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this is it everything is live from berlin is the finish line finally insights on to america as conservatives push for a coalition deal that could return them to power after the long side of germany's social democrats led by martin schultz expectations are rising here in berlin that eleven days of talks could be almost over also coming up an exclusive report from kenya where a victims of alleged police brutality are filling nairobi's morning's news hears from one officer willing to speak out plus of the turmoil on world markets the dow jones down still bleeding after opening sharply down but asia and europe weren't so lucky we'll have more on what's got investors so spruiked and it will look at
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a soccer clash to save her third division part of board host the mighty byron munich in tonight's a german cup quarter finals is a giant killing on the cards. in any. way iraq thanks for your company everyone here in germany ugly americans conservatives and the center left social democrats are still working on forming a government and they're still far apart on several key issues leaders on both sides are pushing hard for an agreement as a deadline after deadline passes. it's decision day in berlin again conservatives and social democrats arriving for day eleven of coalition talks and the day is not going to be easy health employment and foreign policy are still
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three major hurdles to overcome nonetheless today they're hoping to finally seal the deal. after all this is about the quality of life for the people and about being a successful business location every single one of us will have to make painful compromises i am willing to do that if we can assure that in the end to be advantages will outweigh the disadvantages for toilets and through the nothing. it's michael's last push to clinch an agreement on a new grand coalition the deal is supposed to end months of political limbo and europe's top economy. steep all missions leaving guards those letters about was nothing less than forming a stable lasting government in one of the largest industrialized countries in the world that meets the challenge us both internationally and nationally model not so very good. and not only the world is waiting for germany to get its act together closer to home in germany spawned a stack the parliament is also eager to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda.
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let's go straight to our chief political correspondent and the crane there she is at the city you had quarters say here in berlin where the coal coalition talks are still aren't going well and is there an end in sight. there is an end in sight at least that's what we're hearing from inside this building where indeed they have been at it all day and essentially it is make or break day for these negotiations the parties had allotted two days of overtime and the clock is running down now on day two and we're told that there is optimism a lot has been achieved and in fact. a version of the document that they're working on has been leaked to the press and if you look at that and look at the areas that are marked in yellow in this document they are very few and far between at this point in fact they have reached agreement on according to one negotiator ninety to
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ninety five percent of the issues that they were negotiating on and just to give you a sense of the volume we're talking about this document runs one hundred sixty seven pages long fourteen chapters so in fact they've accomplished quite a bit in these eleven days nonetheless some of those who've been entering this building in the past couple of hours have said there are still hurdles to be overcome and the fact is that the essential decision will come down to whether the compromises are in the eyes of those who are making these doing these negotiations worth the sacrifices that are being made so we'll see where it ends but in fact as i say the clocks running clocks running melinda this is the longest period ever that germany has been without a government what happens if they don't we should deal. which in fact could be the case either if the parties today don't seal these negotiations or afterward even if
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they do come up with an agreement today it still has to be put to the vote of the entire social democratic base that was a condition that the members put on the party they did not want to enter a renewed coalition to go she ations with conservatives they have the sense that past grand coalitions of law. to a drop in support so that was their essential condition and in fact it is not at all clear that the s.p.d. membership will approve of this if they do not at that point it's wide open once again most likely we would then see new elections that could take us into the summer before those were to occur leaving germany with a caretaker government which of course can manage the daily business of governing but is not in a position to take crucial initiatives on major challenges ahead and that also includes europe where another clock is running the french president emmanuel mccall has put some very serious proposals for a u. reform on the table he is waiting for an answer from berlin and it's an answer that
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only a lasting stable government can give all right chief political correspondent in the crane reporting from outside the city you h.q. here in berlin thank you. allah with the european union confronting the departure of britain from the block it's now moving to energize the membership ambitions of several balkan states well the e.u. has set the year twenty twenty five as a goal for front runners serbia and montenegro to join while they've already begun a session talks macedonia and albania meanwhile are still waiting for approval to start talks to joint european commission chief john clode younker stressed the country's must resolve all outstanding by a lateral spirits and make required reforms before joining. the max hoffman caught up with the commissioner for a large mint he asked him how realistic the prospect of balkan countries joining
