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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is due to. the pressure on jacob zuma to resign increases. the president's. future as he faces multiple allegations of corruption also on the program. resigns after. paying for prostitutes working in. the state. despite taking flak from. both the new german coalition deal.
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and he used to be president of georgia that. the ukrainian government. now has been deported to poland. to find out why. welcome to the program the leaders of south africa's ruling party the african national congress a meeting to decide the future of the country's embattled president president. jacob zuma has been growing since december when he was replaced as i had seen by the country's deputy president. has been dogged by scandal since coming to power in two thousand and nine is currently the reinstatement of seven hundred eighty three corruption charges if he refuses to step down the president could face no confidence vote in parliament. all impeachment. doubly correspondent christine one
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drunken tussle welcome christine what are we expecting from today's meeting or it's so we do know that they've been in there five hours already two things will come out of that meeting essentially we will know how jacob zuma is going to leave office is it going to be that he has voluntarily agreed to resign that would mean that him and sort of a managed to reach an agreement and that agreement will flesh out details of what happens when he leaves the presidency he things they have been for example he has demanded that the states continue to pay us legal fees for example if they have failed to reach some kind of an agreement that sort of force the can't take to the party we know that he is then going to open up the floor for the party to recall president jacob zuma to recall him the did so. i've heard this and i didn't quite understand how a political party can depose a president who is elected by
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a country that's a very good question so jacob zuma is not obliged to heed to that recall what the a.n.c. would be saying to the president is we deployed you to the presidency as a party you are a party member first and then of course we deployed you to the presidency he doesn't have to get that call constitutional he can stay the president you're quite right it would force the a.n.c. to have to take the matter to parliament and in parliament they've got two options they can take the i the table a motion of no confidence against the president or they initiate impeachment proceedings the duration of that depends on which option they take and it looks like a motion of no confidence would bring the results quicker why is this happening now there have been all sorts of allegations about jacob zuma over the years and as i said a top eight hundred. patients of corruption so why now well this is the thing that the people who are supporters of the party had always insisted he's term is coming to an end i think towards the end of the zuma administration is why. in
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the depression and the in the end the intensity really started to come out there we saw more than just the level of corruption big stage of the corruption that existed and the party up to the root of he's going anyway used two terms are coming to an end let's wait for that that formality has now come and the a.n.c. is now under a lot of pressure he has cost the party a lot of support we saw it in the last local government election but before that really this man had been a big brand to the zuma brand of mc really commanding a lot of support and had been at some stage one who could bring in votes for the a.n.c. and the corruption charges that you talk about. had been dropped against him conveniently just a few days before he was sworn in as president but the opposition never let that issue go and it was last year that the supreme court of appeal essentially dealt him a blow and said those charges were dropped irrationally and that they should be reinstated he appealed that he lost that appeal and this is where we are today so this is a party that has waited for the formality so to say if only he could not heed the
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call briefly what would the repose of presidency look like anticorruption growing the economy and these are all the things that south africans want to has a very good sort of a reputation and image he is associated with the the mandela school of politics so to say so people are looking at this person who's quite a good and clean record and he is associated with the place for what the what people would call the base of the a.n.c. he is a business person he's one of south africa's richest men two people say he's not in this for the money to to grow he has his pocket that this is somebody who really genuinely wants to come in and clean up the country and grow the economy christine we thank you. thankful. now to some of the other stories making news around the world liberia's ex president ellen johnson sirleaf has won the abraham prize for african leadership a five million dollars award recognizes her efforts to rebuild the country following two civil wars the continent's first elected female leader left office last month after serving two terms. in the russian investigators have recovered the
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flight data recorder from the wreckage of the plane that crashed near moscow on sunday it may offer clues as to why the satava airlines jet came down after disappearing from radar screens about four minutes after takeoff all seventy one people on board died. egypt's army says it has killed twelve islamist militants and detained about ninety others after gun battles in the northern sinai region the operation was part of a government campaign against insurgents blamed for a string of attacks in the area security forces said the latest airstrikes destroyed dozens of militant targets. a top executive of the british charity oxfam has resigned over allegations of sexual misconduct by some of its staff in eighty seven a chief executive penny lawrence said she was taking responsibility for the organizations failure to react to internally raised concerns the allegations say seven oxfam employees used prostitutes including some who were under age while working in haiti
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after the twenty ten earthquake concerns about some of the staff involved were raised even before they started working in haiti oxfam has denied covering up the allegations. let's get more from d.w. correspondent mass in london welcome so untangle this for us then the deputy chief executive is going because of alleged misbehavior or allegations of a cur coverup. well i mean the fact that these allegations are standing are really quite severe you have to imagine that after the devastating earthquake and haiti for people as it is alleged for aid workers to go in and in a village that was rented for them by oxfam employ prostitutes and the allegations are under age prostitutes you know that is something that's quite severe and as it's being discussed it was known that some of these workers were already
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investigated internally there were already allegations that they had misbehaved in a similar way in bad and so the allegations as it stands is that the information was not fully disclosed for example not to the haitian or thirty's the police and also not fully to in the u.k. for example the charity commission who oversees charities like so i like oxfam said that they had there were there were reports that there were these internal investigations and but they didn't know the full extent of what had really gone on or else they would have acted differently so at the moment it's still unclear but the allegations are really quite severe. oxfam is a huge brand it's a huge charity operating internationally it's also partially funded by the british government now about funding seems to be in jeopardy.
