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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and negotiators rushed to clinch a german coalition deal after months of uncertainty. says she's ready to make painful compromises but no announcement yet after a much hyped deadline and they're still at it after all night talks. also coming up an earthquake in time of war and kills at least four people and more than one hundred missing we'll get the latest on the rescue operation that's underway. space x. launches the world's most powerful rocket so another milestone in the tech companies
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believed to put humans are apes will tell you about it usual clark. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us there's still no sign of a grand coalition for germany talks between short chancellor i'm going to conservatives and the social democrats went on through the night at the c.d.u. party headquarters here in berlin but without a final agreement the country's two biggest political parties are locked in disagreement over labor laws and health care reform and it's been more than four months since national elections if the parties can't agree germany might face fresh elections. our political correspondent hans bond is standing by outside the c.d.u.
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party headquarters where the marathon talks are continuing today heins where things stand now well i'm afraid there's no news nothing new has developed within the last couple of hours there's been no communication pretty much whatsoever from inside the talks nobody has come to the press and told us anything in fact all we know is that there is still disagreement on those issues that you mentioned health care reform and the question of temporary work in germany or fixed term contracts in germany both of these issues are important especially for the social democrats who have demanded concessions on those points from the conservatives in order to sell these concessions to the social democratic rank and file on the other hand you have to say that the conservatives often obviously are close to business and business has been saying especially on the question of flexibility of employment in other words of
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a fixed term contracts or temporary work but this is something that business interests feel is very important to just to the german economy and that they would be very low through have further. rigor lation. implemented in that area so. we can't report any progress at the moment it's likely to take several hours at least still today for something concrete to come out of these talks you mentioned the need to sell this to the social democratic party rank and file that's an important point because even if a deal is struck it'll be subject to approval by the membership of the s.p.d. and the s.p.d. ranks have grown over the past weeks as we see in this report. it was a few no record from the city of austin just signed up last week to become an s.p.d. member she wants to see changes in policies affecting families and pensioners she's completely against continuing in a grand coalition so i put test so i can sign it's
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a form of protest but i want to stay in the s.p.d. for a long time so that i can be involved in policy making as a member of the opposition not within a grand coalition no more business as usual we need to make the social democrats strong again ever since the s.p.d. just barely passed a vote to enter formal coalition talks the number of new members has risen thanks to them the s.p.d. now has a total of around four hundred sixty thousand members some new members want to change the party others just want to prevent a grand coalition political experts say a new wave of members leaving is not likely this didn't happen in two thousand and thirteen the last time there was an s.p.d. member vote. the increasing number of new members is a sign the s.p.d. has become interesting for people who want to have a say in politics and think new tools to affect change which have been available up till now like voting in elections on snuff losing two seats in the state of lower saxony for example has registered more than a thousand new s.p.d.
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members and north rhine-westphalia more than four thousand since the end of january a record high. hunts for the a woman featured in that report said she joined the s.p.d. with the intention of voting against any coalition agreement and thousands of others have done the same could this end up determining the formation of germany's next government. well the young social democrats the youth wing of the social democratic party has in fact been running a campaign for people to join the party in order to participate in this vote and to reject the grand coalition but you have to say that somewhere on four hundred sixty thousand members of the social democratic party maybe some twenty thousand have recently joined it's not a number that is likely to swing the votes in one way or the other. but you have to
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say that the question of whether or not such a grand coalition is good for the social democratic party is one that's been discussed for a long time and very controversially within that party and many people in the party feel that another grand coalition will in massacre lay the social democratic party will weaken it further since recent elections have shown the party has done badly really badly in these elections the worst results it's had ever had since the second world war so the questions about whether a grand coalition is going to be good or bad for the social democrats is going to be crucial in the next three weeks when this vote at the rank and file is going to be taking place. thank you very much. there outside the c.d.u. party headquarters where the coalition would be coldish partners are continuing to negotiate. well moving on to taiwan rescue efforts are underway there are
