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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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plane. i am. i am. i am . this is it only news live from berlin it is the finish line of finally insight on the america's conservatives push for a coalition deal that could return them to power all that's alongside germany's social democrats led by martin schultz expectations are rising that eleven days of talks could be almost over also coming up turmoil on world markets the dow jones stirs the bleeding after opening sharply down but asia and europe weren't so lucky we'll have more on what's got investors are so screwed plus an exclusive report
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from kenya and they were always morgues are filling up with victims of alleged police brutality. years from one officer willing to speak out also traditional for torture it's been the harrowing fate of two hundred million women worldwide an international zero tolerance day we'll look at efforts to stop female genital mutilation and for sports fans the winter's big event is almost upon us we travel to appear on chang in south korea to check to check out the preparations and head of the winter olympics the games start in just three days' time. i am. i am. thank you very much for your company everyone. here in germany and america is conservatives and the center left social democrats are still working on forming
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a government and they're still far apart on several key issues leaders on both sides are pushing hard for an agreement as deadline after deadline passes. it's decision day in berlin again conservatives and social democrats arriving for day eleven of coalition talks and the day is not going to be easy health employment and foreign policy are still three major hurdles to overcome nonetheless today they're hoping to finally feel the deal through all this is about the quality of life for the people and being a successful business location every single one of us will have to make painful compromises so i am willing to do that if we can assure that in the end vantages will outweigh the disadvantages. and through the not. it's manacles last push to clinch an agreement on a new grand coalition the deal is supposed to end months of political limbo and europe's top economy. leaving gods those leaders
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about was nothing less than forming a stable lasting government in one of the largest industrialized countries in the world that meets the challenge us both internationally and nationally. and not only the world is waiting for germany to get its act together closer to home in germany. the parliament is also eager to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda. all right in our chief political correspondent linda crane is standing by for us outside the city h.q. where the talks are still underway melinda braving the cold it's getting late any news. well at the moment we have heard some of the politicians who've entered the building in the last couple of hours say that they are optimistic that the two parties are definitely making headway but the fact is they're down to the wire at this point today the parties have all allocated
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themselves essentially two days of overtime and today is day number two and there's five hours left in the day now the two points that they are stuck on. as we here are points that matter a lot to the social democrats in fact they matter so much that a party conference of the social democrat democrats about two weeks ago essentially up to the ante on these two issues there had been exploratory talks with the conservatives prior to that and the two parties had agreed on a broad blueprint for coalition negotiations and the delegates at this party conference said we want you to up the ante on labor law basically on on ending time limited our work contracts that to where there's no clear reason for them to be temporary and also on germany's two tier health care system they are the s.p.d. delegates told their party leadership their negotiators we want to see the beginning
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of an end of what they view as a two class medical system whereby private people insured with private insurance get better treatment than those insured with the public insurance so those are the two points that they are still working hard to predict and while we're told that the delegates are that the negotiators are optimistic in fact there are obstacles to overcome here all right melinda please stay a with me i'm going to come back to you right after this because the social democrats basically and of course this still change the fate of the coalition as it has melinda was reporting and they have seen an increase in membership as this next report shows. joseph from the city of just signed up last week to become an s.p.d. member she wants to see changes in policies affecting families and pensioners she's completely against continuing in a grand coalition. test so i think it's
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a form of protest but i want to stay in the s.p.d. for a long time so that i can be involved in policy making as a member of the opposition not within a grand coalition no more business as usual we need to make the social democrats strong again. ever since the s.p.d. just barely passed a vote to enter formal coalition talks the number of new members has risen thanks to them the s.p.d. now has a total of four hundred fifty thousand members some new members want to change the party others want to prevent a grand coalition political experts say a new wave of members leaving is not likely this didn't happen in twenty thirteen the last time there was an s.p.d. member a vote. increasing number of new members is a sign the s.p.d. has become interesting for people who want to have a say in politics and think the tools to effect change which have been available up till now like voting in elections aren't enough. the state of lower saxony for
