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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and. rushed to clinch a german coalition deal after months of uncertainty i'm going to michael says she's ready to make painful compromises but no announcement after a much hyped deadline and they're still at it after all night talks also coming up an earthquake in taiwan kills at least four people and more than one hundred are missing we'll get the latest on the rescue operation that's underway. space x. launches the world's most powerful rocket it's the latest milestone for billionaire
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tech wizard. and another step toward setting foot on mars we'll tell you the usual . hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us there's still no sign of a grand coalition for germany talks between chancellor conservatives and the social democrats went all through the night at the c.d.u. party headquarters here in berlin but without a final agreement the country's two biggest political parties are locked in disagreement over labor laws and health care reform among other things it's been more than four months since national elections if the parties cannot agree each germany could face fresh elections. our political correspondent hans blunt is standing by at the c.d.u. party headquarters in berlin where those marathon talks are continuing hans any
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sign of progress any sign of a breakthrough. there's no sign of a breakthrough at the moment we've had a couple of people from inside the talks come out and tell us what's going on what's going on is negotiations if you want to put it as simply as that there has been no information about any breakthrough at the moment it's like you have for this process will take several hours still one has to say that last nine. there was a leak to the press of the agreement that has been reached so far this comprises more than one hundred sixty pages of detailed agreement in other words they have been going quite follow really they have achieved quite a lot already but they are reaching the sticking points the really crucial points the ones that we have been mentioned labor reform this this concerns temporary work or six term contracts in germany and the question of health care reform these are
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both issues that are very important to the social democrats who have been demanding further concessions on this in order to sell this to their membership on the other hand there are two other issues that seem to have emerged in the last straw now as sticking points one is the question of money a lot of promises have been made in these one hundred sixty pages that are in talking about but nobody has really done the sums to work out whether there's enough money to actually fill furlough those promises and then there's the question of who is going to get what ministry and who which party is going to appoint what person through those ministries so there's still quite a bit of detail to be worked out but basically people here seem confident that in agreement will be reached ok so a lot of agreement so far but no deal yet we have to keep in mind of course that even if the deal is struck it will be subject to approval by the entire rank and file of the social democratic party and yes pretty ranks have grown over the past
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few weeks as we can see in this report. it was a few no records from the city of austin just signed up last week to become an s.p.d. member she wants to see changes in policies affecting families and pensioners she's completely against continuing in a grand coalition so i put test so i can sign it's a form of protest but i want to stay in the s.p.d. for a long time so that i can be involved in policy making as a member of the opposition not within a grand coalition no more business as usual we need to make the social democrats strong again ever since the s.p.d. just barely passed a vote to enter formal coalition talks the number of new members has risen thanks to them the s.p.d. now has a total of around four hundred sixty thousand members some new members want to change the party others just want to prevent a grand coalition political experts say a new wave of members leaving is not likely just didn't happen in two thousand and thirteen the last time there was an s.p.d.
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member vote. the increasing number of new members is a sign the s.p.d. has become interesting for people who want to have a say in politics and certainly tools to affect change which have been available up till now like voting in elections on snuff losing two seats in the state of lower saxony for example has registered more than a thousand new s.p.d. members and north rhine-westphalia some more than four thousand since the end of january a record high. once we heard the young lady in the beginning of the report say this is a protest action can we assume that this surge in membership in the spirit is being driven by people who want to vote against any coalition agreement. well this certainly be in a campaign by the young so showed socialists the youth wing of the social democrats they have in fact been campaigning for people to join the party in order to vote against this grand coalition in order to participate in this rank and file but then
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you have to say even if twenty thousand new members have joined the party in recent times out of a total of four hundred sixty thousand that's still quite as quite a low percentage so i doubt that the new members are able to swing the vote but then again you have to say that there is some dollars about what the sentiment amongst the rank and file democrats really is going to be there has been a lot of reticence about joining another grand coalition because members of the party feel that this will damage the party that it will somehow make the party less effective and somehow dilutes party policies so the voters really something crucial and really very open of the moment and thank you for now the political correspondent there following those coalition negotiations here in berlin. now to taiwan where rescue efforts are underway after a six point four magnitude earthquake killed at least four people and injured
