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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2018 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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alter waiting on a new partner and her fourth term ensure. at c.d.u. party headquarters in berlin reporters wait for information on the progress of talks to form a grand coalition one hundred thirty four days after germany's general election the country is still without a government. updates from the parties have been few and far between. believe me when we can so we live in turbulent times what people want from the mainstream party is the conservatives on social democrats is that we form a reliable government for the good of the population it will be for this people. even under mounting pressure the leader of the center left s.p.d. is full of confidence. so i have good reason to think we're in the final stretch i'm hoping for a positive spirit to the talks and a good result for our country this ruins
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a lot. and the leader of chancellor merkel's more conservative sister party the c.s.u. from the state of bavaria sounded more upbeat then earlier in the day elizabeth before that everyone has to get out of the trenches digging in our heels won't work anymore the moment of truth is upon us. but the wait goes on in the meantime the coalition partners in waiting are hashing out their differences over health care reform and labor laws hopes are high that this will be the last night of suspense and that a new grand coalition government is within sight. ever want to get our one of our reporters our cheap political correspondent linda greene she is outside the c.d.u. headquarters here in berlin let's find out moment any movement behind you there can we expect a deal before midnight what are you hearing. there's been a lot of movement but perhaps the most intense movement is the cranking up of the
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rumor mill as it gets increasingly late the rumors seem to swirl faster and faster here so we are hearing among other things that they are very close to agreement we've been told by one minister in the government that the three leaders of the parties involved in the negotiations are now looking at what's been achieved today on the other hand we've also heard that the larger group of negotiators essentially most of the negotiations here today were carried out amongst the advance team of negotiators that's a fifteen member group we're told that the larger group of ninety may still need to put their seal on whatever has been achieved here today and that that may not happen until very late indeed possibly even tomorrow morning so that's just an example a very very contradictory rumors i would say the bottom line is nearly everyone who
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has spoken on or off the record going in and out of this building in the last few hours have said they are going to get there but it may still take some time and we know that once there is an agreement it's all the table the battle will still not be over really. no it won't because whatever is achieved here in the way of an agreement this evening will still be put to a vote namely by the entire s.p.d. membership that was a condition a sensually that the members put on the party leaders in return for agreeing to even enter into negotiations on a grand coalition as you will recall my. many many members of the s.p.d. do not want another grand coalition they say that the party has essentially lost support because it's so hard for it to establish a real identity as the junior partner in a coalition with macros conservatives so many new members of the party have now joined in the last few weeks possibly in order to vote no on the ground coalition
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the party has twenty four thousand new members in a number of them joined as part of a campaign by the youth wing of the party in order to essentially get more no votes so it's going to remain suspense dispensable for at least another three weeks and yeah i mean it's a very interesting twist of events that you mentioned there and we can't forget it's been almost five months since the election this is the longest germany has ever gone without a government how does the german public feel about all of that i mean is their patients basically. i think there definitely is frustration polls this week show that a majority of germans say they're not enthused about the prospect of another grand coalition i think that's partly because there's a sense of weariness particularly on the part of the s.p.d. it has been so ambivalent about joining up with marcos conservatives again and then
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also the feeling that amongst the christian democratic leadership the chancellor's party so many familiar faces almost a sense business as usual and perhaps that the two parties are not showing the kind of initiative and energy that many people think is in imperative given the challenges that this country and also europe face our chief political correspondent linda crane on the story for us tonight in berlin belinda thank you very much. at least two people have been killed and over a hundred more injured by an earthquake in taiwan the tremor has brought down a hotel trapping people inside the magnitude six point four earthquake struck just before midnight local time its epicenter was on the country's east coast teams of rescue workers are entering the damaged buildings in an effort to free those who are still trapped. on the continent. and for more now let's