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example has registered more than a thousand members and north rhine-westphalia saw more than four thousand since the end of january a record high. wow ok so we've seen a renewed enthusiasm from people wanting to join the s.p.d. in what might be a well direct democracy or sauber tossings well what do you make of this rise of membership for the s.p.d. . well in fact many of the people who have now entered the s.p.d. were actively courted by the s.p.d.m. youth wing which wants to prevent a grand coalition at any cost and they have in fact had a real campaign to get new members to join the party and as you know any agreement to that is arrived at here this evening will be voted on by the entire s.p.d. membership so potentially those new members could wind up to a p.t.o. torpedoing anything that they do agree on but we have heard some of the politicians
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entering this building today saying that they think that wave of opposition within the s.p.d. may have peaked and started to decline but the fact is within germany in general there are many people who are skeptical about whether a new edition of the ground coalition will really have the drive and initiative to come up with new policies to help the country face some of the big challenges that it will confront in coming years all right chief political correspondent melinda crane breaking it all down for us braving the cold for us we thank you for you can say you coverage. want to talk now about some of the other stories making news around the world. a british court has rejected an attempt by wiki leaks founder julian assange to invalidate an arrest warrant against him while the warrant stemmed from a sexual assault case in sweden that has since been dropped to avoiding a warrant that could even go away for
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a songe to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been holed up since twenty twelve. zimbabwe's main opposition leader morgan the chiang rai is reportedly critically ill in a south african hospital his supporters have been told to quote maurice for the worst sixty five year old disclosed to two years ago that he had colon cancer. poland's president says he will resign a controversial holocaust bill into law but andre dubus says he'll let the country's constitutional court decide on its legality of the bill makes it illegal to suggest that poland was involved in the nazi germany's crimes and bans the term polish death camps as israel and the u.s. have criticized about implementing. what the european union confronting the departure of great britain it's now moving to provide fresh encouragement to several balkan states hoping to join the block the e.u. has set the year twenty twenty five as
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a goal for front runners serbia and montenegro to join they have already begun a session talks macedonian albania meanwhile are waiting approval to start talks to joint european commissioner european commission chief. stressed the countries must resolve all outstanding bilateral disputes and make required reforms before they can join. the abuser max hoffman caught up with the commissioner for enlargement yohannes han and he asked him how we listed the prospect of balkan countries joining. mr han their huge problems on the western balkans corruption border dispute sliding economies what makes you think that it's realistic that some of those countries might be part of the european union by two thousand and twenty five well we're talking about the region of eighty million inhabitants region which is already two days on the only by member states a region of course you have which is still fragile which is so lacking to
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a certain extent economic perspective so people are moving away i think it's in the european union interest to exports the belief in order to further import instability and this is exactly what so the say guides us in all of our efforts and i think it's something honestly people in the region deserve and once again it's in our interest to avoid further playing touring and i think this is the reason why we are dealing with the region in terms of a two pm perspective let me get back to the question what makes you think that for example a problem huge problem like corruption in the region can be solved by two thousand and twenty five well first twenty twenty five is an indicative date it's in most of the say an incentive if you like it so the carrot you're dangling. it's an m.p. shoes but physical cold pool why did the individual country is willing political or
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so it is able to fulfil all the homework they have to do optimistic are you that this is going to happen well it's possible it's possible otherwise we wouldn't have suggested it will we wouldn't have named it but the main the main issue is that everybody is clear that the stability of the so each and every conciliation between the countries he's only achievable if there's a european perspective and so therefore it's a european interest on its own to work on this indication once the. again in order to it would further destabilization and if you look back for example on the integration of creation into the european union there is still a border dispute between two e.u. member states of in your creation what will you do to not repeat those mistakes from the past well we also learn our lessons and therefore no new member state and this is clearly explicit just like that she can join the union if there is an.