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hundreds of others emergency services are trying to reach people trapped inside several collapsed buildings authorities say around one hundred fifty people are still unaccounted for the quake struck just north of city shortly before midnight on tuesday it's one of several to hit taiwan's eastern coast in recent days with more aftershocks feared. earlier i spoke to safety and risk expert russ feingold in taipei i asked him just how bad the damage is after that quick. well unfortunately because the quake occurred in the middle of the night it took a number of hours to get a better assessment so as the time went by after the quake and as we reached the light this morning in taiwan about eight hours ago it became apparent that not only have buildings collapsed but there are rock slides that are blocking roads there are a number of bridges that are damaged and impassable over rivers in sri there's
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a number of water pipes that have broken causing some flooding there's also asked by broken causing gas leaks so in addition to the building collapse there is a lot of infrastructure damage as well and that was ross fine gold there in taipei speaking to us a little earlier now for some of the other stories making news around the world today the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill to prevent a repeat of last month's government shutdown extends funding for federal agencies until next month and must now be approved by the senate this after president trump said he'd love to see another shutdown if democrats didn't agree a deal on immigration. a british court has rejected an attempt by wiki leaks founder julian assange in balad day to arrest warrant against him. stems from a sexual assault case in sweden that has since been dropped voiding the warrant
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could have paved the way persons to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london where he had been holed up since twenty twelve. and the president of the multi says the country's supreme court is attempting a coup against him. mean made the comments defending his recently declared state of emergency that saw former president into the supreme court judges arrested. these deploying the court's order to release jailed opposition leaders. south africa's jacob zuma has been forced to cancel his state of the union address due to fears lawmakers would disrupt the speech it's an embarrassing climbdown for president zuma and a sign of the intense pressure on him to step down in the wake of a string of scandals. jacob zuma future hangs in the balance as pressure to resign mounts the opposition says zuma has no right to address the country in an annual speech that was set for this week south africa wants to close
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a chance to. start much of a new future. and the specter of what he's done to me to our party of politics and to politics is the seumas own agency party is also raising doubts about his future party members are set to discuss his fate at a meeting next weekend a vote of no confidence is not. all the most important consideration is that we don't believe. should we. didn't of. this week protesters have already been sending messages to the a.n.c. as the party ways that. options on zuma some are convinced his time is up. others say off the president until his term ends next year. so tensions are running high there south africa in the country's future is at stake for more i'm
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joined here in the studio by our very own christine good morning christine here bill there are reports that zuma has actually agreed to go but the south african presidency has not confirmed this what can you tell us the. decision making body was due to me today and it was expected to take the decision to recall president jacob zuma late last night we got word that means he has been delayed we also learned that sauron of course a who is the a.n.c. president took over from zuma midwood suman last night and the line from that was that the talks were constructive not and in the speculating that what that means is that they somehow reached an agreement on the terms suma will have off to the presidency so there's no clarity on that yet but the presidency has neither confirmed nor denied this report as you say now the a.n.c. party has been trying to convince zuma to step down and what options does the party
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have if zuma insists on finishing his term and that term comes to an end next april and. can't carry out the rest of his term he does not have to abide by the asking him to step down then the party would be forced to take it to parliament essentially m.p.'s would be instructed to table a motion of no confidence against president jacob zuma does have the numbers in parliament and the opposition is likely to back such a motion so opposed to has always said he said it again two weeks ago in doubles that he does not want to come down to that he doesn't want to humiliate zuma in this way this is why we saw at the beginning of this week the top brass of the a.n.c. six people went to his house essentially asking him to resign they walked out of there in the reports were that he had refused saying that constitutes. he could stay. has always maintained i don't want to get to that end. to the message yesterday that they once again net it's consistent with the way he wants us to go to volunteer who are entirely resigned so the a.n.c.
