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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin kim jong un sr arrives for south korea's winter olympics so it's the first ever visit to the south by a member of the ruling kim dynasty is her trip across the border a sign of fall or just a political ploy to get the latest from killing china also coming up u.s. government shuts down again after a rogue republican senator blocks a bipartisan spending bill but another late night vote means this closure could be short lived. wall street drops again and world markets follow with the dow jones
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now down more than ten percent it's officially a market correction to tell you what that means in business. also on the program germans take stock of the new coalition deal they've had a day now to mull over the agreement struck between on the back as conservatives of the social democrats refugee policy and germany's role in europe are stirring some strong emotions. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. a high level north korean delegation has arrived in south korea ahead of the opening ceremony for the winter olympics later today the delegation includes kim jong il the sister of north korean leader kim jong un she's the first member of the north's ruling dynasty to visit the cell at the opening ceremony athletes from the two countries will walk side by side
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under a unity flag. well correspondent jason strother is in china for us today jason what is on kim jong un's sister's agenda during their visit at the winter games. i wish i knew what she had been on her mind right now but i can tell you what everyone is talking about here. miss kim you know jiang and vice president mike pence actually speak to one another when they are having dinner hosted by south korean president moon j.n. . right before the opening ceremony this formal gathering is the app and already the north koreans have said they're not interested in talking to the americans mike pence right saying that the trumpet ministration is ready to put new sanctions against the regime has indicated that there could be some womb for him to speak
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with the north so there could be some real tension at that dinner where you have high level north korean and american officials in the same room very unusual what does kim appearance mean jason for relations between the two koreas. certainly it's a big move for appealing young to send someone within the kim family to south korea as you noted there's never been. a representative of that can clamp down here in south korea although south korea has sent their presidents to the north on two occasions the north has never had a reciprocal visit. between this dinner gathering tonight and never meeting back in so i'm sure president moon and miss kim are going to have many discussions about future cooperation or it seems unlikely that denuclearization would be on the agenda. jason was so much media attention focused on the visit of
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that north korean delegation or the hosts of the olympic games there in the south not concerned that the athletic competition itself will be overshadowed. and there's no doubt that the athletic competition right now was overshadowed by north korea. the young china games have been generating some international media attention. as it was but once kim jong un said of the beginning of this year that he was willing to participate and the north and south declared that they would back into the stadium later tonight together under a unified flag and also fueled a joint women's ice hockey team that's been all the attention on that's all the attention focused on the games right now and i'm sure. the government would rather have it be on the sports and the athletics and the camaraderie but when north korea is in bad and anything they always take center stage jason thank you so much jason
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strother there for us at the winter olympic games in china south korea. well the opening ceremony for the twenty eight thousand winter olympics is just hours away and that means a final rush of preparations for host south korea and china politics doping scandals have dominated much of the coverage but for most people in south korea let's just background noise to the main event. the olympic torch is on to the home stretch. the final few stages of the flames journey brought it ever near its appealing chang and the games opening ceremony as the torch made its way along the coastline athletes and fans were gearing up for two and a half weeks of winter sports action with expectations high. the german house in pyongyang is up and running and here come finance in a good metal hole is so high that the champagne is already on ice everything here
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is set out to give competitors and supporters alike a taste of germany a long way from hong. brokenness as it's about making sure everyone has a good time. that's not going we want to welcome many happy guests and see many sports stories written and watch many happy athletes who are truly enjoying their time here. meanwhile in the capital so too controversial figures made their entrance impersonators of donald trump and kim jong un have a rived in south korea with a message of peace and friendship. it seems like the olympics event like this has started a dialogue between north korea and south korea which i have to think that dialogue even if it differed produces a little bit of shouting between people is better than people shooting each other up or lethal chopping can joke they will they used to talk they probably go home because in my opinion to pretty much the same people. an unlikely friendship made
