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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 21  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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experience of freedom in a sense is like the experience of it you can visit it but your call come back on. my name and use it for the kind i work you know but. never forget where you came from. a keeps you strength and perspective. back to the roots with pay to go s.p. rich said speaker life. this is
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a country that's only if emotion on both sides but the line one be kind. i mean the heisman sometimes you need to leave the past behind in order to shine oh a woman needs even to define justify. the god look to a local law to save them from relegation will he be the heroes the stone steps involved but as a star it's tends. to come as the credits. can shell because now they forget the past the ninety minutes how much braman does he still have in his heart do they still love him. some fun kind of dumb some subtle whatever you do wherever you go you never forget where you came from back to the roots would kick off on match day twenty one.
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guys like this born to play football. these guys i hate to scold goals that might be the hardest job but if you can do it for one club you can usually do it anyway. but guys like him the pitch is like his second home every game is a returns of a stomping ground but also a new chum. he had a delightful day for you but can we get some help pronouncing his name. did you practice so. german i spoke to him. but it was staggers name on everyone's lips before the game his return to cologne this is not like every other game i was in cologne too long for that i feel at home here. the
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development boss back at home. house is just around the corner from the stadium. for the longest time. film and snapped him up and so far off things have been looking up. to us with all tosk now is to make things difficult because we desperately need the points to conserve. but cologne have been winning again since to the left then you could treat every game like a chop final. season heist where ready for a next final where well prepared for the high thirty. two teams that will give it all relegation struggle as best as champions league hopefuls. after just two training sessions i was on the pitch for development and off to just that's the five minutes he was off with must have one nil put to him about the patent about iraq abide. i.
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i'm really happy it wasn't easy i'm not used to the team does well yeah but all the masses of the three points it is one of the top of the opening goal that pizza stood showing his best stoic celebration of the boy and his former employers didn't make him smile above they ramped up the pressure and shots on target turned into an equaliser. ah could mungiu level could see of a quick thinking zeman soul above they would play. like that's hope for what's he up to the i don't know i don't think we were the worst team but i don't know if we were any better than i do you know that the game could have ended very differently . for me she but she why the game couldn't have gone much better out
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of the breaks in his first game and then leave restored was he to still got still to look in moves to the bible is to be honest it was tough i couldn't really enjoy it to be fair in it because it was a show i was at least the dome and fans enjoyed it. but can own went that it was going to stick with us in a corner and can learn spanish since about booking a mini knows it in for the second comeback of the knights of the of the i but it was and that is surely who had the final word he's been struggling for goals in game time this season but in the eighty two minute his first win was the goal this season sealed the way for the black and yellow. i
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was it's no good to that i get minutes and hit minutes and then i can score goals and this goal was very important for me and up the storm the but good day for two men school. me trees are supposed to me how to play with desire he wants gang time and wants to perform well in order to make it to the world cup with belgium if it's university great thing for us i think of the difference. a return and a new beginning sounds like a good thing to me family still got the balls to be insane. with. he's on a survival mission. and the new coach. typhoon call could. a local lad who grew up in she took out well that's indeed him to the supporters.
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the defense minister fans will judge me based on my success that's a fact this fact. is a kind soul not a tough disciplinary and his record two wins in twenty four does league games how does that go down with the fans talk about his devotion and leave all starting to get bored or. oh well the fans did want another local boy mario gomez making his return to vosburgh after leaving in january they greeted him with flowers as a thank you for his many goals. he scored sixteen of them last season three of those came against lay the condition. and a coach at the time was this man. manu sensation mario is a great player with a real presence i mean that's a slight experience that's his leverkusen coach last season he told mentor this so i know what he can do. now the two local lads are on the same side.
