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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2018 5:30am-6:00am CET

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it's all happening so quickly any place your link to scream africa and the world place your link to exceptional stories and discussions painless comes into such an income that money from foreign examinee for money is it easy and i would say d. devil to close the tough economy join us on facebook at g.w. africa. opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global tribe global three thousand brought to you by d.h.l. . this week on global three thousand we take you to kenya where cut flowers are
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a flourishing business but one that is taking its toll on the environment. in turkey freedom of speech seems a thing of the past how can fountains of sidelined academics that we build their lives. and then on to hong kong where living space is a luxury we head to the city where many live in desperately cramped conditions. been eyes ation is an unstoppable trend worldwide more and more people are deserted in rural areas for life in cities looking for jobs educational opportunities and inspiration all want a decent place to live and that's the problem good locations are in high demand and prices. germany's most expensive city is new nick apartments in the center facts have been one thousand two hundred euros a square meter and in other countries prices are even higher in new york for example apartments can cost
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a whopping eleven thousand square meter the three most expensive cities are london at over fifteen thousand euros a square meter singapore which is even pricier and hong kong tops the next flats that can cost an astronomical twenty one thousand seven hundred euros per square meter which leads to harsh living conditions for the poor. their home is a cage seven men live in a single room in bitter poverty. they often don't have enough money for three meals a day. mr newman shows us where he's been living for years he gets about five hundred euros in welfare every month nearly half of which he spends on his cage bed and electricity. you are expendable like trash we've been cast out society has given up on us.
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their only ray of hope is life xan she visits them regularly and asks how they're doing what they need and brings them extra money for food she works for an aid organization that looks after people living in miserable conditions in hong kong and beneath race and they also use race shameful because people call we have huge resources and people they have reach home and that the governments have hugely houses so i think that governments have that capacity recesses to help these people but we just allow this to happen. living space in hong kong is more expensive than almost anywhere else in the world there's very little room for the more than seven million residents but there are plenty of buyers for luxury apartments a profitable business for real estate companies. buying an apartment is barely
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affordable even for the middle class it's long been the norm for them to spend half their income on rent or a mortgage for many hong kong as a housing nightmare. because of her efforts to help people cope on the angel of the poor today she's visiting the home of thirteen year old chuck me owners here have subdivided many of the apartments into many lodgings known as shoe boxes with just a part time job and welfare all this mother and child can afford are about two and a half square metres with a bunk bed and a small table the mother cry. a lot and wishes she could provide something better for her son. so you have a mouth so our apartment really should be big enough so that my son and i can move around freely you know in. little italy she's only you here it's so small that we can only enter the room one at a time. check meaning won't tell his classmates
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how he lives he's too ashamed most people here work but they don't earn enough for an apartment of their own so several people are forced to share a grubby kitchen and a single bathroom their only hope is a state subsidized apartment but the waiting list is several years long. lie shown gives advice helps people deal with bureaucracy and puts pressure on officials where she can. even use kind of space easy to people being really feel rain and street where you know this is happening because. he ain't doing anything wrong somebody has made cards and some people think you know what you see and besides now so many people and ideas are. about thirty percent of hong kong's residents live in subsidized housing but there's not nearly enough to go around. and for an affordable living space even
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drives people to live in corrugated iron huts on the roofs of factories with little in the way of safety features. it's illegal and it's dangerous but where else are people supposed to go. the children are especially vulnerable ly shannon herself grew up in poverty and knows how they feel many don't even have enough space at home to do their homework the aid organization has other volunteers who help them too and here they are taught not to be ashamed of being poor. there so it may just go because they feel that you period you know this and it wasn't how is it it may be at the beginning to end up feeling that bad but of course the other people did that there was ample we have with us some children there possibly nor are they living in this kind of you think it's
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a small space and a piece of their. life son is calling for more subsidized housing from the local government she says too much land goes to the powerful real estate companies she's already helped thousands of residents to move from their shoe box dwellings to subsidized housing sometimes it took years such as with ms thai the apartments here are bigger the rents cheaper for residents it means a complete lifestyle change fewer worries and more money left over it's a never ending job but a rewarding one i feel happy because when i help people get used to because situation i feel very sorry for them and so i wore high and they finally put their situation days may be very happy and i don't know because i think helping people is kind of happiness. those living in cage beds generally pay even more rent for their space than people who live in subsidized flats if it weren't for light shines help
