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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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you didn't like the maybe a little bit that you do so. good luck. this is you got your news live from berlin on the back of that one to stay at the house and the german chancellor says she will do a full term as head of government and her party that says she faces a groundswell of dissatisfaction for her only rank and file also coming up a showdown with jacob zuma his party needs to decide the fate of the embattled sometimes new president is he on the way out will ask her for so long. and russian
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investigators searched the snow for clues as to why an airliner went down soon after taking off from moscow killing all seven to one on board. i'm simply so much going to thank you for joining us on america has promised to remain both chancellor and conservative party leader for another full term in her first interview since clinching a deal for a new government she squashed rumors that she had stepped down early to make way for a new generation of leaders many in her party are not satisfied with merkel will talk about that in a moment but first this report. the german chancellor stepping up to defend the coalition deal specifically the key foreign and finance ministries going to the social democrats it was the only way to stop the talks collapsing she says.
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so himself now or as i also find it painful. i would like to have kept the finance ministry but it's what we decide is politically and in the coalition agreement and the finance minister cannot just do whatever he likes. merkel also addressed the question of staffing within her own party there have been growing calls to begin promoting a younger generation of c.d.u. talent to cabinet level posts. not to miss from i not that i naturally have to make sure that we keep in mind not just the over sixty's but also the younger people not just as my own message to the party conferences that we need to be clear about how we go forward into government get involved and to see to use ministerial line up should be clear in two weeks' time merkel avoided talking about a successor saying she plans to remain as chancellor and party leader until twenty twenty one. you think you have lost your authority. now in an unfinished nif so no i don't feel that but of course i do understand that the party will be thinking
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that i've been the chancellor for twelve years and clearly i can't be chancellor for another twelve years. on the other hand i had extensive discussions with the party before the election on whether it was right and desirable for me to come pain for another four years and i agree that it was merkel's message to her party is clear i'm still in charge but i'm listening to my critics. well just how much as anglo-american listening to her critics we have our political correspondent kate brady with us here in studio hi kate will uncle michael really stay on for a full four years well considering the political turmoil that's going on in germany right now especially after what we saw happen last week the social democrats is nothing to say that she will stay for a full term if this grand coalition deal comes into fruition that said she did use that interview yesterday evening to really present herself especially for those
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party critics right now and she really presented herself. as a figure of authority and showed that that stability is still there and obviously she hopes to bring this through into a grand coalition deal and of course we've also seen merkel and so much pressure particularly since september his election if you think back policy came away with that with the worst election results in post-war history and yet she's still at the helm of the c.d.u. of course the big question is regardless of whether she makes an early exit or not is who is going to be merkel successor and right now there isn't anyone lined up sorry that is going to be a big task for the c.d.u. in the next few years right a lot of speculation swirling on just who that could be and merkel herself as promised to bring in a new generation of young leaders in her conservative block will that satisfy her critics exactly i mean the comment that she made yesterday evening about bringing
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younger people into the into cabinet positions is is that will that's likely to appeal at least to younger critics and they've been particularly loud criticism from the youth wing of the conservatives who have been demanded more younger people in the party to prevent it becoming this kind of over sixty's member club but of course one of the most contentious issues for some of her critics was letting the finance ministry go to the social democrats in this grand coalition dayo we could have a listen now to see what else some critics have been saying. the buses have this frustration in the rank and file i've been hearing that every day for the past three days nonstop go by invited it can't go on like this we need a renewal of the sofa tile and about the cabinet posts the top many in my part of your side even depressed disappointed and some are fairly angry scenes we didn't so we heard the criticism there kate and it's coming from within her own party that
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being said these are the questions about what happens next and right now both parts of this coalition negotiation they have to agree to put this forward this is still an open process isn't it exactly these personnel debates really a side issue right now and the real task at hand is first forming this coalition on those two votes coming up the first the conservative party's just the delegates of their parties will vote on the grand coalition deal that's expected more to be a formality the real upset could come from the social democrats now all four hundred sixty thousand of the party members actually have a chance to vote on whether they want a grand coalition deal to go ahead on and we'll have the results of that vote on march the fourth so that's definitely the the day to be looking forward to now if they do in fact vote against a grand coalition deal then merkel really will be in a sticky situation and she'll be left with the choice of a minority government which she has ruled out on several occasions or we could even
