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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CET

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the middle gets to be used by the for. this is g.w. news live from berlin a three way confrontation is brewing between israel syria and iran syrian forces shot down an israeli fighter jet they say it was one of eight targeting iran impacts positions inside syria israel's prime minister says his country was defending itself against a violation of its airspace by an iranian drone and our jerusalem correspondent
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will bring us more also coming up. thousands of people in italy rally against racism a week after a neo nazi sympathizer opened fire on african migrants this is this comes as the country gears up for elections in which migration is becoming a key issue. it's good to have you with us israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria this after an israeli jet was shot down by syrian forces on its way home from a bombing mission it was one of a group of planes targeting iran backed positions inside syria israel says it was provoked a charge denied by syria and iran. a burning israeli f. sixteen shot down by the syrian air force both pilots ejected one was seriously
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wounded. israel says the jet attacked iranian targets in syria after an iranian drone entered israeli airspace. prime minister benjamin netanyahu insists israel seeks peace but will defend itself against any attack or it's him by iran to establish itself in syria. iran seeks to use a syrian territory to attack israel for its professed goal of destroying the us this morning iran brazenly violated israel's sovereignty israel holds iran and its syrian post responsible for today's aggression we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security the allies of syria and enemies of israel celebrated the downing of the warplanes. fighters from the pro iranian hezbollah group gathered on the border between lebanon and israel as
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israeli soldiers looked on. the iranian president hassan rouhani condemned the israeli action in syria. yet if one country thinks it can get desirable results by posting terrorism obama putting neighboring countries than it is making a mistake we are ready to defend the security of the region and we call on all other countries to cooperate in this nation boss the loss of the jet comes as israel acknowledged for the first time and i tack on iranian targets in syria. earlier i spoke to the abuse middle east correspondent tanya kramer interest and i asked her how serious this confrontation is. indeed it is a one of the most serious situations we have seen in the north for the past years one very significant one and also from the israeli side of a stone winning to prime minister binyamin netanyahu he has been in security meetings whole day with the army saying that israel will defend itself against
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any attack and any attempt to violate its supper entity now is a has made it clear all along that it won't now and it may nion presence. its border is near the israeli side of the occupied golan heights through an event in presence or through the opinion backed hezbollah. so what is seen here is on the one side you see a show of strength you know by all sides by is granted by iran by syria but on the other side they also calls for restraint and some of the military experts here in israel saying that all sides do not appear to seek an escalation but of course the tensions remain and certainly seems like they're bearing their teeth to say the least but israel is now saying it doesn't want escalation can that really be avoided in light of what's happened. what i mean is it has always said that it
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doesn't want to see a presence of iran in the area now what is so they have said really clear lines and they act accordingly so it what is quite new and the situation i mean israel has carried out in the past many an strikes against his positions or against of weapon transfers or other locations in syria over the past years during the war in syria but usually there was not much of a vis forms from the assad regime now the response now has been quite strong and that's the new thing over you know which creates all the tensions now iran syria the won't they say we won't no longer tolerate. and touring the syrian as space so this is where of course all the coalition lies and the tensions are lying here tanya cram for us in jerusalem thank you very much now to some of the other stories
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making news around the world at least eighteen people have been killed and dozens more injured in hong kong after a double decker bus crashed in a city suburb emergency workers hurried to pull passengers from the rock the bus appears to have skidded and hit a lamp post the driver has been arrested on charges of negligence. protesters have rallied in the thai capital bangkok calling on the country's military rulers to step down and not postpone an election planned for later this year the military seized power in thailand in a coup in twenty fourteen and has postponed elections several times. thousands of demonstrators have rallied in cities across italy to protest against racism the show of force comes after a gunmen with neo nazi sympathies opened fire on african migrants last week italy has taken in more than a half a million migrants in recent years and surveys show many italians blame immigrants for violent crime it's become a major issue as the country prepares to go to the polls on march fourth. marching
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in defiance thousands of fans he fascist demonstrators take to the streets of not sure skirting the city's made evil walls to send a message against violence and hate many are warning of a revival of far right sentiments ahead of next month's national elections but government today at the moment political parties are using populism to create hate terror and divisions and it is necessary to refer to those pox on values and to stand on the right side the right side is that of all the people who today a saying no to fascism and no to racism is my not. protesters criticize local authorities and representatives from political parties for refusing to attend every bit of the institutions should have called this demonstration that you need to the politicians fear losing votes if they tell citizens that racism must be rejected or never justified i don't understand just if you get c.
