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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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you. this is g.w. news from berlin the quest for a new job in government another day another missed deadline germany's main political parties extend their talks on forming a coalition government yet again four months on from the election i'll ask our poor respondent what's the hold up also coming up deadly violence targeting the last rebel stronghold in syria activists say government forces dropped chlorine on it live in the province last weekend. and it. goes on trial in
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belgium he's believed to be the last surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris attacks with links to bombings in brussels two. plus the music festival bringing harmony to a troubled region of mali the report from what some call the real credo of the blues on the vein of the new cher river. it's good to have you with us tonight a test of patience here in germany the country's main political parties have again extended talks on forming a new coalition government chancellor angela merkel is trying to wrap up a deal between her conservatives and the social democrats led by martin schultz but four months after an inconclusive election germany needs the parties to find
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a compromise on big issues such as labor and health policy if it is to finally have a new government. they've had their momentum with plenty of ups and downs now they're toughing it out in this last phase of coalition talks at the headquarters of the center left s.p.d. negotiators have been fine tuning the agreement they hope will usher in a german government four months after the country's elections optimism is in short supply. but i know everyone's trying their best i'm not sure it'll work that hard. disk. say at this point whether we'll succeed but the window is there on all sides it's just that the hurdles are still being goals health care reform has been a sticking point the social democrats want to end germany's to tear health insurance system a second optical is fixed term employment contracts which the s.p.d. wants to replace with permanent positions that provide greater job security the
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green party now in the opposition is vehemently opposed to the coalition agreement as it now stands. mood for instead of a display of courage to address tasks of the future we're seeing a grand coalition that's concerning itself with minor issues even while the really critical challenge we're facing in europe aren't getting the attention they deserve . talks are set to continue tuesday even if agreement is finally reached the social democrats rank and file still need to sign off on the deal. i want to go now to our chief political correspondent linda crane she is outside the social democrats headquarters here in berlin where these talks are taking place good evening to you melinda well these are not doing that we're not burning the midnight oil this time on on a very cold berlin february night the deadline we know has been postponed again can we expect in your opinion can we expect an agreement this time tomorrow or. we've just heard from an s.p.d.
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spokesman who says tomorrow absolutely is the last phase and it is the moment when we will know whether in fact the negotiators have succeeded and in fact some are burning the midnight oil we earlier had said that the talks were adjourned but that isn't quite true a fifteen member group of the party leadership is still negotiating in this building behind me it is the. central headquarters and they are apparently trying hard to break through in a process that it was described just now as being very controversial there e intensive the spokesman said there has been some progress but they're not where they want to get yet and and he was asked well is it possible they will not reach agreement tomorrow and he said the will is there but the results are still open. to what is the big hold up here. at the moment they're talking about health care and
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it was mentioned in the report germany has a two tier system essentially there are private insurers who can be more selective about who they take into their insurance and their public insurers who are essentially required to take anybody who applies the public insurers pay lower fees to doctors than the private ones with the result that publicly insured patients often have to wait longer for treatment and sometimes get inferior treatment the social democrats say that is a two class system and they do not want it to continue and they're pushing hard on this point they need visible wins for the party base as your report mentioned the party base will be voting on whatever agreement the two parties come up with and therefore they need to keep pushing on this and apparently they're doing so in the pushing on this despite what the polls show a majority of people here in germany are less than enthused about this new grand coalition why is that. that's right and i think the reason is that for many people
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it looks like business as usual and there's a broad sense that the parties lack perhaps the drive and the vision to address some of germany's really critical problems problems like tim demography this is an aging population in this country so big questions around pensions and around and around care for the aged and then also a freight train coming at this important manufacturing esque sporting giant in the form of digitalisation and automation both of those could kill the kind of manufacturing job that this economy is still based on so big issues there and i think a sense on many of people's part that perhaps these politicians who've been in power for so long don't necessarily have the drive to find new approaches but that said we don't yet know the details of all that's been hammered out and on one point there surely is some vision and that is on europe and that is
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a very crucial area where germany needs to be in the driver seat with france i think there has been substantial movement there so let's see what they unveil if and when they get to yes tomorrow are yet to marble be the big day for sure our chief political correspondent linda gray on the story for us tonight in berlin melinda thank you. well the head of germany's domestic intelligence agency has confirmed that north korea uses its berlin embassy to formal restricted nuclear weapons technology hans-georg mohsen is expected to make that and other claims tonight on german television in a moment we're going to talk to the reporter who broke that story but first we have this report. north korea's push to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles has made rapid advances in. pyongyang has tested a series of nuclear warheads and lest here it successfully tested ballistic
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missiles that could in theory reach the u.s. mainland and it's made these strides despite strict international bans on selling technology to north korea now german officials say north korea has used its embassy in berlin to flout sanctions and was going to focus on this in the past we've determined that it was a base for exposition activities that in our view serve the missile program and also in part the nuclear program. that north korea runs such operations is nothing new in december australian authorities arrested a man suspected of trying to purchase components used in missile technology for pyongyang and in two thousand and eleven ukraine's intelligence service cut north korean agents seeking missile technology but the hardware has gotten through despite enforcement efforts when south korea recovered to spend north korean missile from the sea they found components from countries around the world evidence that pyongyang has learned how to sidestep u.n.