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still see new elections in germany rather political correspondent kate brady with us here in studio thank you very much kate. now some other stories making news around the world egypt's army says it has killed twelve islamist militants and detained some ninety others after gun battles in the northern sinai region the operation was part of a government campaign against insurgents blamed for a string of attacks in the area security forces said their latest airstrikes have destroyed dozens of militant targets. in the u.s. the state of new york has launched a lawsuit against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein and his company it alleges he and his brother robert broke the law by failing to protect employees from pervasive sexual harassment intimidation and discrimination harvey weinstein is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from dozens of women london city airport has been
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closed as a safety precaution after the discovery of a world war two bomb in the nearby river thames parts of the east london area have also been cordoned off as the navy and police deal with the unexploded device officials have asked people to stay away from the area and the travel frenzy is well underway in beijing and other parts of china as people head home for the chinese new year most will be taking the train to join their families for celebrations nearly three billion trips are expected this year alone it's the world's largest movement of people within a short time span. turning now to south africa where top leaders of the ruling a.n.c. party are meeting to decide the future of the country's embattled president jacob zuma he has resisted enormous pressure to resign since being replaced as party leader in december the succession rest threatens to tear the a.n.c. party apart new leader cyril ramaphosa pledged a new beginning at celebrations honoring party icon nelson mandela. m
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r r the agency's new leaders cyril run pose a rousing party supporters with the anti apartheid rallying cry of nelson mandela and celebrations marking one hundred years since his birth the nuvi chance of unity here but the discord is palpable live in south africa's ruling party. rather a poser is the main rival of a battle president jacob zuma he's valen to tackle the corruption that has tarnished the most government. after attending a church service a day ahead of the meeting room opposer spoke of transition. so it's not. like they are not taking.
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their money this. is around three hundred. nine your presidency has been beset by allegations of graft and economic mismanagement zuma denies wrongdoing but he has been involved in scandals surrounding multimillion dollar upgrades to his private home using state funds a day ahead of monday's crunch decision rahm opposer recognize that people are frustrated at the uncertainty over the transition of power over here as you know one crore job we weren't doing so can't be no one. on what is in their interest or the hope i have zero continue to organize the day. but uniting the nation or even the a.n.c. party is proving a difficult goal to achieve in south africa. he's better we have did have
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is christine manuel with us here in studio for more on this story hi christine ace as we said the a.n.c. is national executive committee has called for a special meeting today and now we have been talking about this question of the jacob zuma future for a few weeks now where do things stand or at so this national executive committee that's meeting today was meant to meet last week and it was expected that at that meeting they were going to recall president jacob zuma at the last minute. president saw him a post of course off that meeting he said that he had been having talks with president jacob zuma and that they had been making significant progress so that all indicated that perhaps they had reached a deal or we're getting closer to reaching a deal now the agency has been the executive committee has. in summit once again this is the party's highest decision making body two things can happen there today so i can stand and say to the party zuma and i have reached an agreement this is what it is it needs your backing or he can say the talks have reached
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a deadlock were forced to take the proceedings of having to recall the president now the pressure has been growing on jacob zuma as we said for quite some time now what happens if he does not heed the call to step down well this is it the a.n.c. will now have to take this matter to parliament because as a as a parties that disapprove of the party cannot remove a sitting president who's been sworn in constitution so zuma can say to the a.n.c. well i'm not going to get to safety record and the a.n.c. would have to then go to parliament they there would have to i have a table a motion of no confidence all launch impeachment proceedings which everyone they choose it will determine how long this will takes but the minutes of africans are wondering why is this taking so long why can't the a.n.c. exercise the demons already there's a lot of play has to be the last time an n.c. prison was report that was the man who jacob zuma took over from when he resigned nineteen of the cabinet ministers followed suit and resigned we also saw a breakaway from the a.n.c. and an opposition party was formed
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a kate since died and and never really managed to become a force to be reckoned with but they are concerns that of syllables that doesn't manage this presses into the main well in such a way that he doesn't create third person divisions in the party this might be some of the reasoning as to why he's opted for for negotiating and talking things through with president zuma having zuma voluntarily design as opposed to further. dividing this party and forcing things hopeful that forcings them out of office essentially there are a lot of people in whose interest it is to see that president jacob zuma gets a good deal because they themselves are implicated in the whole host of charges that if the president goes down he could potentially take a lot of good with him so that any see that's meeting today it's not all unanimous zuma must go there are some people who are fighting for jacobs. and like i just said some of the reasons are because they've been implicated in some of the charges that he is accused of so let's focus forward if he does go down as you said what would a round up of the presidency look like while everybody is excited in south africa bottom up with the presidency and that was confirmed pretty much when when the