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bring in safety and security expert russ feingold he is in taipei this evening hi ross so this earthquake it struck in the middle of the night tell us about the damage that it's done well as you indicated several buildings have partially collapsed and there's apparently a lot of road damage as well and in recent hours we've learned that there's a number of water main breaks which has led to localized flooding as well as power outages where power lines have been cut so the overall damage toll seems to be increasing as the hours go by partially that's because the earthquake struck close to midnight and also the initial rescue efforts were focused on those larger buildings that collapsed and now rescue workers are getting into a more broad area and seeing a further extent of what the damage actually is how well prepared are taiwan's authorities for in
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a bit like this. the response is generally good rescue workers here in taiwan have a lot of experience with natural disasters specifically with earthquakes and typhoons one of the problems that often happens in earthquakes though is older buildings that were built before the building codes were improved in recent decades do collapse when the earthquake is of the magnitude of the one that happened a few hours ago which in the center of folly it has been reported to be over six on the richter scale so the fact that an older building would have partially collapsed is not unusual for taiwan earthquakes there were triggers in the region over the weekend or people nervous that there could be a big aftershock. well what happened was there was a large earthquake near where tonight's earthquake was on sunday night that's been followed by several days of constant aftershocks felt throughout taiwan island even
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several hours away from while yet and experts here were saying that there is a possibility of another large earthquake and one did happen tonight what's unclear now though is whether that was the one in only large one that's going to occur or if there is going to be another one so that'll be something to watch in the frost thank you very much a power struggle in the popular holiday spot the mo d. has plunged this indian ocean island into deep political crisis president abdulla yummie ordered the arrest of a former president and two supreme court justices now on monday yummie declared a state of emergency the standoff between the president and the supreme court it all erupted when the tribunal ordered the release of imprisoned opposition leaders as collating tensions are worrying foreign governments and the people of the maltese who rely heavily on tourism. judges at the supreme court
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found themselves on the other side of the law during the early morning raid on tuesday two were arrested including the chief justice their detention comes after they ordered the release of political dissidents and made it possible for the opposition to impeach the president. protesters risk arrest in the capital monday on monday they're furious at the president for ignoring the court's ruling last week to free nine jailed opposition leaders the judges said their trials had been politically motivated. with the unrest growing the government has moved to give itself extra police powers the president has declared a state of emergency for the next fifteen days in mali and wherever suspects of illegal activities all situated president of doing i mean has ruled the maldives a largely unopposed since two thousand and thirteen but accused of corruption he fears the court's decision will strengthen dissenting voices in the country and
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lead to his impeachment and so yeah i mean is trying to protect his grip on power on monday he had his own half brother arrested mamoun abdul gayoom was president for thirty years before the mob deaves became a democracy in two thousand and eight now he sides with the opposition before he was taken away he recorded this message. i've done nothing romo unlawful i urge the people of the multi-phase to be strong and stand with us because we will win. waiting in the wings is another former president mohammed nasheed who fled the country is one of the leaders the court ordered to be freed if the ruling does get implemented he could challenge yeah i mean for the leadership later this year. here is some of the of the stories now that are making headlines around the world a british court has rejected an attempt by wiki leaks founder julian assange to invalidate an arrest warrant against him the war in stem from
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a sexual assault case in sweden that has since been dropped voiding the warrant could have paved the way for a song to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london where he's been holed up since two thousand and twelve aerospace firm space x. has launched the world's most powerful rocket the falcon heavy board off the launch pad florida's cape canaveral it's carrying a sports car into orbit around the sun shortly after takeoff the rocket side boosters peeled off and made a synchronized way in the back on earth. south africa's jacob zuma has been forced to cancel his state of the nation address due to fears that lawmakers would disrupt the speech it is an embarrassing climb dail for zuma and a sign of the intense pressure on him to step down in the wake of a string of scandals. jacob zuma future hangs in the balance as pressure to
