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news live from berlin kim jong il and sister arrives for south korea's winter olympics it is a first ever visit to the south by a member of the ruling kim dynasty is her trip across the border a sign of a song or just a political ploy we'll go live to. a song all about politics the olympic stadium glitters in a brilliant show of light for the opening ceremony of the twenty third of the winter games. a race against time after the earthquake in taiwan rescue crews try to locate a family trapped under this hotel but aftershocks make it dangerous work. also
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coming up wall street drops again and world markets follow the dow jones now down more than ten percent from its january high it is officially a market correction. plus can a new campaign get gregg's that we were in britain behind a second referendum we talk to a passionate remainer behind that question. i'm sorry someone's got to go to have you with us a high level north korean delegation has arrived in south korea ahead of the opening ceremony for the winter olympics now this delegation includes kim jong that's the sister of north korean leader kim jong un she is the first member of the north's ruling dynasty to visit the south officially the two countries are still at war but these games being held in south korea. to have started
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a thaw in relations at the opening ceremony athletes from the two countries will walk side by side under a unity flag. and correspondent jason strother is in covering all of this for us he joins us on the line hi jason tell us more about kim jong and why her visit to south korea is so important. tiresias lee because she is the first member of the kids emilee to make it down here to the south you know there has been surprise there was a lot of surprise when kim jong moon her big brother said that he wanted to send that plea to south korea to participate in these games up until the beginning of this year it looked pretty clear that north korea was not going to participate even though some of their athletes a qualified but south korean president moon j.n. did all he could to accommodate the north koreans it has led to a rip credence in some of the tensions we fall last year but the question is how
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long lasting this reprieve might be jason this story surrounding the north korean delegation has been getting so much media attention are the hosts of the olympic games concerned that the athletic competition will be overshadowed. well unfortunately pretty much in almost any olympics the politics take the group metals so to speak over the actual sporting events that you know there's been a mixed reaction here in south korea even to some of the olympic sports including the women's ice hockey team both north and south korean athletes will compete under a unified flag but you know out of a poll out just a few weeks ago showed that seventy percent of south koreans oppose the joint team they don't want the north koreans stealing all the spotlight from the southern players was on fortunately no matter how you look at it whenever north korea is involved especially politics always triumphs over the games. and jason in general
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what is the atmosphere in south korea right now are people excited about the start of the olympics. people are excited although perhaps not as excited as the trial of the olympic committee fight to be i think you know in the days ahead you know. the building up there are. great athletes are expected to read a little. short track speed skating and some of the other athletes promising to i think i read today the hope is that south korea will and around fourth place in terms of their medal. all right journalist jason strother reporting for us from seoul thank you jason thank you. we've heard it's day one of the olympics we have jonathan crane from sports with us here in studio to talk about the games they haven't officially opened yet jonathan but tell us what the big
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story of the day has been so far the big story simmias the story that's really overshadowed the build up to these games as it did really in rio two years ago and that's the question of russian participation now today cast the court of arbitration for sport has turned down the pier the forty seven russian athletes and coaches to be able to compete in the games now where they've been banned by the i.o.c. over state sponsored doping in sochi four years ago so this decision really is a vindication really for the i.o.c. at least it really draws the line in this episode because the russians have argued that their athletes should be allowed to compete and they were questioning the iron seas and legibility criteria for these athletes because not all of them have been banned for doping some haven't had those bonds overturned by the cast of the i.o.c. has maintained all along that it was up to it to decide who was allowed to compete and who would get an invite and as we're going to hear now sumi cass agreed with that decision. the cas arbitrators have considered that the process created by the
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i.o.c. to establish an invitation list of russian at leeds to compete as olympic athletes from russia could not be described as a sanction but rather as an eligibility decision. so jonathan this is a big story that we've been talking about in the lead up to the olympics but the opening ceremony is set to start in about an hour's time what can we expect i think we can expect politics pageantry and people trying to keep politics the u.s. vice president might pence is going to be in attendance as we heard kim jong un the sister from north korea is going to be there as well and it's going to be significant these games because north and south korea going to be marching together under a unified korean flag at us the first time since two thousand and six ensuring the winter olympics and sure and that's happened of course we're going to have the one hundred sixty nine athletes from russia marching under the lympics flag the theme for the ceremony not surprising given what's happening with politics the theme is
