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tv   Treasures of the World - The Taj Mahal India  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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it can also have been built. for the camera visibly the gift of heaven the taj mahal the most beautiful. story behind it is long. the mobile successes of genghis khan had come good northern india in the early sixteenth century they transferred the capital from delhi to agra two hundred kilometers to the south agra paradise the garden of eden. three ring ring ring. the mogul rulers fourth was but they were also philosophically minded and enjoyed the good things in life the grand mogul acrobat wise manner and bridge of the school this interest in the wider world was. factored
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in mogul art architecture and the. new act by sun in jag it had about one outside his palace which any of his subjects who saw justice of the mogul might ring. it was acted as grandson prince coulda who built the taj mahal as an enduring memorial to the great love of his life. the story began in sixteen zero zero seven in the emperial bazaar there the prince met the radiantly beautiful princess argumentive begum it was love at first sight. was. five years later the princess for his second wife and the in
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a most sweets of the palace became her home. the wedding was magnificent as we know from numerous contemporary pictures. and sixteen twenty eight ascended the people in school he was known as shall jack the mogul north of the world and his favorite wife megan was known as montez my heart the power of the palace. their happiness lasted nineteen years then.
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died giving birth to their fourteenth child. shanahan mooned her deeply the grief any cause to his sanity. legend has it that on her deathbed. asked her husband to build a unique memorial to their unique love. but perhaps the grand mogul simply wanted to keep his distracted wits occupied what better way of overcoming grief at the transience of earthly happiness and the immortality of art and so he built a monument to undying love there are twenty two couples on the main gate one for every year it took to build the town. and through this gate we enter paradise. the the norms were laid out in the nineteenth century by
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a british governor general who found grass was more appropriate than the countless trees and sweet smelling flowers planted by sharjah hand. above the water courses in the garden of paradise to the islamic mind is the stroke of god. the taj mahal is not in the middle of the garden as would have been usual but on a raised terrace at the northern end some say that shot just not only wanted my house restaurant place to be near to god but also had himself in mind the lord of all the world god's deputy on.
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it was. from the very beginning the attracted pilgrims many simply wanted to see a mall's of liam that had cost a fortune to others it's perfect how many was a sign of true enlightenment. some saw the tower as a mount as shine women who die in childbirth have always been revealed in islam. we do not know the name of the architecture but it is widely believed that the ground mobile designed it himself leaving the details to a team of architects there are good reasons to think this may be true. it was enthusiastic about architecture and had personally supervised every public building project in his reign. and building the towers would have taken his mind off his grief nonetheless he laid no claim to an architect's faint.
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it cannot have been built by any master of this world for the plan was visibly the gift of heaven these words he had carved on the inside of the malls and the construction required a workforce of twenty thousand to transport and co of the costly stone no one knows how many died during the years of building. the heavy slabs of marble for the dome have to be moved up to three kilometers around. the inlay work uses precious stones from all over asia the artists and craftsmen came from india and as far as the middle east. the turkish mahal is not marble through and through the visible slabs are facing on brick walls.
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construction of the task made india's major trading and craftsman center for precious stones and that it has remained to this day the inlay work has suffered particularly over the centuries and many valuable stones have been stolen. craftsmen are still expert in laying white marble with translucent flowers of jade
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amber and lapis ninety. eight amethyst onyx and coral and the simple red sandstone black marble and porcelain only being used to create a garden of eden in stone. age . our diocese are known to islamic tradition and at the taj eight rooms and close the other tavern on main chamber. the first screen in the main chamber beneath the dome was made of gold but sharjah hand himself had it removed for fear that it be
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stolen. the marble screen he replaced it with was sold by his son who in turn had a less opulent screen installed in its place. the screen surrounds the center tough where the empty sarcophagi of mountains mulholland sharjah han lie their mortal remains are in the crypt below forgive those who have mended their ways and chosen your path lord and let them go into the gardens of eden the mausoleum is covered with inscriptions referring to the garden of eden on his sarcophagus the lord of all the world becomes the guardian of heaven the time is paradise for good as my highland sharjah hand a foretaste in this world of life in the next.
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the quotations from the koran inscribed on the taj mahal are not million avowal in challenge no images of god man or beast are committed on the sacred buildings of is now the inscriptions on the mantle calligraphy is seen as the highest service of god to calligrapher a man as can indeed was granted the great honor of commission to sign his will. shall johanne was deposed by his son to avert the impending bankruptcy of the empire for the taj mahal it was not sharjah hands only great project originally he planned a second for himself on the other bank of the river made of black marble. the toppled mogul spent his last eight years in the red fort hood agra within sight of
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the taj mahal and in the towers he was duly buried. will be happier beside his beloved his son reportedly said than in a more zillion of his own. perhaps that very gesture up held the legend of an undying love certainly it would have been strange if the lovers had been for ever kept apart by a river between. them so the taj mahal has remained a unique monument as the poet robin drowned after gori put it to cheer on the cheek of time. was.
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