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yes it's one of the household names really when it comes to to foreign aid especially here in the u.k. and there's an oxford oxford shop almost on every high street a charity shop so it's really extremely well known and i think also held in quite high regard by the majority of british people and as a consequence of this whole scandal which you know is only just now unwrapping the international development secretary has said that she needs to see real moral leadership at the top of the organization or else that the state could not continue to work together with them for the past financially as over thirty. million pounds were given talks from so really quite large sums of money lots of small donations as well that they distribute worldwide and also the international development secretary said they are a lot of people who do really great work at
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a time when foreign aid anyway is being discussed and the amount of as being criticised by a lot of conservative m.p.'s it comes at a at a very a time for the organisation both at mass in london thank you. in her first interview since clinching a deal for a new government germany's chancellor how squashed rumors that she will step down early to make way for a new generation of leaders i'm going to back all has faced growing dissent from her own party and she struggled to form a new coalition government. angela merkel defied her critics and prime time t.v. vowing to see the coming legislative period through. the four years to help promised and i am one of those people who keeps their promises. knacker has come under criticism from within have party funding key ministerial positions to the social democrats and for disregarding young c.d.u. talent. the buses have struck there's frustration among the rank and file i've been
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hearing that every day for the past three days nonstop. and i think we need a big team of younger people but also older ones a mix of new minds and experience ones and if we can manage to present ourselves as a team at this party conference then it will be a successful party conference. it should be clear who the ministers will be by the cd use upcoming party conference on february twenty sixth the chancellor has promised that they will include young up and coming politicians now ukraine has thrown mikhail that saakashvili out of the country he is the former president of georgia who moved to ukraine and became an anti corruption campaigner after falling out with the ukrainian president petro poroshenko an identified man in army uniforms that grabbed him from a restaurant in here early on monday he was taken to an airport and put on a plane to warsaw poland country from which he illegally entered ukraine last year
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was granted him and free because his wife is an e.u. citizen. they don't live correspondent nicholas calmly. james bond what more can you tell us. good evening phil well this certainly has been a pretty extraordinary day here in kiev. because actually taken into custody by men in camouflage but without any official uniform on a couple of hours ago then his supporters rushing around town trying to secure airports and roads leading west try and prevent him leaving the country before then the news coming in from ukraine's border guard service that you had actually been taken to poland presumably on a private plane the formal reason for all of this is his status here in ukraine he's a stateless person now he doesn't have ukrainian citizenship since it was stripped of his citizenship by present poroshenko and he they say he's here illegally he's lost his appeals against that and so that's the formal reason for him being sent out. and what is likely to happen to him in poland.
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well it's pretty difficult to imagine fifty billion young man relatively by the sounds of ukrainian politics a lot of energy giving up and just going into a sort of calm dotage now in europe he's free to carry on his goal activities we expect him to try and try to get back to ukraine some way or other the important term here is this wasn't the only option on the table he's wanted back in his home country of georgia he was sentenced to three years in absentia early on this year and that was the sort of implicit threat in all of this from the ukrainian government side that he would be sent to georgia to face prison there. means that they've now avoided a bigger clash with sexualise western backers over this and you alluded to it in your annual your last time so he's quite a character mikhail saakashvili and this is not the first time he's clashed with the authorities. well phil is nothing if not
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a risk taker just before christmas on the roof behind me here in central kiev he was running across the burning away from men in camouflage again this time trying to that one tried to arrest him also and as we understand time he sports are able to make the process take so long that he was able to even able to free him then this time around they seem to have learnt from their lessons and taken him more decisively but this really is a very personal story him and for cinco go back a long way they were even friends university back in one thousand eighties is a friendship that's turned sour i can't imagine that this is the last chapter that story because. it is life and still to come rebuilding iraq after years of war. to help the shattered country millions have been promised billions and making. them physically well how about a story coming up in business and just. for you out there.
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every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word. rico is in germany to learn german.


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