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going to be one of peace rules they're going to be expecting some korean coach pos to present to be incorporated so expect to his m k paul and i was talking about the weather people trying to keep warm this could be the coldest winter olympics on record especially because up in the mountains the wind chill now inside the olympic stadium there's no roof so people are going to be given the blanket see almost and hats to keep warm and there's been some trouble. in the u.s. camp is that right yes in trouble already in now where this is centering on who actually carries the flag the ceremony obviously a huge on of the athletes in the u.s. olympic committee how the vote to decide the vote was of course a tie for between a shani davis the speed skater and aaron hannan who's the news now it's a break they decided on a coin toss which iron hand in one sunny davis north is for hot he actually said that the process was dishonorable now for many people davis would have been the
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perfect choice because he's done a lot to break down racial barrier is in winter olympic sport he was actually the first black athlete ever so when individual winter olympic gold medal now it's been announced he will skip the opening ceremony which. maybe sound a bit like sour grapes but his federation said he wouldn't participate in it anyway because he was going to focus on his race the any reason he would have participated is if he was going to be carrying the flak and then even before this opening ceremony there are some advance that have gotten underway tell us about that yes events taking place qualifying events mainly in curling ski jumping in other sports and that's because they struggled roughly fifty everything in between the closing ceremonies and the need to get it started we saw some code like interesting one here this was at the end of a match between china and switzerland now you can maybe just see if they move one of the stones when they actually have moved to say that that meant they had to replay them because they can actually measure who got closest and they replayed the
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switzerland as you'll see here ended up winning the match seven five. and then we've got some ski jumping now poland's camel stock is the runaway favorite for this event he's the reigning olympic champion there he is going down the hill that will save one for hills tournament recently that's a special event where it comprises the four different events nancy but the grand slam is only the second man in history and it's up to you that he finished third in qualifying a man who finished top was this man germany's a very nice actually a medal hopeful for germany long side to richard's right side so he talked to qualifying obviously then they will go into the main event later in the competition looking forward to that day one of the olympics jonathan force thank you for joining us you're welcome. now some other stories making news around the world the u.s. senate has passed legislation to end the government shutdown that started at midnight the bill is now before the house of representatives if the house adopts the
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legislation government offices will be able to reopen as normal in the morning but passage is not certain. the warders news agency says an investigation into the massacre of ten men by me in mar soldiers led to the detention of two of its reporters while loan and who are awaiting trial on charges of illegal possession of state secrets while the supporting on the ongoing crisis in rakhine state some of the ten taurus arrested for pornographic dancing in cambodia have been released on bail they were arrested in january after photographs emerged of people imitating sex acts at a party those out on bail cannot leave cambodia their passports have been confiscated there are reports of even more carnage in syria with government forces laying waste to the country's last few rebel strongholds activists say air strikes in eastern the capital damascus have killed over two hundred people in the past
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four days the bloodshed has led the united nations to call for an urgent ceasefire to evacuate civilians and deliver humanitarian aid. even by the bloody standards of the syrian conflict the bombardment of the rebel held unclear but eastern ghouta has exacted a fearful toll. four days of government air raids have left more than two hundred civilians dead among them at least fifteen children that's according to the british based syrian observatory for human rights. eastern googe is one of the last pockets of anti-government resistance near damascus in a separate incident in the east of the country u.s. led coalition forces killed around one hundred government backed fighters and darrow's or province the syrian government condemned the strikes as a war crime. the u.s. described the action as self-defense the coalition observed a slow build up of protein forces over the past week our forces have the inherent
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right to self defense. we are not looking for a conflict with the regime any action that takes away from our ongoing operations to defeat isis is a destruction of the. one model ceasefire and syria what is your position about that you have to stop this not realistic we would like to see a ceasefire the in the woods with with the terrorists. in the government to be used no use for you just a question as rescuers rush to just release to help the wounded in eastern guta the prospects for a cease fire in syria look as bleak as ever. you're watching do have you new still to come how to reverse the u.k.'s slide towards brag that we talk to one persistent remainer who's got a plan. but first the ink is barely dry on the agreement between germany's main
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political parties to form a coalition government but already critics and supporters alike are poring over the document small print two issues in particular causing contention refugee policy and germany's role in europe. you might have expected the new grand coalition deal to open with policies directed at germany but instead the opening pages look beyond germany's borders to europe and that no doubt will be music to the ears of french president manuel mccann who for months has been reaching out to germany for help in pushing through a u. reforms. one person who certainly welcomes the agreement is the e.u. commission representative in germany who know. these are for him and when you read through the contract the elements about europe act as a third choice of inspiration for the europe we will lead in the coming months and for the decisions to be made. following on from the speeches of e.u.