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issue conflict with its neighbor. so on thank you very much. all right we've got some breaking developments to tell you about an earthquake in taiwan has crumbled a hotel in the city who are being trapping around thirty people inside several other buildings are reported to have collapsed the magnitude six point four earthquake struck just before midnight local time it's at the center is just north of the coastal city of whining local media says traffic is disrupted many households are without electricity and we can get you the very latest now where from taiwan correspondent andrew ryan joins us now from the capital let taipei and he reports for taiwan radio andrew what are you hearing was the extent of the damage and are there any casualties. so far we don't have any reports of casualties right now there are two main buildings which are affected one is
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a twelve story building that's tilted precariously to one side there was a restaurant one for residents upstairs a second large building the marshall hotel also appears to be about a twelve story building the first two floors of that building have collapsed there are reports of at least twenty nine people in that building who are trapped other damage to bridges roads smaller buildings. and actually just a moment ago we saw more aftershocks from the earthquake how have taiwan authorities reacted to this earthquake. well they've mobilized very quickly taiwan is really well prepared to deal with sort of earthquake the president has ordered thousands of soldiers to head to fall in to help out with the rescue efforts there also rescue forces who are currently helping people get out of the buildings. but there's concern also about broken gas lines and water lines as well all right correspondent amber ryan from taiwan radio in taipei thank you
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it's a power struggle in the popular holiday spot the maldives has plunged this indian ocean island into a deep political crisis present on the way i mean ordered the arrest of a former president and two supreme court judges on monday you mean declared a state of emergency while the standoff between the president and the supreme court erupted when the tribunal ordered the release of imprisoned opposition leaders as good intentions are worrying foreign governments in the region and the people of the mall deaves well i have leaned on tourism. judges at the supreme court found themselves on the other side of the law during the early morning raid on tuesday two were arrested including the chief justice their detention comes after they ordered the release of political dissidents and made it possible for the opposition to impeach the president. protestors rist arrest in the capital monday
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on monday their fear eous at the president for ignoring the court's ruling last week to free nine jailed opposition leaders the judges said their trials had been politically motivated. with with the unrest growing the government has moved to give itself extra police powers the president has declared a state of emergency for the next fifteen days in mali and wherever suspects of illegal activities all situated president abdoulaye i mean has ruled the maldives a largely unopposed since two thousand and thirteen but accused of corruption he fears the court's decision will strengthen dissenting voices in the country and lead to his impeachment and so yeah i mean it's trying to protect his grip on power on monday he had his own half brother arrested mamoun abdul gayoom was president for thirty years before the maldivian became a democracy in two thousand and eight now he sides with the opposition before he was taken away he recorded this message. i've
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done nothing wrong. i urge the people of the multi-faith to be strong and stand with us and we will win. waiting in the wings is another former president mohammed nasheed who fled the country is one of the leaders of the court order to be freed if the ruling does get implemented he could challenge i mean for the leadership later this year. so let's have a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming up. teaching kids how to stay safe on social media will get some perspective on cyber bullying on safer internet day. but first daniel here with the latest on the turmoil gripping the worlds the stock markets how we went out with p. trading throughout the day today benchmark us indices opened down two percent have bounced back both the s. and p. five hundred and the dow re entering positive territory in the past minutes
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suggesting relief could be on the way for equities. two days of dramatic losses on wall street have sparked a global selloff but analysts point to a healthy correction after such a long rally for stocks the reason for the volatility are concerns that central banks could be starting to wind down the year of cheap money quicker than expected . as pulling the ends called who's on wall street for us so yes u.s. markets touch in positive territory several times today is this a sign that investors are starting to find their bearings. well i mean it is certainly another crazy day here on wall street at some point we were down by a good five hundred sixty than we were up by a good three fifty so a trading range of round about nine hundred points right now we're trading a bit to the upside but i would not necessarily bet my house on it and then also it's not just that we did do a little correction but also the speed that we saw especially yesterday when blue
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chips dropped a good five hundred points just within two minutes it's not normal so we're still trying to figure out what really caused this massive sell off yesterday and all this volatility so rather strange isn't it so us is the economy is doing well that global growth is starting to sync up how do you reconcile all of that with the pessimism from investors in the past few days. and on top of it corporate profits that we're getting so far this earning. susan also looks rather bright and it also gives some comfort to investors and that's why nobody is really talking about a christian or anything panic selling but on the other side was the economy heating up we could see interest rates on the move and we're not just talking about inference rates from the federal reserve but also a bond yields not just treasuries but also corporate bonds and if those year olds continue to increase financing for corporations becomes more expensive meaning that costs increase and that's why we do see investors being quite cautious at this