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result came out in december south africans well comes around the polls as their president we also saw the markets for example investors also welcome but here's a big sort of came in to to politics right in the mandela days tried he has a very good brand in fact he was widely expected to take over from nelson and then you see them in picture they he's holding the microphone up for a fall for mandela as he as he was addressing the crowds this is how close these people were he was mentioned takeover last minute not being sort of a biggie but that's that's of the politics but the point is that is who he's associated with he's associated as coming from the the mandela creech you know that brand of politics of a.n.c. so he has a lot of respect also when he didn't get the presidency after mandela he went into business that means he by and large has a as squeaky clean political record he's not been involved in any stand also to say on the political friends of people look at a man who has a shop business mind because he's one of south africa's richest men today but also
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a keen politician who's not been involved in embroiled in all of the kinds of scandals that we see associated jacobson's presidency so investment bring the jobs back these you know how to talk the language of business to not that cabinet get rid of all those ministers that all indicated in corruption allegations people think this is the man that's going to do it for them in south africa right could be a decisive day for south africa's future our correspondent christine with us here in studio thank you christine. now russian investigators are searching for clues as to what brought down an airliner on sunday outside moscow killing all seventy one people on board the saratov airlines regional jet disappeared from radar screens about four minutes after takeoff russian president vladimir putin has ordered a special commission to lead the probe into the crash so far the cause remains unclear but surely some of the aircraft came down on snow covered ground just outside moscow the saratov line's jet was carrying sixty five passengers and six
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crew emergency services rushed to the scene but the russian authorities later confirmed there were no survivors three children were among the dead one. the plane crash just a few minutes after takeoff from moscow's doma airport the flight was heading for the city of or sq some fifteen hundred kilometers to the southeast in the ural mountains near russia's border with kazakstan. most of the passengers are thought to have been from the region with or to say the pilots did not report any problems before the crash people living near the scene spoke of a massive impact witnesses saw the plane on its way down. the militias market i was in the car with my husband we stopped when we saw this bright explosion in the sky we couldn't tell what it was really of the global sure we saw something like a firework and then it fell and there was a big explosion from the. c.c.t.v.
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footage taken from a distance shows an apparent explosion an investigation into the cause of the crash is under way or thirty's of opened a criminal case looking into possible negligence the russian made aircraft is thought to have been around seven years old one of its black box recorders has been found. and i'd use it as a both a fragment of step three from the plane is spread over a radius of at least a kilometer investigators say using the latest equipment to cover the territory they are using drones to get an aerial view of what the court. as emergency crews worked late into the night russian president vladimir putin perspire travel plans to monitor the investigation. you're watching data you news still to come you'd expect the winter olympics to be cold and maybe a bit windy but in pyongyang competitors are suffering high winds them out and better cold have become treacherous all the way to us on the two thousand.
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but first iraq is a trying to rebuild and it seeking international help to do so monica anteater and there has been a little bit of success. already this sunni iraq will receive three hundred seventy million dollars of immediate humanitarian aid from non-governmental organization that is the first result of an international donors meeting currently underway in kuwait the meeting aims to discuss iraq reconstruction off the years of war and economic turmoil but what sounds like a lot of money is in fact only the starting point for an effort that will eventually cost almost one hundred billion dollars. rebuilding iraq will cost eighty eight point two billion dollars after years of civil war and decades of under-investment that's according to the planning ministry complicating matters is the fact that the country is effectively under two governments there's the autonomous kurdistan region in the north with around forty five billion barrels of
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oil reserves the rest of iraq has at least one hundred fifty billion barrels. but it's difficult to get reliable data from a country like iraq which is plagued by political instability but what's clear is just how dependent the country is on oil. it's estimated to account for around ninety two percent of overall state revenues. that some fifty seven billion out of sixty eight billion u.s. dollars. directly government is currently looking for investors for refineries pipelines and production facilities at its mind you can all field one of the country's largest the government hopes to double output and the chinese led consortium could be the favorite to take over the field. state owned petro china is already the largest foreign investor in iraq and it could work with us chevron and francis to town to exploit the field other big players include
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exxon mobile russian local and british petroleum. but the world's second largest oil company royal dutch shell was less optimistic about the field saying it wasn't profitable enough it's pulled out and plans to focus instead on gas production. profitable or not the oil price is rising boosting the share price of royal dutch shell and b.p. both by two percent today and then the only when this european markets also started a new week firmly on the front foot when he found at the front that stock exchange really looks like the german dax is making up for some of last week's losses. that's right but of course not all of the last week's losses because there's still a lot of insecurity a lot of nervousness in the market but the dax which mirrors the developed and in the thirty top equities and germany companies like siemens or volkswagen deutsche
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bank as a p. it's going up by about two percent and that's pinching basically on the kind of performance that wall street delivered on friday the dow going up but how unlike a roller coaster and really making nerves raw on the friday but deciding on a positive close and that's the sign that people are following up on. is this a sustainable recovery we don't know that yet much will depend on how wall street develops also in this coming week but when you listen to economists they don't really see a reason why markets should be going down in any any long way because they see economic fundamentals in place in order to support the financial markets and the financial markets really with the valuations here also supporting economic development which certainly amid all the volatility that we've seen and probably see a little bit more this also some very solid data it is earning season of course and
