do government in germany could be announced tonight will have to wait a little longer germany's two biggest political parties say they just aren't there yet and plan to resume negotiations tomorrow a sunday deadline was not met and now patience is an even higher demand and agreement would move germany a step closer to a continuation of the grand coalition between chance so i'm going miracles conservatives and the center left social democrats but they are still sticking points including the labor laws and health care. i want to go now to our chief
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political correspondent linda crane she is outside the social democrats headquarters where those talks are taking place good evening to you melinda zone because she asians are now set to continue to morrow will we have an agreement on the table this time tomorrow. well that's the goal essentially the parties who have been negotiating in this building behind me and in fact we've seen the top leadership of both parties leaving so apparently the talks have been adjourned but they they have said they had given themselves essential two days of overtime today was the first tomorrow would absolutely be the last so it's down to the wire here absolutely the goal is to have an agreement but apparently the sticking points are serious enough that they didn't feel it was worth negotiating into the night as had originally been planned but in fact they have adjourned these talks and will continue again tomorrow and we know that
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yesterday there was a self-imposed deadline that was not met do we know what the holdup is. well there are two central topics that definitely have proved very sticky indeed you mention them health care is one and this is an area that has been very important to the social democratic base and as you remember the social democratic base is very very reluctant to enter a further grand coalition many members of the social democrats feel that their party has lost it's lost its identity in the course of being the junior partner in a grand coalition with conservatives so they're looking for some very visible wins on health care that means they would like to see real concrete steps toward equalizing the situation of people who are insured by public insurers with those
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who are insured by private insurers at the moment they say there's a two class medical system in this country with people with private insurance getting better treatment faster treatment they want to see concrete steps toward that ending and the other area labor law the social democrats once again looking for some visible wins on a visible wins on a core issue for them they say temporary work contracts harm workers and should only be allowed for very concrete reasons that justify temporary employment again the conservatives are balking on that so it's a difficult issue and clearly they haven't they haven't gotten there yet and we'll have to see what comes out tomorrow on tuesday our chief political correspondent melinda crate on the story for us tonight outside the s.p.d. building and a cold berlin melinda thank you. incomes hot on the heels of an alleged chlorine gas attack in live province at the weekend the syrian regime denies using chemical weapons but medics say scenes in the town of paint
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a different picture for. these horrific scenes reportedly show the aftermath of a chemical attack in northern syria. the syrian white helmets organization says a helicopter dropped chlorine gas over the city of saud a cab the group says at least twelve people were killed in the attack but it's not possible to independently verify that figure witnesses reported a chemical smell in the air after the strike. we smelled chlorine and one of us went outside and then there was an air strike. during the night russian jets pounded further targets throughout the province the region is under control of islamist rebel groups a number of buildings are said to have collapsed in the airstrikes like this one in the provincial capital risky crusade at least nine people were buried in the rubble . one rocket hit a seven story building and another one hit a four story building. and we've recovered six bodies from the rubble
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a child was also injured. in mount it on newman a hospital was hit and badly damaged. the bombardment comes after rebel shot down a russian fighter jet on saturday that he had missed at the u.n. says some ten thousand people have fled the fighting in the province in recent weeks. earlier i spoke to a. government syrian activist based in istanbul and i asked him why the syrian regime seemed able to act with such impunity. i don't think we can call upon the united nations security council anymore because it has proven at least seven times now that it's. syria and syria is not necessarily a local problem anymore it's an international crisis wed only syrian civilians are paying the price germany has seen thousands hundreds of thousands of civilians
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fleeing this what and they continue to feed the world but to the unknown now that is a need for this decision to be taken the united nations assembly and be a respected in a way i don't think we can call up in the united nations security council to do anything anymore because they fell seven times and they would veto it too to issue anything on syria so i think their word has to be here not just the five countries and the united nations security council. dog speaking with us earlier. the turkish president richard pryor better one has met with pope francis at the vatican their talks focused on the controversial u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel both men pogues the move the disgraced former u.s. gymnastics doctor larry nasser has been sentenced to up to one hundred twenty five years in prison for sexually abusing young gymnast's the sentence timbs from abuse
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that he committed at a gymnastics center in the u.s. state of michigan nasser already faced a life in prison for sexually abusing girls as a doctor at usa gymnastics and michigan state university. to kenyan t.v. channels shut down by the government for trying to cover the political opposition have resumed broadcasting after protests in the capital nairobi a third channel remains off the year the government blocked them for trying to broadcast a mock inauguration by opposition leader. belgium is on high alert this evening the trial has started of the man who's believed to be the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks. is standing trial in brussels today over the shootout with belgian police that led to his capture he has so far refused to answer questions about the charges against him but did speak to question the court's legitimacy.