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point and then we also shouldn't forget about psychology it's not just about effects it's also how the sentiment of investors we also have a lot of younger traders the last time we saw anything like this was almost ten years ago also a lot of people on the market haven't seen anything like that what we are experiencing in the past couple of days ok very interesting quarter on the floor of the new york stock exchange thank you very much. the volatility has hit some exchanges especially hot tokyo lost close to five percent on the day losses on his dramatic in europe here's how frankfurt fed and why. traders began tuesday with a sense of dread following wall street losses on monday the fears afflicting new york were in evidence early you know though heavy losses were expected the dax was spared the massive selloff seen in the u.s. and in asia. because in through we went up too fast whether last year or this year
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the stock market the u.s. is still up twenty one percent from a year ago no one ever knows when something's coming but one thing is clear though the data is stable there's no impression it will just keep falling vita can get elsewhere in europe a similar conclusion but i think what's happened in the last couple of days has been a little bit of a hangover from those friday's tyros numbers and in particular the shop draw is in wage growth and that i think has really crystallized concerns the federal was on a much faster tightening cycle and that's pushed bond deals up but it's also put pressure on the u.s. stock mall case worries that an era of cheap money is over have sparked new concerns about a slump in asia the hong saying in hong kong fell more than five percent on tuesday tokyo's nikkei index also didn't go untouched a sick of the day this isn't normal it's got to be because of the plunge in the u.s. i thought the economy was actually in good shape which now i'm concerned what might
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happen in the united on a. simple profit taking automated sell orders whatever the reason it all began in new york. and let's move away from the equities hangover now german prosecutors have raided offices belonging to high end common audi in the southern german states of bavaria and bars in the uk prosecutors say the raids on a private home and offices focused on freely to diesel motors sold on the european market the allegations of fraud and false advertising relates to more than two hundred thousand diesel vehicles sold since two thousand and nine over a dozen people are now under suspicion prosecutors say most of the people targeted were engineers in engine development for germany's biggest industrial union has reached an agreement with employers ending a dispute that led to a series of walkouts last week the i.g. matal union and employers in southwestern germany have agreed on a four point three percent wage hike the deal also allows more flexible working
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hours it covers nearly one million employees and could be extended across the country it could be the most powerful rocket in operation that is if it works the space x. falcon heavy is designed to push out five million pounds of thrust to lift seventy tons into orbit a capacity unseen since nasa put men on the moon behind it all found a long musk is pulling out in front of the new commercial space race. it wouldn't be an iran must production without the usual flare for one the rocket payload will be a cherry red tesla roadster seated in the front seat handle the wheel a dummy by the name of star man his fate following the test an outward bound journey from earth's orbit preferably to a david bowie soundtrack at least according to the promo video. behind musk's
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humor or bold ambitions if all goes to plan the falcon heavy a successor to the smaller falcon nine seen here will live twice as much as the current largest rocket in the u.s. space fleet for a quarter of the cost much of those cost savings are found in reusable boosters which are designed to return to earth after launching its always a major mistake at stake is big business with nasa satellite companies and the u.s. military before the launch must acknowledge the then margin for error in a multi-stage launch and payload release but he was characteristically optimistic. business sources go rock i hope it goes right he's already designing a bigger rocket this one capable of carrying astronauts hopefully one day to mars. and back down to earth later on i'll be talking about an unwelcome visitor in africa causing havoc for farmers there now back to layla and to some challenges for
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parents and children alike absolutely for millions of young children their social lives now extend beyond school halls and into cyberspace well today marks safer internet day and efforts to educate kids about the risks of social media are at the forefront of this year's campaign and we asked some school children for that take. you're always on the computer she says she's one of these kids say facebook is for old people so what are they up to on their smartphones these. snap chat boards. you tube moves instagram with. the u.k. study found that most kids are now learning about online safety but not about the emotional effects of social media. and it's preteens using social media who have experts especially concerned the mass. social media is is
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much harder to control much harder to predict and i don't think that kids are emotionally ready for that kind of social media in iraq. from sending selfies in videos over what to posting on instagram it's all about likes followers and feedback we ask the kids to talk about how it makes them feel. and what is good about social media people can look like claude that people are doing maybe they can be inspired and also media is a good place to show your talent to. be one have it write letters and letters sometimes get lost or this badly about social media he could get in the nearest pond and you'd feel really bad ten times i don't feel like coming to school culture cyber mobbing if you are here or the time you can feel pretty bad by
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itself how does social media make feel like picking a moment you happy. i can feel sad about the responses it just depends on the situation. social media use among young people has been increasingly linked to depression and even suicide. this is prompted calls for schools parents and the technology companies themselves to take action. it's our duty to guide them through this process to make them. to have to give them self-esteem to know i'm. i'm not really sensitive for having all these likes etc. here pupils are being encouraged to discuss how social media affects them emotionally in england they're even proposals to avatar pic to the current. a
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growing number of experts agree children should no longer be left to deal with this alone. they're watching you have a lot more to tell you about including a viennese artist clint died one hundred years ago today as enduring artworks were you know among the most organized of all the work in the world. that started all of our caught up in just a few. necklaces colorful and shiny the perfect example of some doing culture in kenya. but this jewelry has also come to symbolize charles marriage and sexual abuse. josephine. is trying to break the vicious cycle of tradition and ignorance. lost childhood in kenya. in forty five minutes.