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a six point four magnitude earthquake killed at least four people and injured hundreds of others authorities say more than one hundred forty people are still unaccounted for it's the second major quake to hit the island nation in recent days with more aftershocks feared. this building is still standing but the lower floors are crushed beneath its weight. firefighters are searching for any and every way so they can find survivors and get them out to safety the quake hit. east coast shortly before midnight tuesday it left several buildings listing dangerously near collapse including a military hospital and this hotel where an overnight worker was rescued from inside. there was only me working the night shift i don't know what happened to the people upstairs. his son and grandson soon arrive they are overjoyed to find him alive. but dozens of others are still missing rescue
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workers have reason to believe there are people alive and waiting to be freed from within the devastated hotel. that's giving hope to family and friends waiting anxiously outside. the younger brother in our family and we believe we know two people inside as my older brother and the other colleague. tested positive for life and. now the rescuers are trying to dig further down to look for them and that's the situation for. teams of engineers and firefighters are attempting to prop up the toppled buildings and continue the search they have been two earthquakes in taiwan since sunday and several aftershocks the island is no stranger to powerful quakes it lies directly on the pacific ring of fire the u.n. warned recently the ring is active right now this time it's taiwan that's part of
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the brunt of its fury. earlier i spoke to safety and risk expert gold in taipei i asked him just how bad the damage is after that quick. well unfortunately because the quake occurred in the middle of the night it took a number of hours to get a better assessment so as the time went by after the quake and as we reached the white this morning in taiwan about eight hours ago it became apparent that not only had buildings collapsed but there are rock slides that are blocking roads there are a number of bridges that are damaged and impassable over rivers in sri there's a number of water pipes that have broken causing some flooding there's also ask pipes that broken causing gas leaks so in addition to the building collapse there is a lot of infrastructure damage as well. now a safety in recess russ feingold there talking to us a little earlier from taipei now smaller stories making news around the world today
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the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill to prevent a repeat of last month's government shutdown it extends funding for federal agencies until next month and must now be approved by the senate this after president trump said he'd love to see another shutdown the democrats didn't agree a deal on migration. a british court has rejected an attempt by wiki leaks founder julian assange to invalidate an arrest warrant against him with a warrant stem from a sexual assault case in sweden that has since been dropped voiding the warrant could have paved the way for his songs to leave the dorrian embassy in london where he's been holed up since twenty twelve and the president of the maltese says the country's supreme court is attempting a coup against him one of mean made the comments defending his recently declared state of emergency that saw a former president and two supreme court judges arrested he's defying the court's
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order to release jailed opposition leader. and elsewhere is expected today on whether south africa's president jacob zuma will resign from office this after zuma had been forced to cancel his state of the nation address due to fears lawmakers would disrupt the speech it's an embarrassing climbdown for the leader and a sign of the intense pressure on him to step down in the wake of a string of scandals. jacob zuma future hangs in the balance as pressure to resign mounts the opposition says zuma has no right to address the country in an annual speech that was set for this week i think south africa wants to close a chapter on this story writing a new future without mr and the specter of what he's done to icon to me to our party of politics and to part of it is this who must own party is also raising doubts about his future party members are set to discuss his fate at
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a meeting next weekend a vote of no confidence is not desirable most important consideration is that we don't believe. should we. be pleased and of. this week protesters have already been sending messages to the a.n.c. as the party weighs its options on zuma some are convinced his time is up. others say hands off the president until his term ends next year. global stock markets demonstrating their resilience now following the slide at the start of the week after the bloodbath that happened on monday and tuesday international markets have recovered strongly the dow closed in the green last night providing relief for asian stocks they saw a broad rebound as investors regain confidence and went bargain hunting. after
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tumbling as much as seven percent on tuesday japanese stocks enjoyed a robust recovery upbeat corporate earnings from the likes of toyota helped put more than anything else the bounce back in japan and other in asian markets came as investors took cues from a rally on wall street late in the trading day after the choppy session there u.s. investors exchanged panic for perspective following monday's steep sell off sharp downturns can take the air out of a market that may have been doing well for too long and investors can move back in at more feasible prices but analysts warn it isn't exactly going to be back to smooth sailing going forward. from our perspective we had come far fast without. any rest along the way if you will. and this is an opportunity for for investors to reconfirm not only their their investment thesis and their investment objectives but make sure that they're in