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there certainly is good news for shareholders of puma. yeah that sports article manufacturer is having a very good year and the share also had a very good run these last two years and doubled since the beginning of two thousand and sixteen and it's also having such good business profit doubled last year that it's able to pay off a one off dividend that's very high twelve year olds fifty and that gives you a yield when you compare it to the share price today of about three point eight percent and that's higher than bonds but in a way you have a mirror image of the problems besetting the financial market there yes that yield is higher than in the bond market but not all that much higher and in the bond market you have less corporate risk with less risk of a share going down and so i think people will be looking at interest rates and
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their relationship to the stock market for some time now and i think the nervousness is likely to continue to leave us in time said thank you so much this. ok we all complain about the weather especially here in germany these days but it's nothing compared to what south korea is going through at the moment that's right monica it seems counter-intuitive because we're talking about the winter olympics but wind is wreaking havoc on the games in pyung chang the force of the wind is just too much according to many of the competing athletes and their coaches now the bitter cold is also having an effect when chills were down to minus fifteen at some of the venues several events have been postponed but others at high altitude they went on as scheduled. what's day three of the games we have our sports correspondent talking with us here in the studio lima tell us the weather it's being it's overshadowing the games i know and i don't think
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i've ever heard so much talk about the weather since leaving canada you know back there it always makes the headlines because it's so cold we're always complaining about it but yes it's been just this awful at these mental games one of the snowboarders at the event today even went as far as calling these these strong winds the pianka chang guts and if you can put up the video you can exactly see why because they have these winds have created major disruptions and challenges especially for the females in the snow snow slopestyle snowboarding final i mean just look at those winds dangerous creating a lot of dangerous conditions and there was not a single act in this event that did not one point and despite all these hurdles america if any champion jamie anderson she ended up defying all these natural and elements and winning gold but even she had trouble keeping her balance and she stumbled at one point as well but the reaction sumi haven't been kind at all
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a lot of the snowboarders after the event came out complaining saying that the final should have never taken place not an advanced conditions that this is not a good choice. for women's snowboarding and that they really disappointed that the organizers actually went through with it there are a few events have even been a postponed for a later time when the conditions are better is there any chance that the winter games might be extended that's a very good question and it actually has been put forward to the i.o.c. and this is what their spokesperson had to say about it it's taken us i think it's a little bit early to to discuss that yet yet as as we were saying yesterday i think the go on i had to have the downhill five minutes before the closing ceremony so there's this there's plenty of time this reserve spaces for competition so i think i'm just a just a touch touch premature at this stage. obviously taking that in with a sense of humor but if you're talking if you speak to these athletes it's not
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funny for that to them at all let's talk about some of the action that we've seen in canada getting eighteen gold in figure skating which are very excited about i'm sure yes so to those who don't understand team events it's basically the team event in figure skating is very similar to the gymnastics team event at the summer olympics where you every country gets to pick their best skaters puts together a team of skaters from all these different disciplines and i was honestly as a canadian i was surprised i didn't think that patrick chen and that he would pull through because he's been really an inconsistent he has a tendency to fall but he ended up landing two jobs and coming from canada i think people need to understand that we have a very strange love affair with our male figure skater and the reason for that is because that we're not happy unless one actually wins gold in the individual event so yes this was the team event we're really happy about that but we want that individual gold something that no canadian male figure skater has ever done but you
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know forget about chad forget about the male skaters keep your eye out on tests of virtue and scott and they are favored in in the ice dancing event and although canada already had one key event in the team event they still put on a stellar performance they're always entertaining to watch and these two have been skating together since what is it for twenty years since they were little kids and if you watch them yeah the chemistry is undeniable all right we're looking forward to another great day at the winter olympics limit turkey from the sports thank you very much. and a reminder of our top stories that we're following for you out this hour german chancellor merkel has vowed to serve out another full four year term this despite being under fire from her own conservatives for making sweeping concessions to form a coalition government and hang on to power. thank you for watching q. that we will be back at the top of the hour.
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a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand. cities after starting march tenth w. hello and welcome to another edition of our environmental. africa my name is sarah my money from my robby kenya joining me from the other side of the continent.
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hello sour and i'm hello. and the one welcome to all of us.


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