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reality by the people in chiang games and with official opening of events just hours away people here will be hoping diplomatic relations can piggyback on the feeling of goodwill to make the winter olympics more than just a sporting success. the course of offer to trace and for sport the c.i.s. has turned down an appeal by forty seven russian athletes and coaches to compete at the winter olympic games the russians have been bad. and from taking part by the international olympic committee over state sponsored doping in sochi four years ago they've argued that they've been wrongly excused from the games but c.i.s. said the i.o.c. his decision was wasn't unfair or discriminatory. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today seven of the ten tourists arrested for pornographic dancing in cambodia have been released on bail they were arrested in january after photographs emerged of people imitating sex acts at
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a party they cannot leave cambodia as their passports have been confiscated. rescue workers in taiwan are searching for seven people missing in this week's deadly earthquake the six point four magnitude quake tilted this twelve story building on a forty five degree angle all seven people are trapped in a hotel on the bottom floors of the building. and activists say airstrikes in syria's eastern near the capital damascus have killed over two hundred people in the past four days the bloodshed has led the united nations to call for an urgent ceasefire to evacuate civilians and deliver humanitarian aid. and the european parliament has expressed deep concern about the human rights situation in turkey in a resolution e.u. lawmakers urge president russia type i don't want to lift the state of emergency he imposed after the failed military coup in two thousand and sixteen they say it's
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being used to stifle legitimate opposition in the country. the u.s. government has shut down again after a rogue senator singlehandedly the laid a vote on a stopgap measure to keep the government funded for another six weeks senator rand paul held up a bipartisan budget agreement the raises government spending but the bill already looks to be on track the u.s. senate has the move the boat has now voted to move forward with the legislation which should shortly be sent to the house of representatives for a vote in time for government offices to open as normal in the morning today the senate will vote on a bill that will add one point five trillion dollars to the debt over the next ten years the dirty little secret is the republicans are loudly clamoring for more military spending but they can't get it unless they give the democrats welfare
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spending so they raise all the spending it's a compromise in the wrong direction and that was republican senator rand paul there is cost and phenomena has been following this evening's proceedings from washington when i asked him earlier how long the shutdown is likely to last. well most people here expect that this shutdown might last only a few hours basically there seems to be majority in both chambers of congress for this bill which is of course is based on a bipartisan deal between republicans and democrats in the senate and it was simply held up by one senator rand paul who used senate procedures to delay the bill but basically this will not stop the after it has passed the senate if you will of course go to the house of representatives there's
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a bit more uncertainty there because there has been criticism from both republicans and democrats about some provisions in the bill or things that are not in the bill but basically the odds are still good that this shutdown is over before actually most people go back to work on friday morning. what is this impasse about why are the republicans and the democrats having such a difficult time agreeing on a budget right now one of the main sticking points. well the main sticking point with this deal for the republican side there are some conservatives who are against spending more money for the states to spend more money anyway and this bill provides for higher spending limits for both military and non military spending so some republicans think there should be more spending and all that some
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republicans think more spending for the military is fine but not for the welfare programs which the democrats insisted on to agree to this bill on the democratic side of course the main point is that they said there is no mention of immigration reform here there is no solution for the so-called dreamers so young immigrants who painted us illegally as kids and the democrats want to have a solution there that is not in the bill so that is why so many democrats are reluctant to vote for it ok now so we get two government shutdowns within a matter of weeks there in the u.s. what does this tell us about the current state of the union in in washington. well the political system in washington is in a deep crisis this system depends very much on the readiness of members
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from both parties the two main parties in congress to compromise for the moderates to come together because there's always been this element of some members on either side of the aisle not going with the party line because here in the us and then most of parliaments are not so much dependent on the party or the party leadership they are dependent on the voters back home in their constituencies so they have always been some members who voted against the party line this is why the system depended on moderates from both sides working together and to compromise and these days there are less and less moderates and more and more ideologues and that is why the system gets nothing done or very little done ok thank you cause indeed it has cost and phenomena in washington. so gridlock in washington and trouble over wall street shares have dropped dramatically again that's true terry the dow plunged more than four percent last night and combined with monday's losses as the