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a position for a potentially more volatile environment volatility may be making a comeback but improving growth prospects all over the mean very few are expecting a bear market or sustained period of falling stocks but you're still volatile will it be that for many investors is literally the million dollar question. which we will answer these concerning to european markets and we go to frankfurt where financial correspondent is standing by daniel how does it look at your end bad. well actually investors here on my own and are quite relieved you might see in the background we have about fifteen minutes of trading at the moment and we are op here at the moment with half off per cent for today's trading we're expecting that shares will be recovering here at the blue chip index that's weird but we are not expecting such a big per cent plas as we have seen it yesterday on wall street volatility is
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certainly a big topic already here during the first trading in minutes it has been kind of swinging here as well yes so not too much also here on the agenda for today we just got the latest business climate index here for the euro zone let me share that with you as well it went out from thirty seven to forty three point two points this is the best mark since two thousand. talk about wall street let's have a look at the u.s. not that was some very impressive numbers. yeah very impressive numbers remember the snapshot has been quiet some trouble because of their biggest rival facebook and instagram for very similar products though they came out with numbers yesterday reporting that their daily active users went up by five percent to one hundred eighty seven million euros users they also reported that the average amount of
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money they meet with every individual user has been going up as well because of that we saw in the after market trading shares of snapchat going up by thirty percent and yeah let me show you i'm also one of those new snapchat users just if this picture for you back to you you are a different generation of journalist daniel cold that frankfurt for us thank you very much. now one of the key issues blocking progress in a mobility is the lack of fast charging stations even though carmakers governments and energy companies keep announcing the next big push many people are losing patience so some business people are taking matters into their own hands i bake a hole and sure the phone has been in western germany he just installed twenty one charging point points in front of his shop for his delivery vans and for the use of his paying customers. when i'm sure john likes his breakfast rolls to be nice and
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crusty some of the energy for that comes from his bakeries photovoltaic panels but they produce most electricity during the day once the rolls are long out of the oven up for me. in the summer it's after eight thirty am that's when our solar power system produces more current than we need. so sure the news is the surplus in his electric filling station with charging plugs for twenty one vehicles some of his customers are regulars like organic box supplier martin cook smoker he appreciates the charging speed here gets. some charging stations only have twenty kilowatt so after twenty minutes it only have half the charge i need. it's pretty busy in the bakery behind the charging station. the customers pay for their bread and their cake but they charge their electric vehicles for free. to use as mass
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marketing get by do it will you come here to charge their cars have to wait until they're full during that time they go to our cafe buy something or eat a piece of cake or something more and that boosts our sales. might include smucker also stops at other charging points when he makes his deliveries he has to keep an eye on his battery level otherwise he might grind to a halt. infrastructure and charging infrastructure. here in germany is too small no way do we have a dense network of charging points and it's not so inefficient it's growing very slowly but for example in distal dorf there are only two fast charging stations in the entire city so on and on so start. another problem is the electric vehicle itself the transporters that cuts my hair uses for deliveries are actually too small for the bulky boxes he'd rather use three and a half ton vans like the bakery has but they're not available yet in standard
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electric models baker hall unsure of and got special subsidies to convert his to electric and expensive procedure. if you can do that so we have a three and a half ton electric van but the conversion costs three or four times as much one hundred twenty thousand euro's compared to the sighing a diesel model for thirty thousand euros these are after his charging park children is now working on his next project a limited series of electric delivery vehicles for local medium sized businesses. and some more news from the future of transport the wells first passenger drone made its inaugural flight on tuesday in south china joe city all passengers need to do is to get into the cabin of the economy wanted for and fasten the seat belt the automated flight system then takes over the electrically powered drone can take a single passenger on a twenty three minute flight at one hundred kilometers per hour last year the city