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earlier i spoke to de w's teri schultz who is at the trial in brussels and i asked her exactly why he did or what he had to say in court. he was speaking in general that muslims are not given the presumption of innocence and i think that the muslim community in belgium has suffered a lot of stigmatisation because of of the slum of course at the same time it also harbored him he was found with relatives back in his home district of mullin back so i think that you have people who are very much worried about what this trial what this entire you know terror investigation paris and brussels says about their community at the same time they may also be feeling some sort of empathy we're not sure this is the first day of the trial back in brussels and everybody's emotions are high. that was terry schultz reporting from brussels all right now we want to take you to a town in mali that is best known as a crossroads between the country's south and its dangerous separatist north but
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there is a music festival that has been returning to the area and it's bringing a little harmony to the region take a listen. for the past few days this usually tranquil city on the river an asiana has been hosting a festival to celebrate mollies vibrant musical culture it's one of the biggest annual music events on the continent but some even call not only the cradle of the balloons. and this is not just any party the festival in single promotes diversity in african culture including the two wiring culture in northern mali and beyond the. security for the roughly thirty thousand visitors is a big task for the organizers soldiers and police have a big presence at the festival. most malines just want to have a good time this event has been nicknamed the woodstock of africa with the main stage right on the banks of the river there is
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a gap there main idea behind this fourteenth festival on the news here is culture in resistance that means culture against the opposition to the spread of knowledge we are culture militants here we are dedicated to artistic development and we are carrying the torch of peace for. most of the crowd here knows the lyrics to their favorite songs by heart including songs by abbey plenty. i. he's well known outside mali for his poetic bluesy ballads. the audience often becomes a giant choir. as well and little does the same with this festival is symbolic for us in many ways even the now. festival on the new symbolizes the convergence of our spirits that. they flow in the bloody nose reigns in the flow of the river.
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while the money and stars attract the biggest crowds the festival organizers have also invited other african musicians like spirit from morocco. for us coming here is like visiting a neighbor visiting the family we don't have many chances to travel between north africa and sub-saharan africa which we progress we want to make the most of this occasion because it's a shame that we play more and year of that into kenya faso all senegal. you know when they go despite security concerns money and turned out in huge numbers they were determined to make the fourteenth best milan the new share a success. and to the u.s. now the philadelphia eagles have finally shed their underdog status to win their
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first ever super bowl a forty one to thirty three victory over long time favorites the new england patriots in a trophy drought stretching back fifty eight years and that when triggered scenes of high emotion and the city of brotherly love. the white is a. i've. philadelphia finally has a super bowl after years in the shadows eagles fans are rightly making the most of the historic victory over the new england patriots. they may have been the underdogs but the a girls went on the offensive right from the start that bold and adventurous game plan led by quarterback nick foles paid off tom brady and the patriots were overwhelmed. the eagles selling a forty one thirty three victory you know being a part of this being drafted to philadelphia and be unfortunate enough to come back
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and be a part of this team to be a piece of this puzzle. i mean it's been a long time coming and you know i know there's going to be a lot of celebrating tonight. it's just amazing just amazing and the fact that the game was the best super bowl maybe every place yes but that was the cherry on top. there was an ugly side to the elation too however. vandalism somewhat marring but joyous celebrations. for the most part fans were well behaved this night will stay put and in their memories for a long time. i. and europe today don't need to be a news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day we'll have more too on that super bowl win in film all right the ceiling.
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on one. global insight the news that. a double late for mines.


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