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mr leone and the other men here might not even have warm clothing for the cooler winter nights. sometimes when the people of hong kong. come home from work mr young goes to the soccer pitch he used to work in a slaughter house and lived in employee housing now he's seventy and in poor health has given up hope of ever getting a subsidized apartment as there are almost three hundred thousand other people in hong kong who are also on the waiting list. now from hong kong to turkey two years ago more than a thousand of the country's academics signed a petition criticizing president to retch up tie it to one's policies and appealing for an end to his bloody campaign against the kurds a small act with a major repercussion was many of them were later fired by presidential decree the
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accusation spreading terrorist propaganda after the attempted military coup around one hundred fifty thousand civil servants in turkey lost their jobs often for unexplained reasons they've hit the streets in protest at being blackballed made captives in their country. by our taras been working behind the counter for only a few months last spring the political science lecture was fired and like so many other civil servants he was banned from his profession as well as forbidden to leave the country after that he had to ask himself what should i do now. we just wanted to do something here for fay then we don't believe we we will find new ways to do what we have been doing in the university and that means what they had we've been doing with science peer groups and it puts it in general in twenty sixteen by our tara signed
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a petition called academics for peace they criticized how the turkish government handled human rights issues in a kurdish part of the country he was fired for that and barred from government service by a state emergency decree. he will also receive another unemployment compensation or pension by october open a cafe together with other colleagues who were fired a name the coffee shop. or house of culture they offer workshops and readings they want to provide a space to share knowledge where people can learn and discuss things and ask critical questions. this was his dream these are the seats and greens of maybe that will be a forest maybe that will be is this. the support and people immediately see a lot of messages over the internet or resume is easy and that's you give us support and you gave us hope. because the cafe and island of hope
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working here gives him strength and distracts him from private concerns. his wife works city university in germany he hasn't seen her in eight months he is not allowed to leave the country and if she were to return to turkey she would face the same situation. where you heard emails like and. when she comes i want her to know. where you are. after departure you so her birds even from. i think most. mention. in the capital ankara husband and wife jaylen muse luma chino are also saw their professional world collapse before their eyes they were elementary school teachers before being fired about a year ago now they are trying to make ends meet by running a small food stand the number six eight six in the front counter this is the number
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of the law that was quoted as they lost their jobs they're trying to keep a sense of humor oh. we had to sell our car to open the shop we have two children and somehow we have to make ends meet. today they have a visitor. you know used to teach communications he's writing a book about those who were fired and yes he too was dismissed for the same reasons he wants to tell the stories of some of the forty thousand teachers and professors who lost their jobs. many people who were victims of mr korea now networking we have the same worries and we're beginning to feel some solidarity a kind of resistance movement it's not just about coming to the shop to eat it's more important than that it's about the exchange of political and personal ideas. but kamal has almost no contact with former colleagues at the university where he
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taught. the school was right wing conservative and he was one of the few liberal leftist teachers there now he spends his days in his home office working on his book he also has financial worries he has loans to repay but now no income. he gets small monthly payments from his labor union but it's not enough to make ends meet he and his wife have begun selling homemade leather bags. started eating soup instead of proper meals and i rarely go out so i can save money . i've sent out a lot of job applications but no one is interested in employing someone who was let go to a government to curry of course anyone can become unemployed but for us it's important to come up with a survival strategy. but it's not just about survival these people want their lives back that's what most of
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the fire professors and journalists are demanding at this demonstration in istanbul . lost by hard times determined to remain positive he came all the way from a scene to be here today. it's not easy but it's not easy to insist on to something you need to eat you you need to see that you're not the only man here you're not the only full of the full of the town and there are other forces that this is it this is stupid this is so you just start to really believe in yourself you just refresh. your is this these and your struggle. tars going to need his strength and positivity all of the academics who signed the peace petition have been legally charged the first court proceedings began in december but the professor says he's not afraid after all he's an eternal optimist.
