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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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all over the world are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. to the. financial markets in for an even bigger shakeout a european rebound signals the volatility is here to stay but some experts say the downward swings could be shewn. rebuilding iraq a country in ruins a war ravaged state and seeks billions of dollars in reconstruction funds and cleaning up the mess from the coffee to go culture the german city of hanover finds an effective recipe. and benefits all and let's do business upbeat beginnings after a tough. week european equities are rallying but for how much longer the world's
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largest hedge fund says despite four trillion dollars in global losses equities could be set for an even hushes shakeout bridgewater warns this won't be over in a matter of days it says that being a lot of complacency building up in markets over a long time will gauge the mood with our correspondents in frankfurt in singapore in a moment first let's bring you up to speed after a strong start hunks hang seng index finished the day down zero point two percent in japan markets were closed due to a public holiday but last week the country's benchmark nikkei had its worst performance in two years in germany the dak shed ten percent of the last two weeks but observers here expect a recovery of sorts speaking at a conference in dubai on sunday i.m.f. managing director christine lagarde told investors not to worry about the market fluctuations those markets movements were clearly in our view
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necessary market corrections the markets have function well there is plenty of financing that is still available to finance the economy analysts will be keeping a close eye on u.s. consumer price data on wednesday given that it was fears of faster inflation that triggered the global rout in the first place. let's bring in all the bottom financial correspondent in frankfurt andrea hang in singapore only the dax is one of the best performers today is it all smiles there. yes i wish it were or the people here wish they was looked i made sure and looked down at the people just before we went on air to see if the smile and maybe return but no for browsing. the expectancy that this situation is not quite over yet people on the floor argue that on many other analysts and economists and the economy out there the corporate earnings broadly support the market and that this
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was a correction that was overdue the market heated up a little bit too quickly but that everything was fundamentally ok but everyone still nervous considering what had happened and how it took basically almost everyone off guard and it is a spooky situation with so many people blaming machines over man and address what's happening in singapore is there even more skepticism that. well if you did see some rebounds to da starting all of the week on a good note but you're right in saying that investors are trading cautiously and the numbers do speak for themselves the climbs and the gains that we saw to d. will minute to a just inches ahead they will all the hung saying the sci even the souls cost be they will all these gains were just below one percent would you say that asia was in a more vulnerable position. i would say so analysts definitely think so and it's because
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despite despite the small ready that we've seen today asian investors are still very hesitant and they still have to worry about a couple of things one being the inflation rates that are going to be coming from the u.s. and it was more almost certainly. affect the waste numbers will almost certainly affect the stocks and shake up the equity markets in asia making stocks more expensive because they are expensive at the moment that's true only what about the fundamentals the extremely strong how seriously can we take bridgewater's warning of an even bigger shakeout i think you have to take it seriously at the one hand the people in the market say well bridgewater it has billions at stake here in short selling that's a technical term putting pressure on major shares here in germany and spain and in italy but considering the total volume it can't move the market but the kind of
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worries that are behind this or the kind of idea that's behind this kind of downside speculation there's something to that a technical analyst here in germany i spoke to just a couple of minutes ago said yes when you have so much time with low ups and downs in the market and that's practically begging for a correction of the situation people have become too complacent and he looks at the company valuations and he says that a hedge fund that maybe sees an over valuation of a company's values and then sees a window for betting against that and perhaps betting against that successfully and a lot of people are winning into arguments like this at the time and what do you think about the week ahead we're going to be in for a lot more ups and downs of my going to be biting my nails all week. i don't think you will i do i don't think there will be much more fun in the next week in sight over the next two weeks there may be minimal movement as if you don't
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already know lunar new year is coming so china is going to be out for two weeks leaving the rest of asia to be pretty quiet so any movement in the markets over the next week also point is not going to be indicative of what's going to be happening over the next months and years even or through across the year given the route that we just saw ok so possibly some come in over the next couple weeks in asia as far as europe. will have to cross our fingers will be butts in frankfurt for us with the analysis thank you and andrea hang in singapore for monday's more cheerful market mood is lifting commodities including oil a relief for a country so dependent on the black sticky stuff iraq the war torn nation is trying to rebuild itself a groups pledging three hundred thirty million dollars on the first day of reconstruction conference officials say that's not enough. rebuilding iraq will
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cost eighty eight point two billion dollars after years of civil war and decades of under investment that's according to the planning ministry complicating matters is the fact that the country is effectively under two governments there's the autonomous kurdistan region in the north with around forty five billion barrels of oil reserves the rest of iraq has at least one hundred fifty billion barrels. but it's difficult to get reliable data from a country like iraq which is plagued by political instability but what's clear is just how dependent the country is on oil. it's estimated to account for around ninety two percent of overall state revenues. that some fifty seven billion out of sixty eight billion u.s. dollars. the iraqi government is currently looking for investors for refineries pipelines and production facilities at its manned you can
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field one of the country's largest the government hopes to double output and the chinese led consortium could be the favorite to take over the field. state owned petro china is already the largest foreign investor in iraq and it could work with us chevron and francis to town to exploit the field other big players include exxon mobil russian oil and british petroleum. but the world's second largest oil company royal dutch shell was less optimistic about the field saying it wasn't profitable enough it's pulled out and plans to focus instead on gas production. for rebuilding nations to cleaning up our streets a story for those too lazy to find a bin for their trash is a german city taking on the disposable coffee cup culture. street sweepers in hanover have had enough of disposable cups with all too many pedestrians simply dumping them on the street as soon as they finish their coffee the explosion of
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coffee takeaway outlets in recent years has unleashed a steadily growing flood of extra trash. and for cups take up a huge amount of space in trash cans it only takes four or five large ones to fill up an entire sack. of an enormous number of cups we get nowadays is just huge every kiosk every cafe sells them it's causing enormous problems here in hanover. on average hanover is half a million plus residents jettisoned over twenty million used paper cups annually the city authorities decided that was far too many and began fighting the deluge a year ago. the cardboard on the surface but inside they're lined with plastic and as they can lie around for hundreds of years we have to collect every single one for incineration so it's not a good product not in the least ecological. it's time to get rid of them. the
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city's answer was to market its own reuse of all cops with a deposit the hanno cino it costs two euro's which is refunded when customers drop it off at one of the participating cafes over one hundred fifty outlets are already taking part in the plan and the network is growing by the week. easy solution for coffee drinkers they normally don't have to go far to find somewhere to drop their cups off pick up pop off drink up drop off the city doesn't make a cent from the scheme for cafe operators the service is free and they save on the cost of paper cups. it's good for their image to. the only condition is that participants have a dishwasher to keep the cups clean and hygenic that was no problem for the staff of this popular cafe they were happy about every customer who switches to the had.
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the street cleaning squads now have far fewer paper cups to deal with and the trash cans don't fill up as fast either that all saves money. you really see the difference it's made here with loads of businesses joining in their off fewer cups in the trash cans now. initial estimates suggest the new head coach in no system has cut the number of paper cups in hand over by around a third. nice doing business or do.
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