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would like to see a smooth transition of power believes it's in his own interest but there are effectively two power centers in south africa right exactly you've got zuma in the state house as president of south africa you've got. in johannesburg you know twenty house and essentially sarah wants to get started i mean he's just come out of this conference the next of conference that the party had in december he wants to get going he wants to put his agenda into motion zuma is standing in his way and right now it's putting the entire country of limbo and for the first time in south africa's democracy we saw the state of the nation address being delayed this just goes to show the power struggle that exists between these two men it was going to look terrible it was going to bat for zuma to stand on that podium and give that address and sort of look completely weak and powerless but it will also there were fears that zuma would go rogue on that podium nobody was going to know when he was going to veer off the party line so it was very important. and the top officials of the positive zuma does not give that are now hearing from the presidency that
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prisms of a preferred to delay that address himself but we know the reports with their parliament table the mission to. the state of the nation address christine thank you so much for that christine. space x. has launched the world's most powerful rocket to the falcon heavy roared off the launch pad on florida's cape canaveral is the latest milestone for billionaire entrepreneur and his aerospace company to mark the occasion most can sure that the rocket contains some very special cargo. three so i he said it was either going to be a great rocket launch or the best fireworks display ever be thankfully for a long mouse it was the former not least because the rocket was carrying one of his tesla sports cars. you know that this image of just
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a giant explosion that you. get that we all about their daily lives and they're likely to get a little anything good if i this new justice or inspiring as it once was here some fifty years ago they provided the backdrop to missions to the moon now it could be about getting to mars be the spoken heavy is special not just because of its power but also because of its price you can carry twice the weight of its closest rival about five double decker buses for a third of the cost so can have the will be the biggest rocket since the saturn five moon booster it's not quite that big but it's on the path to enabling that kind of exploration whether it's the moon or mars basically beyond low earth orbit but. much of the cost saving comes from being able to reuse the rocket based as i
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said this was a critical point in the launch when they successfully separated from the main rockets cheers erupted in mission control in california obliged to chew side base just touching down perfectly on twin landing pads less than ten minutes after launch b. . as for the cargo space x. imagine that piece of david bowie inspired fear itself which could have come straight out of the james bond playbook musk's cherry red tesla piloted by a mannequin in its. spacesuits blurring the lines between dreams reality in p.r. the company streams of these physio of the car how stunning through space following the launch. if all goes to plan attacks there will be thrust into a soda over it which will take it.
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you're watching d.w. news still to come bundesliga champions by munich travelled to its third division title born in the german cup quarterfinals hoping for a big score line against the underdog. well global stock markets have been showing their resilience following a big slide at the beginning of the week yeah it was a proper blood boss on monday and tuesday but international markets have recovered strongly the dow jones closed in the green last night providing relief agent asian stocks as well they saw a broad rebound as investors regain confidence and went bargain hunting after tumbling as much as seven percent on tuesday japanese stocks enjoyed a robust recovery upbeat corporate earnings from the likes of to you would have helped put more than anything else the bounce back in japan and other asian markets came as investors took cues from
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a rally on wall street late in the trading day after choppy session there u.s. investors exchanged panic for perspective following monday steep sell off sharp downturns can take the air out of a market that may have been doing well for too long and investors can move back in at more feasible prices but analysts warn it isn't exactly going to be back to smooth sailing going forward. from our perspective we had come far fast without. any rest along the way if you will. and this is an opportunity for for investors to reconfirm not only their their investment thesis and their investment objectives but make sure that they're in a position for a potentially more volatile environment volatility may be making a comeback but improving growth prospects all over the globe mean very few are expecting a bear market or sustained period of falling stocks but just how volatile will that
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be. for many investors is literally the million dollar question. and also wall street's historic losses there's more unwelcome it can all make news for the white house the u.s. trade gaffe surged to its highest level in nearly a decade during president on the trump's first year in office record imports triggered by strong domestic demand are the main reason according to government data released tuesday it's a sign of a healthy economy and a trend likely to continue as a massive tax card reaches american pockets but the news poses another challenge for a trump administration that has repeatedly criticized trade imbalances with germany for example and threatened new trade restrictions. on the key issues blocking progress in ema billeted is the lack of fast charging stations even though car makers governments and energy companies keep announcing the next big push many people are losing patience so some bright business people are taking matters into
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their own hands like bake a hole and shoot them from his in the west in germany he just installed twenty one charging points in front of his shop for his delivery vans and for the use of his paying customers. when i'm sure one likes his breakfast roast to be nice and crusty some of the energy for that comes from his bakeries photovoltaic panels but they produce most electricity during the day once the rolls are long out of the oven up for me. in the summer it's after eight thirty am that's when our solar power system produces more current than we need. so sure the news is the surplus in his electric filling station with charging plugs for twenty one vehicles some of his customers are regulars like organic box supplier martin could he appreciates the charging speed here gets. some charging stations only have twenty kilowatt so after twenty minutes had only have half the charge i need and. it's pretty busy in the bakery