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but they faced an uphill battle against an attacking false but seeing. wolves showed skill and toughness they huffed and puffed to break the visitors down. and driest back conceded possession in his own half and the wolves pounced given to reading made it one nil. in the twenty four minutes by now the best way to win over the fast. you got me no matter how much opposition there is i'm solely focused on the team. the goal of survival just using to. call kids game plan was simple find the big man from stoke got up top so he could have a part. keep trying until something hits the target. mario gomez was probably
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pleased with this simple tactic is his fourth coach of the season. you're saying this but i don't want to talk about coaching changes any more because it's not my job and anyway it's not important we just have to give our best for the new coach and kind of spectacles to look after an hour that's just what he did. i was. not really got him as a school level but the talisman himself his coach was visibly relieved i stepped up and that's why i just recently called by the game confident and puffed out our chests every player wanted the ball and we had two great chances had we scored them it would have been a win given to the should be there. but they didn't and so the game ended won all the points away from home not a bad start for the cool kids. this will put some of it's still an uphill challenge
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if you look at still me at times the team showed that they can stay and that's the biggest takeaway from the game because i was just. so i think all good an optimist . my manager a nice guy you should think not to finish last. perhaps the fans will take him into the hearts and believe in survival just like he does. by and in money says do we even have to guess what happens behind it basically champions anyway. but will domestic dominance turn them into champions league loses . we have a lot of competition within our squad everyone wants to play you. must be a tough life with all that quality and this was no signs of complacency. i think
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there's a small danger of complacency and not enough to get into a rut and. victim of this cutthroat competition is robert levin dusky rest stop rubbing. instead it was one of the old guard tossed with scoring. least thirty four year olds playing for a new contract and puts in a shift to prove his worth. the still got it a fantastic strike made in one mills a fun and easy peasy. i i when fitting in the old guard won the triple in twenty thirteen they were in their prime i can't me still play a role in the coming years. in the tradition. of course i want to stay. i just have to keep performing. old. but there's no stress and
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stress. who could follow in his footsteps come is what do you guess the colombian is a different type of player but he's got the skills and creative spark his goal was pretty. i almost knew a chance to show you more said jordan but doing things so we had many chances it was a very intense game pitch wasn't good it was really muddy unity in milan no no no but we won by working hard and i think that we deserved it. but if you are pushed on oh i oh i mess what such. but no one near that would happen in the champions league there are bigger challenges their minds and their fat pitch when facing europe's elite. but willfully wasteful not something they can afford to do against public sentiment. i put
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a match against months is more like a training game but. not the best environment for shopping your killer instinct. i. was in for the money sometimes we relax a bit with only a few and we had that last season too it's much better now though. you're behind his experience enough to know complacency kills character when by a relaxed people it's on the front office. twenty thirteen we also had a massive points gap at the top of the table and it didn't last into a full sense of security. in twenty thirty and they wanted the bundesliga the cup and the champions league final once repeat the trick and that's even one easy win in months probs heated discussion.
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money makes the ball go around god but squad is worth one hundred seventy seven million euros worth three hundred six million. and some glad back fans decided to boyce their distaste for what they called a commercial product by remaining voiceless nineteen minutes of silence. neither team had much to shout about in the first half chances on both ends weren't taken. in the second half like to have more of the game but glad buck second keeper to be a simple help the for. the visitors brought on new signing other molo look none late in the game and the everton loney couldn't quite find his feet you don't wake up one pair of shoes after a. last minute move but showed is still scoring the winning goal one minute before time welcome to the indus league i. can so ranked tenth with a squad worth just under one hundred million hoffenheim are two steps ahead with
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the most expensive team. curly on hoffenheim have to sub out twelve million man kerry and demi by the german international damage his ankle ligaments which. just before the break. penalty decision as nico schultz was offside before being fouled. referee dennis icici influence will soon die neatly was taught. by hundred kraemer rich pageant in for the elite. easy cos some of them included come to rescue a player when his pay day was worth fifty million back when transfer fees played. out spurred steamer work sixty nine million francs for twenty million more. they're
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the league's best travellers after five years and could have jumped a second place with the wind. stirred were welcoming hosts. talk show cool openness going in the ninety minutes. and it didn't stop there. both teams have defied expectations the season and so has out spurred summer signing mickael gregorio who got his ninth goal of the campaign. bargain by marco rich who followed suit he's worth two hundred grand but after his first goal his stock just might rise. a win like this is priceless. i expect a touchdown and seventh place. hamburg have high quality fans back in the day these two coaches played together for the club.
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now the home side are worth seventy nine million while had over offer a slight discount on us but despite that it's hamburg who are low in their league table as their neighbors defy expectations. once again fighting relegation and after thirty seven minutes they were fighting defeats a beauty from the egypt evil force of. how novas most valuable player sally said they made every penny of his money and value count with this time. his side couldn't kill the game off and the second time. hamburg's most expensive player was the only book for this tackle so his team stayed in the game. much to the dismay of false tales.
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four minutes from time philip costas netted in at the far post. a relief of pensacola but in his first game in charge. things weren't so balanced on paper between freiburg and a three times richer leverkusen side but the underdog started off better. unstoppable coach said his team up fantastically well in the middle is also hard luck on their side. this game wasn't always pretty. i go her legs leverkusen didn't threaten enough and freiburg. most sneaked in the winner but the final score match the game little known.