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the freedom of expression. a value that weighs has to be defended anew. over the work. of freedom. freedom of arch. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or the freedom. earth. poem she means of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. results of people you can not protect the first to
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create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. globally to see the multimedia environment series on t.w. . great to see you again you're watching the news on the rock n roll in these are made headlines right now germany's main political parties are making a final push for a deal to govern the country together in talks over a grand coalition happen going on for eleven days and germany has been without a new government since an inconclusive election four months ago. to kenya now where in the slums of nairobi dead bodies of young core men are turning up on the streets almost every day they are suspected of being criminals and are executed by the
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police without charges and without trial on the new speaks to a whistleblower who reveals an underground war on crime that's believed to have claimed more than three thousand lives last year. october two thousand and seventeen it's been two days since my mom pry on lost her son brian nineteen years old executed by the police. and. you. brian lived in one of nairobi slum the police suspected him of being a thug and thieves but his mother disagrees. make fun. joyce was brian's friend a neighbor here in her community where he was killed along with his three friends. have the. policeman on the one who.
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there is more evidence images of brian and his dead friends published on facebook joyce says the police themselves post the pic just to instill fear and brand the victims as criminals. filming at the city more trees for britain but it seems that the killing of brian and his friends was not an isolated incident we're told that twenty to fifty corpses arrive here every day almost all killed by the police. dr brian beach anger is an independent forensic expert he confirms that cases like brian's are part of an larger pattern. and she wants to be the into. into ones to the chest. and the head and the chest is not to. it's difficult. the police repeatedly denied
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w.'s request for an official interview. one officer inside the system however says he's against the extrajudicial killings and wants to uncover the actions of nairobi's police he agrees to talk to as anonymously as he fears for his life. so the procedure is as a cop you're given an order. you don't know where the order comes from you're told hey this is what's happening and now it's time to shoot to kill and then you go you land within that process if you don't get the right guy you'll end up killing the wrong guy and if you get the right guy you also kill the right guy without prosecution and nobody cares. crime and thrive the prisons are full and for many police the lives of those who live in the slums in this until now thousands of extrajudicial killings in kenya have been covered up and gone unreported.
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frind family at his funeral they feel that he like so many other young men was stripped off judicial process and his human rights. and it's a sad certainty that bryant won't be the last young man will fall victim to nairobi fight against crime. south african president jacob zuma has been forced to postpone his planned state of the nation address over concerns lawmakers may disrupt the speech well the move could herald a bid by members of his own party to remove him from office leaders of zuma as a ruling african national congress said the party's executive committee will hold a special meeting tomorrow to discuss his possible will move so has survived several attempts to oust him in the past but now faces a no confidence vote in the south african parliament in just over two weeks. well the tensions are running high in south africa christine window is monitoring the
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situation for us hi christine there's a sense of deja vu here the a.n.c. basically pleading with this leader please step down yeah i mean zuma has survived a number of no motion of no confidence motion was impatient motions but these have all been tabled by the opposition and the a.n.c. having the numbers and parliament has been able to check those. to say in chile this is now the party saying to the president. and this is really the first time people are looking around and saying the president simply concert this when he's own party is saying to the question now is is he going to be pushed or will he then what happens if he doesn't comply i can never move him so what the a.n.c. has said is that they have given him until thursday morning to make his decision about whether or not he's going to resign failing that they any see that's the next national executive committee can report him but this isn't a party structure and we're talking about the president of the country and the president of the party so even that he doesn't have to abide by then they are
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forced to take the matter to parliament and see m.p.'s would be instructed to table a motion of no confidence or to be conferred against the president and they don't want to do the sort of course that has come out saying i don't want to humiliate and in this way. was soon recorded earlier today is international day of zero tolerance for female genital mutilation an estimated two hundred million girls and women worldwide have undergone the disturbing and dangerous ritual which can cause chronic pain and infertility while most african governments have down the practice change has been slow to reach isolated communities who have neutrally to girls for centuries. here in the deep desert of ethiopia is a far region change comes as rarely as the rains. the people of becker radar village have practiced many rituals for generations one of them is female genital
7:37 pm