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sanctions. all the clandestine commerce at the north korea as he was first reported by investigative reporter klaus share he joins us tonight from homburg it's good to have you on the show tell us how were you able to break this story. well it wasn't planned like that it took place in other countries where we were filming we had an interview with a formal official an investigator in the un sanctions committee overlooking north korea he was there until two thousand and sixteen and in one of his reports that they were giving to the security council in one of the footnotes among others was mentioned the german embassy as a place where such activities were going on so the next the point would be made was with the head of the german intelligence and then that was when he actually confirmed yes well me so that proves it always pays to read the fine print in reports very wise there have you tried to get reaction from the north korean
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embassy are they talking about this at all. well let me tell you this i was there a year ago and i was applying for a visa to ask my questions about the missile program in pyongyang and they said then that i would be given an answer within three weeks i'm still waiting for that answer so that much about them talking to us. maybe perhaps the you know time is different in the north korean calendar what about the embassy and its ability to carry out these illegal transactions in the first place i mean how is it able to do that is it exceptionally skilled at this covert commerce or is this a case of germany's intelligence service not being vigilant enough. when i have to say that we only talk about efforts or failed attempts to acquire things like that about long lines of middleman of shadow companies when the german
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officials get hints that something like that is going on that they have suspicion suspicious activities they they interfere they stop it but they might not get everything we talk about do it use items usually those that can take items that can be used in civil life and for military purposes for example the one thing they they told us was a so-called multi gas money tour you use it to control traffic pollutions in civic life but also when you produce a chemical weapon you need it to control poisonous gas emissions. and close what has happened since this story broke i can imagine many people are asking themselves well is the north korean embassy in berlin is it is still open. well it's still a of course but we learned that. actually a three years ago four years ago one of the diplomats now there are still four i
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guess but they used to be more but one of the diplomats had to leave the country because of suspicious behavior and we also learned that the last cases that the german intelligence officials were after were in two thousand and sixteen and seventeen both seventeen both related to the missile program and a chemical possible chemical weapons program and what about the head of domestic intelligence here in germany mr hunt's georg mohsen he is warning that he cannot guarantee a complete stop to north korea's illegal purchases why can't he offer that guarantee why how could he he cannot guarantee for the future that they will find everything it's as i said it's a long chain it's happening in the darkness and we talk about dual use so sometimes they have to prove it at least even before court what they found and they need
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advice they need hints from the industry from traders who say well this is one of the the dual use items on the list and we have a request from some trade or a middleman that we haven't had before they have to inform the intelligence people as well if that doesn't happen they might not see everything we also want to let our viewers know your report doesn't only pertain to germany i mean this isn't just a german story other countries have also proved able to prevent pyongyang from for curing items to build weapons right. yes we did this official from the united nations he told us about a pot that the south korean navy actually fished out of the ocean and he said we had items from more than a dozen of items coming from countries like not only china and russia but also from switzerland from the u.s. from the u.k. and those were all countries with which it export controls though they will all
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trick they have all defeated as he said that. close here are. telling us about how he was able to break the story and tell the world about what's really going on inside the north korea embassy here in berlin klaus thank you very much we appreciate your time thank you here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world lawmakers in the mall d. say soldiers have forced their way into the country's supreme court building it comes just after the government declared a state of emergency in response to a spiraling political crisis the country's president is defying a supreme court order to release a group of jailed opposition leaders turkey's president richard tell your pair to one has met with pope francis at the vatican the talks focused are expected to focus on the controversial u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel both men oppose the move.