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back in two thousand and five vertebrae then was still a big deal and now it was a key part of it is again that they qualified for the champions league four years strikes and the german cup thinks. they're there for me as it were the first step for me is that so i'm alone and it means a lot that i played there for seven years is that is it was seven. going on as even thought. once a braman hero now he leads their opponents shall go. may employ beautiful attacking football just as but he used to shall have only lost once in the last fourteen games. that sets them apart from bremen and coach florian cole felt that fighting off relegation. last five games without a win i'm not surprised to change against the mighty shaka. they need heroes but end up with just the opposite. they keep
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a year in power lanka fumbles given cannot be and can makes it one nil to shout. you have really got to catch those who will punch them where. no heroics no will to win it was a forgettable half a brain and. when they made it into shelters and he was there waiting but now. safe at the back dangerous up top thanks to franco dissent out that's just what visitors have to face when they come to shelter at the moment. the following corner gate now though the chance to come forward he scored against every ponderously good. except of course crane. three players defending and still they barely managed to stop him.
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chalco was more aggressive winning jewels and playing better football. this sounds like it really should have buried this jobs. but it one encounters the shots on the stat sheet. things are usually go so right for shaka it's high and the stars age already had a yellow and he picked up his second of the match that's it for him. frame and were man up to close the match. because they managed some brilliant tactics and sent things around. well maybe they wouldn't need any next cruise inside it's one one. it doesn't have to be beautifully drawn up sometimes all you need is a mistake from the keeper. was the good old brain in making a comeback. no it was still shouting and still catch the many catch a desk. a speedy i mean a harry didn't get the penalty call here. and
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a minute late says substitute malcolm cancer was mia centimeters wide. but it got lucky twice. a draw against shaka not a bad day out for relegation threatened braman. then in stoppage time a sloppy pass from high rates. and suddenly bright and felt like they were back in their glory days. a stroke of genius from aaron you hansen just like diego you have make you back in the day with. that sets up what men like finish likes like you news of bitches is still beautiful. and not the same in another game like the old days and these alerts and see the last ten minutes were just what we
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needed but we also can't try to pull this off every week but from my view we've really earned our results the last couple of when i was looking for the and yeah it's a bitter especially since we couldn't take advantage of all our counter attacks if you look to how the. now look and shall feel defeated the fates of the old bird and magic might be just enough to keep them in the bundesliga. let's take in the results filming came out on top in a thriller against fellow find has that easy win in mind shaka had that surprise the fees home to braman and that one one juror living with a nazi please pals i have here you can see why. this penalty decision is what set started off. why did you have such a problem with the cough. even more dish this is for me to
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stop sign old fashioned for me that's off site but at halftime the refereeing team explained the decision so i said ok i accept the decision. i think all four referees performed well today and i won't complain anymore. that's going to shake is that why you should not truly buy their show because they've explained it but i'm just old fashioned but it's not me making the rules my they go to russia in the . case the table off the match states when she was grounds whole day at the top viands got groove flavor couzin hold on to second life second don't mung close in fares not much room for error. of berlin and fry the. safe but in the bottom half brain the navy says might fold to the relegation play off ice at the bottom still hamburg and collide now to a much moment. in
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the simplicity of. p.c.b. somehow keep the focus like. something done from chelsea just to cut. police to listen to his condolences. to listen. to. the following as a friend he sees a movie and creaminess news his filming. this. coming.
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clock. cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut.
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cut. cut cut. the funding to extreme weather events can prevent disasters. whether chemical pressures can rapidly turn dangerous moves scientists are trying to make me here are logical forecasts more precise come. the latest advances in cloud research and cold drones can help predict the weather but tomorrow to the first thirty minutes on w. . inter the conflict zones this week on conflict zone i miss them both to talk to russia collection on my soul food is moving funky the a.k.p. she speaks for the carcieri on shoes and his fellow soldiers close confidante the president is the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to
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crack down on civil liberties well. true his first split song. w. . he created movie milestone. was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring but it still turning out films today. germany's biggest and oldest film company. a cinematic history from the german empire to the present one hundred or so. starting february eighteenth. the. scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities and. they have survived but do they also have
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a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after a war. starting march tenth on d w.
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this is g.w. news live from allegations of a conspiracy to kill in kenya dozens of bodies arrived at nairobi's morgues every day many of them young men killed by police in a culture of impunity due to the years from one officer willing to speak out. also coming up in bob ways opposition says brace for the worst amid reports that lee.


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