mutilation. had her genitals cut when she was just a week old. but all the pain and suffering begins in childhood and gets worse as you grow older since i was cut when i was seven days old i'm unable to hold your own for when i have to go i have an excruciating burning sensation that's why i've isolated myself and when i started menstruating the pain got worse and then when i got married it was painful to have sex with my husband. after giving birth to three children i was diagnosed with near fatal renal complications i had to put an end to my sex life and eventually my marriage he died the local. kiddie just story is far from unusual around three quarters of ethiopian women have undergone f.d.m. according to a two thousand and sixteen survey in the a far region the numbers are even higher about nine in ten girls here have been
7:38 pm
subjected to it many women suffering from the complications of s.g.m. come under the care of dr sally use of this regional hospital center offers a counseling service part of a government effort to change attitudes towards s.g.m. . salih use of a man says it is having some impact but both he and campaigners say there's still a long way to go. one woman the awareness campaigns have won over is our do up dollar. she used to perform circumcisions and says she used to believe the rich will help maintain a family's honor now she blames her years of practice on misinformation and misunderstanding. we believe that goes who are not cut will easily be sexually aroused we believe the clearest would swell until eventually it bursts that was my justification but after
7:39 pm
attending trainings especially by religious leaders in the government i know understand this practice is wrong it can destroy a child's future. now a midwife add to a dollar dubai is helping spread awareness about the dangers of female genital mutilation. bashing communities like this women receive the message that they should undergo the practice at any cost progress is being made but ethiopia has centuries of tradition to battle. art and joining me now from the car senegal is that roland unger from the angio clan internationally advocates advocates excuse me against female genital mutilation a very good evening sir such a tough subject and so central so global women's rights give us an update how much progress has there been made in ending s.g.m. or cutting. yes thank you very much first of all let me say
7:40 pm
we can consider the female genital mutilation the serious about relations of human rights women's rights and those rights and that unfortunately as you say progress is rather slow and we do see legal instruments in place but the practice is a ceiling rather slowly just to give an example of kenya over the last three years since the start of the last ten years the law is the place we have moved from about thirty percent of the incidence is about twenty one percent by now. oh it's about actuating this practice are. perpetuating this practice yet it. is mostly the families of the girls and the community is all i'm not aware of the consequences but unfortunately we also see a backlash for example of medical practitioners or traditional healers who actually had it in for it because they make some business art as if. how we're educating communities where this practice is still taking place about the health and basic
7:41 pm
human rights that are involved in this practice and the need to stop after. we do work that several levels first of all with young people themselves so girls and their parents need to better get it in the form but we also got with young men because it's it's them who are being educated in the sense that they have to marry a girl that. once they realized that's not necessary they cannot abandon the practice but we've also been traditional leaders with jeeves and with religious leaders because we believe that there is a lot that can be down through this in influential people to actually change the social norms of behavior isn't communities through these informal personalities and very politically if i may what should governments authorities do to protect girls and women. well but what will the laws in place to outlaw this number to provide health services for girls who have been in psycho social services
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and number three where is the baby's. organizations like the national advocates for change reached the spot was. it right to roll in anger from the end plan international talking to us from the car senegal thank you. now an unwelcome visitor to africa causing havoc for farmers daniel has that story . that's right and we're talking about a tiny mall flovent it may be tiny but this thing here has a huge appetite for the fall came to africa from the americas a little more than two years ago and now it's tearing its way across the continent plaguing both an eighty plant species including the african staple maize by to bring this map up here for you it's spreading quickly threatening livelihoods and food supplies in its wake a full army one first landed on the continent in nigeria in twenty sixteen within little more than a year and invaded many countries in sub-saharan africa hitting some like kenya in
7:43 pm
the democratic republic of congo particularly hot and by the end of twenty seventeen the past was thriving in more than forty african countries within two years it's travelled to south africa and as far north as senegal farm is a doing what they can to stop the much of the army were these farmers in malawi by using a solution of water pounded chili pepper and salt truly powerful army worms because off the shelf pesticides have proven ineffective. the crop munching pasts arrived in nigeria and twenty sixteen and spread quickly they're now threatening harvests in almost every sub-saharan country. there technologically and farms last year infecting at least hall of the country's corn fields state let measures like pheromone traps and pesticides are having little effect but the bramble i remember
7:44 pm
about before with this local concoction to fall on the worms are dying instantly as side show that if all the farming families were to adopt this local pesticide we can rescue the remaining crop in the field and in doing so the farmers would have some harvest in one hundred i would guess you could. fall army worms borrow into the plant and they're often only spotted when they merge off to the damage has been done they easily build resistance to chemical control the insect eats around eighty different plants but corn is its favorite if left uncontrolled the fall on the worm could destroy up to twenty percent of the sub-saharan corn crop. and from the alliance for a green revolution in africa million just sure joins us now thank you very much for talking to us now we've seen the geographical extent but what's the shoeman cost of the on the web spread. trying to use