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slide makes more than ten percent and that officially puts the drop into market correction territory asian markets follow china highs down four point five percent the sharpest drop in the region. after the global market rout earlier this week investors were warned of increased and more frequent volatility moving forward and that's what they're getting as seen by the dow's return to the red on thursday some analysts say that algorithm based trading and preprogram sell orders are to blame others point to market based indicators first u.s. investors fretted over a potential rise in borrowing costs as inflation picks up on increasing wages and they were anxious over the government shutdown but some investors are taking a longer more sanguine view. or in one of these environments right now we the people have to realize the stock market and the economy are two different things. and the technicals of the stock market are going to fight the fundamentals of an improving economy maybe for the rest of this month there's no doubt that the
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economy's improving and there's no doubt that some of the. repercussions of the tax reform plan and the lower regulatory environment probably haven't even worked its way all the way through the market yet there's little sign of an impending recession and the same bear market or sustained sell off isn't expected either but that appears to be cold comfort to asian markets they're following u.s. stocks into negative territory japan's nikkei saw a slump of more than three percent and chinese stocks are on track for their worst day in almost two years as cash seeking investors dump stocks ahead of the long lunar new year holiday weekend starting next week. let's cross over to. correspondent standing by at the frankfurt stalking strains where markets have not yet opened. the government shutdown in washington is that contributing to this
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volatility. well garrett i was talking to a trader about that this morning she told me in a normal market situation most likely not but right now we are seeing first on the one hand so much volatility in the market all of this is giving the market really some jitter this morning but when you look for example at the euro this morning during the last shutdown it really went app right now it still remains at a level of about one twenty three. everybody is talking about a market correction where does that market correction stand on the richter scale of financial records you have very interesting yeah we're always talking about this a correction of the market is a reverse movement usually negative at least ten percent then we will also talk about a bear market for example that's a correction of more than twenty percent and then there's this crash so
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a correction can be painful but certainly it can be worse let me just tell you right now how we are expecting the trading day here and frankfurt to start in early trading the blue chip in the exact is as a level right now off twelve thousand one hundred ninety seven points so that's just on the sixty three points less than we close last night. briefly if you can if it weren't so nervous what's keeping us from heading into the proper crash or sustained batman. yeah exactly i mean pretty much we are still in a very good market environment at the moment the global economy is booming of course there is this fear of a possible of inflation with higher wages and less people being unemployed but in general market conditions are still very good. in frankfurt thank you very much. now the us
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magazine forbes has just published the first list of crypto millionaires that is a ranking of the richest people in digital currency the top is chris lawson founder of the block chain network ripple he's worth an estimated eight billion dollars also the on the list are cameron and tyler winklevoss twin brothers who famously food with facebook's founder mark zuckerberg and later founded a digital currency exchange forbes calculations were made on general nineteenth though important to remember because given the recent volatility and the plunge of the digital currency bitcoin. that's it from the business desk back to terry thank you. for all the ink is barely dry on the green it between germany's main political parties to form
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a coalition government but already critics and supporters alike are poring over the documents small print two issues in particular are causing contention refugee policy and germany's role in europe he might have expected the new grand coalition deal to open with policies directed at germany but instead the opening pages look beyond germany's borders to europe and that no doubt will be music to the ears of french president manuel mccullough who for months has been reaching out to germany for help in pushing through a u. reforms. one person who certainly welcomes the agreement is the e.u. commission representative in germany the shot kuno. these are for when you read through the contract the elements about europe act as a third source of inspiration for the europe we will lead in the coming months and for the decisions to be made. following on from the speeches of e.u.