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or not is this a response i wish the mayor was here i would have hugged him and on. the protest come after a twenty eight year old italian man injured five migrants in a racially motivated drive by shooting a week ago police arrested the suspected gunman luka try any who was once an unsuccessful local candidate for it to these anti immigration northern league party . for the thousands of anti fascist demonstrators their solidarity with the victims is clear and says their commitment to conveying their message of love over hate. monday marks exactly three years since the minsk peace agreement was signed but the conflict in eastern ukraine shows no signs of abating in twenty fifteen moscow and kiev agreed to a cease fire the heavy with the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the release of all prisoners but so far there's been a little sign of those measures being implemented alexander says progress
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separatists have taken part of his homeland away from him that's why he joined a ukrainian volunteer battalion he was later taken prisoner by separatist forces and jailed in donetsk for almost two years the separatists accused him of treason. the prison management were ok. but when the masked men came in. and took everything we had. in december ukrainian and separatist forces exchanged more than three hundred prisoners alexander was one of the it was a rare tangible success of the twenty fifteen minutes weekly event which is otherwise stalled the agreed cease fire has broken almost daily in some areas just a few hundred meters lie between ukrainian military posts and separatist positions . or enemies have tanks and artillery weapons. the tank has
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a range of up to seven kilometers with artillery it's twenty kilometers. i don't think more distance between oppositions would help much. heavy weapons an inadequate buffer zone and freshly laid mind instead of parents working b.o.'s c.e. monitoring mission says both sides by responsibility. the fuck to modernise the facts show a clear trend and that is the on willingness to abide by the agreements reached the from bottom to halt and. alexander sees it the same way he's angry at russia for fueling the conflict and the government in kiev which he believes is doing nothing to bring the war to an end. and a sign of a warming relations between the divided korea's northern korean leader kim jong un has invited south korea's president to meet in pyongyang kim jong un sr delivered the invitation in seoul against the backdrop of the winter olympics the diplomatic
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comes despite an acceleration in the north weapons programs last year and pressure from sols allies and washington. excited fans wait to greet the combined korean women's hockey team a first an olympic history and a coming together on the ice symbolizing hopes of woman relations between the south and its belligerent more than a neighbor was easier than to feel when your leader is the result doesn't matter i hope they play their best and try their hardest in a show of unity the fans. so much this is a god given chance that we seventy million korean people can be of one mind to support the team for. cuba. those heights feasted by another historic moment off the ice meeting in seoul kim jong un's youngest sister kim jong delivered an invitation from the north korean leader for south korean president
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moon j. in to visit pyongyang it raises the prospect of the first meeting between both korean leaders for more than ten years. that prospect may not be welcomed by the united states u.s. vice president mike pence urged moon and the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay to keep up the pressure on north korea to abandon its nuclear program heading home pence insisted there's no daylight between the three allies. the german president saw the face to face contact between the two koreas as a good omen. but how is time and do the olympic games mean it's a sports competition but it's also about olympic peace and there's been a glimmer of that here so we hope that the dialogue that will begin will continue after the limbic. business be there by to take the big question can the olympic flame help to fuel a long term thaw in relations and as we saw in that report the joint korean ice
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hockey team played for the first time today but there was to be no debut victory in switzerland where a class above racing into the lead thanks to three goals in the first period korea were unable to recover and ultimately fell to an eight nil defeat but even with the heavy opening loss there were plenty of positives to take for the locals with a passionate crowd cheering on the unified korean team. the winter games in pyongyang are underway and the first medals have already been awarded the first gold of the games went to cross country skier charlotte's color the swede powered her way to the finish line in the fifteen kilometers to see off the rest of the competition no way is to view again i had to settle for silver but still made history in the process and won her eleventh medal overall and becomes the most decorated female winter olympian germany have also grabbed their first gold medals
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of the winter games thanks to a. doll bellinger upset the favorites with a superb leap in the final round of the men's normal hill ski jumping that earned him a total of two hundred fifty nine point three points poland's double olympic champion common stock could only manage a fourth place meanwhile wasn't just good in the seven point five kilometer biathlon sprint she was perfect despite the windy conditions she hit all ten targets and finished twenty four seconds ahead of the chasing pack. rio de janeiro's carnival is famous for its elaborate costumes and dazzling samba dancers thousands of people have been flooding the city's streets taking part in iraq parades and at one party this week and even man's best friend could join in the fun at the annual pet. friendly parade animal lovers and therefore legged friends strutted their stuff in and of or a ray of creative costumes from tutu's to feathers pups of all shapes and sizes
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took part of their tails to the sound of a samba beat. and a reminder of the top story we're following here for you syria's military has shot down an israeli fighter jet the jet has been targeting launch sites for iranian drones in syria israel says it was provoked but syria and iran deny that charge. the washington w. news more coming up at the top of the hour thank you for joining us. you know what special. football made in germany. unimpeded access to education and college and the same opportunities for everyone. a central go.


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