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of dubai and else plans to cooperate with the hand in developing cell flying taxis take people across the city. last for the first time to drive i don't know about you terry anything that would take me past the traffic. for it. so there was a bit of deja vu last night as the german cops returned. in football it was a chance for a david versus goliath ending as fire in munich visited third division pot of ball on the last time the teams met it was in the bonus league in two thousand and fifteen in fact then by and won six nil and they were eager to let history repeat itself. there were no surprises in the david versus goliath clash had a bomb did have the ball in the net first but sebastian shown now was ruled offside after twenty minutes point asserted their authority confusion in the box and
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kingsley come on took advantage one nil brian. come on turn provide a five minutes later robert leaven dusty with the finishing touch. the bavarians were able to take their foot off the gas but that didn't stop the gulf s. just what kim ish with an awesome pool finish. the game already decided at the hop time whistle after the break an unmarked constanta least so not enough for a simple training drill for the guests. in the dying minutes there was still time for robinson score bryce six nil the final score. client progressing to the semifinals with a nice. and tuesday's other cup clash also features six goals as leverkusen down braman for two after extra time the guest took a fast two goal lead but laver couzens julien bunt levelled the game with two first
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half goals but robbie and how to risk order for the hosts deep into extra time to secure labor crews in their semi final berth. runnels kirmani has been appointed as head coach of the netherlands national team he's the seventh manager in eight years for the dutch come and has been out of work since being dismissed by everton last october after a poor run of form in the premier league he's been tasked with resurrecting dutch football after the one successful team failed to qualify for the last european championship and the upcoming world cup in russia. a north korean orchestra has arrived in south korea head of the winter olympics one hundred forty performers disembark from a ferry at the south korean port of call on wednesday taking advantage of a rare sanctions exemption is the first time in sixteen years that they are visiting the country they will perform in china on thursday as well as in seoul on
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sunday the two koreas will march under a unified flag at the opening of the games and also field a combined women's ice hockey team. space x. has launched the world's most powerful rockets the falcon heavy roared off the launch pad on florida's cape canaveral is the latest milestone for billionaire entrepreneur elon musk and his aerospace company and to mark the occasion must ensure the rocket contains very special cargo three little i he said it was either going to be a great rocket launch or the best fireworks display ever be thankfully for a long mouth it was the former not least because the rocket was carrying one of his tesla sports cars. you know that this image. just j. exposure that you. get of that wheelbarrow thing that looks.
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like because a lot of the legs are good. i miss you just as or inspiring as it once was here some fifty years ago they provided the backdrop to missions to the moon now it could be about getting to mas be the folks in heavy is special not just because of its power but also because of its price you can carry twice the weight of its closest rival about five double decker buses for a third of the cost so can have the will be the biggest rocket since the saturn five moon booster it's not quite that big but it's on the path to enabling that kind of exploration whether it's the moon or mars basically beyond low earth orbit and. much of the cost saving comes from being able to reuse the rocket boosters so this was a critical point in the launch when they successfully separated from the main
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rockets cheers erupted in mission control in california b. were the cheery side beast is touching down past. ten minutes. past the basics imagine that piece of david bowie inspired feat which could have come straight out of the james playbook cherry red test left behind by a mannequin in this space suit but blurring the lines between dreams reality and p.r. company. space following the. protests that will be thrust into a. just
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reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on news germany's two biggest parties still have not struck a deal for a new government talks between. conservatives. have gone through the night the two sides are still over labor laws and health care reform. taiwanese rescue crews are searching for survivors of a six point four magnitude earthquake that has killed at least four people authorities say a hundred fifty are still unaccounted for the quake struck just north of the popular tourist city. so. we leave you with the first. championship in space russian cosmonauts and american astronauts took part in the game have a look. the
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first they cheated on diesel emissions and they experimented with monkeys and schumann's. fox wagon the place is global. and still business is booming sales top ten million cars last year how do do they. how big companies shrug off scandals made. the for south korea one of the most powerful
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economies. everyone has the same goal to be successful. many are making sacrifices to keep up with the rest of society. a visit to the country that's hosting this year's winter olympics south korea sad. to say. i'm not proud and they will not succeed in dividing us out not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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on top of that i've been going there to. tell us that our innovations magazine for in asia. us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com for science and research for. when i was a kid living in suburban a stright you're back in the eighties our neighbor had a hot pink v.w. beetle i thought it was the.


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