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the e.u. is. mr han their huge problems on the western balkans corruption border dispute sliding economies what makes you think that it's realistic that some of those countries might be part of the european union by two thousand and twenty five well we're talking about a region of eighty million inhabitants a region which is already two days on the only by member states region of course you have which is still a pledge which is lacking to a certain extent economic perspective so people are moving away i think it's in the european union interest to exports the ability in order to further import instability and this is exactly what so the say guides us in all of our efforts and i think it's something honestly people in the region deserve and once again it's in our interest to award for the plaintiff in and i think this is the reason why we are dealing with the region in terms of
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a european perspective let me get back to the question what makes you think that for example a problem huge problem like corruption in the region can be solved by two thousand and twenty five well first twenty twenty five is an indicative date it's and so the say an incentive if you like it so the carrot you're dangling. it's an m.p. shoes but physical gold bull why did the individual country is willing political or so it is able to to fulfill all the homework they have to do optimistic are you that this is going to happen well it's possible it's possible otherwise we wouldn't have first suggested we wouldn't have named it but the main the main issue is that everybody is clear that the stability of the solution re conciliation between the countries he's only achievable if there's a little peon perspective and so therefore it's a european interest on its own to work on this integration once the. again in order
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to avoid further destabilization and if you look back for example on the integration of creation into the european union there is still a border dispute between two e.u. member states of in your creation what will you do to not repeat those mistakes from the past well we also learn our lessons and therefore no new member state in this is clearly expressed interest i think she can join the union if there is an un loose olf the issue will conflict with its neighbor. john thank you very much. all right now i want to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. poland's president says he will design a controversial holocaust bill into law but andre judah says he'll let the courts in the country's constitutional court decide on its legality while the bill makes it illegal to suggest poland was involved in nazi germany's crimes and bans the use of the term of a polish death camps israel and the u.s.
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have criticized the bill years ago. the president of the maldives says the country's supreme court is attempting a coup against him i mean made the comments defending his recently declared state of emergency and the arrest of a former president and two supreme court judges will use the firing the supreme court order to release jailed opposition leaders. zimbabwe's main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is reportedly critically ill in a south african hospital his supporters have been told to quote brace for the worst the sixty five year old disclosed two years ago that he had colon cancer. south african president jacob zuma has been forced to postpone his planned state of the nation address over concerns lawmakers could disrupt the speech well the move could herald a bid by members of his own party to remove him from office leaders of zuma as the ruling african national congress at the party's executive committee will hold
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a special meeting tomorrow to discuss his possible removal zuma has survived several attempts to oust him in the past but now faces a no confidence vote in the south african parlance parliament in just over two weeks. well with tensions are running high in south africa christine window is monitoring the situation for us hi christine there's a sense of deja vu here the a.n.c. basically pleading with this leader please step down yeah i mean zuma has survived a number of no motion and no confidence motion as impeachment motions but the. have all been tabled by the opposition and the a.n.c. having the numbers in parliament has been able to check in chile this is now the party saying to the president. and this is really the first time people are looking around and saying the test run president simply constable this when he's own party is saying to the question now is is he going to be pushed or will he not it happens
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if he doesn't comply can they remove him so what the a.n.c. has situation is that they have given him until thursday morning to make his decision about whether or not he's going to resign failing that they any see that's the next national executive committee can but this is still a party structure and we're talking about the president of the country or not president of the party so even that he doesn't have to abide by then they are forced to take the matter to parliament and see m.p.'s would be instructed to table a motion of no confidence vote against the president and they don't want to do the sort of course that has come out saying i don't want to humiliate him in this way there would be such a dramatic move how divided is the on on this to put a simple down the middle a lot and we saw this when the party emerged from a selective conference in december it's right in the hof and we see it even in the top structure that is what we call the agency top six they can't decide amongst themselves move to the secretary general come out today and say even within