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behind the charging station. the customers pay for their bread and their cake but they charge their electric vehicles for free. to use as mass marketing get by detroit will you come here to charge their cars have to wait until they're full at the during that time they go to our cafe buy something or eat a piece of cake or something more and that boosts our sales hopes a little here a little not so we. might include smucker also stops at other charging points when he makes his deliveries he has to keep an eye on his battery level otherwise he might grind to a halt. in foster charging infrastructure in germany is too small no way do we have a dense network of charging points and he does and it's not so nice if it's growing very slowly but for example in distal dorf there are only two fast charging stations in the entire city that's on and on so start. another problem is the
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electric vehicle itself the transporters that cuts my hair uses for deliveries are actually too small for the bulky boxes he'd rather use three and a half ton vans like the bakery has but they're not available yet in standard electric models baker hall unsure of and got special subsidies to convert his to electric and expensive procedure. called if you could do that so we have a three and a half ton electric van but the conversion costs three or four times as much one hundred twenty thousand euro's compared to buying a diesel model for thirty thousand euros these are after his charging park children is now working on his next project a limited series of electric delivery vehicles for local medium sized businesses. the world's first passenger drone made its inaugural flight on tuesday in south. and all passengers need to do is to get into the cabin of the the hunger one
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hundred eighty four and fast in their seat belts. the automated flight flight system then takes over a electrically powered drone and take a single passenger on a twenty three minute flight at hundred kilometers per hour the city of dubai announced plans to cooperate with and developing self flying taxis to take people across the city. so prefer to have a taxi driver in the front seat if it's only ground if i'm up there at least one of parachute. thirty min of the e.u. parliament where one minister short tall could see him tall stultz pollens ryszard shah netsky has shocked the assembly with insults leveled at a fellow lawmaker and the feud heats up it threatens to deepen the blocs growing rift with the nationalist government in his home country colleagues that we would
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like to keep may soon have to clear this chat vice president of the european parliament china. after he likened a fellow polish lawmaker to a nazi collaborates many lawmakers want to see him gone. to keep the public debate on the arguments and not of insults and what is really bad these women on the international level like hearing the unit problem and instead of spending our time on finding better and better solutions for the european citizens businesses. we have to spend time on the inside called rouge a fine tune fights against nationalism in her country. and a blog post earlier this month china netsky cool to solve nick a nazi collaborates a very bad insult in poland. there are fourteen vice presidents of the european parliament a largely ceremonial post but john netsky is also
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a high ranking member of the ruling party in poland has refused to apologize the route comes amid rising tensions between the polish government and the e.u. . i would like everybody to realize that not the whole of poland and not all our citizens are like this. the two sets majority in the european parliament would now be needed in order to vote on that fifty out of all. yes it would be a fast for the institution that plays a key role in shaping a new politics. sports town starting with football in the german cup returned last night there was a chance for a fairy tale david versus goliath ending is by munich visited third division pot of ball on the last time the teams met it was in the bonus league and twenty fifteen back then by and won six nil and they were eager to let history repeat itself. there were no surprises in the david versus goliath clash wanted have the ball in
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the net first but sebastian shown though was ruled offside after twenty minutes by an assert their authority confusion in the box and kingsley come on took advantage one nil brian. come on turn provide a five minutes later robert leaven dusty with the finishing touch sunil. the bavarians were able to take their foot off the gas but that didn't stop the gulf s just two a chemist within us pool finish their game already decided at the hop time whistle after the break and on my current santelli so not enough for a simple training drill for the guests. in a dying minutes there was still time for you and robin to score bryce six nil the final score. brian progressing to the semifinals with the us. and in tuesday's other cup clash also it also features six goals as they were close
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and drowned downed brakeman for two after extra time the guest took a fast two goal lead but later couzens julien punt levelled to the game with two first half goals well robbie and horace scored for the hosts deep into extra time to secure leverkusen their semifinal berth. and just for you a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on space x. has launched the world's most powerful rocket after a spectacular launch it's reusable boosters guided themselves back to earth and in a whimsical touch the jumbo spaceship carrying to cherry has destined to most past mars. you're watching news from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour and you can get all our stories a lot of dot com thanks for watching.
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and. making the most of six. audi's downsized the honors for a skilled supply. making tracks. to lose eighty crossovers shows what it's capable. of. first they cheated on diesel emissions
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experimented on monkeys and humans. faces global outrage again and again still business is booming sales top ten million cars last year how do they do it. big companies truck on scandals. sixteen. cars on. the plane still tangible. book for go. for city. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness cities after more starting march tenth d w. welcome to driver of the d.w. motor magazine coming up subarus new x. me crossover. test driving redouble use eagle in the snow. and our.


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