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last european championship at the upcoming world cup in russia and north korea. a north korean orchestra has arrived in south korea ahead of the winter olympics one hundred forty performers disembarked from the area at the south korean port of mukoko on wednesday taking advantage of a rare sanctions exemption it's the first time in sixteen years that they are visiting the country they will perform and kill on shining on thursday as well as in seoul on sunday the two koreas will march under a unified flag at the opening of the games and also field a combined women's ice hockey team. well we're turning now to our top story we're getting signals that coalition negotiations here in germany aimed at forming a new government are wrapping up and we're expecting an announcement let's cross straight over to our political correspondent hans blonde who is standing by just outside the c.d.u. party headquarters here in berlin where those coalition to go she asians are taking
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place so hans any any more news leaking out is it clear that there that a new government formation is imminent. there has been no official confirmation yet but there have been a lot of leaks over within the last twenty minutes to half an hour or so several media are reporting that an agreement has been reached that the parties have agreed on the last points that were in dispute amongst these was the distribution of the ministries which party which party amongst a social democrats and the consulate has is going to control which ministry in the new government agreement has appears to have been reached on that on that score and we have seen under a makeover chancellor actually leaving this building just a few minutes ago which means that the top negotiators are no longer sitting at a table and there's a very good indication that the negotiations in fact i have a suspended or actually have finished so we expect an official announcement within
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the next few minutes probably not more than an hour to confirm all these at the moment we have to describe it as rumors or these pieces of information that i say to have come on top of the interior of these talks and these talks have been going on for quite some time high and so they're supposed to wrapped up on sunday here we are and wednesday obviously germans and the rest of the world is wondering is germany going to get a new government what are the next steps assuming that the an agreement has been reached and we do get an announcement today well i'm afraid one has to say both the germans and strew will that large as it were but even if an agreement has been reached today which as i must say emphasize has not yet been officially confirmed even if this has been reached and is officially confirmed that does not yet mean that a government will be in place soon because there is one major hurdle still to be taken and that is the fact that the social democrats have from most all their four
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hundred sixty thousand members ok can vote on whether or not they accept this agreement. there thank you for now we are. ok we thought we were going to have an announcement there my producer is telling in my ear that there are people approaching the microphones and of course we are very eager to hear that announcement but we can go back to hans now who i hope is still standing by for you there you are so tell us given what we know so far and i realize that no official announcement has come through yet we'll be bringing that to our viewers live as soon as soon as it gets going assuming it gets going tell us where we are now in terms of the agreement between the conservatives and the social democrats moving forward what do we know. well we've just seen you so behind me i think this was the movement that you were seeing earlier was the
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top delegation of the christian social union the bavarian says the party of the con so that those they are clearly also leaving the building now a further indication that the closer talks have concluded what we know in terms of room at the moment but the most recent agreement was which party is going to receive which ministry and it's clear it seems clear that the social democrats will be conducting will be having the foreign ministry in other words the foreign minister will be a social democrat they will also have the labor ministry and it seems likely that they will have the finance ministry in other words three key ministries especially for the issues that the social democrats wants to push forward in this new government and then there is some indication that the interior ministry is going to go to the variances the party the christian social union of the conservatives which would leave most of the other ministries to the conservatives or to be distributed
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amongst the parties so that's as far as what we what we. appear to know at the moment. thank you so much for now. bunce there is the new party headquarters where we are hoping to hear an announcement soon with us here in the studio is our political editor nina she's been following these negotiations very closely nina it's been now more than four months since germany had its election we're finally at a point where looks like we might have some kind of agreement in announcement seems imminent we have already we're hearing some details leaking through now about which parties are going to ok stand by need i'm told are getting an announcement right now we're going to cross over to. i believe to the c.d.u. party headquarters to to hear what is about to be said. and
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i think that it's really high time that we. know that we're heading for government here in germany so good morning to all of you. and the sun shining movie back when twelve o'clock. we were just hearing from members of the c.s.u. that's the bavarian sister party of the jungle merkel's c.d.u. commenting on the negotiations nothing too substantial there yet nina what do you read of what we're seeing here today we've also had confirmation from the s.p.d. by the way they have a whatsapp group and they send updates on the coalition talks and actually a few minutes ago they posted a picture of the. major figures from the s.p.d. and saying we're very tired but well satisfied and we've got a deal and now they say they have to take it into the group of thirty five
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negotiators for the social democrats so i think we can talk about a fact that we do have a deal which now needs to go into the process of being approved by the entire party that's a big question of course being approved by the entire party you're saying that on the group they say there is a deal and they are satisfied. does that mean that there's the s.p.d. rank and file will sign off on it or you know i think to get those three ministries is a major success for the a speedy you've got the foreign minister the foreign ministry finance ministry and the ministry for labor and social affairs those are the three ministries where the money's being spent and would gemini's role in the well that's being defined so this is a major success and this is what i can read into this. message that's come out from the whatsapp group this is there any information we have so far from the s.p.d.