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the british based syrian observatory for human rights says twenty three civilians have been killed in airstrikes on rebel held areas in damascus the bombing comes hot on the heels of an alleged chlorine gas attack in it live province over the weekend the syrian regime denies using chemical weapons but medics say scenes in the town of saud have paint a different picture. these horrific scenes reportedly show the aftermath of a chemical attack in northern syria. the syrian white helmets organization says a helicopter dropped chlorine gas over the city of saud a cab the group says at least twelve people were killed in the attached but it's not possible to independently verify that figure witnesses reported a chemical smell in the air after the strike. smelled chlorine and one of us went outside and then there was an air strike. during the night russian jets pounded
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further targets throughout the province the region is under control of islamist rebel groups a number of buildings are said to have collapsed in the airstrikes like this one in the provincial capital risky crusade at least nine people were buried in the rubble . one rocket hit a seven story building and another one hit a four story building. and we've recovered six bodies from the rubble a child was also injured. in mount it on newman a hospital was hit and badly damaged in the bombardment comes after rebel shot down a russian fighter jet on saturday and had missed it the u.n. says some ten thousand people have fled the fighting in the province in recent weeks. while the brussels on charges relating to the shootout that led to his arrest will face a separate trial in france soon but in the belgian capital he defied prosecutors
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and relatives of the attacks one hundred and thirty victims. after nearly two years of silence it was time for so long to have he's dying in court but his trial in build him began as many thought it would with a refusal to cooperate or even stand up for the judge. this isn't about your identity sir are use a lot of discipline born in brussels on september fifteenth one thousand nine hundred nine. i don't wish to answer your questions. bilgin prosecutors want obvious lama and his alleged accomplice to newsy and so fianna yari seen here above jailed for twenty years for attempted murder of police offices just a french citizen was europe's most wanted man until he's a raised in brussels in march twenty sixth jane that was four months after one hundred thirty people were killed in the islamic state terror attacks in paris the
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tax in which he is a prime suspect his trial is concerned with the shootout in brussels that led to his capture not the paris attacks but many hoped he'd use the opportunity in court to shed light on either incident but that was not to be my silence does not make me a criminal just said accusing the court of bias against muslims his reluctance to engage disappointed victims. could. unfortunately. prefer to stay silent that's his right. as you know almost but it's a shame since he said he wanted to be present at this hearing. we did. sit with us. and you know i don't think anyone can be satisfied with what happened right now we hope his lawyers will bring us the response as the victims are entitled to. trial was initially jury to last until friday is expected to run longer.
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now a round on global markets today that's right asian markets down european markets down and just in the past couple of minutes were seen a whipsaw action on the dow as well the global financial market selloff has pushed stocks further into the red in monday's session the s. and p. five hundred more than five percent of its all time high down losing fifteen hundred points at one stage in exceedingly volatile trading towards the end of the session but has pulled back and is currently around nine hundred points down friday's all the biggest weekly drop on the new york stock exchange in two years the u.s. jobs report showed a surge in wage growth sparking inflation fears and worries about an acceleration in interest rate hikes the equities slump spreading around the world today hitting both asia and europe. opening statements begin today in a san francisco court in the battle between the right hailing service and way mo the self driving car company owned by alphabet claims that one of its former
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engineers took more than fourteen thousand confidential files before he went to lead self-drive in car unison twenty sixteen the case hinges on whether or use these trade secrets to advance the autonomous vehicle program that testimony is expected to last two weeks and the ruling could have a major impact on who was frantic. africa barely makes a dent in balance sheet but the rapid growth on the continent the economic growth that is could become ever more important for the company in competition with rival foreigners there is hotting up v.w. announcing it will double production at its plant in kenya it's also expanding into rwanda and could launch a new model in the east african region so it looks like folks logon is one german can make that starting to take the continent seriously. the folks martin factory on the outskirts of nairobi b.w.