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ourselves we cannot agree as to what the fate of the president should be let alone the rest of the party and ultimately this is going to rist with the wider body which is that any see which consists of about eighty also members but what we understand is. that has has not one of this is to play out this way he has wanted zuma to voluntarily step down because right now you have a situation where south africa has two centers of power to the house with sort of a process president and then of course the union buildings with jacob zuma as president of south africa so that is it's a bad position to be in and then of course there was the state of the nation address if he stood up and gave that address it was going to signal to the world to the country that serve up was i'm. i had for president of the body and president in waiting so to say of the country but really has no power there was talk about the president in waiting is he the guy to reform the because it's new it needs reform when the when the top executives went to soon as house on sunday night they said to him we need to this party to start campaigning for next year's election we cannot have you on the face of that you need to step down they want to go up there and
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tell the public we have a new leader cheri is sort of a force of they believe at least within the eyes so africans who by and large welcomed so i'm also we've also seen it with the international community sort of was that received a grand welcome in from investment investors who have a significant interest in south africa so if anything between the two men of course that is of course the better option and that's what the party is insisting into its president jacob sounds like a science with moment for south africa while i have you here i'd like to ask you also about zimbabwe if i may we were reporting on the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai reportedly in critical situation can you tell us about that letter which came through this morning that he was critical in a south african hospital this doesn't come as a surprise ross we were hearing reports about the family they had wanted to bring him over to europe to seek treatment and to see specialists here on african doctors pretty much advising him that he's not strong enough to endure a long haul flight to make it see or understanding at this wonderful party sources
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that he is in a critical condition and that you know his supporters have been told to brace for the worst i was with trying to get i in around the ousting of god and i saw a frail man who really was was bearing the brunt of chemo therapy and we understand that he spent a lot of time in south africa where he has been receiving their treatment we saw the last time we saw him live a while that the public saw him was a few couple weeks ago when the president of zimbabwe visited him and we could see a man who was in a grave condition for a lot of survivors at that time calling for prayers for morgan trying to die and that is still pretty much what's going on in the country today senior officials. even. coming out and saying it's cute this man in a prius and just as the country is turning such an important page ok our best wishes to him and thank you for your reporting thank you. and we're going to turn to kenya now where in the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young poor men are turning up on the streets almost every day they're suspected of being criminals and
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are executed by the police without charges without trial date i mean who speaks to a whistle blower who reveals an underground war on crime that's believed to have claimed more than three thousand lives in the past year. october two thousand and seventeen it's been two days since my mom pry on lost her son brian one thousand years old executed by the police. state and you are totally what worked for you. brian lived in one of nairobi slum the police suspected him of being a thug and thieves but his mother disagrees. number two up before i make fun. of. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor here in her community in kao lives where he was killed along with his three friends. had taken to. the policeman on the one who gunned him
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down. there is more evidence images of brian and his dead friends published on facebook. troy says the police themselves post the pictures to instill fear and brand the victims as criminals. filming at the city more trees forbidden but it seems that the killing of brian and his friends was not an isolated incident we're told that twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by the police. dr brian beach unger is an independent forensic expert he confirms that cases like brian's are part of an larger pattern. into wounds to the back into wounds into wounds to the chest. or. back in the head and the chest is not to do. its job security. the police repeatedly
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denied to request for an official interview. one officer inside the system however says he's against the extrajudicial killings and wants to uncover the actions of nairobi's police he agrees to talk to as anonymously as he fears for his life. so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey this is what's happening. and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. crime is rife the prisons are full and for many police the lives of those who live in the slums are worthless until now thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and gone
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unreported. friend's family at his funeral they feel that he like so many other young men was stripped off judicial process and his human rights. and it's a sad certainty that bryant won't be the last young man will fall victim to nairobi's fight against crime. all right let's get more now on the turmoil gripping the world markets but what's going on all eyes are on new york we've seen a big stock slide globally over the past couple days new york opened one percent down earlier but it has bounced back suggesting relief could be on the way for equates. to days of dramatic losses on wall street have sparked a global selloff investors worried this could be the start of a new stock market crash but analysts point to a healthy correction of a such
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a low rally for stocks the reason for the volatility of concern central banks could start winding down the era of cheap money more quickly than thought. let's go over to the new york stock exchange where you're standing by for us is the volatility easing its. the want to tell it is not really easing and it is a pretty wild ride and we can throw a call in and see where this much good will and today we were down as much as about five hundred sixty points we were up by about three hundred fifty so we've seen a trading range of about nine hundred points just was in the first couple of hours here of trading in new york how can you sum up the situation so far is this a correction of the market a correction of the an end to the rally that has been going on really since the global financial crisis. so far it's a pullback or