7:45 pm
a fitting millions of people in africa and we see that your losses range from twenty to fifty percent he just has to beat it three to six billion dollars you know a country like my larry currently seen not one point nine million at home is a feasting hunger and so our governments will have to invest. heavily in order to to to reach the say huge it means defeat and you're seeing that the misery deficits also. drilling into their food reserves now that part of the cost is that there is an additional cost of production because maisie's is a crop that is not a huge profit margin and so that the increased cost of production is not covered by the profits that. programming so is it that needs to be more investment here but what is the best way to attack or defend against these resistant bugs using the resources that farmers already have and i think we really need to strongly advocate
7:46 pm
for an integrated pest management approach among our farmers among our good catch at races and i'm on my decision makers because the their resources that promise in terms of money ging the habitats in in a such a way that the natural enemies to follow and who can try so within the promise control they can do into cropping for instance they can do conservation agriculture as these are just a few practices that's can help the natural enemies to try we have seen also and we'll had that promise a sing a number of conclusions with varying levels of success he plenty of things that you need people can do by the sounds of it but why is it taken so long to even start the fight back. i would say the battle has not taken long within a few months of the invasion to not signal that is asians care not to be able to
7:47 pm
develop a code you need to know when started in what the looting under i'm going to bring up to get that a team of experts and from those initial talks when the m.p.'s have not sprint we're not seeing many organizations on the ground watching one indication capacity building among the farmers working on research to some extent regulatory issues you go to one hundred or so the battle is on the battle is on and it seems education is the key weapon really and teacher thank you very much for that and back to leyland winter which is big sports event has now absolutely the winter olympics are going to kick off on friday in south korea and preparations are well underway and contact the athletes village is finished and competitors are arriving with a joint korean women's hockey team and the russian contingent hitting the headlines but there is one problem with the winter games by definition extremely cold.
7:48 pm
yung chang is just around the corner the limping flame currently on the final stretch of a tour of the country is only an hour's drive away and despite a limp excitement heating up it's really cold in south korea everyone including the i.o.c. big wigs on their inspection of the olympic village is wrapping up and warm. china is in the gun province one of the coldest places in the country and it's particularly cold at the moment with temperatures dropping as low as minus twenty degrees celsius not a problem for the athletes who are used to cold weather but it could prove troublesome for the spectators during the opening ceremony. for your hands on your feet in case they get bored. these are but he shoots you can sit on to keep you warm during that moment. and this blanket. also won
7:49 pm
the games and i.o.c. president thomas buff in particular have political hurdles to overcome as well one such hurdle has been cleared with north and south korea taking part at the opening ceremony under a united flag and of course there will be pressure from moscow they want their athletes who had that bans reduced by the court of arbitration for sport last week to take part in the upcoming games shows bush spots nearly at the moment the athletes along with their legal representatives are examining the decision and they will decide what the next steps will be the one which will board. thomas bach welcomes the athletes as they arrive in pyongyang very much how many of them will actually be allowed to compete in south korea will again be decided by the courts. today marks the one hundredth anniversary since the death of the austrian artist gustav clint he has remained hugely popular over the last century and there are
7:50 pm
a number of exhibits currently in vienna celebrating his heyday of art nouveau in austria and meryl from our culture desk is here with me what's the secret to his enduring popularity such success i think is a number of things first of all i think he's completely unique i mean we've got this wonderful picture behind as you don't have to be an expert to see a claim patients know. that it's. a clip another unique thing is he did a lot of painting with gold leaf and in fact this is because of his father the influence of his father who was actually a go by profession and in fact when clint got sort of commissions from rich people used to actually use real go. and real jewels in some of the paintings as well really though the most important thing about it was his dissolve of women and he said for fourteen children it is life time. joris if he is the
7:51 pm
paintings of course feature. the fairer sex of course. his lavish and uplifting paintings have come to symbolize the art nouveau stone of his time. work has also gone to a mass appeal. his paintings are among the most expensive but they can be everywhere and even to go in the cheapest of objects this incredible popularisation his world wide acceptance in the popular culture has made clinton appear very one dimensional these are the golden artist he's the man with these unbelievable orgies of color but he's much more than that but i used. to stop clint the second of seven children was born in eight hundred sixty two into the lower classes . at the age of fourteen
7:52 pm
a small scholarship and to the vienna school of arts and crafts. in one thousand nine hundred six a series of fateful events led twenty four year old in his new found artist company to receive a commission to paint the famous vienna theater. gustaf claim to is a shy man with many love as his primary subject the female form. the spread of the indian is and the language of the strokes is a very direct language of very personal language and you can feel his personality best through his drawings and the more of his drawings that you get to know the more differentiated a picture of him you get. think you're sent off by. his work is filled with passion desire and.