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commission president i'm french president michel essential elements are also included as to how we can form a common future foundation in europe. is common kind of the importance of germany's rolling her became evident in the handling of the refugee crisis back in two thousand and fifteen images of asylum seekers queuing down the street at this registration center in the berlin neighborhood of motivate made international headlines now three years on the keys may have gone but integration is still a big challenge the deal's decision on family reunification has also drawn criticism. is on the scottish particularly critical of the family reunions for refugees with limited status we are in contact with those affected on a daily basis with children and families who want their wives and kids here minus who just have to have their parents here and for them this is a great loss of trust in our institutions institutes you all but just
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a few hundred metres away in berlin is government district there's a sense of relief among many vitas after five months of uncertainty there's been full and those that were finally moving forward they should find the ability to make a decision altogether provers just sad to see the big powers of our country car just say ok we'll go it alone even if they don't get a majority as we've been good i think it's good that we're thinking ahead again and when not just exploring a negotiating but actually taking action. despite the dail angela merkel isn't out of the woods just yet now the fate of a new grand coalition lies in the hands of the social democrats party members all four hundred sixty thousand of them will have the chance to vote on the deal by march second only if they vote in favor of the deal well it finally be signed and sealed. was talked up. close enough she's the reasonable chair of the young
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socialists here in berlin as the youth wing of the s.p.d. party thanks for being with us today you we've talked just a couple of weeks ago about this i know you're a strong opponent of the grand coalition the party's future the future of this grand coalition is in your hands essentially because you get to vote on it all of the members of the s.p.d. get to vote on it how are you going to vote i'm going to vote against this and contract that's for sure because looking at the results of the coalition talks after say it's basically is a same as the result of the current of talks and the criticism saying this is just keep going as it was contract and not a change that we were asking for stays the same our strong points that we wanted to push for are still missing in the contract and i don't see how this is going to change anything in german politics now many from outside are looking at this coalition agreement between medicals conservatives and your social democrats and
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they say while the social democrats actually got a really good deal in this coalition agreement isn't that something that you should support. i don't know i think if we if we look at the circumstances that when negotiating was a conservative party i guess the results are quite good it's they were negotiating very hardly and they got out some pride ok results but looking at the big picture and looking at the reforms and step the germany would need right now and the big change in politics that we were comparing for for these elections then i have to say no that doesn't change anything really so now i can't be happy with that so the entire youth wing of the s.p.d. party is campaigning against this coalition agreement you've been recruiting members into the s.p.d. to try to get them to vote against this coalition agreement and scupper the whole deal which would then presumably trigger fresh elections in germany understand some
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twenty thousand twenty five thousand people have joined the s.p.d. over the past couple of months what how do you think that vote is going to go i think it's going to be a very close call and it's not you can't really say right now how the vote is going to go i think that we have some strong arguments right there and the twenty five thousand people who joined most of them i think are supporting us they don't want to keep the great crowd this isn't what you have had for eight of the power of the past twelve years and they really want to change in politics so it's a joint and they're campaigning with us together against the great and i think that's quite some back out for us some strong support and we have trying to convince every member we can get to vote against the coalition and we won't keep we won't keep quiet until we get the majority well if let's say you look at the scenario and say you were successful and you managed to vote down the coalition agreement and now there's going to that would result in no government what scenario
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would you like to see happen well first of all that's not true re still have a government in office and on the other hand. it's now i know america has responsibility. you form a government and be court before you get new elections she has to go to the bonus track and face a vote three times before she can even out of the procedure but i mean the result the options are rather limited there is a minority government there is forming a guy with other minorities which he tried and failed and the other option is fresh elections he might be voted into office by a minority question that's a possibility of course also maybe other minority crothers shits in the german bonus track might also be an optional minority get to do their thing on the long run we gonna have then you actions maybe next year maybe in two years and i think that's the s. the dia has to really reform itself start over new as a really strong social democratic left wing party where the people know what the party really stands for and then we got to have a campaign but
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a totally different from the one last year i'm just wondering about this recruitment drive for getting people into the party just to vote against the coalition agreement are you not concerned that this kind of opens up the party to manipulating the way a government is formed actually we were not campaigning for having members just joining for the vote it was whatever you want to enter the party vote no i think it was right they should vote they should enter and vote no if they against it but we also need them to reform our party and have a fresh start in politics we need those critical people we need those people with currents who are willing to change politics so they need to stay no matter how the result is at the end of the votes they need to stay because we badly need some of the party needs members to close the regional chair for the young socialists the youth wing of the s.p.d. party here in berlin thank you very much for talking with us thank you. and just
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on the news the u.s. government has shut down for the second time this year a republican senator blocked the vote to pass a budget bill but lawmakers now pushed through the legislation which could end the closure within hours. and north korean leader kim jong un sr has arrived in south korea head of the winter olympics opening ceremony kim jong il is the first member of the north's ruling kim dynasty to ever visit the south and it's a diplomatic overture from the nuclear arms regime that's been met with mixed international reactions. you're watching g.w. news coming to you live from berlin we have more news for you at the top the hour and of course you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our web site at t w dot com thanks for watching.
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good morning. international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week after germany's longest political deadlock in post-war history a new governing coalition is finally taking shape can it deliver on its promises and how weak is chancellor merkel that's our topic this week on quadriga joining us . from quadriga in sixty minutes. playing ways at full speed. ahead with shiny. pledge but always on the move playing closely today and in the future. drive it on w. problem. the tapes are simply.
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