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commission president i'm french president michel essential elements are also included as to how we can form a common future foundation in europe. is common kind of the importance of germany's role in europe became evident in the handling of the refugee crisis back in two thousand and fifteen images of asylum seekers queuing down the street at this registration center and the berlin neighborhood of motivate made international headlines now three years on the queues may have gone but integration is still a big challenge the deals decision on family reunification has also drawn criticism . is on the scottish particularly critical of the family reunions for refugees with limited status we are in contact with those affected on a daily basis with children and families who want their wives and kids here minus who just have to have their parents here and for them this is a great loss of trust in our institutions institutes you all but just
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a few hundred meters away in berlin's government district there's a sense of relief among many vitas after five months of uncertainty there's been four levels that were finally moving forward they should find the ability to make a decision altogether provers just sad to see the big powers of our country card just say ok we'll go it alone even if they don't get a majority as we've been through i think it's good that we're thinking ahead again and why not just exploring a negotiating but actually taking action as a top. despite the dail anglo merkel isn't out of the woods just yet now the fate of a new grand coalition lies in the hands of the social democrats party members all four hundred sixty thousand of them will have the chance to vote on the deal by march second only if they vote in favor of the deal well it finally be signed and sealed . ok time for business now there's been more. trouble on wall street or guard shares have dropped dramatically again you can say that the dow jones plunged more
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than four percent last night the bond with monday's losses the slide of more than ten percent from january twenty sixth record high officially puts this drop into a market correction territory and provisionally is ending a nine year bull run asian markets followed shanghai closed four percent in the red the sharpest drop in the region. and now we're talking to our market correspondent in frankfurt from from our european markets daniel seem to have been struggling at all off why is the. let me tell you first kara the traders here they are alert as the market already also true day even though we are not losing as much as we have seen on wall street yesterday is still crazy we were up here at some parts at twelve thousand three hundred points even back in the winning zone now we are again dropping similar picture pretty much all around europe all
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the major indices are down but not really on the on a on a big level all down at the level of about zero point five per cent here in frankfurt we also have to remember that we were already quite suffering yesterday when wall street was dropping also yesterday we had the worst performance here since one and a half year and it seems that investors are thinking here a little board more realistic again they know that we are not going to see a recession happening that maybe the inflation rate in the united states might go up a little bit and also we might see more interest rate hikes happening this year but all of this is still on a very solid and also good level of heart well after a rather dismal week what do you think we can expect for next week. well volatility is certainly going to be a very big topic
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a trader was telling me that the market right now is very nervous it's very hard to predict in which direction all of this is going to go also very important. things happening and next week we will be getting more news from the u.s. economy retail some sales numbers will be reported those real tails numbers always give you will give you a very good idea how strong the u.s. economy is doing also next wednesday here we will be getting the g.d.p. figures for germany and also for the eurozone here so certainly traders will be meeting and next week very strong nerves again so calm on european stock exchanges thank you very much. well quite differently markets in asia went into emergency mode and picked up balls from sentiments all major indices suffered heavy losses many blamed also measures computer trading but that's not the
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full story volatility seems to be the buzz word we'll be hearing a lot in the next months. after the global market rout earlier this week investors were warned of increased and more frequent volatility in the next weeks and that's what they're getting as seen by the dow's plunge on thursday some analysts say that algorithm based trading in preprogram sell orders are to blame others point to market based indicators first u.s. investors fretted over a potential rise in borrowing costs as inflation picks up on increasing wages than they were anxious over the government shutdown some investors are taking a longer more sanguine view bracing themselves for short term discomfort or in one of these environments right now what do people have to realize the stock market and the economy are two different things. the technicals of the stock market are going to fight the fundamentals of an improving economy maybe for the rest of this month asian markets have followed u.s.