7:53 pm
now one hundred years off to his death. remains a timeless cultural symbol. a tireless cultural symbol that his life must have had betrayed on the silver screen already well yeah i mean it and funnily enough i was surprised to find zoe being two major films about him one of the very biographical film starring john malkovich made in two thousand and six it was called simply klim and is based around flashbacks of his life he's actually on his deathbed and it's based around flashbacks of his life and there's actually quite a famous german actress from the confederates who plays his muse and indeed the woman he called his life companion there she was falling for slamming the door. this was a relief and it's emily phleger who experts believe was the subject of his most
7:54 pm
famous picture of the case which we have here right behind that is it was her face conic and yeah indeed beautiful beautiful now some of his artwork was confiscated by the nazis and the have been battles are all about ownership the past couple years strangely enough he wasn't. insident sort of entitled to cohen says they say here in germany or degenerate stopped by the nazis because they found some of the ideological suppositions of clint the met with their ideals as well i don't see it that this is the world said they did however confiscate some of his great paintings from jewish families before and during the war and indeed one of the most prominent paintings that was taken was this is the woman in gold which is an iconic painting of his this is a true story and this is another film's a true story of how an elderly relative of the painting some got it back was turned
7:55 pm
into a movie three years ago starring out a million and run reynolds that plays maria who was the woman in gold a deadlock. this painting a big confiscated from the relatives anyway in the one nine hundred ninety she took ten years fighting the austrian state got the painting off the wall and she actually won and got that painting in a number of others one of which was bought by oprah winfrey for a tidy sum which she since solved but it was a wonderful story and a wonderful film from recommended for having i've been meaning to go and see it but anyway it's finally had lots of exhibits marking this anniversary lots going on in vienna because it is the hundredth anniversary of his death also if you go on sheila's death as well there's lots going on and there's a documentary film on g.w. find it d.w. dot com slash dot film very good documentary on our i also want to check it out thank you so much robin great talking to you. and that does it for us there
7:56 pm
watching the daily news a firm on my locker for the entire team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us so break down is up next. the book. the be. the book. the book.
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the book. the book. hell necklace is colorful and shiny object example of some doing culture in kenya. but this jewelry has also come to symbolize charles marriage and sexual abuse and josephine county unless some do it herself is trying to break some vicious cycle of tradition and take her. last childhood in kenya. fifteen minutes long the but. make
7:58 pm
a commitment. stronger cuckoo. for cocoa the be stories for both people making a difference shaping the birth continent the butte w.'s new multi-meter . series for africa. dot com africa on the move. into the conflict zone this week on conflict zone i miss them both to talk to rasika bucks a gun myself to his ruling party the a k p she speaks for apology on human rights and is also a close confidante of president out of the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties well i'm not sure of his principle conflicts are on g.w. . bush. but on what it
7:59 pm
is you know i mean you're monotonous and going yes. most. of them are going to be cynical media. us all with out about our. vision of getting. better and what. this you know i mean you may notice seemed. like a sort of a moment tonight is. what i'm focused on in the studio but i'm with what it took and i said i'm not going to sit there and. this you know i mean in your mind not a single when you are getting in when you go i don't want to. me nobody and unanimous. the show could go because i see variety as it's a. question i. can own i've only said but i caught it going on with the game fun to . see it because as if to say i said.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight a nation waits first signs of a new government here in germany chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are pushing for a coalition deal that can keep them in power alongside germany social democrats led by this man martin shoulder after a woman days of negotiations could ten nine eight be the knock.


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