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this week in our global ideas series we take a look at a billion dollar industry cut flowers most of the world's supply comes from large scale flour farms in just i'm handful of countries it's a business worth around forty full billion euros a year. the global center at the cut flower trade is still the netherlands but it's production is on the rise in four countries in the tropics one of them kenya. our reporter manuella checkers headed to lake ny vasher near nairobi where dozens of flower farms have sprung up. but for other people who rely on the lake for a living the future looks far from rosy. i used to grow up with these local fishermen and finally managed to land a catch again. after hours out on the water every boat has at least returned with a few kilos of tilapia. the talk is making the rounds again the pollutants have
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been found in lake nova. it takes sampson much area back to the end. i remember a disaster that struck in two thousand and nine the lake almost dried out and the fish population was decimated all caused by the flower farms on the shore i didn't of course or they almost dried out the lake completely and the chemicals they were draining off affected the water and affecting our mind and i see there were hardly any fish left so i was when i finished that pile of fish over there that was the harvest of ten loads it took the department of fisheries one year to regenerate the fish stocks so people went hungry. conditions by like my basher are ideal for cultivating flowers over fifty companies have set up greenhouses on its shores. the soil is fertile temperatures mild just twelve hours sunshine a day on the lakes full of water. since the two thousand and nine disaster local
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fish are folk are highly suspicious of the cut flower industry even though strict regulations for companies were introduced in the aftermath. of bring that to me cause i want the three of those chemicals those going to cause then they're when the water comes or when they link and it's also about what up with it to the lake and then when the fish consumes that we need to me how they depict to their consumers and also to the breeding area because the op i mean a lot of grow their breeding in. the flower companies reject the accusations. normally they won't grant journalists access to their greenhouses. but we've been allowed into this facility accompanied by ruth moore from germany's organization for international cooperation the g.i. said. the syrian flower farm claims its own environmental record is exemplary.
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if this passes the sides of the lake maybe it's coming from industries which are not. mine is by a good code of conduct like say the kenya flower council and that's where they be they need to be more focused in times of small scale farming to help farmers understand the value of using products in a responsible way but also the impact of all those products of that misused on on a mate. for sehri and says it only uses half the industry standard amount of insecticides. the company prefers to employ in natural allies like these tiny beetles which are sprinkled over the roses to eat the pests that target them. what is more is always looking for natural methods that other operators could also use. all the water in the gutter but the plant not used we recycled they used again is for many things should be very good for a good system because nothing from what i wish i could recycled water or drain
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water go to the eco system but also would say for our speculators we go after recycling there still fabulous out of sight and then be used again and again and again i think it's because it's costly to to put up this system for this small called a farmers who are growing outside it might be quite difficult for them to have such a system but for those who have picked up a city to it would be i would so listen because it cuts down on the cost but at the same time it's also good for the environment. they don't appear to be any toxins leaking into the lake an eyelash. but a syrian is only one of many flower grows in the area and we aren't allowed into the others it's also pretty hard to pinpoint just where the pollution is coming from. the flower industry says smallholder farmers are to blame. like potato farmer paul came on me. so what is the solution to the pollution but
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many. farmers are offered advice on sustainable practices by an organization headed by come on bogle he also wants to know why the lake is constantly being polluted. and. you think that. because. they have to improve the. it really. is that lot of gulf between the technologies that. farms and what they're doing and also the kind of advisory they get because even when you have a problem with these but it was it just goes to the vet today it could be cost or anything i have this problem but they don't get to get advice on the methods that could be used. those organization promotes sustainable pest control. we use every. friendly. to feed
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their. core. technology that is used in the cup and they have perfected it but that's nothing new for him before any pesticides were available here ok so farmers used a species of ants to eradicate crop pests but it's also true that the insecticide they use now is highly efficient. even if it is expensive. back at lake naivasha the days catch is already on its way to market which these days is several kilometers away. the lakes water level used to reach as far as the market. now it's shrinking along with its fish stocks. too many companies are pumping too much water from the lake. it's almost thirty