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resign mounts the opposition says zuma has no right to address the country in an annual speech that was set for this week the south africa wants to close a chapter on this story that's going to future with actors to do the specter of what he's done to like me so our party of politics into politics is through must own party is also raising doubts about his future party members are set to discuss his fate at a meeting next weekend a vote of no confidence is. all most important consideration is that we don't believe. should wish for. the instant of. this week protesters have already been sending messages to the a.n.c. as the party weighs its options on zuma some are convinced his time is up. others say pounds off the president until his term ends next year. you're tensions running
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high in south africa and to put this into context i'm joined here at the big table by on the surfing team she is a south african journalist a familiar face to our viewers it's good to have you back on the show and lead so you know we've been here before haven't we i mean we've had the a in c. trying to convince president zuma to step down before and now are doing it virtually every night they did it sunday night and they did it today and president from oppose us just left to zuma and what came out of that meeting is that the national executive committee meeting which was due to take place tomorrow in cape in johannesburg has been in pretoria rich has been postponed to the seventeenth and eighteenth of january so they sort of reading the tea leaves a sense of maybe he'll go this time but it's not a president that is it's not in his nature to be quietly what do we know what the thing. he is the seventy's or the eighty's this month of february so that between
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now and then he's going to voluntarily resign the main thing is that if an f. . african culture is today it seems that if you keep. his face not to lose face. and to gain and in a good way without sort of pushing him out but he's very stubborn and he didn't want to resign on sunday night. say they hope that he would hopefully by tomorrow. but they also all sorts of others dream is spreading around tonight that the south african communist party was saying that he's about to fire president. and they wanted confirmation that he's not about to do that can be a very long night in south africa it also seems that this is something to party and then the end the other option way he would lose face is to go to parliament and have a motion of no confidence and a has been a motion tabled for the twenty second of february ok so we've got that coming up if
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the party could do more to remove them why aren't they does that tell us that the agency is a lot more divided than is being reported. i think it has been reported it's pretty divided from oppose us that he's been since december to try and united to try and get everyone behind him but zuma still has a lot of power and he still has the military he still has the security branches behind him so everything is possible you know. people hoped that he would be gone by tomorrow but he may not what is this moment different than the other times you know you and we sat here many times talking about you know the possible in the jacob zuma is there something in this time that you sense is different. i think that more and more people are jumping ship as they see that they sniff future with zuma anymore and that will so worried about the damage it can do to the country but
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it's a president that has to worry when he goes how does he stay out of jail because of all the corruption charges against him and that i think is his biggest worry about this or have staying out of jail means staying in office as long as you can get always referred to as always good to have you on the show thank you for your insights thank you it's great to be here. today marks the international day of zero tolerance for female genital mutilation and estimated two hundred million girls and women worldwide have undergone the disturbing and dangerous ritual which can cause chronic pain and infertility while most african governments have banned the practice change has been slow to reach isolated communities who have mutilated girls for centuries. here in the deep deserts of ethiopia is a far reaching change comes as rarely as the rains. the people of becker a doll village have practiced many rituals for generations one of them is female
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genital mutilation. had her genitals cuts and she was just a week old. that all the pain and suffering begins in childhood and gets worse as you grow older since i was cut when i was seven days old i'm unable to hold your own for when i have to go i have an excruciating burning sensation that's why i've isolated myself and when i started menstruating the pain got worse and then when i got married it was painful to have sex with my husband. after giving birth to three children i was diagnosed with near fatal renal complications. i had to put an end to my sex life and eventually my marriage he died the local. deja's story is far from unusual around three quarters of ethiopian women have undergone f.d.m. according to a two thousand and sixteen survey in the a far region the numbers are even higher about nine in ten girls here have been
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subjected to it many women suffering from the complications of s.g.m. come under the care of dr sally use of this regional hospital center offers a counseling service part of a government effort to change attitudes towards s.g.m. . salar use of a man says it is having some impact but both he and campaigners say there's still a long way to go. one woman the awareness campaigns have won over is agile abdallah. she used to perform f.e.m. and says she used to believe the ritual help maintain a family's honor now she blames her years of practice on misinformation and misunderstanding. we believe that goes who are not cut will easily be sexually aroused we believe the closure of us would swell until eventually it bursts that was my justification but