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a correction in technical terms we talk about a correction when the market is down ten percent from its recent high that was at the end of generally and at some point to today we did go down by those ten percent we do start talking about a bear market when we're down fifteen to twenty percent so we're not there yet but certainly it is pretty severe and also the speed that we've seeing on monday for example was in two minutes the dow was down by five hundred points so that is a mess of a move and also shows that maybe automated trading also does play into those mess of and wild swings that we're seeing here on wall street so possibly remaining bullish to a certain extent the volatility is going to remain how do you think the next days ago to play out. well it also pretty much depends on a bond yields i mean that caused some of the trouble that there is some fear of inflation that the federal reserve might have to act a bit more aggressive but then also yields on corporate bonds especially might
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continue to rise and if that happens then financing for corporation becomes more expensive but this is really guessing right now we are waiting for this markets to stabilize a little bit but well we do not get that much economic news in the next couple of days and earnings season does come to an end so if you have a quiet day on the on the new site that could be a problem but to really establish this market at this point. keeping an eye on the drama there for us in new york thank you. is a volatile it has had some exchanges especially hard tokyo lost close to five percent on the day the losses as dramatic here in europe is how frankfurt fed and why. there's no sense of panic at the frankfurt stock exchange the apparent anxiety of wall street investors was not shared by traders here although the dax index
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faced heavy losses it's been spared the massive sell offs seen in the u.s. and asia. because in through we went up to fast weather last year or this year the stock market the u.s. is still up twenty one percent from a year ago no one ever knows when something's coming but one thing is clear though the data is stable there's no impression it will just keep falling divide to get elsewhere in europe a similar conclusion but i think what's happened in the last couple of days has been a little bit of a hangover from those friday's tyros numbers and in particular the shot roys in wage growth and that i think has really crystallized concerns the federal was on a much. tightening cycle and that's pushed deals up but it's also put pressure on the u.s. stock market worries that an era of cheap money is over have sparked new concerns about a slump in asia the hung song index in hong kong fell more than five percent on tuesday tokyo's nikkei index also didn't go untouched. this isn't
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normal it's got to be because of the plunge in the u.s. i thought the economy was actually in good shape which now i'm concerned what might happen at the united. simple profit taking automated sell orders whatever the reason it all began in new york. or wherever it started there was worried faces on the floor of the frankfurt stock exchange earlier in the day a financial correspondent daniel cope was there bright and early for us. i saw the panic of the panic in the face of investors this morning when they were fearing that we would see either a major correction happening at the stock exchange here in frankfurt or even possible a crash in early trading the groups have in their conduct was even under the magical mark of twelve thousand point drop in between six and eight percent but then investors were thinking again with their brains shares were dropping but not as strong as they were actually predicting it seems that investors were remembering
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that the worldwide economy is doing strong they don't have to fear that we might see a recession happening and many investors actually told me throughout the day that this call rection that we have seen throughout the day was even healthy reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange down your cool down and your business. back later with a preview of a clash to save perhaps a loosely here a david means goliath in this week's german cup quarter finals when third division a part of one host might brylin there you are munich tonight for the home side it's a chance to pull off a momentous upset and forbye it is a key step in their bid to win three trophies. part of bombs warriors a poised to do battle with the bavarian man. hosting by munich in the german cup quarterfinals is a rare highlight for the former born as they get close who suffered back to back
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relegations in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen the only avoided jumping into the fourth to last term on a technicality. stephan bogart has mixed feelings about meeting by him but he's staying philosophical. he's going to take it how it is i maybe would have preferred a different draw but there's nothing more wonderful than playing by a i mean two minds it will be difficult for us because by and there on another level in. the us it's easy to see why his wary buying are in tremendous form as they power to a six straight bonus league a title a potential trouble of bundesliga champions league and german cup is very much on and. no slacking. i. within the squad we have good competition for places everyone wants to play so i'm going to rotate a bit. moving the goalposts isn't an option against. the ball might just have to try it the hard way. i don't mind of the top stories that we're following
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up for you are right now germany's main political parties are making a. course of election four months ago. the headlines. will be back at the top of the hour for now thank you so much for spending part of. the.
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