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now whether that's going to convince the s.p.d. based on not that far and anybody's guess as we know they have to give their steel into the posse base so that they or the four hundred sixty thousand s.p.d. members can actually vote on that deal and there are also people who said whatever they negotiate i just don't want to be in a coalition government with uncle michael so we'll see that's right the legitimacy of the p.d. the credibility of the s.p.d. i should say is that state to some degree in these talks because they initially after the election said no no no you know the party leader martin shows never going to go in a coalition again with with chancellor merkel at this point and well it seems they are going to have to eat their words about that what's at stake for the s.p.d. going in to this coalition assuming that indeed they do. but the problem is that the other alternative is also not a good one if they don't go into they steal into the grand coalition then what we
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have will probably have fresh elections the s.p.d. members don't want fresh elections they know that run can really low at the moment in current polls they're almost down to a level that's sort of approaching the one that the a fifty is getting so they know that they stand a lot to lose if we had fresh elections so i think that is something that people will think about twice if you can to interviewers into the political landscape in germany and how it's kind of shifted a little bit and why the s.p.d. feels under so much pressure to enter this whole issue even though it is very reluctant to do so why do they feel pushed to do so well i think what's happening is that the political landscape in germany is being shaken up like it has been shaken up in other european countries you used to have. four big parties in germany or five sometimes in parliament with of right wing populist safety we've got
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a completely new force that's and palm and that is something that we've seen in countries like denmark where there is a minority government that is having to make deals on a day to day basis with different parties for example and so this is something that the parties here are afraid of as well and we saw it last week in fact when the current acting government which is also the parties that are involved in these in these treaty talks tried to push through a bill this was harder than it's ever been so we could see that they stand a lot to lose and some people are even doubting whether we can talk of a grand coalition still. and what about the c.d.u. what about chancellor merkel particularly and she obviously is going to lead this government do you think she'll stay on for the poor four year term. well angle machall m. is is has a weaker position she is getting into
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a weaker position in germany at the moment at the same time germans are very happy with her position in the world so this is a controversial picture that you get from chancellor i think at the behind the scenes definitely people will be talking about who can succeed her and probably in this grand coalition that we're probably going to see now. there will be talks about who can succeed her maybe they'll break off the coalition after two years when they've got a successor ok we just have a minute left question when do you think germany will actually get a government do you think it's going to get a government. some people are saying is actually i'm fat only the s.p.d. members who get to decide on that deal now but also this cd you will put the new treaty two thousand delegates at a party conference but that is probably going to go through so at the moment. it's up to the s.p.d. members and that process can take up to three or four weeks and we've always had
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a star is the time when we want to see if maybe a government d.w. political editor nina thank you so much for that we're going to take a short break when we come back nino will be with you and we bring you all the latest on germany's efforts to form a new coalition government stay with us here on. munching fashion. pastry chef vietnam culture. critic still next a book pastries full functioning. writer attention to detail goes into his head to some of. the results of this is to imagine. your love. double. takes
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is a w. news live from berlin a breakthrough months in the making germany's one big step closer to getting a new government we're about to see a live pictures here from outside the headquarters of uncle americal sparty here are the pictures i'm going marcos conservatives in the social democrats are set to announce that they've reached an agreement to form a new grand coalition after a marathon all night talks will bring you the latest. morning.


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