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degrees in the shade so the fish have to be sold off quickly it's a good day for the women of the market for husbands brought sec loads back with them since the small to latvia fetches one euro at the moment the whole will translate into a to. i did profit for today at least. one of the. you know busy little fish it. is such as. they worked on the. people at. least not. for now these people can only hope the water stays clean the way it was before the cut flower industry descended on the shores of lake never . in this week's global snack we check out
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a tasty dish from brazil. it's a sultry twenty seven degrees celsius in bellingham the frog in metropolis at the mouth of the amazon in the city's famous market in the capital battle pays off if you can find flour brazil nuts a rainbow of tropical fruits and all sorts of other regional specialties. this store sells one of the market's most popular fruits. berries and somewhat sour earthy palm tree fruit is packed with betterments. everyone here loves them. as you go measureless this film before we had modern appliances we mashed the berries by hand and press them through a sieve now with these machines it's much easier to puree the. good to go. to mush a site is traditionally eaten with fried fish. the flood of diners at lunchtime
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certainly keeps the owner on his toes. the off site is going out liberally and eat me plain without salt or spices. it said the indigenous people here began eating at this white over. four hundred years ago. vendors when you put out the color manipulation machines. i gave you said of course as the fish school we buy fresh every morning by philip to myself we all have a particular job to do to ensure this famous dish is prepared with the same consistent high quality. it's hard work. by the restaurant is an institution here at the market. it's the perfect blend of flavor it's the us a yes and i think nothin and watery expression the mashed and really delicious you can come to the vero paizo market and not stop
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in here. if i take no for a few but we're all used to this here because children learn to eat our face when they're little. it's part of local cultural heritage that's possibly just as good as it's been in my family for generations my mother's been cooking with us sorry for decades that kind of sorry mania started in other regions a few years ago lots of people started eating it with but no. where on it like in rio but we like it here just as a young fish delicious almost. every day will. be touted as a super food the very perfect for nutrition conscious he just. saw in mania is now also spreading to the u.s. japan and europe. and that's all from global three thousand this time around what did you think let us know send us an e-mail
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and check out our facebook page d.w. global society we're back next week see you then. prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand. by d.h.l. . the be. the best. the be. the book. the be the be.
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the be the big the the big. the be. the best. president to let his country sink into chaos shah saw but tactician who makes deals with western leaders. in the business give him power in syria only because he sucks western interests the being useful tyrants who were bashar al assad the be good from the challenges of cross-country
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skiing through a journey back in time on the fish to. the before mountains in eastern germany are full of surprises the be no wonder and the big champion has found a new career. and tourism. travel adventures in the state of saxony. sixty minutes on d. w. . my first vice like moses sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this notion for even something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a buy cycle of my home and it took me years to been made they're. finally in the game bob invented by me and i say that but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as knowledge i want to
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reach out to those women back home who are both by then to continue in social norms and inform them about their basic rights my name is the about of people home and i wore the them. this is you get me as comfy not from voting but go right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul and by the show a co-producer of his what it will correspond to let's bring in it will check you from our poland at down let's go or julie god help us a correspondent in frankfurt we're on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the prospective cancer d.w. nurse facing. frank food to help avoid international gateway to the best connection salsa in the road and radio. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world.
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experienced outstanding shopping and dining offers and drawing our services. beyond guest trends. managed by from. south korean president in is hosting senior north korean officials for lunch at the presidential palace today. their delegation includes the younger sister of north korean leader kim jong un. it's the most significant diplomatic encounter between the rivals in years marking a temporary lull in tensions during the winter.


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