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stocks deep into negative territory chinese stocks are on track for their worst day in almost two years and analysts have a similar outlook as to how long it will last also given the seasonal factor. so it would take some time of course the middle of february new year holiday and everybody would go to their homes to celebrate the new year and. to him come back and maybe you know fair so. the march. forget about the stock market in february just go home and relax and improving global economy and little sign of an impending recession mean that a bear market or a sustained sell off isn't expected and corrections can be considered healthy but that health can falter if investors stay spooked by market swings. or the market swings us magazine forbes has just published the first list of crypto millionaire
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that is a ranking of the richest people in digital currency bitcoin here behind me at the top is chris lawson founder of the block chain network report he's worth an estimated eight billion dollars also on the list cameron and tyler winklevoss the twin brothers who famously food it with facebook founder mark zuckerberg and later founded the digital currency exchange forbes calculations were made generally nineteen that's important to remember given the recent volatility and the plunge of digital currency it's like bitcoin now it's back to sue me with search operations continuing in taiwan or how those operations are carried on into a third day following the earthquake there in taiwan the death toll has risen to twelve and more than two hundred fifty people have been injured right now crews are working to locate any remaining survivors. fighting against gravity and racing against time. rescue workers and while en city desperately search for
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anyone holding on to life in the collapsed buildings and the aftershocks just keep coming more than two hundred since the powerful quake hit just before midnight on tuesday rescuers have pushed through each night to find and free people. excitement among firefighters as residents of this building reach out the windows for help but signs of life are becoming less clear as each day dawns. we can say a rescue dog seemed to recognize possible signs of someone moving but the dog didn't bark so we can't absolutely be sure whether or not there are people in there but that was promising. the ongoing tremors threaten the safety of rescuers inside the damaged buildings and authorities fear at any moment they could fall completely. we must demolish these dangerous buildings right now
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what we don't want if there were to be another earthquake they would cause irreversible damage all around. machinery tears apart buildings believed to be empty and the death toll rises as firefighters elsewhere dig deeper into the rubble the island is prone to earthquakes and the only chance the taiwanese may have of avoiding more devastation is investing in better buildings the government says their focus now is just that. the u.k. this week has seen pro e.u. campaigners launching a bid to reverse the brags that decision voices in favor of britain remaining in the european union have been gaining traction a recent poll showed most britons would support a new vote on whether or not to leave once the terms of departure are known but prime minister theresa may has made it clear that the country will be leaving the e.u. in march of next year. and let's bring in lara spirit in london she's one of the
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founders of our future our choice that the new pressure group made up of young people aiming to stop a break said laura thank you for joining us how exactly are you planning to stop greg said hello so we've set up a student organization and we've got representatives of forty different universities across the country as well as a number of known students and young people who are going to be willing to come paint over the next few months in all manner of different ways so they've signed a one upside and we're going to have a couple of thousand of e-mails by the end of the week from which point we're going to start protesting campaigning and who different ways possible so you're trying to gain a lot of attention around this campaign lore is it not a little bit late why do you think young people weren't able to get their argument across before the referendum took place yeah i think that's a really important point i mean it's actually remarkable how young people are so active on a whole lot of different progressive politically charged issues in the country
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where they be health care education all of these different issues and yet we haven't had a voice which is antibiotics yet and so this campaign is aiming to rectify that i think it's not too late because each day that goes by the government sound is more and more on that point again she asians it looks increasingly likely that we're going to get a better deal from the and so i think the time is absolutely perfect for us to push through and try and get a get a better result what if the government were able to negotiate a good deal would that be enough. i don't think there is any which is a good enough to feel young people i think at the moment it's increasingly unlikely that the government is going to have to get a good deal but look at the young people that overwhelmingly seventy five percent of young people voted to stay in the e.u. and so that's a resoundingly yes to being a part of this incredibly organized to which we feel so strongly as if we should be within so i don't think there's any any deal i mean if that if there were an incredible thing maybe we would consider it but at this time that looks
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increasingly unlikely but more than fifty percent of people who did vote in that referendum cast their ballots to leave the european union the bags of tears have the majority why is that fair to change this decision now well look in five years because time if you do the math will remain country the younger generation who are coming through they should overwhelmingly to stay in the e.u. and so the idea that democracy is static and then it it goes on one very tony is just a bit ridiculous and the fact that we've had almost almost two years now in working out what what this looked like we had no idea what it would look like before and now we know with complete certainty that it's going to be an absolute disaster for the country i think about changing circumstances quite a bit and i think it's very democratic if people to be given a second chance of having their say laura spur the co-founder of our future our choice campaigning against breaks of thank you very much for joining us on our program today thank you our minds are
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now off our top story with us our north korean leader kim jong un's sister has arrived in south korea ahead of the winter olympics opening ceremony kim jong is the first member of the north's ruling kim dynasty to ever visit the south it is a diplomatic overture from the nuclear armed regime that has been mass with and mixed international reaction. don't forget you can always get out of your news on the go download or opt for google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use send us your photos and your videos. thanks for watching. the law.
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