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tv   Eco-at- Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something. reconciliation artistic. work starting march tenth. hello and welcome to another edition of our environmental eco at africa my name is sharon my money from nairobi kenya and joining me from the other side of the continent is my colleague hello hello sharon and hello to kenya and one welcome to our viewers. at the conservation foundation in lagos nigeria thanks for
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chiming in to our panel african and european environmentalists. here's what we have coming up on the show today. this week we'll be heading to south africa to find out what's being done to help endangered sea forces. will go to rwanda to meet a woman who creates jewelry from waste. and then we will show you a pretty awful solution to the problem of water hyson in. sea horses mysterious and magical marine animals but threatened with extinction in many parts of the world scientists in south africa trying to do something to save the tiny creatures then developed a method to observe them in the ocean have it. see
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horses are incredibly well. that protects them but makes it hard for researchers to find them and tell them apart. scientists in south africa have found a way of marking the animals by implanting harmless fluorescent tugs under their skin. that helps them identify and truck individuals. like tagging the animal and understanding its movement and home range will be able to understand what habitat and what area it needs for its entire lives spent once we know this we can demarcate zones and areas and focus that as sea with conservation areas and hopefully that will promote population growth of the species and help the conservation going forward be a sea horse is a local species. it's listed as endangered by the international union for the conservation of nature the r.u.c.
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am. this animal is only found in three estuaries in south africa. it's a limited range makes the seahorse particularly vulnerable to how they are taught lost due to human activity. through pollution for example. now marine scientists at the nih is not based on project or conducting a new study to learn more about this unique animal. today the last research done on this species in the past was in two thousand and one two thousand and three and since then no research so this study is the first to really investigate the quality of the species the habitat use and all these aspects will be used in on the ground conservation of this endangered species. the beauty of the noise in the lagoon has attracted a growing number of human residents with a negative impact on nature. the area is managed by the south african national park
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service says. they're not only concerned about pollution in the estuary they also want to help educate local communities about the country's only endemic sea horse so there's definitely not enough information there goes our to the sea horse which we are improving we are more in social media now and also are now various platforms that can reach as many people as possible we're finding that the more people don't for example the current extract in a sea horse and going to mystic ate it to know their rules and regulations that govern how we manage and how we conserve as a species like the sea horse. to use an island is an upmarket development in the middle of night in the lagoon. there were initial concerns about how the construction would affect the environment local homeowners have taken steps to protect the sea horses that live in the canals we put signs in the middle of the waterways. warning boats to slow down to create
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a way. not to park too close to the gabion because those discovered that that's really. nice. so there's that kind of signage people there's a great sense of pride in island that that you know we have them in our backyards and it's it's part of our environment. all over the world sea grass habitats like that in noise in the lagoon and the sea horses that live in them are under threat of extinction. or the marine scientists at the noise in the basin project their study and further education will lead to a more promising outcome working with an animal like this and having that apted love for animals like this enables you to spread that love and make people aware of how important animals like this in a. system and blow classrooms hopes the ten years from now sea horse conservation
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will be viewed as a success story. renewable energy as a source of power is gradually taking root in nigeria while the initial cost may have scared away some potential users those that have bought into the idea have had to do it on professional processes and i. know this has also ruined that expectations but one man decided he wanted to make a difference sonny out where he would decided that he was going to start up a training center that will be teaching nigerians how to install and maintain solar panels at no cost let's go and see what he and his team are doing to ensure that renewable energy takes greater in nigeria. how to properly installed repair and maintain solar panels that's part of the basic curriculum at the a
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steven renewable energy academy forty kilometers north of lagos the educational institute opened in october twenty seventh so far around one hundred forty five students have received instruction songwriters from the south coast residents out after you get your people to go to the sun like tonight well i don't hear enough of connected on. the wire down here for positive and negative the training is broken down into units it begins with a classroom session where the students are taught the basic principles and applications of solar energy that is followed by hands on experience outside the classroom here the students learn more about the competence of a solar energy system battery charge controller and solar converter and most importantly how to successfully markets to solar power chips they have been able to understand and know how to talk to class. how to make
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a connection properly it almost feels. so that. because sometimes. the capacity of the system where the client kind of the identical is a recent graduate of the renewable energy academy he recently installed a solar energy system for the shop now more and more people are turning to solar palm. i thought i knew. it was during that training that i now go to know that dell lot of things that we have been doing won't will be for boats and now i'll never go back and do it we gave. a stephen academy only sonny a portable and he steamed off for the solar training free of charge but the company also sells pay and she go packages to people in the rural areas it is a win win situation. for all to be able to create more jobs for africans where we.