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after attending trainings especially by religious leaders in the government i now understand this practice is wrong it can destroy a child's future. now a midwife add to a dollar deborah is helping spread awareness about the dangers of female genital mutilation. bashing communities like this women receive the message that they should undergo the practice at any cost progress is being made but ethiopia has centuries of tradition to battle. ahead of the new york stock exchange opened one percent on tuesday that bounced back suggesting that relief could be on the way for equities. two days of dramatic losses on wall street and sparked a global sell off investors are worried that this could be the start of a new stock market crash but analysts are pointing to a healthy correction after
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a long grouty for stocks the reason for the volatility is concern that central banks could start winding down the era of cheap money more quickly in full. and looking elsewhere the volatility has had some exchanges especially hard tokyo lost close to five percent on the day the losses are not as dramatic in europe peers more or here's how frankfurt fared in why. traders began tuesday with a sense of dread following wall street losses on monday the fears afflicting new york were in evidence early you know heavy losses were expected the dax was spared the massive sell offs seen in the u.s. and in asia. because in through we went up to fast weather last year or this year the stock market the u.s. is still up twenty one percent from a year ago no one ever knows when something's coming but one thing is clear though the data is stable there's no impression it will just keep falling. into the gate elsewhere in europe a similar conclusion but i think what's happened in the polls couple of days has
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been a little bit of a hangover from those friday's tyros numbers and in particular the shelf price and that i think has really crystallized concerns the federal was on a much. tightening cycle and that's pushed deals up but it's also put pressure on the u.s. stock market worries that an era of cheap money is over have sparked new concerns about a slump in asia the hang seng in hong kong fell more than five percent on tuesday. tokyo's nikkei index also didn't go untouched sick of the day it comes along this isn't normal it's got to be because of the plunge in the us i thought the economy was actually in good shape was now i'm concerned what might happen if united see and. simple profit taking automated sell orders whatever the reason it all began in new york. fired football now
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where the german cup returned with a david versus goliath battle business leaders byard munich travel to third division side paddleboard looking to steal a place in the semifinal. there were no surprises in the david versus goliath clash volunteered have the ball in the net. but sebastian shown though was ruled offside after twenty minutes by an assert their authority confusion in the box and kings they come on took advantage of one nil by in the book come on turn provide a five minutes lysa robert leaven dusty with the finishing touch. the bavarians were able to take their foot off the gas but that didn't stop the gulf s. just what kim ish within us pools finish. the game already decided at the hop time whistle after the break an unmarked car in time to least not enough for a simple training drill for the guests. in the dying minutes there was still time
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for you and robin to score a price six nil the final score. client progressing to the semifinals with a nice. the german cup quarter finals continue on wednesday frankfurt minds are set to square off in a regional derby while show co-host was for in a game between two sides looking to make up for missed opportunities this past weekend in the bonds league. by the royal blues hope saturday was a one off riding high at one nil up with twelve minutes to play a red card and two late goals so what seemed a certain win turn into a stinging loss against braman their coach says the squad is keeping cool. and. you know when you lose a game a bit unlucky late and suddenly everything's that that's a bit much in my book we know how to assess this loss and we put more pressure on ourselves than anyone i'm here for the good times and for the tough losses if. it's
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not you know snow group you know a lot of. their opponents both work to let a lead slip away this past weekend but they held on for a draw the bulls have become draw specialists this season they've taken a single point from twelve of their twenty one games. but on wednesday they know that's not going to be enough i don't know what this is a book called to prevent but this is a cup competition and a knockout games you don't play quite the same way as you do in the bundesliga the way you play away to byron or dortmund or shall come or leverkusen isn't how you play against them in the cup. talk to give them unsuitable college be good. sports side playing to win and the shelter team eager to shake off a frustrating defeat a recipe for a great game in the german cup. and that's going to wrap up this edition of news
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before we leave you now we're going to show you some images from the first badminton championship in space russian cosmonauts and american astronauts took part in the game have a look we'll see you again at the top of the out for. place .
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