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is already producing its polo viva model here it is assembled from pre-manufactured parts we just worst in south africa. if all goes well kenya's government hosts the plans to expand production here dramatically that would eventually include assembling another v.w. model a small off road vehicle was suited for the local driving conditions but there are risks involved for germany's faux bargain first japanese brands are already very popular in kenya and while it is true that the middle class is growing many of the country's forty five million people still do not earn enough to afford a new car so kenya remains a market for used cars not new ones. so v.w. operations obviously small in africa but the company is looking for growth potential catherine i wonder has this analysis for us from nairobi volkswagen has just expanded its operations in their o.b.
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and the ones in capital kigali now the german car maker seems to think that africa has a lot of potential now the nairobi plant alone seeks to see the logic east and central africa now out of the four plants in south africa and nigeria and kenya it's kid godly that has the smallest plant but one day is looking more to see what volkswagen has to offer in terms of its economic growth so it's looking at skilled trades and local employment now folks like and is seeking to fight for the limelight with the likes of toyota persia oh isuzu and kenyan brand mobius which is also fighting for recognition. catherine and wonder that now this next story really brings a new meaning to doing your shopping on the fly and indianapolis hoping to cash in on passengers it get to skip an extra trip to the supermarket after a long flight it sells and even grows its own vegetables.
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okra beans ash gourd all freshly picked the vegetables are grown and harvested by hand that coach an international airport in kerala right next to the airport's photovoltaic panels staff get the first chance to buy the fresh produce whatever's left is sold to passengers but i believe i have travelled to several different countries and i can see that it's quite convenient and useful to get vegetables from the organic farm that's inside the airport premises itself. could chin is the first airport in india to meet all its energy needs with solar power and a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown on forty five acres of land in between the panels thanks to crop management and drip irrigation. since the water used to clean the solar panels does not contain detergent it can be used to irrigate the crops below the moisture retained in the soil by the plant roots also helps to keep
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the panels dust free and saves the cost of the weeding the land the airport's vegetable out put through to nearly eighty tons in twenty seventeen authorities now plan to extend the commercial cultivation to more vacant land at the airport. so now it's back to brant and we're headed to mali feel very much we're going to go to mali a place that is best known as a crossroad between the countries south and it's dangerous separatist north but a music festival has been returning a little harmony to the region. for the past few days this usually tranquil city on the revenue share has been hosting a festival to celebrate mollies vibrant musical culture it's one of the biggest annual music events on the continent that some even call not only the cradle of the balloons. and this is not just any party the festival in sago
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promotes diversity in african culture including the to worry culture in northern mali and beyond the. security for the roughly thirty thousand visitors is a big task for the organizers soldiers and police have a big presence at the festival. most money news just want to have a good time this event has been nicknamed the woodstock of africa with the main stage right on the banks of the river there is a their main idea behind this fourteenth festival on the new year is culture in resistance that means culture against the opposition to the spread of knowledge we are culture militants here we are dedicated to artistic development and we are carrying the torch of peace for. most of the crowd here knows the lyrics to their favorite songs by heart including songs by abbey. now i think. he's well known outside mali for his poetic
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bluesy ballads. the audience often becomes a giant choir was my lady does the same with this first of all is symbolic for us in many ways even the name festival on the new year symbolizes the convergence of our spirits that. they flow in the blood in our veins and the flow of the river is here. while the mullion stars attract the biggest crowds the festival organizers have also invited other african musicians like spirit from morocco. but. for us coming here is like visiting a neighbor visiting the family we don't have many chances to travel between north africa and sub-saharan africa which we regret we want to make the most of this occasion because it's a shame that we play more and europe than in the king of faso all senegal. you know
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when they got despite security concerns money and started out in shoojit numbers they were determined to make the fourteenth festival on the share a success. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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german for three weeks d w. when north korea goes it shopping for parts to make missiles and a nuclear weapons it dials up berlin tonight germany's top spy says that the hermit kingdom has used its embassy here to bypass the sanctions and he warns that some of the transactions in the tools of terror may never be detected i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. it is.


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