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saw many of these students graduate has to be taught how do i do designs of a solar system number one how do i install it's hard to i maintain need for source and ability a steven renewable energy academy wants to expand its educational program the team is planning to build another academy in the niger and capital abuja. where one there is a policy when it comes to the environment. plastic bags were banned here some time ago and replacing paper bags in many shops but that still means quite a lot of trash doesn't shut down yes but there are lots of bright spots coming up with ideas on how to talk oh that's problem one young entrepreneur is collecting the fatalist and creating meal lovely products from it up cycling projects is this
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week's doing your bit for the environment an echo of africa. from paper to pearls how to turn waste paper into jewelry. in the eastern one city of a woman gonna pay for waste is a huge problem tons of paper are thrown away they're not recycled you see is a marquee girl has s. or wanted to tackle the problem. she dug used paper at the local high school where anything from old calendars to used writing paper can be found. burning paper harms the environment. so she decided to create something useful be. there then turned into bracelets
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necklaces and earrings. it takes around five kilos of paper to make one hundred bracelets. to give her fashion design already has five permanent staff members. no special skills are required for the work. and the prices for the paper jewellery start at five euros apiece. and. you like to ask. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet. as to doing your bit we share your stories. fishing is big business at lake victoria africa's largest lake most of the fish back to you in the area think of the cod that my re increases seen as
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a waste but the news on a window has come up with that green business idea to make use of both by products he collects them and tom them. into a fun thing similar to lever time to fish scales he uses organic products from the banana tree. like conventional tiling this material and byron mentally friendly what a great idea let's take a look. skins from fish factories around lake victoria and it was waste on landfills or in the lake itself one hundred fifty thousand tons per year. entrepreneur knew to know we saw potential in these dump fish skins and is turning them into valuable leather i saw an opportunity as. i saw huge piles of fish skin. and getting these possed see if they had no value so i thought of really going giving it
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a try out to see if i. did this into money. the lake provides a livelihood for local communities it's home to plentiful stocks and. in a month one point five tons of the thick skins end up in newton's fish leather factory he collects the waste directly from fish guillotine plants. these skin decomposes it produces. and it is also a health hazard for then bottom and now this industry is up at just sent one of the biggest. that is. there you just next year so as they were throwing do you think the environment their population that i was moving in. really danger decomposing fish attracts flies maggots and disease spreading rodents. newton uses organic solutions to avert bacterial processes on the fish skin it took him two
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years to find an environmentally friendly product that's made of banana. and bean leaves having known the facts of. chemicals used in turning they are very lethal some of them are really coursing dead so i was three. i.d.'s i thought of really looking for plants that will help me turn fish skin into leather without harming the environment. he's turning technique also helps to loosen the scales which are then sold and used to make a range of other products the soft skins are washed with organic acid from citrus plants before they are dried and tanned in newton's factory the first of its kind in kenya. most people cannot believe that fish can produce lead so that was one made a habit so even if you try to market it's people who had doubts the
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most popular official of the products are shoes last year newton's professional shoe maker made almost three thousand pairs of fish leather sandals and safari boots for local and international customers factory turnover was almost one hundred fifty thousand u.s. dollars. their quality is excellent in fact i used to see this you bet i was kind of despising i was i don't know what kind of cheese this might be that i've handled it i've even ordered the man because i was in the quality is good it is the durable. and these yes looks you need. the same applies to these jackets they're in demand in africa and also in europe because they protect so well against the cold and do not smell of fish demand isn't a problem but newton all we know has trouble finding skilled workers. the other challenge is actually. production.
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and our capacity is a little bit low. not really able to meet to the mind of the fish. and the fish products. there's an abundance of fish here newton has all he needs for his green tanning business on his doorstep he now wants to expand his facility to meet the growing demand if he finds investors he could help to build a bigger fish to other industry in the process benefiting the environment and creating more jobs. located off the west coast of africa it is a popular whale watching destination but what i want to. also see.
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president. used to be a big. house at the park was killed by one of the creatures debated by this tragic event made it hard to free a bit from captivity. this is. the orca is the star of the show at this marine park on ten a reef in the canary islands. the killer whale appears to follow his trainers every command. together with five other or because the two ton mammal thrills visitors to the overpacking every day. this is a photo of quito with his former trainer. his mother says alexis always had a special connection to animals and that he was considered the most experienced
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orca trainer at the local park. until december of two thousand and nine attacked and killed alexis his trainer. but that only became public knowledge much later. that is so in its line of business the park had no interest in saying what really happened namely a brutal orca attack. because that would have had a negative impact on visitor numbers. so they played it down claiming that it was the fault of the trainer not the orca. yet the autopsy report clearly states that alexis this is body displayed shark bites and internal injuries but to this day the marine parks owner won't call it an orca attack. us that's right how do i explain it it was an
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accident accidents happen i can't say more than that. but the animal is still with us today the animal is loving sociable and friendly how should i know how it happens as you. these words are like a slap in the face for man say this and the end is the police investigation into those responsible went nowhere. now she's fighting to free the very animals which killed her son. insanity and a mother around the canaries in the sea invite around us there are around thirty different varieties of whales so especially here in this environment it's a huge contradiction to hold them captive that only leads to suffering and i think it's immoral to keep animals caged up. they said i mean people.
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but at little parquet the show goes on. the marine park and soon welcome to a record number of visitors in twenty sixteen over a million its director claims the park plays a role in protecting the environment he says the orcas act as ambassadors for wildlife conservation. believe in the power of the torso alley in a bid from a church the flower children grow up in the city and often know little of the world around them we're surrounded by technical gadgets but forget we're also surrounded by great creatures worth protecting they're threatened by overfishing and plastic waste in the seas and we want to create an awareness of that if you're not outside . messages and this doesn't believe in that. she will continue fighting to free the orcas. she's convinced that orcas belong in the open
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sea. what do you believe about what a half of congress into up in federal african country of this invasive species is a real problem the plan to chalk up what always and when they are removed people don't know what to do with all this vegetation indeed this artist is not just creative but he's also environmentally aware with this week's. thing that you treat will be willing to add a few fish in these waters the water higher since i don't see this problem and tackling them is dangerous work but it's not is what we often have trouble with reptiles we gets next to them because this doesn't look right we will get real
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because. we've got this tool to help you get. through did a pig course of the tool the hunt he made himself. but if we use it to have is the water higher since. it's but bricking walk then the boat gets stuck it takes david ten minutes to get going again. now they're heading back to one indicted david's village he's not too happy he's bored only how food but the rain was humping the walk. with his livelihood as a fisherman threatened by the invasive plants species didn't come up with the water hasn't put it together compost for example.
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meanwhile came up with another idea with the help of the village he turns the plants into. what i don't buy them in the community gives me plants to use in my walk. fast the water hyacinth needs to be dried this is done by local women it's paid work so much a step towards financial independence many of these women have never under their own money before. it takes two days for the sun to dry out this terms. and the plant fibers are dried and bundled for john murray or look at me because this is where i get the what has since the material i work with. the majority of the. began work when i knew miral
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a few days ago fisherman david a pig is keen to see what the artist has done with the plants equal eggs from the river every day forty percent of what in that is real banks has been colonized by water hyacinths and they are still spreading they might be an invasive species but to john murray or nuke they have many benefits. like one hundred water hyacinths are very versatile i can use their roots their limbs and even just thames. water hyacinths define germany or nukes signature style. so. simple but it takes me about a week to complete a mirror like this it's very delicate work it takes time and i have to walk very meticulously i don't just use
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a brush and paint each individual element has to be cut out piece by piece. by piece. around ten thousand euros tackling the water has been the problem in this region. that's all for today thanks for watching my name is and it was great to have you with us don't forget to tune in next three bye bye from the congo basin in lagos nigeria same for me here in nairobi kenya we hope to see you next time on our next edition of eco at africa well we're bringing you great ideas and innovations from europe and africa and of course we love to hear from you on our social media pages my name is sharon my new from nairobi kenya until next time it's good buy.
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la la la la. the date of the a news live from berlin i'm going back over the day after how the german chancellor says he'll save you a full term as had the government and her party that she faces a groundswell of dissatisfaction from her own rank and fox. also coming up russian investigators search the snow for clues as to why an airliner went down soon after taking off from moscow killing all seventy one on board. a showdown with jacob zuma his party needs to decide the fate of the embattled south african crowd.


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